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  1. My bad... I mean... Mattyb has him number one! Lol Regardless.. he will be number one!!!
  2. Willie Saylor (the best ranker in the USA) has named Jesse top pound for pound high school wrestler in the USA. I have had the pleasure of seeing Jesse wrestle since he was very young. It’s been amazing to see the progress that he has made and continues to make. Sky’s the limit for this awesome kid. Great kid and great family. Keep it up champ!!!
  3. We at the Banana Cartel challenge all you card carrying, banana loving, wrestling fans to upload pictures from your wrestling trips of stuff you want us to purchase with our trillions of bananas. The only thing is... you must pose with the item with a banana in hand. You want it.... the cartel will go and brake some..... aaaaaahhhh... I mean, Negotiate a fair price for you. Capeesh Mattyb @TeamGarcia @JMILL
  4. Been seeing his highlight all over the place. Big fan of the kid and his family. As far recruiting... it’s tricky. Colleges are in a tough spot. If they don’t have a season, the current rosters pick up another year of eligibility. So.. do you give your upper class men another year money or sign some fresh blood. This is the sad truth... if teams don't wrestle, there will be A LOT less money for this year’s recruiting class. And.. it will be even worse if we don’t have a high school season. College coaches will have to make a choice to give money to what they know they have or to a
  5. The ones that suffer are the good kids that drop an early match. Those kids have to wrestle about every 15 or 20 mins to hit the podium. That’s tough!!! With that said... it kinda works like that at the ISWA states now too. Gotta get it done early!
  6. @Y2CJ41 and @ontherise219 ... how bout a wrap up show!!! Pretty sure this tourney deserves it. Some great action.
  7. Jaden Reynolds looked awesome today.
  8. The down payment of 2000 bananas has been paid... @TeamGarcia is to pay the balance from the banana cartel once a satisfactory show is delivered. Stuck up here in Wisconsin watching some good wrestling. Lots of talk here about the next big tourney (the IHPO!!!)
  9. @TeamGarcia Mattyb and the banana cartel say....
  10. I promise colleges will have a season over there!!! All the high school coaches need to get with Jim Jordan and let him correct this decision. Conspiracy theory... could Jordan’s stance on Covid have played a role in this decision but the powers to be??? Why single out wrestling???
  11. Im missing all the talk. Up in Wisconsin watching some Indiana kids wrestle in the Dells. I will ante up 1,000 bananas for each for a show. Lets goooooo!!!! That's 6K in bananas for a single show. Spending like a bunch of liberals round here!!!
  12. Interesting fact... The undefeated HWT champ from Greenwood (Mark Bless) is now the head football coach at Avon High School. Still a tough dude. Gotta love the fact that he went straight singlet in the champ photo!!!
  13. I actually spoke and spent some time with a member of the National wrestling coaches advisory committee this weekend. One point for D1 is that a school can’t drop below 16 sports and still be considered a D1 eligible school by the NCAA. With this said, sports with a small number of athletes may be safer than a sport with more athletes (cutting a bigger team will save more money). So.... if a D1 school has around 16 teams, the chances to drop wrestling are less. I’m not sure about other divisions. The NCAA is taking the committee’s opinion under consideration. Below is a link to wha
  14. We all know that you stole Asas Mr. Gorilla, scratched his name out, and put your name on it. Now you want another? First ever 2 time Mr. Gorilla????
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