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  1. What is the reasons for not running it two days? Friday night have the pool play, and then Saturday morning you can have wrestle backs, semis, and then finals. Thoughts are it makes Saturday shorter, most teams traveling come up friday night anyways, and you can still have wrestle backs for teams to get three matches.
  2. If you were to make a MT. Rushmore of MD's greatest of all time who do our up there? In no certain order, just curious.
  3. Does anyone know the number of wrestlers from Indiana this year that are D1 commits. If so who and what colleges, was just curious.
  4. 125- Cruz- 4 133- Gross- 6 141- Meredith- 3 149- Retherford- 10 157- Nolf-1 165- Imar- 7 174- Hall- 5 184- nickal- 8 197- Darmstadt- 2 285- Snyder- 9 Champ- Penn state- 142
  5. 125- Suriano-4 133- micic 8 141- Lee-2 149- Retherford-10 157- Nolf-1 165- Marinelli-5 174- Hall 7 184- Nickal 6 197- Moore 3 285- Snyder 9 Champ Penn State (126)
  6. 106- Bailey 113- Boarman 120- Fair 126- Garcia 132- Rooks 138- Melloh 145- Sellmer 152- Lee 160- Mappes 170- Warren 182- Allred 195- Davison 220- Parris HWT- Crider
  7. my freshman year another one of are freshman had recently lost a match and was sitting in a chair exhausted, when the coach and his daughter walked by and his daughter said whats wrong with him daddy? Are coach replied, "o he sucks at wrestling and has no friends" priceless ;D
  8. king will destroy campbell, I'm feeling a major
  9. agreed! holh is a very aggressive wrestler, if he can get his stuff together and stay off his back i see him going far this year
  10. I could be wrong be wrong, but I believe Johnson had a concussion and Campbell was keeping his seed.
  11. yes they have but do to seeding turi will wrestle johnson in semifinals for 1st and 2nd
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