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  2. In Greenfield we have a girls head coach (Male) and possibly two assistants (both female). Our AD is working on a stipend for the head coach and we usually pay other assistants out of our club funds. Last year we went to the 6 all girls tournaments that were offered around the state and the girls wrestled and our 6 duals when we could get them a match. We are looking at 10-15 girls this season. They practice at same time as us, but will separate for part of the practice.
  3. Hello, Does anyone happen to have any Bulgarian bags they no longer use that they would want to sell?
  4. A couple things: 1. Most of us would love to have had CJ's career. I watched him grow up as his father was one of my coaches. I couldn't be more proud of the man he has become. 2. I'm not sure what the "expectations" where for CJ, but if you mean not being a National Champion, then I think you should look at what percentage of high school wrestlers actually go on to accomplish that. Y2 probably knows! 3. IDK how many people on here wrestled in college, but there are more factors to your success than your wrestling ability. I feel like I had the ability to complete for a DII title, but I never got close. There were other factors that I struggled to overcome. Some out of my control. 4. I personally think one of CJ's factors was weight cutting. I had the same issue, as do many others. When he had a good cut, he could beat anyone. When he had a bad cut, he struggled (and by that I mean he was still a top 8 in the country kid :)). 5. I know the question isn't meant to be disparaging, I'm just putting my two cents in as someone who has known the family since 1997. I would never have sniffed a state title without Coach Red. I know he is proud of CJ, you can hear it in his voice when he talks about him. If CJ's accomplishments make Coach Red proud, that's good enough for me.
  5. Yup. I took it years ago. I spoke with the InSideOut coaching people yesterday. They are coming out with a coaches course in the summer. I may look into that. I read the book and it was awesome. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Brandon Gray has a car dealership out in Greenfield, also.
  7. Hey all, This year I really feel like I did a poor job leading my program. I have really taken a long look at myself and would really like to improve my leadership skills. Does anyone have suggestions for a coach's leadership certification or program?
  8. Kissick brothers were studs!
  9. Hi all, Greenfield Central is looking for used royal blue mats that we can cut up to finish our room. If you have any information please contact me at your convenience. 317-460-8289 Thanks. Joshua Holden
  10. It's the second worst part of coaching. The first is saying goodbye to your athletes. Whether is to graduation, quitting, or worse, saying goodbye is never easy. I'm a mess every awards banquet.
  11. I can't remember, did Danny Williams (Warren Central) do it his senior year? Didn't he have a broken ankle or something and qualified and forfeited to 4th all the way through, and then win it?
  12. I can’t believe this. I am so sorry for the FC family. Prayers from Greenfield Central Wrestling.
  13. Whatever, man. You were a stud. You beat my butt at Connersville, I just had a good state tournament. I was defiantly no the best kid in that weight. It was loaded. You, Maldonado, Koers, etc... I'm just honored to be mentioned with you guys. Bunch of class acts. PS I wouldn't wrestle you now. I see you on Facebook kicking people's butts all the time . PSS Remember the world police and fire games when you wrestled Derek Donelson. It was cool to get to coach in that.
  14. Unfortunately, Livia Quigley will not be wrestling this year due to injury. Thank you guys for always putting these together.
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