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  1. I was just talking to Coach Brown about Coach Tanniehill. When I first started wrestling freestyle and greco in 3rd grade my dad didn't know anything about the styles. He saw Coach Tanniehill coaching a group of kids and asked if I could join in on what he was teaching. For the next few years, Coach Tanniehill would stop by my matches and give my pointers. Years later, we attended the silver college together. His words to Steve Frazier the first day of the clinic move me to this day. Coach Tanniehill is a great man who has given himself to others his entire life. Congrats Coach
  2. Going back to the original question. Vega had to have a ton of titles.
  3. Greenfield Central is with you Cascade.
  4. Prayers from Greenfield Central. We will certainly participate.
  5. It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the passing of my great friend and assistant coach Ed Hamant. Ed coached at Greenfield for 40 years. His impact on our program and community is immeasurable. He coached his ass off. He kept all of our stats. He maintained our record boards, wall of champions, and our hall-of-fame. He wrestled every day (even though he is the oldest person on the planet I think). And he loved GC wrestling.
  6. Will Greenfield being quarantined count as injuries?
  7. This is what is on the IHSGWA website South (2 parents as spectators only) Evansville & New Castle Semi-State Teams MASKS ARE REQUIRED! Franklin Community High School 2600Cumberland Dr., Franklin IN 46131
  8. Prayers from Greenfield Central.
  9. If anyone has JV openings in triple duals or tournaments, GC is interested. We have a full JV lineup. We would even be interested in entering as a Varsity 2.. Contact me if you have an opening. Coach Holden 317-460-8289 jholden@gcsc.k12.in.us
  10. Ah, thanks. I guess remembering that rule makes me old
  11. One of my coaches and I were having a conversation about a weight rule: "Can a wrestler, let's say 120 wrestles 120 one week, then, the next week weighs in at 120.2 and bump up to 132 for a match. Can he go back down to 120 the following week or at any time during the season?" I know there is a rule about bumping up two weight classes and then going back down. But, we were not sure if that meant him weighing in two weight classes up (ie a 120 weighing 130.6 for a meet after wrestling 120 the week before, and then going back down.) Any help would be appreciated.
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