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  1. Yeah I assumed FW semi state. My bad. disregard & carry on.
  2. I believe Josh Hutchens from Plymouth won FW 3x & was 2x State Champ. Has to be on the list somewhere.
  3. Fair enough & that would also make sense in this instance. I know it's hard to do that many weight classes, and age diviions for the ISWA.
  4. Thats not what I'm saying. I'm saying Junior(3rd) gets it over the Cadet 3rd place finisher who lost to someone with no criteria. Rinehart never weighed in is what you are missing. There is no weight reference. Every other competitor has weight recognized from scale. Rinehart should have never been in the bracket. If you want major discrepancies though you can look at the freetsyle brackets from last year. Particularly Junior 145 and 182.
  5. At Junior 152 the one on the bottom won, and was 3rd at Junior previous year while others were Cadet so that takes criteria. The previous champion(cadet) didnt weigh in or show so a non factor & have no clue why he was even in the bracket. There were 2 other state qualifiers who had no criteria. I'm curious where your complaint is with this weight?
  6. Yeah not sure why hes still being slept on? Dominated post season up to this point with no losses, and proven wins over opponents ranked much higher. I would also house that bet.
  7. Some of us knew. The rest are finding out. Underrated by everyone. Tough draw with Lone & Boe in his quarter bracket, but he will be a tough out.
  8. Beat many in front of him then & over the summer. This is for fun & things shake out.
  9. There are many confusing things at that weight.
  10. 2020 Braydon Lowery(Sr) 126 - 1st Bryce Lowery(Fr) 106 - 4th
  11. Coach King is a great human being, and I learned as much about life as I did wrestling competing for him, He was always the guy who taught you to take the hard right instead of the easy wrong. Always there to pump you up for a tough match, as well as pick you up after a bad loss. His positive influence outside the wrestling room with his student athletes cannot be overstated. His contributions to the sport over the past 37 years I hope put him in contention for Indiana Wrestling Hall of Fame. He is deserving. I could not be more happy for Andrew & the team. Good luck. Sincerely Dustin Wilson
  12. Shoey out of curiosity where did you go to med school?
  13. I hope we can get through the season, but the thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.
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