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  1. CJ was clearly not 100. Congrats on being an AA two times out of two tries!!!
  2. Mattyb


    Numbers is just one aspect of being the team MVP. Who doesn’t miss practice? Who never slacks in practice? Who makes other kids better. Who leads by example in the classroom? Who is the mentally toughest kid? Who is the most valuable WRESTLER? Not who scored the most points. Btw... sometimes it is the kid that wins the most. But..... sometimes it’s not. So... what if a kid wrestles at a school like Plainfield. They may have 2 top 5 state ranked kids in their county and sectional. That kid may take losses to those kids and may not make it out of regionals. Where as another kid may luck out and have no ranked kids in their sectional or county. That kid may make semi state. Clearly one of these kids have an easier route. Does the second kid really deserve team MVP over the first kid?
  3. Mattyb


    No, no, no.... you just give it to the best kid. It’s a coaches opinion. Doesn’t have to explain anything or be politically correct. You just pick the best kid on your team and give it to them. If someone thinks they are better they should have proved it. That’s it!
  4. Did anybody see Bo Nickals pin??? The dude hooked the kids chin then went front quarter with the other hand. Flipped the dude over like a fish! Has anyone ever seen that before?
  5. I spy @Y2CJ41! Saw Mark Durham running a table too. Now answer me this... the camera adds how many pounds????
  6. I agree. Our guys seemed to have the better tanks. With that said... the Illinois boys were playing some real tough games of pickup basketball a couple hours before the meet. I will say that they would have beat our guys in hoops! Culver had some nice courts. That place is a cross between an old college campus, West Point, and the school that Harry Potter went to. Pretty unique.
  7. Mattyb

    Avon RTC Next Monday 3/18

    I promise..... kids are begging to come in and learn Asa’s stuff!!!! Come check it out after spring break!!! Solid room tonight!!! I legit walked in the room and saw this!!!
  8. Man.. I love seeing these young go getters on this board trying to find opportunities. Joe is doing these kids a solid with this forum. With this said, can we get a pinned topic for a free agent list? A place people can go to show interest to wrestle and a place where teams can post open spots? Just hate to see things get buried on the board if these kids really want it! What do you say @Y2CJ41????
  9. Hey.. you cut coach Jordan out of the pic! He was there too.
  10. @Bigyusm is correct. I think?!?! Maybe. Didn’t sleep much last night. Was up fixing the hot tub that froze this winter at the Avon estate. Don’t let that happen folks!! They brought in a replacement to wrestle Carson today too. Wasn’t on the roster. Was just confused. Some good wrestling. Enjoyed 113 on Lincoln mat. Fun match to watch.
  11. This is Chumbley. Now who wrestled him?
  12. Indiana got it done today!!! Congrats on great careers for all of our boys!!!
  13. Up to him. He legit eats them everyday. Really just planning on going up representing the state, taking care of business, and not ruffling any more feathers at culver. All about team Indiana. Same as it has always been all the other times that he represented on a national team. It’s gonna be a great dual.
  14. Mattyb

    Multiple Time Middle School State Champs?

    Mason Miranda 2 timer

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