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  1. Congratulations to the Logan and his family. One of the best families out there. Its been a privilege to watch the ride. Now... finish strong!!! The Brewers
  2. Braylon Reynolds dominated at the fall grappler classic today. He’s been doing some 15u and high school duals. Going undefeated at most duals. Pretty good for a 13 year old. I see him moving way up this season.
  3. Great points that you bring up. These are perfect examples of issues as we as coaches and / or parents should pay attention to and make adjustments accordingly. I’m thinking communication is the key. I believe that we all do a better job of that. Definitely going to ask my guys to come to me with any of these feelings. Hopefully… if these or similar issues arise, we can adjust before it gets too bad. I really appreciate your insight. I used to coach a faith based youth football team. One a week we had a 30 min fellowship where we talked about faith and feelings. I know in most schools we would have the leave the faith part out… but… I think a fellowship talk for a team would be an awesome tool to prevent some of the adverse feelings that you have brought up. Make sure that everyone knows that they are not the only ones having these negative feelings and help guys work through adversity. Maybe Andy can do something like this at The Fort. I’m sure the kids would love it.
  4. Maybe they needed a change or a vacation. With that said… they kept wrestling and it turned out pretty good for them both. What ever they did to get through their bad feelings worked. Do you know what got them right mentally and prevented them from going off the deep end or quitting? I think we would all be interested in that. Btw… the topic is high school wrestling. Comparing high school kids to some of the greatest that train more and harder then most anyone on the planet is like comparing apples and oranges. We are discussing high school aged kids working out 5 to 6 days a week for a couple hours. I stand behind my post and assessment of burn out. With that said… there are some crazies out there that have there kids going over 25 hours a week. Those kids may hate the workouts or be damaged goods. I wouldn’t call that burnout…. I would call that just plain stupid. But… as kids get older they need to think about this…. The NCAA allows programs to practice 20 hours a week. Any good program uses all 20 hours. If a kid wants to wrestle in the NCAA, they better prepare for that workload.
  5. I was waiting for a class wrestling debate!!! "Well... its harder to train at small schools...... blah blah blah......" Actual answer... These kids need to practice or lift 5 to 6 days a week year round (unless sick, injured or on vacation). Its 2 hours of exercise a day. Kids may not want to exercise everyday, but who cares. Hell.. I don't want to work everyday. But, I have never worked a day (to make money) and say "Well.. that sucked... I hate making money and providing for my family." After a day of work, I'm typically happy and feel accomplished. Same with kids. When my kids say they don't "want" to practice or workout... I say.. "I dont care, your going!" And... after every practice, I ask "how did it go?" 99.9 percent of the time, they say... "good.. Im glad I went." Just like us adults on payday... they feel accomplished. With that said... remind the kids (after each practice) how it feels to get through something tough. Tell them to go to school the next day, look at everyone, and realize that they did something that no other kid in that class was willing or could do. Bottom line... burn out is a manufactured issue. Manufactured by athletes that don't want to have that "I accomplished something" feeling and parents that allow them to not feel it. Do not dwell on the actual practice. Dwell on the feeling that they get after making through a tough workout or accomplishing a goal (btw.. they have to have a goal sheet). That's what we need to bottle and sell. That is what gets kids to the next level, and ultimately college dollars.
  6. Mendez and Carroll were both giving up weight. Good for them for stepping up to the challenge and wrestling bigger really good kids. Lots of kids would not do that.
  7. https://onlocationexp.com/ncaa/wrestling-championships-tickets?utm_source=ncaatickets.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=ncaa_wrestling-wrestling_tickets_top_carousel only thing that I can find so far. Hopefully have a kid wrestling at them this year. Ill let you know if I hear anything.
  8. And there you have it!!! 24/7/365 no excuses!
  9. I smell a visit from good ol Pistol Pete!!!! @3xStateChamp
  10. Kid is a hammer on top! Really nice cool kid too. Kids going to go far.
  11. Senior Nick cicciarelli comes in with no criteria and made the finals of a very tough 163 bracket. Lost a tough finals match 5-6. Kid has put in the work to make a run this season!
  12. And Koontz was waaaaay undersized. Those guys are great wrestlers and even better kids. Great role models for the underclassmen.
  13. Elite over Outlaw in a barn burner. Great summer wrestling. Too may good matches to name them all. I would like to acknowledge Gunner Henry with a huge win over double Fargo all American Herzog from Minnesota
  14. Braylon Reynolds is wrestling high school at Outway. Big win tonight. Pinned a really good kid from Illinois. Btw.. he’s really good. 7th grade this year.
  15. Outlaw black and Elite athletic club looked really good tonight. I’m guessing that they may see eachother in finals tomorrow. Ran smoothly. Some good off season wrestling right here in Indiana. Look forward to great matches tomorrow. Start time at 9:30 am.
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