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  1. Here in Avon people are putting their Christmas lights back up to give others something to look at.
  2. I think they wrestled with each other some when they both went to Ben Davis. Maybe coach Nabb or Gil may have seen them wrestle each other? I’ll take Keys if they were the same age.
  3. My sons college (Ohio University) has announced that the remainder of the school year will be online. All students have been asked to move out of the dorms ASAP. A prorated refund for room and board is to be issued. The state of Ohio has been a step ahead of us the whole time. I’m assuming that Indiana colleges will do the same.
  4. Super upsetting. My sons team (Ohio U) has 4 qualifiers. Two of them are seniors (one of which he lived and trained with all of last summer). These dudes are crushed!!! I see people asking for seniors to get an additional year of eligibility. With that said, if those kids get an extra year... all kids should get an extra year. For that reason, I don't see it happening. This sucks!!!
  5. Awe man... I legit didn’t see that. But... yes great idea MattyM!
  6. Here another great MattyB idea... having it in one place would be impossible. With that said.. have the different age groups at different schools. Have Southport host Pee Wee and Bantam. Have Perry take Intermediate and Novice. Beech Grove gets School Boys and Cadets. Big boys go to Center Grove. All on south side of Indy. I know it is not ideal. Some families will have to split up. It will not be close to what we usually get.... but... it will get done.
  7. Have ya ever been on this site??? You know how it goes on here!!!
  8. Its growing. Probably, one the best Girls State Championships in the nation. With Girls wrestling on the rise nationwide, we have taken a huge step forward. I can see more and more girls getting college money to wrestle. For these reasons, I see this as a significant event. I'm sure that the girls and the families of the girls that participate in this event, do not share your opinion. Due to the impact that it has on the growth of girls wrestling and the impact on the participants, it makes my list.
  9. I’ll take your word for it. I did leave Traicoff off the list. It should be on there. Good call!
  10. That only leaves Carmel and Avon as write in candidates. If the accept the last two spots... then isn’t it a done deal???
  11. Revised: 1. IHSAA State (would be much lower if it was classed) 2. IHSAA semI-state (all as one) 3. IHPO 4. Middle School State (One of the nations best) 5. High school team state 6. Schoolboy Duals 7. ISWA State 8. Al Smith 9. Scholastic Duals 10. Freestyle / Greco State 11. Frosh / Soph State 12. Indy Nationals 13. EMD holiday classic 14. Marion County Tourney 15. Lake County Tourney 16. DAC conference (tie) 16. HCC conference (tie) 18. Mooresville Regional 19. Mooresville Holiday Classic 20. Spartan Classic 21. ISWA Elementary team state 22. Girls High School State
  12. I would go... 1. IHSAA State (would be much lower if it was classed) 2. IHSAA semI-state (all as one) 3. IHPO 4. Middle School State (One of the nations best) 5. High school team state 6. ISWA State 7. Al Smith 8. Freestyle / Greco State 9. Frosh / Soph State 10. Indy Nationals 11. EMD holiday classic 12. Marion County Tourney 13. Lake County Tourney 14. DAC conference (tie) 14. HCC conference (tie) 16. Mooresville Regional 17. Mooresville Holiday Classic 18. Spartan Classic 19. ISWA Elementary team state 20. Girls High School State
  13. IHPO 3rd. I was just talking about this this weekend with one of our state runner up boys. On the national scale, I would call this a 2nd tier event. Right behind events like Super 32, Flo, NHSCA nationals, and Fargo. I consider IHPO to be equal to events like the Fall Grappler Classic or the Ohio Tournament of Champions. Indy Nationals and Frosh/Soph state should be on that list too.
  14. Center Grove isn't in a write in consideration position. But.. they will have a good team.
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