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  1. Great kid… just when you thought Mooresville Regional couldn’t get any tougher….. it’s just nasty!!!
  2. Jake was 3-2 with a much bigger state champ Jackson in the third at Disney. Was on bottom and got to his feet. Instead of backing out and tying it up he dropped for a shot and got pinned. My point is that he was right there. He’s tough!
  3. I would like to bring up another big difference that I noticed after watch the two events in the past 24 hours. Internationally.. those dudes worry less about ties and more about footwork, down blocking (blocking in general), staying in front and not giving up anything til they are ready to get an angle and score. Footwork is the biggest difference. You have to earn every point. Thus less points scored too.
  4. Not sure... I guess the biggest difference is the time which is allowed in par terre is a lot more in the USA. You get way less time internationally to make a turn. I personally like the product that we have here in the USA. With that said, I think we should conform to the rest of the world for development reasons. But... USA is pretty damn good right now.
  5. Been watching cadet worlds this morning. So different from Fargo. Refs just blow the whistle constantly at worlds. Never realized how big the difference was. Not sure how that effects our kids. Just an observation.
  6. Looks like Zeke was given a forfeit and will bring home 5th place.
  7. Carroll got down 8-0 in quarters. Came back like the beast that he is to win 15-10. Great match indiana tied for 1st in points.
  8. Juniors are killing it. Indiana tied for 3rd in points right now.
  9. Veazy was down by two with 5 seconds left and pulls out a take down and turn to win by 2. Amazing match kid! Needed that win to secure AA status.
  10. Big win by Zeke was down by criteria with seconds left and gets the takedown in round of 32. Great match
  11. Garcia… let’s get back on the youth forum And get it going like we used to. Seems like a good time for ol pistol Pete to make an appearance.
  12. Post of the decade! Must see. Your buddy / coach is freaking awesome!!!! Much respect friend.
  13. Your the man! That’s awesome. I wrestled in that tournament bout 10 years back. Got beat by a couple of collage kids and picked up a pin. next year… your winning it buddy!
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