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  1. Have to agree w/ ya on RUST. Then ask why No Alstott - Floyd Central. Bad Draw!!!
  2. Guys I believe there are 8 Wrestlers to place 4x this weekend!!! If I looked at Brackets right Lowery-RC Viduya-RC Rioux-Avon Boe-Danville Campbell-Bburg Rodgers-ICath Winner-J Cty Bettich- CP 1 in Michigan !! Thanks BT19
  3. Bates is only a Junior. I would have to consider KERVIN- FC @ 152. Yes that is a solid Line up!! 220- maybe Willman- NoPo or Dodson- Mville
  4. B2M, you are Correct. #1 Ranked Walker will draw #3 - Parkinson-EMD #4 - Warren - PM #5 - Lone - Northwood
  5. SWS , Yes your correct from my picks. I overlooked Mt Vernon. Watched them @ Edgewood back in November and they Impressed me. Also let me in on the Fulks vs Fitts BET. MD , JMO is Ridiculous ! Now it is your Opinion. Good Luck Just hope the SOS issues come back up!!!! Thanks BT19
  6. Her you go, I am throwing my Picks out. (JMO) Good Luck to everyone this weekend. 106- Miller, Brooks, LaRocca, Bickel 113- Schoeff, Haines, Baugh, Buttler 120- Carrington, Bechert, Garcia, Pugh 126- Rioux, Dalton, Montgomery, Fox 132- Watson, Conley, Holt, Alcala 138- Campbell, Boe, Barger, Roberts 145- Reynolds, Carrington, Cicciarelli, Rust 152- Boe, Walker, Cookerly, McCann 160- Fuqua, Asbury, Scott, Pugliese 170- Carrington, Ward, Schubert, Spiller 182- Buchanan, Glover, Aleska, James 195- Eason, Street, Dickens, Platt 220- Dodson, Jones, Condon, Green Hwt- Keys, Gentry, Johnson, Dickens Team: BBurg, Franklin, Avon, CG Thanks Bigtoe19
  7. Here are my Thoughts. Just for Fun (JMO) Good Luck to all this weekend. 106- West, Zirkelbach, Egli, Dunn 113- Ross, Sutton, Fortune, Lupfer 120- Freeman, Scott, Newman, Amento 126- Hayhurst, Boyd, Wuerth, Kelley 132- Egli, Polen, Heeke, Whitsell 138- Boarman, Mayes, Lehman, Madden 145- Baumann, Martin, Schwindel, Lett 152- Fitts, Fulks, Bryant, Ramsey 160- Dickens, Purdy, Farmer, Deffendoll 170- Deters, Sollars, Schmidt, Happe 182- Parkinson, Hoover, Reff, Moore 195- Kemper, Rodgers, McGrew, Ritzert 220- Willman, Stewart, Robinson, Ricketts Hwt- Garrett, Breivogal, Wimpelberg, Ralph Team: EMD, Castle, Boonville, NoPo. Thanks BT19
  8. I think it should be Cookerly @ 152. Same Team wrong Wrestler. Cause Asbury did wrestle in BOTH weight classes.
  9. Lets go , Put them Predictions out there. Bloomington South has been front runner here. It all changes this year!!😲😱 106- Turner, Cowden, Woolston, Heaston 113- GILBERT, Sylvester, Moore, Roudebush 120- Ruhlman, Watkins, May, Owens 126- Holder, Castelluccio, Rose, Wharton 132- Rohrbach, Deckard, Recknor, Crews 138- Orman, Recknor, Green, Bengtson 145- OTTE, Cash, Sconce, Bell 152- Hamm, Sholars, Hostetler, Saunders 160- Presson, Lommock, Brown, Hubbell 170- Ruhlman, Sego, Minor, Casad 182- McPike, Novak, Fowler, Hinshaw 195- Archer, Verst, Franco, Lynch 220- Howell, Williams, Bell, Brown Hwt- Stewart, McGraw, Lucas, Milner Team race is Close!!! THS , BS , EDW , WV. Good Luck to all the Wrestlers. Thanks BT19
  10. These are my PICKS :: Good Luck To all the Wrestlers. Team Finish BBurg, Avon, Gcastle, BD. Purple Rains in Avon 106- Miller, Moore, Constans, Claxon. 113- Schoeff, Haines, Stansberry, Williams. 120- Carrington, Garcia, Spears, Edmonds. 126- Rioux, Montgomery, Ruiz, Fox. 132- Conley, Roberts, Holt, Duncan. 138- Campbell, Boe, Roberts, Baker. 145- Renyolds, Carrington, Keith, Cicciarelli. 152- Boe, Cookerly, Craig, Richards 160- Asbury, Pugliese, McAfee, Miller. 170- Carrington, Spiller, Schubert, Wilburn. 182- Glover, Deaton, Germany, Stone. 195- Street, Allen, Dickens, Stockall. 220- Jones, Leavell, Woodard, Snow. Hwt- Keys, Vaughn, Dickens, Guillaume.
  11. Here is a few you may have overlooked. May not the National Success like others! *- Streck - Merrillville *- Hall - EastCentral *- Fitts - EMD *- Pack- Culver Acd *- Fuqua - Franklin
  12. Yes the Brackets are on Track, I will throw my Thoughts out there!!! 106- West over Egli 113- Ross over Winner of Sutton & my sleeper Fortune!! 120- Freeman over Williams or Amento who wants 2nd? 126- Hayhurst over Wuerth- Training partner is good. 132- Egli over Robards 138- Boarman over Lahman 145- Baumann over Kemper 152- Fitts over Dollison 160- Dickens over Purdy 170- Deters n Sollars Match of the Tourney here!!!! 182- Parkinson over Reff 195- Kemper over Brickey 220- Huggins over Boots Hwt- Garrett over Wimpelberg EMD Wins and Castle, EM,EC battle for 2nd. Good Luck to all the Wrestlers. BT19
  13. Bigtoe19


    Chris Newman
  14. Bigtoe19


    Coy Hammack
  15. It was canceled by the IHSAA because teams that qualified for regionals or higher chose to hold out several varsity wrestlers that were also in the individual tourney. The IHSAA didn't like seeing this happen so axed the team series after this happened several times. So could fans do this to the NBA. Cause that is all they do!! NBA means less and less these days! Lets axe it!! Thanks
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