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  1. MattyB , that is an excellent choice. If the 160 Class in the EVSS moves around IMO Sego can win 160 at the BHSS Regional and have a Potentially better path than 170. Purdy-Castle going 152? Buchanan-C.G.182 open for him at MVSS. Thoughts
  2. I will start this topic. I am sure there a lot of young men deserving. Which wrestler and Program puts in the most work and research for the kids. I have seen this wrestler for many years now, He is a big , agile and strong man with Heart. He is currently Ranked #7 at 220 but IMO , Micah Dodson is the Top 220lber and will make a Statement this year. Good Luck to all, BT19
  3. Coach Mikesell, I am just trying to Help. I know you want a Program to contact you. I think that Greencastle w/ them Carrington kids have a solid line-up and would be a Great fit in your MHC!! They have 2pt available and open schedule on Dec.27/28. Just a thought. Good Luck w/ your Tourney. BT19
  4. Yes they are Studs. Seen them earlier in the season at our place. I told them personally IMO they will place at State. Kervin, Conway & Alstate. Hard nosed kids w/ big motors. Good Luck BigToe19
  5. I seen that also. Carr is a solid & ranked opponent. UC always has a tough line-up. I believe FC will have 3 State Placers
  6. Caught my attention @ BHSS Invite. BHSS, BHSN, CG, Col N, Lar N, Martinsville Rd1 - @ 182 - Drake Buchanan-CG dec over Wade Presson-BHSS 12-8 & @ 132 Watson-CG pin Castelluccio-BHSS Rd2 - @ 138 - Watson-Col N pin Reynolds-BHSS
  7. Well start Injury or Blood time and lend a hand and help make it good again!! JMO
  8. MattM, you are so Correct! As we spoke before , I believe your Program has a young man that is under the Radar! Just going about his Business and working for the State Series to begin! Good Luck to all your Wrestlers. I am a person that likes to see the Wrestler bump to challenge to better competition. I know a loss sucks but when you look at the Bigger picture all Indiana HS Sports consist of 2 seasons. Yes it is important to win in this Individual Sport, but @ Sectional time really you are 0-0. New start or Season 2. Yes Team/Individual differ, but step up to the challenge and Push yourself. BT19 Good luck to all in this Great Sport
  9. Figure this might answer a few ????? In September at the IHOP
  10. Cheaney Schoeff (Avon WC) defeated Cole Ross (MCWA) Cheaney Schoeff Avon WC 3 Cole Ross MCWA 0 O O O Choice 1 Defer Bottom 0 0 Period 2 Stalling 0 0 Choice 2 Bottom 0 0 Period 3 3 Nearfall (0:21) Stalling (0:06) 3 0
  11. So there may be a shake up or issue with a Student Athlete at 126/132? There is a wrestler that came from a Different School near that weight. Could be an issue with Paperwork, did cross the T or dot the I? Might be fighting the move! But will take a move-in Student Athlete to benefit them, but wont let them go! Sounds a lot like Yorktown, Northview, Cathedral & other School. It is crazy and very hard to see this happen. I just hope all matters get resolved, cause seeing a Student Athlete miss his HS years really SUCKS and it is a hard situation to DEAL with!! BT19
  12. Bigtoe19


    Matthew Archer
  13. Come on 1PD , get it out there. We are all ears! Need to keep up on the EVSS ranking info. Navy 80 start getting them updates going. So Gilbert is at 113 ? Great weight for him. Later BT19
  14. Cathedral should reach out to Crown Point and just have them drive 10/15 more minutes and get in this Tourney! That would be a Crazy Super 6.. Good Luck to all, BT19
  15. Just wondering when the Coach's from this week are going to Post their Results?? I am 1 that watches this site to keep up on what happens around the State in the Wrestling World. I fell there is going to be a lot of weight shuffling in the South. So enter those duals and results for us Avid followers. Thanks BT19
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