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  1. Castle is too deep to be upset. MD makes a strong bid for second.
  2. if you own a farm, bet it that MD will be at the SIAC
  3. Matt, no malice intended. This is a gut wrenching chapter for MD fans and CP fans. Three years earlier, freshman John Sims' father passed on the eve of the sectional. MD fans had real empathy for the Shrewsbury family. I never liked the fact the outcome of the match may had been affected by a coaching mistake. The CP win was followed with misery by the loss to Lawrence North. MD gave up four pins--the most ever in the State series. Hard to imagine that MD and CP took punishing losses in the same day. It was a long drive back to Evansville. T
  4. February 26, 2011 Mater Dei vs. Crown Point For the fans, it was the worst-possible draw. Top-ranked Crown Point and second-ranked Mater Dei were paired for the first round of Team State. For the first-ever meeting between the schools, Crown Point brought a star-studded lineup. Headliner Jason Tsirtsis was fresh off his third State Title. Tsirtsis’ practice partner, Eric Roach, had just won his second State Championship. Tyler Kral had finished third, while Josh Flamme was sixth. Jake Fuqua and Dusty Schurg qualified for the State Meet. Crown Point won the Team State ti
  5. The Wildcats traveled to Columbus, Ohio on January 18 to compete in the National College Duals. Mater Dei rolled over, Lisbon, 56-12 in the first round, and Cincinnati Lakota East, 58-13, in the second round. Their last opponent, St. Paris Graham, was much more formidable. The national polls had Mater Dei at 11th, while St. Paris Graham was ranked second. St. Paris Graham was a buzz saw and defeated the ‘Cats, 39-15. The loss broke Mater Dei’s 116-match winning streak and handed Mater Dei its second dual loss in 253 matches. "If our streak mattered, we wouldn't have accepted this chall
  6. There is an even bigger difference in the big ten programs. The bottom teams are not competitive with the top teams.
  7. In the 2000 team semi-state, Mater Dei faced the Plainfield Quakers for the title. Mike Goebel's gamesmanship was on full display when he inserted reserve freshman Sam Wildeman into the lineup against Plainfield's undefeated Derek Donelson. Assistant coach Randy Helfrich had a plan for Wildeman.... Donelson had his hands full. Wildeman scored a reversal in the third period to make it 5-3. in a wild "pick 'em" scramble at the end of the match, Donelson came out on top and won by six. Plainfield's coach, Paul Nicodemus, was impressed, telling Wildeman "he w
  8. In 1981, Mater Dei's Chris Wildeman was a one-trip wonder. Not only that, he won the state title... Trailing. In overtime. With a defensive pin. Twenty-two years later, his son, Sam, became a one-trip state champ. Sam beat a very tough Marc Bennett from Martinsville, albeit in less dramatic fashion.
  9. While I appreciate The data and logic, I think you overlooking the simple fact that people tend to dislike Boonville. I get it. How long are they going to ride the “young Abe Lincoln studied the law here” train? It’s exhausting. Pioneer this.
  10. Bold picks- cathedral, emd, browns burg,and pm will do very well
  11. How well do you think memorial’s team would stack up against union county’s A?
  12. Maligned, these are great changes. The overall number of teams are reduced by a total of four, however, the quality of each division will improve. not really sure about bumping up. I think that cathedral and MD will do so, but doesn’t that knock out otherwise deserving 4a teams?
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