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  1. Mattyb

    Chad Red

    Pretty sure he all Americaned and pinned a two time ncaa champ last year at the ncaas (as a rs freshman). I talked to Dean Heil personally about Red this year. We both agreed that he is the real deal. He also just majored a ranked kid that took 3rd at the midlands last week. Say what you want, I would take that all day long.
  2. Mattyb

    Here come the Irish song

    I saw a video of the song with the wrestlers in it. Like a slide show deal. Somebody post that one please.
  3. Mattyb

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    Huge win by bailey. Good stuff.
  4. Mattyb

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    Asa Garcia is undefeated! ...... in Indiana.
  5. Mattyb

    State Rankings #6

    Ho ho ho, A late Xmas / birthday present for me. The dude has been trolling me for years. I was hoping that he was a state champ or somebody awesome. Kinda disappointing. Owell, I sure he's an awesome dude (that loves busting chops). Seems to love the sport. Look forward to meeting him and maybe having a cold one (on me)! And I agree with the others.. the Bauman kid is a stud. Anybody that beat him accomplished a good win. Novice bat...……. hmmmm
  6. Mattyb

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    I agree on depth. With that said, I will take our top guys over their top guys most years. I look at the Off season duals that we do up there and duals like Virginia Beach. Seems like our top teams finish ahead of their top team the majority of the time at those events.
  7. Mattyb

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    I actually love the Irish team. I like their vibe and like watching them. They have some of the best parents out there. The song and video is a must see. I’m a fan! With this said, this is not a good match up for our Indiana guys. Too many good kids on the DCC team (solid from top to bottom). I look forward to seeing some of our top Indiana guys getting a shot at the best that Michigan has to offer! Good luck boys!
  8. Mattyb

    Team State updates

    I will take the shots from Emd guys and Perry guys(they earned it)... But shots from a Harrison guy! New low for me. Dang that’s bad. Feelings are hurt now. Seriously.... I really didn’t think that not giving a match to teams which went 0-2 in the pool was a big deal (regardless of where I’m from). But... I guess it is for many. Super sorry that I didn’t see that as big as a deal as it clearly is to most. Just wanted to clear that up. Wasn’t trying to come across as a jerk. That’s not me. I really want what’s best for the kids. I guess the only choices we have to keep state a very long day or add six more mats and get everyone 4 duals. With that said, the old format was lose one loss and done right? How did those weigh-ins work back then? With all of that said, I really enjoyed being at state the last few years and plan on attending many more. Great show by the kids, coaches, and especially the people that run it.
  9. Mattyb

    Team State updates

    Btw... if we could get 6 more mats down. We can get all teams four duals and get out over 2 hours earlier. Win win win for all. The only downfall is that it will cost more for the mats and refs. But maybe more parents will come if they wrestle 4 times and shorten the day.
  10. Mattyb

    Team State updates

    So I guess the question is this... As a parent, would you lose sleep if the team got double dipped by two better teams and you didn’t get a third match? No matter what class “my” team is in. I would not care if that was the guidelines. For example, if Avon lost to Penn and Cathedral this past weekend, I would have no issue if the team had to go home. Just an honor to be there and get a crack at the best. Again, just my opinion. And a solution to shorten the day by a couple hours. Btw...I also suggested to keep it the same and add 6 mats. Any feed back on that one? Would love to hear from the fine folks that pretty much run every state tourney in Indiana. I know that they didn’t get back to the ISWA offices until well after midnight. Probably to bed at 2am or so. Btw... these same people were in Franklin running kiddie state at 7 am.
  11. Mattyb

    Team State updates

    Now that would be dumb! Lol Again just brain storming and sharing my opinion. And... each team would get at least double elemination. Not one and done. Again, apples to oranges.
  12. Mattyb

    Team State updates

    Apples to oranges. Also just my opinion. If my kids team lost the first two, I personally would not care if we wrestled a third (if that was the rules). Nobody knows the lack of wrestle backs more than me! But it’s the way it is. No sour grapes.
  13. Mattyb

    Team State updates

    Just win and it isn’t an issue. As a parent I would be all for my kid getting less matches during the season to ensure a crack at the big dogs. If coaches want to get quanity over quality for their team then they should not come anyway.

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