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  1. A wise man has suggest that we shoot sun light or bleach into our bodies. That may work.
  2. It’s not helping that our state government is doing an absolute crappy job of Distributing the vaccines. We have vaccines, but most of it is just sitting there while the government figures out who gets it next.
  3. Went to a college dual in West Virginia last weekend. There were 4 teams. Each wrestler was able to put 4 names on the list. The venue seated 14,000. When we got there we had to go to the ticket booth, tell them the wrestlers name, and get assigned seats. We had to sit in those seats as they spaced us out all over the venue. They also allowed clear plastic bags with food and drink because there was no concessions. It worked very well.
  4. I clearly know who you are! I agree with your take, but wasn’t remotely referring to you. I was asking if Pribble was the guy who chimed in earlier this year about the spread of Covid? Just was putting two and two together. I do think your boy is going to do great this post season tho. Sorry for the confusion????
  5. Is Pribble the same dude that got on here and gave us a dooms day prediction when we were discussing weather kids should wrestle during Covid or not?
  6. Like Joe said.... it’s a Free year. Doesn’t count towards eligibility for anyone. It’s crazy
  7. This is one!!! I actually watched this. A few months later my son got a call from him inviting him for an official visit to Campbell (when Kolat was the head coach there). We did the visit which ended at a great dinner at a dive Mexican restaurant in rural North Carolina with coach Kolat and Dean Heil. We had a long drive home, so I cued it up in the car for my wife and boys. My youngest was almost in tears. He felt sooo bad for his new buddy. Kolat got jobbed sooo many times!
  8. Great kid. I know he struggled to make the lineup earlier on in his high school career. Still saw him at matches, cheering his teammates on. Always super polite and respectful when we have spoke. He deserves all of this success and more. Somebody needs this sign this kid! Would be an asset to any college program.
  9. Under the circumstances, I would be ok with that.
  10. Wouldn’t be supersized if they moved to to a more affordable venue and allowed families only. Could this happen? I would hate to see it, but could see this happen.
  11. That was a big win. But the lower seed Brownsburg wins the dual by 10. EMD and Brownsburg should be a great dual!
  12. Switching my 3a pick to Franklin winning a tight one over Floyd. Sorry to hear about Columbus East. Coach Coopers team is my favorite outside of our area. Dang!!!
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