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  1. That He wrestled good. Just like you son and my nephew did in their days! Nix reminds me a lot of his coach!!
  2. Not putting them down! May have seemed like it. No they don't do there own schedules! Program has had a great yr! SOS is important for this time in the year
  3. Boonville kids losing. Not real an upset! They have good Records, but you have to look at Their Schedule. Go along Ohio River and wrestle bunch of LITTLE schools. So when you Draw a wrestler from a Big Program Better tighten that Chinstrap cause they have been to the MEAT Grinders!!
  4. Yes that is the tough part of any Sport. Closing out a Season or even Career. Had to have some difference on Pics or the Thread gets dull. Chatter and talk is good.
  5. Alright, I am a bit behind. Going to lay it out for ya!! Bet you can take this to the BANK! IMO my Confidence is Up this weekend. Bl. North Reg = 37 , Southridge Regional =19 make it to EVSS. SRidge Reg = 2 Champs while Bl North snag 12 Champs. Team Race , Bloomington South , Southridge, Edgewood , West Vigo, TH South and Fl. Central top 6 IMO. Good Luck to all Wrestlers 106- Bengtson over Owens * Repeat of Sect. 113- Castelluccio over Alstott * sleeper, Home mat!! 120- Gardner over Kane * Gardner back to back Reg Titles 126- Rohrbach over Meier * Repeat of Sect. will Home mat help Meier 132- Recknor over Sanders * most open class 138- Cash over Sego * Repeat of Sect. 145- Kervin over Koontz * 2 studs , may be best match of the DAY!! 152- Ross over Heckman * 1-1 so far. Will be a dog fight 160- Ruhlman over Schank * Can Schank get to Bankers Life a 3rd time 170- Blubaugh over Schroder * different levels in this Final ( 4 Straight Regional Titles) 182- Bellemy over Presson * Will Wade starting to hit his stride, can he make it interesting @ HOME? 195- Wampler over Hardy * S.O.S here will show. 220- Howell over McVey ** Were does Gabe Cook find his Kids, something in that Valley water over there! Hwt- Kramer over Haire * This match will need more than 6 minutes to get a Champion. Thanks & Have a Great Day, BigToe19
  6. Have to say Micic and Lee both Looked great. Not able to see Parris' match but great job to Indiana men!!
  7. Here you go, Avon is 1 of the Toughest Sectionals! Mooresville is the Toughest Regional, EVSS will bring the Hammers to Bankers Life this year and win 7 weight Classes!! Good Luck Men 106- Miller over Garcia 113- Watson over Dalton 120- Littell over Montgomery 126- Rioux over Lawhead 132- Garcia over Boe 138- Kreitzer over Reynolds 145- Burdon over Chatterton 152- Conley over Hughes 160- Pruett over Asbury 170- TJB over Thomas 182- Brewer over Carson 195- Willham over Kenny 220-DODSON over Williams Hwt- GENTRY over Keys
  8. JMO , but at the Bloomington Regional. I think there could be 3 weights it may happen in. 120 , 132 & 138 . Southridge #1s have to face some very scrappy and dangerous Valley Kids, (W Vigo & TH South)
  9. JMO , Strength of Schedule has a lot to do at this time of year. I am eager to see the 182 lb class go at it ! Sparks will fly , points will be scored , going to be Worth admission $$ Top 6 Wrestlers are 186-6 that is Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beliemy- Edgewood / BS Reg Brewer- Avon / MV Reg Carson- Dville / MV Reg Kemper- Ev Cent / EV Reg Rodgers- Her Hlls / EV Reg Nix- Martinsville / MV Reg
  10. I think it could happen in the 195 class!! Nunn 34-0 EVSS Allred 24-0 NCSS Chapman 11-0 FWSS Jay Cty kid Trefren 18-0 ECSS They just have to keep winning to be the Final 4 wrestlers!
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