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    Extra training Forbidden?

    This is from coach Tonte: I don’t have an account, but this is something I wanted to make sure I said something about. I have many friends that run academies and don’t think any of them would consider guys like us as part time coaches. We and countless other coaches running successful programs do not consider ourselves to be part timers.
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    Martin Cruz- Merrillville

    I wanted to shout out and thank Martin for showing me that in addition to being a great wrestler he is a great young man. After Al Smith day 1 one of my wrestlers left his phone down by the scales on the ground. Martin found it and brought to me to return to my wrestler. As coaches we warn our kids about leaving valuable things unattended at a wrestling meet but if we had more people like this young man we wouldn’t have to worry. Secondly congrats on an Al Smith title really enjoyed watching you in the finals and I am definitely a fan of yours both on and off the mat!
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    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a wrestler was stirring, not even Da Rat, the singlets were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Bankers Life Fieldhouse soon would be there; The wrestlers were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of "Under the Lights" danced in their heads, and matmaids in their kerchiefs, and coaches in their caps, had just settled down for a short winter nap; When out of the wrestling room arose such a clatter, I sprang from the thermostat to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, jumped over the scale, and threw up the sash. The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow, gave lustre to the conditioning of wrestlers below, when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but some spladles, cradles, and coaches as chubby as tiny reindeer. With a little old moderator, so lively, but overrun, I knew in a moment it must be Y2CJ41, more rapid than takedown flurries his members they came, and he whistled and shouted and called them by name; Now Snyder, now McGinley, now, Schoettle, now Schaefer, On, Pendowski, on McClurg, On Tonte and Vega! To the center of the circle, hang from the top of the wall! Now dash away, dash away, dash away all. And, then in a twinkling, I heard in the room, the blood, sweat, and tears of each wrestlers' doom, as coach wallowed out drills as his voice grew hoarse, it was perfectly fine as it was par for the course. As Sectionals and Regionals seem almost here today, Bobby Cox and Blake Ress won't give the IHSAA trophy away, teams jockey and prepare, but go straight to work, because they know that the hardware will soon be there. As Y2CJ41 manages his site for the rest of the year, to his moderator team gave a whistle, and away they ranked, scored, and hoped for no one's dismissal, but I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight, Happy Christmas to All, and TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, lads. Go Irish!
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    Cathedral vs Perry

    Nick(Fabiojr) and I will do the live broadcast tonight. It will be broadcast on the same platform nick used for the Mooresville finals. We will post the link here and will be tweeting it out
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    Fair enough. But, how boring would this site be if we all just got on here and had to listen to “The County” vomit on us all their accolades, feeder programs, etc. Somebody’s got to keep those boys in check. And if the #1 team in the state losing isn’t newsworthy on this site, I don’t know what is. Likewise, if Chesterton or Columbus East (who both are wrestling splendidly) knock of Cathedral at #2 at the Al Smith this afternoon, there will be plenty of chatter. But, mainly, I was a little drunk and bored.
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    Favorite Excuses

    Kid after taking 5th in sectionals: If only my FF's had counted in seeding I'd have made it to Regionals.
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    These 2 put on a show today that was special..The environment In the nc Field house was spectacular! This match had it all.. sick scrambles, superb top work and crazy takedowns..Both wrestlers laid it out on the line and both had to take injury and blood time.. these 2 made all the fans winners and both gave 110% and left it ALL out there..I'm telling you now if they find themselves meeting again we are all in for a treat that we will not forget...I ended up seeing The Curtis family at dinner and the kid was so gracious and humble that It speaks volumes about his moral fiber and the reason why he's so successful..AJ is a inspiration to all his peers and elders and leads by example..I look forward to the years to come and appreciate what I'm lucky to witness from these 2 and the the quality of wrestling from the rest of the state ...Feels good knowing we aren't just a basketball state and represent to the fullest!
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    Clan Campbell

    Seeding Meeting Change???

    Adding to MattyB post with my two cents, this is bad for Indiana wrestling. This will result in a drop in quality competition mat time for good kids from smaller, developing programs. Teams will be dropped or strong teams will pull out of duals with small teams to avoid being penalized for forfeits. Developing teams will find it harder and harder to get back onto a schedule that exposes their talented kids to other quality talent that pushes and raises their skill level. A greater rift will be formed between large programs and small programs resulting in a stagnation in the smaller program talent development. As a whole, this hurts those kids in that situation and has an overall impact of lowering the depth of Indiana wrestling talent.
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    By JEREMY HINES thehines7@gmail.com If Asa Garcia ever needed a nickname, perhaps The Fireman would be the most fitting. Sure, the Avon junior’s favorite wrestling move is the fireman’s carry - but that’s not the only reason for the nickname. Firemen are some of the bravest men on the planet. While most sane people run in the opposite direction of a fire, firefighters run towards it. Garcia is one of those that run toward the fire. A perfect example of this came a few weeks ago when Avon competed in the team state tournament. Garcia knew that he would have a gauntlet of top tier opponents in his path. He couldn’t wait for the challenge. Garcia, the top ranked wrestler in an absolutely stacked 126 pound class this year, beat two returning state champions and a fourth place finisher in team state. He dropped last year’s 120 pound champ, Cayden Rooks (now ranked No. 2 at 126 pounds) 3-1. He beat last year’s 113 pound champ Alec Viduya (ranked No. 3 at 126) 7-5 and he also knocked off fifth ranked Colin Poynter, who finished fourth at 120 last year, 3-2. “Asa was excited for the opportunity to get so many good matches at team state,” Avon coach Zach Errett said. “He was really looking at it as an opportunity more than anything. He knew he was going to get to wrestle and compete with some of the best kids in the state. That’s who he is. He looks to compete, always. I enjoy that about him. He wants to wrestle the best people.” Garcia said he approached team state with the mentality that it was going to make him a better wrestler, no matter what happened. “I knew the tournament would be tough,” Garcia said. “I’ve beaten those guys before, but I’ve also taken my lumps to some of them. You don’t know how well you’ll perform until you get out there and do it. Right now, wins and losses don’t matter anyway. If I took a loss or two, it wouldn’t have affected me. At the end of the day, the state tournament is when it really matters. Everything up until that point is practice.” Garcia won state as a freshman at 106 pounds. He came into that tournament with six losses, but emerged as the champ after pinning Warren Central senior Keyuan Murphy in just under two minutes. “Getting under the lights is an experience that’s tough to explain,” Garcia said. “You would think you’d be really nervous. But, everything just shuts down and you probably wrestle the best you’ve ever wrestled in your life.” This year Garcia is making great strides because his approach to practicing has changed. Instead of practicing to get down to weight, he’s practicing to get better. “Last year stung a little not winning (he placed third at 113),” Garcia said. “It was a tough season all around. I was cutting too much weight and it showed when things started to count. I was like 133 pounds during the week and I was cutting to 113. I wasn’t able to practice to get better, I was practicing to get the weight off. This year is much different. I’m able to maintain my weight and in practice I’m really able to focus on improving.” One of the keys to Garcia’s wrestling success is his ability to learn and expand his arsenal. “One of the things I really love about wrestling is when you get out of your comfort zone and do something you aren’t used to,” Garcia said. “It’s no secret my favorite move is the fireman’s carry - but I’ve been able to build a more elaborate offense because I worked on things I wasn’t comfortable doing. You have to work on them until you are comfortable with them.” Garcia’s top priority this year is to get back under the lights and to claim his second state title. “You think of getting under those lights all year long,” Garcia said. “You plan in your mind what your celebration would be like. You constantly think of how you want to wrestle and how you react when you win. But, all of that shuts down when you’re actually in the moment. You just have to let go and have fun.” As a team, Avon breaks down after every practice with a chant of “State Champs.” Garcia knows that after that, it’s his turn to run toward the fire. View full article
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    I am a fan of rankings because I believe it can get your community talking about your team and ultimately grow the sport. This being said you will hear no complaint from Brownsburg regarding our ranking or seed at anything. Seeds and rankings generate discussion of our sport which is good for our growth. We care nothing but the end result. Yorktown brought what they could and beat us at Mooresville. They were not at full strength either. Congrats to them on getting the job done. Snyder
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    Al Smith Predictions

    I hope they don't stream it, I don't want my kids to get scouted. If I had my way they wouldn't even let fans in to watch in case someone is there scouting.
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    Fabio Jr.

    Team State

    At some point people need to grow up your gonna have film sent out about you regardless of who you are we get film of anyone we need. The lack of an archive is a travesty for people who couldn't see it live to see a hell of a tournament
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    Remember that one time....

    Warren is the definition of a leader.. went out there and went after imho the soon to be 182 state champion..perry is nails
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    just to enlighten the rest of the board.....................someone who works 30 yrs in da mill only has 4-7 fingers left total and has inhaled lots and I mean lots of chemicals that damage the thought and reasoning section of the brain, so when he says 7 its most likely based on the # of bodies/heads he saw floating in Wolf Lake while driving home from work. He woke up confused and just thought this must be a premonition and posted his prediction. Lets not lose sight of the fact that @regionrat1 has been invited to move down to live in #TheCounty near 1 of the local trailer parks in Avon by former region stud Kyle Ayersman. So his allegiance to the North may be short lived when he finds his new digs and starts eating at Charbonno's.
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    Seeding Meeting Change???

    I guess this topic could be inter woven with another topic then..................because if the coaches send their kid out there against a much more dominant opponent instead of giving a FF and then the dominant opponent takes him down 27 times in a match you guys will not be happy with that either. So the coach saves the kid from that and just FF's and now you are not happy with that. I thought this was a sport for tough kids (not basketball) where we all know what we are getting into (coaches and wrestlers). IF a kid is in the weight class on a team then he should wrestle if he is there and do the best he can. If the dominant wrestler takes him down 27 times in a match and the kid doesn't like it he should do something to stop getting taken down. It seems we are trying to protect the weak and punishing the stronger kids (i.e. penalizing for too many TD's, and for someone FF'ing to them). How about just stepping to the line and wrestling and making stronger better members of society out of these boys ? I am sure this is going to draw some nasty comments back at me but come on people !!!!
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    Seeding Meeting Change???

    Some schools are throwing small schools a bone and keeping them on their schedules with the hope to keep their wrestling programs alive. By wrestling a team with a bunch of open weights, it hurts a school. I can see programs not being able to get duals and dying because of this. This is BAD for wrestling. And Danny,.... Sometimes a forfeit does show who the better wrestler is when you have coaches unwilling to send kids out against better kids. Coaches need to start coaching those kids up and put them on the mat. I see this way too much.
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    What I've learned on the board in the last 2 weeks - Nobody wrestles sick kids Everybody adheres to weight loss regulations. Man I'm really glad Indiana is of such high integrity, kudos to you all!
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    We did not purposely keep anyone out of Mooresville. It’s an awesome tournament. I wish all my starters could have wrestled this year and last year, but we have been banged up and sick. I wouldn’t enter our varsity in a great tournament like Mooresville and then send half of them. We have had 1 starter out all year as he got hurt in football. Another starter is 1-0 and we hope to get back soon. We had every intention of wrestling Mills and Walton Day 2, but they both got sick night of Day one. Lee, Krietzer, and Mulkey are sick. Peterson and Campbell banged up. We got a few back today and more tomorrow and hopefully even more next week. Yes, they would have all wrestled if it was Team State or Sectional time. However, we are not intentionally sitting them at Mooresville. Trust me that they, my coaching staff, and I are very frustrated. I wish we were 100% healthy, but I’ve never had that miracle in my coaching career. Congrats to Yorktown on their well deserved win. They have some studs and it was fun watching them do their thing. Snyder
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    Team State

    It just seems incomprehensible on many levels. It's the freakin' 21st century..if you mamby pamby coaches don't think darn near every match at that event was taped somehow by somebody and it's not going to find a way into your competition's hands you're an idiot. Secondly, all you see on this site is the constant rallying cry to grow the sport yet at arguably one of the Top 2 and easily Top 5 events, the participant's cannot have their family and friends sit down watch an archived video while they are home on break with nothing to do. You don't think a kid in this event showing his buddies video of a match he was in with a lot at stake is a recruiting tool? Or that proudly showing it to Gramps and Granny isn't going to motivate him and fill him with pride and motivate him to work hard? So let's continue to pound the drum for class wrestling to grow the sport..yet, when you have a classed event such as Team State, let's not have the competitors go home and show their buddies how cool it was and use it to recruit said friends and fans to the sport. Brilliant. #Confused
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    Congratulations to Colin Poynter from Portage for signing with Air Force Academy. He is projected to wrestle 125, 133. View full signing
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    To add to all of this talk... great job to little Warren for wrestling Lee tough. Keeping it just a major was a great job by him.
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    Please dont take this wrong but what is wrong with shaking hands before the dual at face offs, then you shake hands before the match but if you watch college they shake hands after the dual is over. This going over to other side after match is not a big deal. It’s competition and after the dual is over you shake hands and say good go!
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    Congratulations to Christian Hunt from Yorktown for signing with Army West Point. He is projected to wrestle 149. View full signing
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    Blaze Lowery

    Just want to give some big props to this guy. He wrestled his heart out the other night against Zach Melloh on his senior night. Many believed he would give up bonus points to a very-polished Melloh, but Blaze stayed in the match the whole time, and after several crazy takedown defenses, even scored a takedown on Melloh and held him to an 11-8 decision. That is heart and what every coach looks for in a wrestler and what every young teammate looks for in a senior. Wishing you the best of luck on the rest of your senior year, bro! Blessed to call you a friend and awesome to see the growth you’ve shown!
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    The annual Reitz/Mater Dei football game has been recognized as the greatest rivalry among Indiana high schools. West-siders will tell you the Panthers and Wildcats also enjoy the best wrestling rivalry the Hoosier state has to offer. Ask any wrestler who has donned the Red & Gold or Blue & Grey and he will tell you about his greatest glory—or nadir of agony—and how it related to the annual Reitz/Mater Dei meet. For nearly three-quarters of a century, young wrestlers on the west side have grown up with the dream of wearing his school colors and having his hand raised, signifying a win over his arch-rival. For the series history, Mater Dei has beaten Reitz 69 times, lost eight times and tied once. Seldom short on excitement, and never short on fan interest, for more than 60 years, the Mater Dei/Reitz dual continues to attract the largest crowds of any high school meet in Indiana. Fans and coaches circle this date on the calendar with a red pen. For the coaches and spectators, there are only two outcomes: euphoria or misery. For the combatants, the evening always carries special importance. A lot of the boys are neighbors and friends off the mat, the conviviality ends when the grapplers toe the line. This is the night to perform. For many of the athletes, this will be the biggest stage on which they will ever compete. Any wrestler, who grows up on the wrestling-mad west side, has daydreamed about delivering his team to victory in front of a packed, raucous house. At stake is a lifetime of bragging rights. This is the night for dreams to come true. A brief history... One-year-old Mater Dei got a head start on the Panthers, fielding its first team in 1950. Three years later, Reitz followed suit. Mater Dei hosted Reitz on January 15, 1953, in what would be the first wrestling dual of the series. The Wildcats were led by volunteer coach and ex-Chicago Bear, Gus Peters. Reitz legend Allan Horn coached the Panthers. Both would later be elected to the Indiana High School Wrestling Hall of Fame. “The Mater Dei and Reitz rivalry was in full swing,” said Bob Drone, Mater Dei class of 1953. “There were about 150 fans showed up for it. No one knew much about wrestling, but they cheered for their team.” “Reitz had some big-name football players on the wrestling team,” said Tom Scheller, Mater Dei class of 1954. “But, we were so fired up, it didn’t matter. This was wrestling, not football. Everyone was very determined.” The pre-match tension was palpable. The match was nearly underway when Coach Peters discovered that Don “Ape” Scheller was missing. “Where’s Scheller,” barked Peters. “He was just here, Coach,” replied the boys. “Go find him,” ordered Peters. The search party quickly found Scheller in the locker room smoking a Lucky Strike cigarette. “I’m really nervous,” Scheller declared. “This will help calm me down.” Cigarettes aside, the Wildcats’ experience and pluck proved to be too much for their Westside opponents. The Panthers succumbed, 51-2. Reitz’s coach, Allan Horn, became very frustrated during the match. “He was mad because we were beating them so bad,” said Ed Bergwitz. “He said to Ape, ‘Scheller, if you didn’t smoke so much you’d be a helluva wrestler.’ That made Gus Peters mad. So Gus said, ‘He beat anybody that you had, didn’t he?’” The Wildcats’ experience and pluck proved to be too much for the Panthers and Allan Horn’s grapplers succumbed, 51-2. By the mid-1960s, wrestling had taken a firm foothold in Evansville and was spreading to neighboring counties. Harrison, North, Bosse, Central, Reitz and Mater Dei had full, or nearly full, varsity, junior varsity and freshman rosters. Reitz and Mater Dei had established themselves as local powerhouses and players in the State wrestling scene. Mater Dei claimed two State Champions, Fred Happe and Bill Trainer, while both schools boasted several State Placers. The rivalry entered its golden era. Fan interest was sky-high for January 23, 1966 dust up. Reitz coach Don Henry tapped Reitz’s pool of athletes to field a physical and tough team. 13 years into its program, Reitz, an owner of only two wins and a draw against the Wildcats, had made enormous strides. The Hilltoppers felt that this could be the team to defeat the ‘Cats. Henry put the match into perspective. “If a person who doesn’t know a thing about wrestling can go out and sit through a Reitz/Mater Dei match without getting excited, he’s just not a competitor,” he said. On the heels of pins by 95 pound Larry Barchet and 103 pound Steve Jarboe, Reitz jumped out to a 10-0 lead. The Wildcats clawed their way back in and took a 21-16 lead when Bill Hausmann turned in a pin at 154 pounds. Reitz’s Larry Merritt and Bill Hape claimed back-to-back decision victories to post the Panthers a one-point lead. The meet came down to the heavyweights. Mater Dei’s Bill Pfister took the mat to face Reitz’s Dan Labhart. To the screams of 1,100 rabid fans, Pfister wasted no time, going after Labhart and getting the fall at the 3:04 mark. Big Ten referee Bill Bruce officiated the match. “You know,” he said. “I’ve never seen as big a wrestling crowd as this anywhere in Indiana. Not even in the sectional or regional.” Final score: Mater Dei- 26, Reitz- 22. The following season, Reitz and Mater Dei, both undefeated in City play, met on January 19, 1967. Don Henry was bullish about his team’s prospects. “This is one of the best teams we have had in eight or nine years,” he declared. Reitz hit Mater Dei hard, early and often, opening the match with wins by Larry Barchet, Steve Jarboe, Tony Trammel, Randy Hahn, Bill Majors and Dick Metz. Only Mater Dei’s Gary Martin stopped the Panthers from claiming all of the first seven bouts. The Wildcats won some matches in the upper weights, but the damage was done as the Panthers turned in a dominating, 26-13 victory in front of 1,000 delirious Panther fans in Reitz’s gym. The defeat marked the first City loss for Mater Dei since 1959 and earned Reitz the City title. In 1968, Harrison dominated the local wrestling scene. Although Harrison had already clinched the City title, interest was extremely high for the Reitz/Mater Dei dual. On January 25, 1,500 fans filed into Mater Dei’s gym to witness a classic. Reitz jumped on Mater Dei early, getting pins from Bill Steiner and Larry Barchet to grab a 10-0 lead. Mater Dei dominated the middle weights, getting wins from Greg Kempf, Art Happe, and Tom Schapker. Reitz answered with their own run, posting wins by Randy Hahn, Bill Bish and Dick Metz. With three bouts remaining and a 22-13 lead, one more win by the Panthers would guarantee a win. Mater Dei narrowed Reitz’s lead when Mike Forche beat Reitz’s Bill Hewig, 6-4. At 180 pounds, the Wildcats’ Steve Pfister got a first period takedown and never trailed, holding on for a nail biting, 4-2 win. With Reitz clinging to a 22-19 lead, the dual would be decided by the heavyweights. Frank Buerger immediately attacked Walter Carr and scored a first period fall, sending the Mater Dei Nation into hysterics. Final score: Mater Dei- 24, Reitz- 22. “These guys have overcome a lot of adversity,” praised Mater Dei boss Joe Gossman. “To come in here and win a match like this, well, it just means a lot.” In 1969, 2000 fans, a new attendance record, gathered in Reitz’s gym on January 30 to witness the annual donnybrook. The Panthers came out on fire, opening with six wins in the first seven weight classes. The strong start ignited Reitz’s fans making the Wildcats task even more desperate in hostile territory. Despite winning matches in the upper weights, the deficit was too large to overcome and the Panthers prevailed, 26-16. “To those who understand wrestling,” said Don Henry, “It would be the winning in our lower weight classes, because we’re weaker in the heavier divisions. If we hadn’t won those at first, we could have been in trouble.” A frustrated Joe Gossman agreed. “You can’t come out and lose like we did in the beginning and expect to win,” he said. Reitz’s Gil Barchet, Larry Barchet, Bill Steiner, Craig Deig and Charlie Cook all turned in wins to maintain their unblemished records. Mater Dei’s Art Happe and John Cartwright also kept their unbeaten seasons intact. The see-saw series continued, with Reitz grabbing a 23-15, 1970 verdict. Mater Dei returned the favor with a 34-8 victory over the Panthers in 1971 and claimed victories, by comfortable margins in 1972 and 1973. Reitz claimed a hard-fought and bitter win in 1974, beating the Wildcats and spoiling their undefeated season. Winning the match 36-18, it was, and remains the largest margin of victory over the 'Cats. In the 1974-75 season, Joe Gossman knew his Wildcats would be hard-pressed to win the Thursday night dual. The ‘Cats entered the affair with a 2-0 record; the Panthers were 5-0. Joe Dewig and Tom Mayer were standouts for the ‘Cats. The Panthers were led by Marlon Fleming. Fleming, a 350 pound giant would win the State shot put title in the spring and later star on the gridiron at Indiana University. Fans on both sides of Division Street had done the math; this match was going to be close. 2,000 fans were on hand in Reitz’s gym to see it. The hostilities began before the wrestlers took the mat. “Somebody was setting the videotape up when Latham came over to me and said we couldn’t do it,” said Gossman. “I had gotten permission, so I told our people to go ahead and plug it in. Then Reitz’s principal turned off the power. They said the only place we could videotape was from way up in the crow’s next. We moved everything up there.” At 5:45 PM, Marlon Fleming was not in the house. “The Reitz coaches were climbing the walls,” said Jerry “Buddy” Parkinson. “The weigh-in was over at six. ‘Papa Joe’ (Gossman) was sitting in a chair, against the wall, peeling an orange with an exacto knife. He had his chin down and didn’t say a word to anyone. Just peeling that orange, chomping down on his cigar and glancing up at that clock.” 6:00 PM came and went; Fleming missed the weigh-in. Eventually, Fleming arrived. Much to the consternation of Reitz coach Jerry Latham, Fleming had “Missed his ride.” Roger Wathen and Dave Buckman got the ‘Cats started right, offering decision victories at 98 and 105 pounds. Reitz won at 112 pounds to tighten the score. Ron Mayer, in his varsity debut, came up huge beating Reitz’s Jolly, 6-4. Reitz’s Alvey stopped the slide, beating Jeff Helfrich at 126. Bob Barnes scored an escape that held up for a 1-0 win over Dickinson that initiated a four-match run by the Wildcats. Mike Schmitt, Dave Cartwright and Joe Dewig offered decision victories that put the ‘Cats in the driver’s seat. The Panthers, however, had ideas of their own and scored a hat trick of decisions over Mike Vessels, Keith Hartz and Tim Fisher. With Mater Dei on top, 21-20, the heavyweights would decide the match. Mike Rupprecht, Mater Dei’s undersized heavyweight toed the line across from Rick Baylor. In a nip-and-tuck affair, Rupprecht fought Baylor to a draw. Final Score: Mater Dei- 23, Reitz- 22. “It was a dandy match, and I’m happy as a lark,” Gossman chirped. “I thought the key matches were at 105 pounds and 119. I knew we had to win at 105 to have a chance. Marlon came walking over to me, looking like King Kong and said ‘Why did you not let me wrestle?’ I told him we were just following the rules and hoped that he wasn’t too mad. He could have eaten me alive.” “Joe was very calm speaking to Marlon,” recalled John Schroeder. “Very polite and using all of his Dale Carnegie skills.” Rupprecht would have had his hands full with the behemoth Fleming. A miserable Jerry Latham reckoned that the miscue likely cost his Panthers the match. “He could have rented a Greyhound bus, and I would have paid for it,” he lamented. For Mater Dei fans, the night was a smashing success. And the impromptu videotape? “We got the best pictures we ever had,” said Gossman. Reitz won the 1976/76 match which ended a decade with 5 wins for the Wildcats and 5 for the Panthers. Nine of the ten contests between 1966 and 1976 were the highest-attended wrestling meets in Indiana. The November 29, 1979 featured unexpected heroes, bombastic coaches, a boisterous crowd, lead changes and superstar wrestlers. The 38th meeting of Reitz and Mater Dei is considered the greatest-ever dual between the Westside powers. Jerry Latham, a future Hall of Fame coach, was in his 11th season as the Reitz skipper. Latham, Reitz’s golf coach, leveraged a strong staff of assistant coaches and Reitz’s reservoir of athletes to field successful teams. Latham’s teams were known for their physical and punishing wrestling style. “(Reitz assistant coach) ‘Porky’ Nau was tough,” said Reitz alumnae Joe Schweizer. “He hated it when the guy on bottom wouldn’t move. If you were lying around during practice, Porky would jump on you and rub his beard scruff on you. It hurt. Porky would say ‘See there? You can get out.’ He made us mean.” Any great conflict requires a villain; Jerry Latham was Mater Dei’s perfect foil. Quotable and outspoken, Latham gave the Wildcats plenty of bulletin board material. His distaste for Mater Dei was palpable. The situation came to a head in the 1977 SIAC qualifier when Latham got into an ugly confrontation with graduated Mater Dei wrestler and referee Mark Schnur. The near-donnybrook led to Latham’s ejection, accusations, finger-pointing, and denials. Young Mike Goebel was in his second year at the helm of Mater Dei. Short on years and long on intensity, Goebel had no intention of ceding anything to the Reitz Panthers. Outsized firepower dotted both line-ups. For Mater Dei, Tim Boots would win a State Title in 1980, while Chris Wildeman would win in 1981. Future State Qualifiers, Larry Boots, Jeff Parkinson, Tom Zenthoefer, Dan Burch and Joe Bassemier rounded out the line-up. Reitz was led by Jeff Harp. Harp is considered to be the greatest wrestler ever produced by Reitz, as he won back-to-back State Titles. Roger Reisz was a two-time State Runner-up, losing the title both times to Delta’s David Palmer, an Indiana wrestling legend. Tony Morrow completed his career with a fourth-place showing at the State Meet. The 1,200 gathered in Mater Dei’s gym that Thursday evening knew it was going to be a tight match. Although Mater Dei owned a 30-8 series advantage, recent meetings had been close. Mater Dei eked out a one-point victory in 1977 and lost to Reitz in 1976. Young Mike Goebel, in his second year at the reins of Mater Dei, knew that the going would be rough. “It’s going to be a very tough meet,” he commented. “I think our kids are ready.” “I’d rather beat Mater Dei than eat,” said Jerry Latham. “Having been a psychology major, I don’t want to say anything to fire Mater Dei up, but I do know they’re going to have to wrestle hard to beat us,” “Tom-Tom” Zenthoefer opened the match and limited the damage, losing to Jeff Harp, 11-2. Tony Morrow followed with a 7-0 win over Mater Dei’s Lindsey Kempf. Dan Burch got the ‘Cats on the scoreboard, scoring a first period takedown and defeating Joe Schweizer, 2-0. The Panthers made it three of four when Bruce Backes pinned Dave Morris in the third period. The Wildcats seized the momentum by winning the next two bouts. Larry Boots pinned Mike Rippy at 126, followed by a tight, 4-2 decision by Tony Head over Ken Camp. Reitz’s Mike Barchet returned the favor, beating Dave Weaver, 4-2. Trailing 16-12, Chris Wildeman gave Mater Dei its first lead of the evening, pinning Mark Schweizer in the first period. Roger Reisz initiated the second lead change, beating Jeff Parkinson, 6-4. Parkinson gave Reisz all that he wanted. With a few seconds left on the clock and the scored knotted at four, Parkinson tried an escape that resulted in a near fall for Reisz, accounting for the final margin. Dan Lomax and Stan Gerard battled to a tie, freezing the match differential. Enter sophomore Joe Bassemier at 177 pounds. Bassemier, starting his varsity first match for the ‘Cats, had no small task. Reitz senior Joe Shrode was a standout athlete, excelling on the football field and wrestling mat. Particularly galling to the Mater Dei Nation was the fact that Shrode had grown up in the Mater Dei feeder league. Bassemier gave up the opening takedown to Shrode but scratched his way back into the match in the second period, to knot the score. Both wrestlers began to tire and were penalized for stalling. Bassemier grabbed his first lead of the match with an early, third period reversal and was on his way to the win when Shrode scored a reversal, with 20 ticks remaining, to tie the score. The match was poised to go to overtime when Referee Jim Shannon raised his fist a moment before the buzzer, calling Shrode for another stalling penalty. Reitz Coach Jerry Latham went ballistic, stormed the scorer’s table and demanded that Shannon reverse the call. The cocksure Shannon had nothing to do with it; the decision stood. When Bassemier’s hand was raised, bedlam ensued, as Mater Dei fans clapped, screamed and jumped. 189-pound Tim Boots took the mat and pinned John McCullough to put the Panthers away. Dan Winiger’s win over Mater Dei’s Ted Boarman was academic. Final Score: Mater Dei- 29, Reitz- 27. After the match, Latham was still fuming. “That (The Bassemier/Shrode match) was the turning point,” said Latham. “A ref can take it away from you. He (Shannon) came over to my practice Monday and visited Mater Dei this week, too. He told us what he was going to do. He said he was going to call stalling, he told me I’d better sit down and he was going to watch for unsportsmanlike conduct. The rules all cover that and we know it. It was not ethical of him and we did notify the assistant commissioner of the IHSAA.” “I was not expecting a penalty point at the end,” said Mike Goebel. “When you are on top you can’t just lay there, you have to go for the fall. Shrode did not. He (Bassemier) was scared to death before the match,” said Goebel. “Give him credit for his guts. That was the turning point.” “I guess I had a few butterflies in my stomach,” Bassemier conceded. “Everybody figured I was the underdog. But the guys had faith in me and I knew we needed it.” The 1980 match was also a thriller; it ended in a tie. Although the match was deadlocked, Latham saw victory in the dust-up claiming “They tied us, we didn’t tie them.” 1980 was the last time Latham got close. In his career, Latham beat Mater Dei twice. For the following 28 years, Mater Dei dominated, averaging 55 points per contest while holding Reitz to 9. In 2010, the Panthers broke through, beating the Wildcats, 36-21 in front of 2000 fans in Mater Dei's gym. It marked Mater Dei’s first loss to a City team in 34 years. The win was especially significant as this was the first Reitz class to win a state football title and defeat Mater Dei in wrestling. It was a huge win for Reitz's Scott Ferguson--This represented the first time as an athlete, assistant or head coach that his team had defeated the Wildcats. Two weeks later, the hits kept coming as fifth-ranked Reitz defeated Mater Dei for the SIAC title, Reitz's first since 1976. Third-year coach Greg Schaefer had plenty of stomach acid leading to the sectional as it seemed inevitable that Mater Dei's 34-year of sectional dominance would end on his watch. However, Reitz's dream of a Team State appearance ground to a halt in the semifinals as the Wildcats picked up steam and the Panthers faltered. John Sims summed up the day: “Being the first team to lose to Reitz in 35 years hurt,” he said. “Our main concern today was just to win. We’d been losing close matches, which just isn’t like Mater Dei. We really stressed being more aggressive, really trying to pile up extra points. This was our little payback.” Neil Hammelman put an exclamation mark on the day, pinning his Reitz foe for the sectional title. It was Hammelman's first victory over him in four tries.
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    Seeding Meeting Change???

    Man, I have been out of Indiana wrestling for a while but after finally getting to page six I think I understand why all the fuss. So the loser of a sectional pig tail match is out of the tournament? Isn't this the real problem here? I can't believe there isn't more outrage over that huge flaw in the system if I am understanding this correctly. To address JMILL and the others who say you should always throw a kid out there to take a beating instead of forfeiting, can you please understand that you don't have the same problems as others do and that maybe a coach has a reason for protecting a kid. For example, we have a freshman 215lb kid who will eventually be a very good wrestler but weighs around 195 and has 1 year of experience and is clearly not ready to wrestle a returning state qualifier level senior at 215. He has 1 varsity win and usually does not make it through the first period but fights his butt off and takes his lumps because he is the only option for the team. I want that kid to continue in the sport. If I decide to forfeit a match to protect that kid and keep him from getting hurt or completely demoralized and drive him to quit, I think that is more important than your 1 in 8 chance of drawing into a pig tail bracket at sectional or allowing your kid to get 15 takedowns. The kid is not a snowflake, he is the best lineman on our freshman team. I feel it is my duty to decide what is best for that kid and his retention in the sport. You can't expect a kid with 1 year in the sport to think that getting pinned in the first period repeatedly is fun. He should really be JV but there are matches that kid can compete in at a varsity level, but they probably aren't against a team like Brownsburg. If that means you get a forfeit, that does stink but it is not the end of the world and it will not cause your kid to quit. I can't build a program if I can't keep kids like that, but more importantly we shouldn't run kids out of the sport just because we have a hole in our roster.
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    Cathedral vs Perry

    Thank y'all so much. I really wanted to see this dual. I just wanted y'all to know and I'm sure I can speak for a whole lot of people by saying that we appreciate it so much and don't think for one second that every thing y'all have to do to make this work does not go unnoticed. Thanks so much again. Their is nothing better to do on a weekday especially then watch 2 nationally ranked teams go at it.
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    Jose Diaz of wheeler commits to wrestle at Franklin and Marshall. Great get for Franklin and Marshall. Congratulations to the Diaz family.
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    220 is anyone's for the taking. Nobody there screams unbeatable.
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    Middle School State (Regionals)???

    Just let me seed the whole tournament.
  31. 5 points

    ISWA Elementary Team Duals

    Avon and EMD are tough! We are proud of our guys for going up against these top notch programs and holding our own. We are just trying to be #JayCounty since we can't be #TheCounty.
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    Extra training Forbidden?

    Just playing Devil's Advocate here, but in a lot of instances, this is exactly the opposite of what is true. The high school coach is with the athlete from November to February for his 4 years of high school. The Academy coach has been with that athlete year-round since he was 6 or 7 years old.
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    this is an example of a D-bag comment for anyone who is reading. Just wanted to point it out since Y2 won't install the "dislike" comment button for me.
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    Extra training Forbidden?

    Reasons why a coach might not want separate private instruction during the season. 1. Potential IHSAA violation 2. Conflicting technique or strategy 3. Academy coach working with other kids in the same weight 4. Higher potential for burnout or fatigue due to extra workouts There is more to this than what you are leading onto.
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    Notable wins and upsets for 12/27-12/30

    He's a die-hard Cathedral fan that feels slighted by his defending IHSAA state champ Irish not having a Number 1 next to their name in the duals rankings. Even though it's clear to all that they could be the best duals team, he sadly has taken it on himself to disparage Team State and diminish Brownsburg on multiple threads in hopes of convincing us. Having no connection to any of the top few teams, I personally think Cathedral is a juggernaut this year, but I definitely wish IWG would just let their performances do the talking.
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    I thought the same thing..That kid will do great things as well.. good thing is, that match will be his toughest in highschool and he proved he's mentally tough and not gonna fold.. he did all he could for his team and that's what it's all about!
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    Holiday Tournaments

    is it possible for #Avonyounggunz to sneak up on anyone at this point ? I mean they have been posted about for 3 years !!! LOL !!!!
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    Favorite Excuses

    Some from coaching and some from when I wrestled. Not making it to an event. Funny at first, but less humorous after. Phone call “Coach I won’t be able to make it out van is on fire.” This was a kid that’s always late and also missed a few meets. We are driving to the meet which goes past his road and sure enough a vans engine was on fire in sub-zero temperatures with emergency out there. We doubled back and picked the kids up on the way to the meet. Thankfully everyone was safe. Missed weight: Kid weighed out about 1.5lb under weight. Came into school the next day 2lb over. Kid: Coach all I had was water last night. Coach: Well how much water did you have. Kid: A few glasses coach. But that can’t be why because it’s clear so doesn’t weigh much. Second best was when our HWT didn’t make weight. Kid: All I had was fruit and vegetables Coach. Coach:No way you gained that much weight just eating some fruit and vegetable. Kids brother: He ate a crap ton of them all night long coaches. I told him to stop but he said it’s fine they are healthy foods so he wont gain weight. Not coming to practice the day before the first meet so couldn’t wrestle at that meet: Kid: Coach you said we had to be clean shaven by that practice or we would be in trouble. Coach: Yes. Kid: Well my mom hadn’t been to Walmart yet, so I went home. Coach: You know we have extra razors and shaving cream in the Med kit right. Kid: Yes coach, but my mom said I have sensitive skin so she only buys me the special kind.
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    Seeding Meeting Change???

    I have coached against other coaches that I know would not and did not wrestle against my kids. Giving us a forfeit. They did so to eliminate head to head for seeding purpose come sectional time. This rule will allow those coaches and others like them to do this even more. Now you prevent your kid from an L and Take a W from the other kid for seeding purpose. This will happen without a doubt. Like mentioned else where on this thread teams that have a less than full squad year end year out will have a difficult time picking up matches. Someone said something about pushing coaches to recruit more. ( Not sure what coach doesn't encourage kids to come out for their team). What will happen in the near future with teams that are riddled with forfeits will be wrestling each other. Therefore, hurting the smaller squads further at any and all seeding meetings. Phil Cook
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    Wow, that is just terrible. With his lineage and AAU success, he is the one of the primary wrestlers that shepherded in the modern era of Indiana Wrestling that we can be thankful for today.His success at Delta, love them or hate them, raised the bar of the state tournament excitement giving you guys like Ginther, etc. Guys like Palmer brought the wrestling year round mantra to the forefront. He was the equivalent then, of today's Andrew Howe. World Champ, beast, made it out of Indiana to the highest stage in Oklahoma, but had some injury issues that hampered him. That, and having Mark Schultz and Dan Chaid in the room at OU. If the IHSAA or Coaches assocation doesn't do an award after this man, it would be criminal. Cancer sucks.
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    Extra training Forbidden?

    There are numerous strong programs like this in the state with in-program club feeder systems. In those situations, it makes complete sense why the coach would expect to have some input or control over the off-season training of their athletes. The generalizations being made in this post of high school coaches as "part-time" and academy coaches as "professionals" are disappointing. Indiana is blessed with many high school coaches who are "good enough to make a living" at coaching and still choose to coach high school and club programs over starting or working for academies. Moreover, many of these same coaches do continue to dedicate themselves to their wrestlers (all their wrestlers, not just the ones who can afford the costs of a private academy) year-round by training and taking kids to off-season tournaments for much less than the academy coaches are earning.
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    Very good luck to your boy in the finals. Just tell him to have fun now. No one expects him to win(not literally) so he has nothing to lose and also make sure no matter what happens that after the match he doesn't regret not doing something. I know it's gonna be probably the toughest match(or one of them) of his career so far but I can tell him one thing I know. He has everyone i know from Indiana and from Indianamat behind him and very very proud of him no matter the outcome. To make the finals in that tournament is probably as hard as winning an Indiana State Title.GOOD LUCK ASA!!!! and rest of Indiana boys still wrestling.
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    This tourney will be broadcast on flowrestling and the brackets will be on trackwrestling. Best of both worlds, and no Flo arena to deal with!!!! This is the oldest high school holiday tourney in the USA. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6063199-brecksville-holiday-live-on-flowrestling-in-2017
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    Coach Brobst

    Mooresville Holiday Classic

    Excited to see how it all shakes out tomorrow! A little preview because I can't sleep... 106- Favorite: Ben Dalton- Monrovia. The super freshman has been great so far in HS after a MS State title last season. Contenders: Meier- Bloomington North, Gardner-Edgewood, Allen-Plainfield, Pichardo-Seymour Meier has a great record but unfortunately bumps into Gardner in the quarters and if he wins has Allen in the Semi-finals. Any of the three could meet Dalton in the finals. Pichardo is the likely opponent for Dalton in the Semis. Predictions: 1st- Dalton- Monrovia 2nd- Gardner- Edgewood 3rd- Allen- Plainfield 4th- Meier- Bloomington North 5th- Driver- Westfield 6th- Pichardo- Seymour 7th- Young- Mooresville 8th- Lee- Delta 113- Favorite: Carson Eldred-Westfield. Receiving the number 1 seed over a loaded field, but this one is certainly not a lock! Contenders: Montgomery- Brownsburg, Casebolt- Castle, Overton- Greenwood, Todd- Yorktown Much like 106, the contenders here are spread out at seeds 2, 3, 4, and 6, meaning one will place a little lower than you might think. Montgomery and Casebolt are set to meet in the semis IF Montgomery can get by a tough Keegan Overton in the quarters. Zach Todd is the likely semi-final opponent for Eldred. In the final I like Eldred over Montgomery in a 5-3 match. Sleepers: Isaiah Pugh of Mooresville is a tough Freshman and Donlan of Scecina comes in with a 13-1 record. Both could pull an upset if contenders are reeling from a tough loss. Predictions: 1st- Eldred- Westfield 2nd- Montgomery- Brownsburg 3rd- Casebolt- Castle 4th- Todd- Yorktown 5th- Overton- Greenwood 6th- Pugh- Mooresville 7th- Donlan- Scecina 8th- Chandler- Seymour 120: Favorite: Brayden Curtis- Yorktown. State champ...what else is there to say? Contenders: Justice Cash- Bloomington North, Victor Antunez- Jennings County, Noah Orman- Edgewood Here the contenders are seeded pretty well at 2, 3, 4, setting up match-ups of Curtis-Orman, and Cash-Antunez for the semis. Sleepers: Another quality freshman for the Pioneers is Breken Greene who will face off with Orman in the quarterfinals and could give him a good match. Westfield's Drilik also has a deceiving record and could give Antunez an early challenge in the second round. Predictions: In the end, I like Curtis to beat Cash by 6-7 points in the final. 1st- Curtis- Yorktown 2nd- Cash- Bloomington North 3rd- Antunez- Jennings County 4th- Orman- Edgewood 5th- Greene- Mooresville 6th- Johnson- Brownsburg 7th- Amento- Evansville Central 8th- George- Homestead 126: Favorite: Ty Mills-Brownsburg. Two time state finalist, 3 time placer, Mills returns for his senior season looking to bring home a Mooresville Classic Title against stiff competition. Contenders: Willis- Castle, Denny- Monrovia, Lane-Edgewood These are also seeded well, with potential matchups of Mills-Lane and Willis-Denny in the semis. Sleepers: Barberis of Jennings County could upset Lane in the quarters and get a shot at Mills and Spencer Cox of Mooresville is a tough Senior who could easily snatch a win from Willis if he's looking ahead. The toughest draw of the touney goes to Westfield's Brogan, who draws Mills in round 1 and will have to fight all the way back presuming he doesn't pull off the early morning upset. Predictions: I like Mills to win this in a tight one over Willis. This is a really tough weight though and anyone could come home with it if Team State roughed up Mills and/or Willis. 1st- Mills- Brownsburg 2nd- Willis- Castle 3rd- Denny- Monrovia 4th- Cox- Mooresville 5th- Lane- Edgewood 6th- Brogan- Westfield 7th- Mikulich- Bloomington North 8th- Blackburn- Delta 132: Favorite: Evan Lawhead- Brownsburg. Though not the top seed (that belongs to Edgewood State Qualifier Zane Sullivan), the favorite is the young bulldog but he'll be challenged by a deep weight of game athletes. Contenders: Sullivan- Edgewood, Curtis- Yorktown, Craig- Jennings County, Hartz- Castle, Burdon- Plainfield As you can see, more contenders listed than any other. This is the deepest weight in the tourney! Seeds 1-6 are all capable of winning the title! Matchups of Sullivan- Curtis/Burdon and Lawhead-Craig/Hartz loom in the semis with tough Quarterfinals as well! Sleepers: Franklin Central Brings a Senior with a 9-2 record in Chase Peavler and seniors are always tough outs in Holiday Tourneys. Same goes for Mooresville's Nick McGowan, who is no stranger to this tourney. Cordell Cowan of Hamilton Heights got a tough draw in round one with Lawhead, but could wrestle all the way back to place for sure! Prediction: I see Lawhead in a tighter than expected match over Sullivan in the final. I think Sullivan's length and strength is difficult to overcome as he will tilt Yorktown's Curtis in the semi-final. 1st- Lawhead- Brownsburg 2nd- Sullivan- Edgewood 3rd- Curtis- Yorktown 4th- Craig- Jennings County 5th- Burdon- Plainfield 6th- Hartz- Castle 7th- McGowan- Mooresville 8th- Bethe- Evansville Central 138- Favorite: Alex Barr- Yorktown. Though not top seeded (Brownsburg had the spot, replaced starter with back-up), Barr is the prohibitive favorite here. Contenders: Barkes- Homestead, Penegar-Seymour, Kincaid of Castle The contenders here are really not seemingly on the same level as the favorite, but in wrestling anything can happen. Certainly tons of surprises in this weight! Sleepers: Brownsburg's Yoder could very well find himself in the finals if he has a good day. Really anyone in the bracket has a shot. Predictions: I think Barr runs away with this one with a surprising Barkes of Homestead taking a rough loss in the final. 1st- Barr-Yorktown 2nd- Barkes- Homestead 3rd- Kincaid- Castle 4th- Deckard- Edgewood 5th- Penegar- Seymour 6th- Robinson- Westfield 7th- Holt- Plainfield 8th- Yoder- Brownsburg (could be totally off here, taking a shot in the dark) 145: Favorite: Colt Rutter- Yorktown. Top seeded and tough to beat. Contenders: Peyton Asbury- Brownsburg and Austin Heckman- Edgewood The contenders are set to meet in the semi-finals with the right to take on Rutter in the finals on the line. Sleepers: Hard to say a 13-1 Senior from Castle is a sleeper, but second-seeded Jacob Freeman is just that. Many don't think he will beat Asbury, but it's gonna be a tough match in the quarters for both. SEVERAL others deserve mention here as this is another very deep weight. Predictions: I think Asbury survives a murderer's row of Dexter Grubb, Freeman, and Heckman on his way to the finals but all those tough matches take their toll when added to Team State matches a few days prior and he drops a tight one to Rutter in the final. 1st- Rutter- Yorktown 2nd- Asbury- Brownsburg 3rd- Heckman- Edgewood 4th- Freeman- Castle 5th- Inman- Bloomington North 6th- Love- Delta 7th- Vaughn- Jennings County 8th- Grubb- Martinsville 152: Favorite: Well..Probably Christian Hunt now that Brayton Lee is out of the bracket. Hunt is a state title finalist from a year ago and will have to navigate a crowded weight class. Contenders: Wathen- Jennings County, Schrader- Greenwood, Craig-Mooresville All three will be ready for a shot at Hunt. Schrader is the likely match up for Hunt in the Semi-final and the winner of Wathen and Craig in the quarters has the inside track to the final bout. Sleepers: A couple jump out to me here. Lane of Guerin was county champ at this weight last weekend and has just one loss (to Brayton Lee). Saez of Wesfield is also a very capable wrestler that unfortunately draws into Brooks Wathen in the second round. Lee's Back-up Thompkins is a wildcard here as well. Prediction: My first UPSET!! I think Wathen comes out like a bat out of Hades and wrestles well enough to beat Hunt in the final in a close match. 1st- Wathen- Jennings County 2nd- Hunt- Yorktown 3rd- Schrader- Greenwood 4th- Deters- Castle 5th- Craig- Mooresville 6th- Smith- Bloomington North 7th- Lane- Guerin Catholic 8th- Turner- Delta 160: Favorite: Hiestand- Yorktown. Really not a deep weight here, but as always, anyone can be beaten. Contenders: Hartz- Castle, Rebein- Scecina, Parrish- Homestead The contenders could all be beaten by somebody with a lesser record. No big names here, which makes for a surprising and fun day of wrestling to determine placing. Sleepers: Perhaps Rotert of Seymour and his 16 wins will score an upset and break into the finals? Prediction: Again, I see the Tiger winning handily here with a win over Hartz in the final. 1st- Hiestand- Yorktown 2nd- Hartz- Castle 3rd- Parrish- Homestead 4th- Newkirk- Mooresville 5th- Rotert- Seymour 6th- Rebein- Scecina 7th- McPike- Terre Haute South 8th- Woodard- Jennings County 170: Favorite: ??? Not really a clear-cut favorite here. Contenders: Wyro- Homestead, Willham- Greenwood, Kemper- Evansville Central, Beineke- Jennings County. I believe any of the four has a chance to win it all this year and they match up in the semis: Wyro-Beineke and Kemper- Willham Sleepers: Nolan Wampler of Bloomington North has 20 wins already this season and could challenge Beineke in the quarters. Jean-Baptiste is a wildcard up a weight here for Brownsburg. Would not surprise me in the least if he won it all. Predictions: I think Wyro stays hot like he was last year and remains undefeated. This is a tough wrestler who knows how to win and sneaks by both Beineke and WIllham in the final. 1st- Wyro- Homestead 2nd- Willham- Greenwood 3rd- Beineke- Jennings County 4th- Wampler- Bloomington North 5th- Jean- Baptiste- Brownsburg 6th- Kemper- Evansville Central 7th- Archer- Edgewood 8th- Brown- Delta 182: Favorite: Nate Walton- Brownsburg. The favorite in this tournament for sure, but there is no shortage of competitors. Contenders: Guerrier- Evansville Central, Dodson- Martinsville, Nunn- Castle Unfortunate for somebody, Dodson (up a weight) will meet with Nunn in the quarters, while Walton doesn't look to be getting a challenge until the final. Sleepers: Either Sachinas of Seymour or Jackson of Tri will score big win in the quarters and earn the right to take on Walton in the semis, guaranteeing a placement of at least 6th. Rough draw for NC SS ranked Mahoney of Westfield as he takes on Dodson in the opening round. Bet on him to be on the podium even so. Predictions: I think Walton wins, but it is closer than expected over Guerrier in the final. 1st- Walton- Brownsburg 2nd- Guerrier- Evansville Central 3rd- Dodson- Martinsville 4th- Nunn- Castle 5th- Sachinas- Seymour 6th- Keesee- Franklin Central 7th- Mahoney- Westfield 8th- Jackson- Tri 195: Favorite: ??? Another weight with no clear favorite! Contenders: Stine- Martinsville, Rolley- Castle, Pease-Delta These three stand out, but aren't far ahead of the sleepers either. Sleepers: Glaze- Brownsburg (kid will be solid), Whitney- Monrovia (very strong, can compete with anyone), Carrier- Evansville Central Predictions: I think Pease scores a minor upset over Rolley in the quarters, then beats Whitney before finishing off Stine in the finals. If he's been banged up, it may be tougher than he can handle over the two days. 1st- Pease- Delta 2nd- Stine- Martinsville 3rd- Rolley- Castle 4th- Whitney- Monrovia 5th- Carrier- Evansville Central 6th- Corrales- Seymour 7th- Glaze- Brownsburg 8th- Perez- Terre Haute South 220: Favorite: Aiken- Brownsburg. Contenders: Walker- Martinsville, Naylor- Hamilton Heights Not a very deep weight here. Walker is solid, but not great, same with Naylor. Aiken should handle all comers. Predictions: Aiken wins it by 6-8 over Walker in the final. 1st: Aiken- Brownsburg 2nd- Walker- Martinsville 3rd- Naylor- Hamilton Heights 4th- Carter- Castle 5th- Borom- Seymour 6th- McClelland- Mooresville 7th- Ferrel- Scecina 8th- Howell- Terre Haute South 285: Favorite: Peterson- Brownsburg. Big strong and fast, but there is a deep pool of talent to challenge here. Contenders: McCubbins- Monrovia, Comer- Mooresville, Lofton- Castle, Parsons- Yorktown, Biddle- Plainfield Deep amount of contenders. Peterson could see Parsons or Biddle in the Semi-final and any of McCubbins, Comer, or Lofton in the final. Always a tough weight at this tourney! Sleepers: Brady Shepherd, should he actually wrestle, would throw a huge wrench into all of this bracket. Predictions: I think McCubbins is ripe for an upset and Comer will be the guy to do it. This is a kid who went toe to toe with Parsons two weeks ago and is just as athletic as any heavy in the bracket. However, I like Peterson to win the weight. 1st- Peterson- Brownsburg 2nd- Comer- Mooresville 3rd- Parsons- Yorktown 4th- Biddle- Plainfield 5th- Lofton- Castle 6th- McCubbins- Monrovia 7th- Haire- Terre Haute South 8th- Langley- Bloomington North Team Race: Favorite: With so many out of Brownsburg's line-up, it's likely Yorktown's title to lose. Contenders: Brownsburg, Castle, Jennings County Brownsburg just needs a few key breaks and wins to collect enough points and stop Yorktown enough to win it. Castle and JC need more breaks, but have the horses to pull it off if a couple of key upsets were pulled. Sleepers: Martinsville, Mooresville, Monrovia, Bloomington North, Plainfield, Seymour All of the above teams have quality individuals that will place and score points. A solid middle pack of a tourney. Overall, I expect 2 full days of wrestling and lots of fun. I'll surely be off on 1 or 2 spots (more like all of them) and any perceived bias against a team is just that, perceived. There's a good chance someone will see something they disagree with...Awesome, tell me what you think. There are more than a few kids I had no knowledge of this year, and that will certainly throw everything off. Best of luck to all competitors at this event!
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    New Feature P4P/Class Rankings

    Normally I would not post anything about my kid but I had to laugh a little. Let me give a little history on Brayden. He placed 7th as a freshman. However his only 106 losses were to Asa at State in UTB in the last 3 seconds and to Sam Fair in the last few sec after making a bad choice. At this point his head was just not there after a tight loss to Asa. Hats off to Fair he was the better man. For placement he pinned Moran In the 2nd to place 7th. Prior to state, during the season, he beat Mills and Watts twice. Post season and summer he beat Viduya and Rooks. Last season he was 43 and 0 only giving up 1 take down the whole season. He is Currently Ranked 12th at 113 on Intermat and undefeated wrestling up. I'm not saying he will win state again. Anything can happen. However, if you talk to anyone on that list I'm sure they will tell you he has earned his place. To those I mentioned no disrespect intended. I was just stating facts. All of our kids know each other. Brayden could care less about rankings and just wants good matches. However, give credit where it's due. Unless you know something I don't.
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    The Spartan Classic

    You sir will now be known as The Saint of Connorsville. Can’t wait for the town to get the internet and learn of the wonders of track wrestling.
  47. 4 points

    Remember that one time....

    When we had that 10 page post debating if Perry meridian should be invited to team state??
  48. 4 points

    Crazy things happen at Team State!!

    To be honest.... while I love to pump up wrestling around here (#TheCounty) on this site... I have been a team leader or coach for half the kids that wrestled 3a yesterday. I have lots of love for all those kids (regardless of school). I love Indiana wrestling and have been blessed to meet many guys like you. In the long run, guys like us are in it for the for the kids. You do a great job with the Perry club. Enjoyed hanging out. See you soon buddy.
  49. 4 points

    A monster is awakening at

    Watchin Hobart / Cp last night Fatore what a monster. Da kid is solid in all positions. Some Div 1 coach gonna find one under da radar. What a atmosphere - lots of Chest Beaten and flexin at da crowd. It was a Mitty fine show.
  50. 4 points
    ...and it gives us all a very good understanding why teams would leave good tournaments such as the EMD Holiday Tournament and the Al Smith for the opportunity to compete in a tournament of this level. Good luck to all of the Indiana boys!!! I'm sure you will make us all proud.