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  1. Team Legacy is taking teams to the NUWAY Wild Duals in Wisconsin Dells Labor day weekend. The 15U (can be in high school) and High School teams will wrestle Sunday. There is an individual tournament on Monday. There will be some good kids to wrestle there. There is a 3 pound allowance. As as of 09/07/2020 for 15U. Open spots: 15U - 70, 100, 120, 170, 220, HWT High School- HWT Matt Brewer 317-201-0644 Link to tourney: https://www.nuwaywrestling.com/wild
  2. Lets all get honest and real, most of our kids are doing kid stuff. They are playing and hanging out with friends. Doing talent shows and such. Are they really at more risk playing sports then they would be by being normal teenagers or kids??? They are holding hands with their boyfriends or girlfriends (amongst other things). They are riding in cars with friends, and doing other stuff. I may be wrong... I may be the only one that sees this. All kids may be sitting at home by themselves watching netflix??? Bottom line... How is doing sports, where there are safety protocols in place, less safe then the stuff the kids are going to do anyway. Again.. maybe all the kids are not doing normal stuff. But... I am pretty sure 90 percent are not quarantining. Which brings me to my common sense approach... If a kid is sick send him home for 10 days or until he obtains a negative test. Its just like any other illness!!! If a kid has the flu... dont let them back until cleared. If a kid has impetigo.. dont let them back until cleared. If a kid has chicken pox... dont let them back until cleared. If a kid has Covid19... dont let them back until they are cleared. Its that simple!!!! Like a wise man said.. "Get busy living or get busy dying." Things that our kids are more likely to die from than Covid 19: Car crash Other accidents or falls Drug or alcohol over dose Suicide Drowning Murder Heart disease Cancer Flu Diabetes I am not downplaying Covid 19. My dad has cancer and is not in good health. I know my kids have been around other kids. We (as a family) stay away from my dad for the most part. He is high risk. So, we use common sense and stay away from him. I go to his house I sit across the garage from him (that is where he hangs). We talk, enjoy some BS, and I leave. Its freaking common sense!!! I will promise you this... People will all the suddenly gain common sense after November 3rd!
  3. I promise there is in fact trace amounts of pb and j on this mat. Hate to part with it but my kids are both over 6 feet tall and have no use for it. I just want it gone to make room for more weights! 💪🏼 Priced to sell and get it gone!
  4. Mat is two 5x10 pieces dark red with a circle and starting rectangle. In decent shape. First one who brings $300 to casa de Mattyb gets it! Matt Brewer 317-201-0644
  5. Mat is two 5x10 pieces dark red with a circle and starting rectangle. In decent shape. First one who brings $300 to casa de Mattyb gets it! Matt Brewer 317-201-0644
  6. That way the kids can get Covid and the swine flu! I kid ... I kid!
  7. And.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/science/coronavirus-vaccine-tracker.amp.html Looks like Oxford is in the lead. Regardless... I think that we will have a vaccine before spring. With this said.... people on Fox News will have you believe that we are going to have one next month. People on CNN will have you believe that we will have one in 2022. It is what it is. I stand by my prediction of a pre-spring vaccine.
  8. We do have youth tournaments on Saturdays. This happens after the high school season is over. The high school staffs and teams wrestle on Saturdays. They are the ones that run the youth tournaments. That also means that the mats are being used to wrestle high school matches On Saturdays. From my experience less than 5 percent of the wrestling community gives of themselves to hold tournaments. The crazy thing is that most people that are doing the high school stuff are the same people who show up in Sundays to do the youth stuff.
  9. I think there will be a vaccine by then. I assume that others believe the same thing. Here is my educated guess on how things may go. I think that the IHSAA will in fact start the football season. As soon as a handful of players from a few teams test positive Covid (notice that I did not say contract), the football season will be ended or postponed. Football season goes through a November and we all know what also happens in November. We all see that Covid has been and will be further politicalized. If you don’t believe that... just watch Fox News (If you want the republican side) or CNN (if you want the democrat side) today. I tend to watch both, and have came to the conclusion that both sides have completely gone crazy! I’m not here to say which side is right or wrong... I’m just stating the obvious. Politics will come into play. Bottom line.. until we get a vaccine and the election is over.... I wouldn’t plan on having a season. Again, it’s just a very educated guess from watching our country fall apart everyday in the media. I hope that I’m wrong.
  10. Breakdown and get Twitter. IU and Purdue post a lot on Twitter. As a bonus... you can see Trump rip the fake media! Lol
  11. The coaches all keep that stuff close to their vest. With that said... the best breakdown that you will be able to find is the wrestle stat website. It has a depth chart for each team (somewhat accurate), rankings, wins, losses, season records, career records, and eligibility breakdown. It’s a really cool free site. The site does reflect redshirts. If it’s for a medical reason, most of the time they mark it as so. https://www.wrestlestat.com/
  12. I coached a 15 u team at this event last year. It’s pretty cool. Lots of mats and lots of good wrestling. I am sure that a high school division will be ran right. I would highly recommend doing this event.
  13. May want to checkout wrestlestat.com they have updated their line ups to reflect current rosters and projected starters. They do a solid job. If you haven’t checked out that site, you may want too. Super way to keep up with college wresting. https://www.wrestlestat.com/
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