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  1. Three questions for Triple B: 1. Is there anyone better at advancing rhetorical questions in an article than Triple B? (Technically, this may not count as a question, because of its rhetorical nature). 2. Who do you think are questioning ontherise? The temerity! The unmitigated gall. 3. Where have you been? I thought you retired!
  2. A lot of upside with rumph. Big motor.
  3. How many state titles have you won, Lavar? I’ll wager that you are a 34- year old man with a kool aid mustache. one more time, show us your eighth place ribbon from intramural swimming when you were in middle school.
  4. Add replay and you have a four day, super boring event
  5. Looked like Hugh Hefner and a Jedi came up with something
  6. Clifford “Two Bit” Myers is an Indiana wrestling legend. I have heard many terrific anecdotes about his antics. Is Marty Hutsell still around? I’m sure he could provide some color. Mater Dei boys wrestled bare chested in their inaugural 1950 season. The following season, they upgraded to full tights. Still, there was no shirt. around 1957, the wildcats upgraded to a cotton tank top.
  7. Slap some hashtags on it, talk about “one community” and watch those views explode !
  8. Brewer and Lee distinguished themselves in the finals at evansville im not familiar with browns situation. Why is he a four seed?
  9. 3 of the top 8 teams—rock ridge, north Posey and tell city—are from the PAC. They. Will see one another three weeks earlier in the PAC duals
  10. “And Nick Lee does NOT slam his headgear into the mat!”
  11. Listening to Ironhead is a thing of beauty. Here are some crucial junctures: 46:38- Roman Bravo-Young 56:00- Nick Lee 2:09:20- Bo Nickal Enjoy. https://gopsusports.com/watch/?Archive=4414&type=Archive
  12. No rat? No talk of da Brinks truck? No talk of his boyz? Did the rat succumb to some bad cheese? Come on, man!
  13. Fact check: 1. i meant what i said: Hendricks county has great wrestling. Sticking a hashtag in front of a phrase does not change the conventions of the English language. 2. There are not "millions" of Indiana high school wrestling fans. 3. Penn State fans do not shout "We are one community". Their chant is "We are Penn State". I defy you to show one instance where a Penn State Kid has given the Iowa, Minnesota or Ohio State coaches or athletes "credit" for their success. Pretty much all of the Big Ten contenders hate Penn State; the feeling is mutual. Take a look at Penn State's wrestling forum to test this assertion. Furthermore, i have never heard a "We are one community" chant at any Indiana high school wrestling meet. 4. Hendricks county kids train 365/24/7? They do not sleep? How do they maintain their academics if they do not go to school? I thought human beings died after five days of sleep deprivation. 5. Pretty much everyone "gets" that Contenders is an outstanding club. Outside of #thecounty drum-beaters, everyone "gets" that Maurer-Coughlin wrestling club and Region Wrestling Academy makes their kids better. 6. It is interesting to watch KT Nelson. He has clearly moved to the next level...at Brownsburg. Dorian Keys is a first-year wrestler? Is that true? if so, i'm sure that is a result of #thecounty, as opposed to wrestling for Brownsburg. This year, i saw Brownsburg shock everyone and win the team duals and a month later, put seven in the finals at semi state. If i lived in Hendricks county--based on results--i would want my kids at the Contenders club and a student at Brownsburg. On the other hand, I could be wrong. I fully expect Asa to win his third title next weekend. It's not hard to imagine Avon getting three champs. If forced to bet, i would put my money on the Orioles to win their first title. Let's give this "We are one community" some legs: 1. All Avon kids should scrap any apparel branded with "Avon". That would extinguish this "1 schools ego" thing that you mention. I suggest that the singlets are emblazoned across the chest with #thecounty and the back will state #weareonecommunity. 2. During their post-match interviews, the Avon champs should not mention their "Avon" coaches or team mates, but should give credit to Derrick Snyder, Contenders and the kids from the land of the hashtag. 3. Should Avon get grand prize, the trophy should reside at the Contenders club. 4. Finally, and crucially, the IHSAA will NOT recognize Avon as the State Champion. The championship clearly belongs to the "One Community" and should be so noted in the record books. Avon's administration should refuse the trophy unless it is presented to #thecounty.
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