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  1. dwise

    Ticket Round MATCHES!

    They saw each other already at the Al Smith with LaPlace winning 7-4
  2. dwise

    Past State Brackets

    Very nice...1990 HWT from Riley was Matt Wills
  3. dwise

    2018 Pick'em Standings

    Not that it helps, but you still need to add in my EC Semi State score...
  4. dwise

    Semi-State Pickem Contests

    Are we able to change picks after they have been submitted?
  5. Risner beat unbeaten Adam Davis of CMA for the Regional title...Risner should make it thru the ticket round
  6. Really? 113,160 and 220 ticket round matches look like Penn would be the underdog...
  7. dwise

    Legal or Not??

    What about the ones that look like practice gear that Zionsville wears?
  8. dwise

    Holiday Tournaments

    Wait...Portage isn't going to the Al Smith?
  9. My bad...Hatch will make it. The match between he and Reitz is a semi-final match and should be a good one!
  10. Yep...neither of them will get to state, so it really doesn't matter...
  11. What was nice at Regionals was to see the Clay coach (Hartman's Dad) make Hartman get on the line and wrestle Hatch at the end of regulation starting OT when Hartman was sitting on the mat twirling his finger asking for injury time...

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