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  1. SOOOO , Could be another Galen Robinson ? Is that a Fair comparison ?
  2. Swimfan you are correct! Jeb is a solid wrestler , not sure if this is his yr? I thought he was a top 10-12 wrestler at 138 , Lost 15-5 to Alstott - Fl Cnt. He was out most of December and comes back to line up at 152. Yes Great day for him at SIAC. But 152 is LOADED and going to be a meatgrinder!!! If he can come out of Bloomington Regional a #1 seed his chances will increase. JMT , I wish the young man and the Jasper Program the Best of Luck for the remainder of the Season. Thanks BT19
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    Gage Nelson
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    Delaney Ruhlman
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    Jaden Browder
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    Jaden Browder
  7. Hey Coach me and Arnett can answer this ? NCSS has Cottey-PM going to 113, State should have him #1 overall. Now 120 #3/#4 move up ! 120lb draw could put EVSS on different side of ECSS an help chances for the Dirty South!! BT19
  8. Hello Wrestling Fans , Hope all is well. Going to Put a Thread out there!! 106 - Robinson GC over Collier OV Wide open Valuable Team points 113 - Buchanan WV over Cowden NV Interesting, can Miss B Win a State Title tonight and Win a Conference Title Saturday . Wrestling version of NASCAR!! 120 - Mobley OV over Murphy NP ?? Gilbert , Issues or just thinking of Bigger Picture for chance Under the Lights!!!! 126 - Turner EW over Weaver OV Round 2 for these guys. Might see each other 4/5 more time to get to EVSS 132 -
  9. I can assure there is Vaccines!! If it take Fans not being Present for these Athletes to have a Season , than I will watch from Home. I will Stink but these Athletes have worked to hard at this and Wish them the Best!! BT19 I know over last 4 months 8-10million vials/syringes of Covid-19 product has been Produced and Shipped!! Be Safe
  10. Yes Sir , got some Family ties in that area and know the Pingleton Family!! Yes he was a beast and Great Person!!!
  11. Great feedback. I see a lot of results, not the kids in action! Not much in Crawford County , school are Smaller than on the Southside of Indy. So he's SOS will be totally different. (Not his Fault) Again I crunched numbers, Heart and Desire is unmeasurable. True Wish all the Wrestlers the Best, Hope he can be the 1st ever to got o State for his School. Maybe this Can Fuel him. Thanks BT19
  12. Good to hear, he is putting the extra work! Those are quality Wins for him. I was pushing numbers. Cant measure Heart!!! Thanks for input , again I wish Him the Best.. Always like the underdogs !! Ryan Pribble 2003 or 2004
  13. Valid Point. Yes Conference and State tourney just about here. Good Luck to you and the Program!! BT19
  14. Grange is going to be on the Podium this year! I am wondering why he didn't bump to see where he stood with #2 Ruhlman of Bloomington South this past Saturday. Been a lot wrestlers challenging themselves, makes Great Opportunities!!! BT19
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