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  1. Mattyb


    Send dem EMD studs. If they make the finals they get the gear! I'm sure that the will gift it to you!
  2. Mattyb


    Not good.... With that said and Fargo winding down..... Whos ready for the IHPO!!!!
  3. Mattyb


    Littell is our last hope for A.A. Rough for our boys this year.
  4. Mattyb


    Gotta go with walker. Should be a good one. Make Indiana proud boys!
  5. Mattyb


    Bates is the real deal. Big fan of that kid. Big couple years ahead for that kid. Great job young fella.
  6. Mattyb

    Opinions on head coaching openings

    I would go with Plainfield. They have a handful of VERY solid middle school kids coming up and some solid returners. With the resources in this area, one could expect state placers coming out of this school each and every year. Smiley is the man. Sucks that he left. Seems like the school needs to make wrestling more of a priority and make sure the new coach has resources and a solid teaching position. A sleeping giant there. Just needs the AD to step up and make it happen.
  7. Mattyb

    Disney Duals

    Avon and Warren split 5th place honors. Just decided to get on the road early. Congrats to Brownsburg for a great runner-up finish. Great to spend time around those boys this weekend. Btw... someone took Joes coachs chair and refused to give it back. Again, Indiana hanging tough with each other. Good stuff.
  8. Mattyb

    Disney Duals

    No doubt Howie, also those kids all cut a decent amount of weight and were VERY well conditioned. They came to dominate.
  9. Mattyb

    Disney Duals

    Bro... that was brrruuuutttallll. The scary thing is that they highland prep were missing a couple studs. They are pretty good! The Burg is going to finish top 4. I think dead mouse and Warren will end up battling for 5th. Btw... our 182 keeps getting forfeits! Also.... there is a brotherhood feel with all the Indiana teams down here. Pretty awesome community we have!
  10. Mattyb

    Disney Duals

    Avon and Brownsburg to the quarters. To be honest... Avon got a very tough draw. Wrestling heavy favorites Highland Prep next. Brownsburg has the winner of PA state champs (Reynolds High) or Warren. Going to get tough now! Warren bout to win too... I think.
  11. Mattyb

    Disney Duals

    Avon Brownsburg and Warren all look like they should win our pools. There is 6 pools. I would say that is a pretty solid showing!!! Two rounds of pool today and let’s hope that these teams are separated in the gold pool and bring home a 1-2-3 finish!
  12. Mattyb

    Disney Duals

    TheCounty doing TheCounty things. Brownsburg and Dead Mouse Mafia both 3-0 and favored to win their pools. Also.. coach Curry also has some xtra Dead Pool Mickey (our logo) gear that he would sale. It is really slick gear. If anybody is interested come see him. We will be at the venue around 4ish. Good showing by Indiana!
  13. Mattyb

    Jesse Mendez

    This is so true. Also... does anybody know what he would like to study? Knowing his family, I can almost guarantee that his academics will play a huge part in his decision. I’m not sure about his grades but I can almost promise you that his dad and mom don’t play! I bet you he picks a school that has excellence in his academic interests. He’s a kid that gets it and can have a great conversation at a young age. I think many times (as wrestling people) we over look that. Super impressive.
  14. Mattyb

    Idea Middle School Sectionals

    Not tearing off heads. Welcome to the discussion board world. Wait until a troll disagrees with you on here. Soooo many keyboard warriors on here. I was just stating my opinion and having a little fun. Good off season discussion.
  15. Mattyb

    Idea Middle School Sectionals

    Why is this needed? We clearly have a great space now and people got out of there fairly early last year. Don't see a need to qualify. Hey... here an idea!!!!……. Class wrestling for middle school!!!

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