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    Zane Schreck
  2. I believe you are all on the right path. It is going to have to be Broke up into segments/portions. I think a lot of people were very pleased with how the IHOP was ran. That is an approach to think about. For instance EHS Coach , instead of big weekend tournaments you have a Quad meet (4 teams) . You utilize the HS Gym , Auxiliary Gym and the MS Gym. Each location is assigned a Session HS-106-132 , MS-138-170 and Aux- 182-285. Now 4 teams each line-up has 14 wrestlers = 56 kids each kid gets 2 fans= 112 plus Coach's and staff 100 = 212 / 3 sites. Might be Possible
  3. Hey Triple B good work. Here are some Freshmen that were very dominate in MS years. Preston Haines - Brownsburg Reese Courtney - Center Grove Seth Syra - Plainfield Kaden McConnell - Center Grove Brady Ison - Brownsburg Hunter May - Floyd Central Bray Emerine - Floyd Central Drew Mills - Center Grove Gunner Henry - Brownsburg These are kids that stand out to me. I'm sure I missed some but this gets ball rolling!! BT19
  4. Have to agree w/ ya on RUST. Then ask why No Alstott - Floyd Central. Bad Draw!!!
  5. Guys I believe there are 8 Wrestlers to place 4x this weekend!!! If I looked at Brackets right Lowery-RC Viduya-RC Rioux-Avon Boe-Danville Campbell-Bburg Rodgers-ICath Winner-J Cty Bettich- CP 1 in Michigan !! Thanks BT19
  6. Bates is only a Junior. I would have to consider KERVIN- FC @ 152. Yes that is a solid Line up!! 220- maybe Willman- NoPo or Dodson- Mville
  7. B2M, you are Correct. #1 Ranked Walker will draw #3 - Parkinson-EMD #4 - Warren - PM #5 - Lone - Northwood
  8. SWS , Yes your correct from my picks. I overlooked Mt Vernon. Watched them @ Edgewood back in November and they Impressed me. Also let me in on the Fulks vs Fitts BET. MD , JMO is Ridiculous ! Now it is your Opinion. Good Luck Just hope the SOS issues come back up!!!! Thanks BT19
  9. Her you go, I am throwing my Picks out. (JMO) Good Luck to everyone this weekend. 106- Miller, Brooks, LaRocca, Bickel 113- Schoeff, Haines, Baugh, Buttler 120- Carrington, Bechert, Garcia, Pugh 126- Rioux, Dalton, Montgomery, Fox 132- Watson, Conley, Holt, Alcala 138- Campbell, Boe, Barger, Roberts 145- Reynolds, Carrington, Cicciarelli, Rust 152- Boe, Walker, Cookerly, McCann 160- Fuqua, Asbury, Scott, Pugliese 170- Carrington, Ward, Schubert, Spiller 182- Buchanan, Glover, Aleska, James 195- Eason, Street, Dickens, Platt
  10. Here are my Thoughts. Just for Fun (JMO) Good Luck to all this weekend. 106- West, Zirkelbach, Egli, Dunn 113- Ross, Sutton, Fortune, Lupfer 120- Freeman, Scott, Newman, Amento 126- Hayhurst, Boyd, Wuerth, Kelley 132- Egli, Polen, Heeke, Whitsell 138- Boarman, Mayes, Lehman, Madden 145- Baumann, Martin, Schwindel, Lett 152- Fitts, Fulks, Bryant, Ramsey 160- Dickens, Purdy, Farmer, Deffendoll 170- Deters, Sollars, Schmidt, Happe 182- Parkinson, Hoover, Reff, Moore 195- Kemper, Rodgers, McGrew, Ritzert 220- Willman, Stewart, Robins
  11. I think it should be Cookerly @ 152. Same Team wrong Wrestler. Cause Asbury did wrestle in BOTH weight classes.
  12. Lets go , Put them Predictions out there. Bloomington South has been front runner here. It all changes this year!! 106- Turner, Cowden, Woolston, Heaston 113- GILBERT, Sylvester, Moore, Roudebush 120- Ruhlman, Watkins, May, Owens 126- Holder, Castelluccio, Rose, Wharton 132- Rohrbach, Deckard, Recknor, Crews 138- Orman, Recknor, Green, Bengtson 145- OTTE, Cash, Sconce, Bell 152- Hamm, Sholars, Hostetler, Saunders 160- Presson, Lommock, Brown, Hubbell 170- Ruhlman, Sego, Minor, Casad 182- McPike, Novak, Fowler, Hinshaw 195- A
  13. These are my PICKS :: Good Luck To all the Wrestlers. Team Finish BBurg, Avon, Gcastle, BD. Purple Rains in Avon 106- Miller, Moore, Constans, Claxon. 113- Schoeff, Haines, Stansberry, Williams. 120- Carrington, Garcia, Spears, Edmonds. 126- Rioux, Montgomery, Ruiz, Fox. 132- Conley, Roberts, Holt, Duncan. 138- Campbell, Boe, Roberts, Baker. 145- Renyolds, Carrington, Keith, Cicciarelli. 152- Boe, Cookerly, Craig, Richards 160- Asbury, Pugliese, McAfee, Miller. 170- Carrington, Spiller, Schubert, Wilburn. 182- Glover, Deaton, Germ
  14. Here is a few you may have overlooked. May not the National Success like others! *- Streck - Merrillville *- Hall - EastCentral *- Fitts - EMD *- Pack- Culver Acd *- Fuqua - Franklin
  15. Yes the Brackets are on Track, I will throw my Thoughts out there!!! 106- West over Egli 113- Ross over Winner of Sutton & my sleeper Fortune!! 120- Freeman over Williams or Amento who wants 2nd? 126- Hayhurst over Wuerth- Training partner is good. 132- Egli over Robards 138- Boarman over Lahman 145- Baumann over Kemper 152- Fitts over Dollison 160- Dickens over Purdy 170- Deters n Sollars Match of the Tourney here!!!! 182- Parkinson over Reff 195- Kemper over Brickey 220- Huggins over Boots Hwt- Garrett over Wimpelberg
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