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  1. I grew up behind Arlington HS and My dad worked for IPS. Coach Grundy was an incredible example to the youth in our area.
  2. 1. Darren Arberry - Assistant Coach at LC 2. Nick Hull - Teammate at LC 3. Chad Red - Assistant Coach at LC 4. Will Hill - State Champ at LC (I was in 8th grade) 5. Vernon Cannon - State Runner-Up at LC (I was in 8th Grade) 6. Bryan Rand - Teammate at LC (I hated wrestling him, but he made me so much better) 7. James Tanniehill - One of my first freestyle/greco coaches (My dad didn't know those styles so he randomly asked Coach Tanniehill to coach me at the Tech FS/GR tournament. Good choice!)
  3. I know this will all be compiled later, but I can't stop thinking about this weekend so I went through our conference to look at our qualifiers by team and weight. Hoosier Heritage Conference Teams - Number of Qualifiers Delta - 6 Greenfield - 2 Mt. Vernon Fortville - 2 New Castle - 3 New Palestine - 4 Pendleton Heights - 1 Shelbyville - 0 Yorktown - 1 *Every team except one had at least one state qualifier. We are represented in every weight except 150, 157, and HWT. Here is the breakdown of how many state qualifiers by weight come from the HHC. 106 - 1 113 - 1 120 - 2 126 - 3 132 - 3 138 - 2 144 - 1 150 - 0 157 - 0 165 - 1 175 - 2 190 - 2 215 - 1 HWT - 0 I'd love to see how other conferences did, especially the smaller conferences that I don't get to see wrestle much.
  4. Coaches and wrestlers do not have seats without buying a ticket.
  5. I'm trying to verify everything I believe to be true, but I don't see the tournament director's contact info.
  6. My understanding is that they also have to buy a seat or go sit in an empty seat until someone comes along and asks them to move because they bought that seat. I had all but decided not to buy a seat. I was just going to stay in the back hallways, but I assume I will need one to watch the finals. What a pain.
  7. So...I get two coaches and a manager, but only two bands?
  8. Hey all, After sitting through the state championship webinar tonight, I have a few questions that I may have missed the answers to. 1. As a head coach who gets in at check-in, will I also have a seat in the stands, or is my only seat in the corner when I coach? Do I also need to buy a ticket to have a seat in the stands? 2. Does my coach's band get me in on Saturday if I don't have a placer? Or, do I have to buy a ticket if my wrestlers lose Friday night? Please help!
  9. Apparently, Ohtani is deferring his salary and only taking 2 million a year so the Dodgers can keep spending. I guess that means he gets the rest at the end of the ten years. Maybe you could negotiate a contract like that, coach.
  10. Greenfield-Central is looking for JV events. We have 27 JV wrestlers, 13 of 14 spots filled, and tons of upper weights (5 JV HWT's)!
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