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  1. Henry eats drinks and sleeps wrestling 24/7/365. No football.
  2. Pain Train has be locked in the wrestling room for months. Just short of December, the Dogs are set to roll out to wrestle a tough Westfield team Wednesday. Here’s to a healthy and successful year for the Purple Dogs!
  3. DaRat may have been partaking a little last night. Going back to back with the Macho Man…. He wins!!! Here’s to a a great season fellas. Thankful for what the DaRat has done for the sport. It’s more than most will ever know!
  4. Need to get with @mikemorgan . Send him a message.
  5. Thoughts and prayers to the Red family. Much love to you all! The Brewers
  6. 100….. I watched him this summer with Outlaws and he really impressed me. Nice kid too. Kids will have a hard time with that length. Late bloomer that will AA multiple times IMO.
  7. That’s the thing… nobody knows. All of these kids are on different journeys. He may be there 4 years or 7 years. We can speculate till the cows come home. It will do us no good. For now Jesse is the guy at 133. As a parent of a kid that graduates college this year… it flies by! Let’s all just sit back and watch this young man make us proud.
  8. Mendez beats Byrd by 1. Got cheated out of two backs (just saying). Went as I assumed It would. With that said… Byrd is physically strong. He wrestled quite a bit on his knees from neutral. Found his opportunity and twisted Byrd off. Byrd got his foot on the wood with a 1 count. Bigger mat Jesse May have gotten a fall. Jesse was very patient and handled it well. Great job Jesse!
  9. Been watching MSU open today. Looks like we probably will see Byrd Vs Mendez. Have watched and cornered for and against these kids since they were in about second grade. In semis now. I predict Jesse by 3 in the finals. Btw… the outlaws always seemed to get the best of ol Byrd back in the day. He would always come over and give us the hardest boney fist bump and typically a good cuss word or two. He’s always been a tough little dude!
  10. This is similar to a common conversation that I have had with many college freshman when they go onto the next level. In D1, 90 percent of the kids that go there are state champs (if not multiple time state champs). The vast majority get to college and get beat the hell up. Most struggle to score a point when they get there. I have seen soooo many studs go and not evolve and not make the line up or not stick it out. Every team has an average of 40 kids. Most of them go to their schools thinking that they will be a four year starter and compete for a national title. The kids that make it, take those first lumps and elevate their game to become the person giving those lumps. Again.. thats why I say that the most growth is going into that freshman year. I can almost say without a doubt that Mendez has experience some beatdowns in that room. I also feel confident in saying that Mendez has evolved greatly in that room. He will be ready (IMO). Again.. if he stays healthy... I predict AA. If he gets hot... possible title.
  11. I will go AA for our guy if he goes this year. He would not be favorite to win it all but like I said before… most growth is that off season going into freshman college season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got hot late in the season and pulled it off. Just wish him a healthy season. We will be rooting for him!
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