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  1. Very interesting... Plus I second the sentiment about Allen and Garland. I always think it is cool when a guy beats his semi state finish, it's a good example for younger kids to pay attention to. Wrestling is such a mental sport, and those guys did not let self doubt get in the way.
  2. They were just sitting there with no change of position. I thought at e very least that a stalemate was warranted.
  3. Is there any guys on the show with good wrestling pedigrees?
  4. He did something most werent able to this weekend, whooped some perry meridian butt.
  5. i hate to be a grammar nazi, but i have to admit that i find the dominate thing annoying as well!
  6. ive got a lot of respect for the kids from the smaller schools, and more times than not i root for those kids. but...i don't think that mean people and bad pizza has much effect on wrestling performance...just sayin.
  7. well, that is totally not cool then.
  8. i can see where a wrestler might be in a wait and see type of situation, but if that is the case, they should know by weigh ins. the alternate wrestler should at least be made aware that they might have a chance to go.
  9. does anyone have a guess of when the semi's and the finals will start? i will probably be there all day, but i have a friend who coached one of the wrestlers in baseball and wants to see him wrestle, but can't burn a whole day.
  10. one great thing about the UFC and MMA in general is that it gives elite wrestlers a place to go and compete and make some money.
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