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  1. I'll do the best I can. Match started at 138 lbs. Final score 43-22 MD. I am uncertain of the names of most of Merr. wrestlers. 138 MD by fall 145 MD by fall 152 MD by fall 160 Merr by fall 170 Merr. dec. (may have been a major) 182 MD not sure think it may have been a tech 195 MD by fall 220 Merr. dec. 285 MD dec. 106 MD dec. (Seng beats Garza 7-6) 113 MD by fall 120 Merr. dec. (Garcia beats Goebel 12-7) 126 MD dec. (10-4) 132 Merr. by fall That is the best I can do.
  2. Especially for a cake eater!!
  3. It was definitely a joke, but it would. E nice for some of us.
  4. There is a new beautiful Ford Center in Evansville. Would be a great venue and I'm sure everyone would love to travel to Evansville. New bars downtown and the casino close by. What else could you want
  5. And it makes you act like an idiot!
  6. The first three are state placers and upperclassman and the fourth is a senior states qualifier. I know Bailey is good but that is a tall hill. If you had seen any of them you might it be surprised
  7. How reliable is this weight information? Where does it come from?
  8. Any idea when the first edition of the rankings will be out? Looks like everyone else has theirs out already.
  9. Will Shepard and Lecount be in the same weight class? I thought Shepard was going 120 and Lecount 126.
  10. Maybe just start with the top 4 in each class and then add from there as you get more information. That would spur some discussion and may get you the information you are looking for.
  11. I'm sure a lot of people did. That is what makes sports great. It will be a big showdown again. We will have some time to see who progresses and who doesn't before it happens.
  12. So, with the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series tonight I was wondering who is the biggest longshot to ever win a Indiana State Wrestling Title? Both individually and as a team.
  13. I just want to watch the rematch of The Lawrence and that other kid. I can't remember the other kids name though. Maybe he should now only be know as "The Other Kid"
  14. I think we will find a lot of weight class changes from what is printed in the magazine. Really hard to know in September what weight people are going in December, especially without talking with or at least seeing the guys.
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