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    Congratulations to Isiah Levitz from Prairie Heights for signing with Indiana. He is projected to wrestle 165. View full signing
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    Hoosier pre season open

    I'm the parent of a wrestler than plans to be there. As much as I LOVE to watch my sons wrestle, I would be more than willing to stay out if that helps the kids wrestle. And that goes for the entire IHSAA season as well. If that's what it takes to pull this off, make it so. We like to say (think) it's about the kids. Time to live up to that if needed I so want to be there, I've maybe missed two matches ever, but this is about him, not me.
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    I would say only having 3 guys ranked is a product of not having any offseason national tournaments this year. I think those tournaments are more important for Indiana guys because of the in-season travel restrictions in the state, so they don't get as much of a chance to accumulate nationally relevant wins. Hopefully more tournaments start to open up, so we can change that number!
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    Very proud of the commitment and work that Isiah has put in throughout his wrestling career. Best wishes and GO HOOOOSIERS!
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    Branching off of my last topic, I've thought about a variety of ways we could continue to grow the sport of wrestling, and I noticed the youth in our state have an Indiana Wrestling League. It led me to wonder if this could happen for adults, and I concluded that it surely could. Indianapolis has a variety of rec leagues through CCA Sports, and there's no reason wrestling can't be one of them. It would be a good way to keep athletes in the sport post-high school or college who don't have Olympic ambitions, and it could also set the stage for dream match-ups from the state's past to now. It could operate as a spring or summer league and completely be entertaining with a good championship series. I don't have any concrete format or rules, but there's so many ways this could go. We could have a Greco league, a Freestyle league, and a Folkstyle league. Let's just say it's folkstyle for right now, though. Here's an idea of what I would do. Format $960.00 Per Team ($80 Per Starting Individual) Allowed up to 24 athletes per roster 12 Weight Classes (116, 126, 132, 140, 148, 155, 167, 174, 184, 197, 235, 285) 16 teams separated into two divisions (eight each) 12-Week Regular Season competition (March-May; one dual meet per week) 4-Week Team Championship Tournament Series (June; Top six teams in each division qualify, #1 and #2 teams receive first week bye) Individual Weight Class Championship (June; Top four wrestlers in each division at the conclusion of the regular season earn automatic berth for individual championship; non-qualifying wrestlers will be allowed to wrestle-in at qualifying tournament where top four placers will advance to individual championship tournament) Individuals earn ranking points based on record, type of win, and win streak. Point totals are as follows: Every match won (1 point) Win by fall (6 points), technical fall (5 points), major decision (4 points), decision (3 points) Win streak (1 point) Example: Wrestler A concludes the regular season 11-1 (11 points), won four matches by fall (24 points), three by technical fall (15 points), a major decision (4 points), and three decisions (9 points) and had an eight match win streak (8 points). He finishes the season with 71 points and secures the top spot in the rankings. Layout and Match Scoring Three periods (3-2-2) Overtime periods (1 minute sudden victory; two 30-second tiebreaker periods; 30-second ultimate tiebreaker) Takedown (2 points), Reversal (2 points), Escape (1 Point), Near Fall (2 Points/2 seconds; 4 Points/4 Seconds), Riding Time (1 Point), 2nd Stalling (1 Point), 3rd Stalling (2 Points), Penalty (1 Point) Eligibility Must be at least 18 years old Must have proper physical Must have a valid USA Wrestling membership If this were to be a thing, I wonder if we could conduct the tournament the way IHSAA used to do Team State at Center Grove under the spotlight and this could even give us a chance to experiment with wrestling outside on the fields or in the downtown areas of smaller cities such as Brownsburg, Carmel, Franklin, etc. This idea has a lot of potential and could serve as a great tune up for guys preparing for college sports, a great comeback for those who ultimately lost their careers to unforeseen circumstances, a potential launching pad for careers, and most of all, a way for people to stay in shape and have fun with the sport of wrestling. I could see so many matches come from this. Imagine a high school senior state champion facing off in the summer league against a collegiate national qualifier/All-American, or even something like a senior Jesse Mendez versus a past four-time state champion like Jason Tsirtsis. The potential is there.
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    I spoke to a good friend of mine yesterday night. We were discussing his upcoming return to the mat on the Division I level and if we would see a season at all this year. Amidst all of that, we briefly discussed a subject that's been mentioned and thrown around time and again, and it had to do with the lack of quality training for the next level in Indiana. Our conversation led me back to a thought I've had over the years while observing the sport on a state and national level: Wrestling will ALWAYS miss out on the top dollar in comparison to boxing, mixed martial arts, and other combat sports because there are too many gatekeepers in the sport with elitist mindsets. Why? There's just a general lack of resources throughout the state for those who wish to compete to truly get better, and while many clubs are geared towards youth wrestling, there isn't enough focus for those beyond high school. This isn't just an Indiana problem, though. From what I've learned, this is common across the nation. Too often, clubs close off their services to those after high school or college who don't have certain credentials. The USA Wrestling website even has a set criteria for an athlete to participate in a Regional Training Center (ex: You must place this high at this tournament to participate; You must have done this in high school to participate). It's actually kind of silly because you have so many young men and women who are avid fans of the art of wrestling with extensive knowledge along with some kind of talent, but because they didn't enjoy the same success as another wrestler, they have to potentially miss out on becoming better and no longer continue on in the sport. Most want to simply participate because it's fun. Notice how excited many wrestlers get for the spring and summer seasons because there are countless opportunities to compete in two new styles (Freestyle/Greco) or hybrid styles (Ironman) with wrestlers all over the state and country that they don't usually see. I remember my friends and I would be so excited for the spring and summer because we got to work on a variety of new moves and take on new challenges, but more importantly because there was no pressure. We didn't really worry about scholarships or team state titles, we just went out and did the sport we loved and had fun trying to make the travel teams, and that's the beauty of it all. Clubs miss out on so much money and numbers because they're too focused on the Division I prospects, and I'm not saying they shouldn't focus on them, but if the goal is to have our participation numbers up, we should be opening our doors to more than just the wrestlers who are top-ranked recruits and shift our focus to the entire wrestling community and be mindful of those who want to continue on in the sport, as well as those who want to learn it for self-defense, to get in shape, or to pick it up for the first time because they might have an interest in mixed martial arts, they saw the NCAA tournament on TV, or they happened to come across some sick Greco-Roman highlights. And let me clarify, I’m not saying every person who enters a wrestling room is an Olympic-caliber grappler, and to be quite honest with you, I’m not sure many want to be, but that shouldn’t be any reason they have to stop competing. You look in mixed martial arts, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, taekwondo, etc., and you will see people of all ages in studios training (sometimes with people half or twice their age) to either stay in shape, learn self-defense, or compete in local tournaments for fun and continue to excel because they’re in a SPORT. It is for SPORT. Gatekeepers in wrestling have some of the worst attitudes though and will discourage people from entering. I’ve heard reasons being from how hard it is to wrestle to that toxic elite mentality, but you never hear boxing trainers or fighters discourage people from entering the gym to work on their craft, especially those willing to pay any amount. Here’s a testimony for y’all, though: Hassan Assad (better known as MVP in WWE) had left professional wrestling for a year. During his time off, he came across a gym in Houston known as Gracie Barra. He went inside and asked for information, and quickly signed up. By 2019, he’d been training for seven years and in that time been promoted to a purple belt, won several opens around the state of Texas, and qualified for the world championships twice all after the age of 30. That happens in so many other sports except wrestling. You don’t hear about guys picking up the sport in their 20s or 30s and excelling because, at least over here, it’s frowned upon. Not everyone is going to be Jordan Burroughs, and not many want to be, and that’s okay. With that, I’m not saying you don’t see folks from the United States competing in the Masters/Veterans tournaments because you absolutely do. Nick Hull won the U.S. Open in the Masters Division last year. The problem is that they don’t get the same or proper training from top-tier coaches that cadets, juniors, and seniors get, and we can’t blame it on age or body shape because there are plenty of 40-somethings in phenomenal shape with great health, and are in better shape than their younger counterparts, some compete in the UFC. All I’m saying is… Picture this: You have an 18-year-old fresh out of high school. He went to a smaller school in Indiana where he was a semi-state qualifier, ranked in the top eight all year and beat multiple Division I recruits, but because he didn’t make it past the ticket round, he didn’t receive many college offers, and would rather stay close to home for school. The closest school he can afford doesn’t have wrestling, and he feels at a loss when he hasn’t even hit his ceiling yet. With the proper coaching and development, though, he knows he could still be a quality guy. Most write him off and say, “Yeah, right. He didn’t make it to state or do anything nationally, he has no credentials. How does he expect to do anything?” Oh, resources, you say? Well, there’s a training center up the road from him filled with multiple Division I recruits and Fargo All-Americans, but you don’t believe he can wrestle there because he didn’t do what they did in high school? Let him practice with them, let them help him get better over time, and then let’s see what he becomes. Allow him to travel and compete in tournaments so he can really deepen his knowledge of the sport. Due to him being older, he’s less likely to develop bad habits and he’ll have a better understanding of what it is he’s doing, and who knows where he’ll be a year from now. Him being able to practice with top level guys could help mold him into a top level guy and maybe put together a few wins at an open tournament to allow him to be noticed by a quality school. And this applies to club wrestling only. I can understand Division I schools not opening their doors for many obvious reasons, but the most prominent being that they don’t want anyone who isn’t their own to become a liability and also because they’re trying to win a championship in the NCAA, so they need the absolute best they can get at that moment in time. However, with proper training and letting go of the mindset that only those of certain level can participate, if clubs open their doors to anyone willing to listen and learn, I could see a huge increase in participation across the board among all age groups. We get too caught up in letting rankings, placements, and past credentials determine the value of someone when guys like Joe Rau (who only qualified for state once in Illinois and went 0-2) make the world team and our very own Deondre Wilson beat an NCAA Finalist in Dan Vallimont at Senior Nationals back in December and he also took down Jordan Oliver at the Open a few years ago. Imagine what he could do with a quality club or RTC behind him that he doesn’t have to move out of state for. If we don’t break the gatekeeping, elitism, or create more resources and opportunities for our wrestlers statewide and nationally, we’ll kill our sport. I’d like to see more opportunities for women, older wrestlers, and a positive view on Greco-Roman, and regular promotion of them in Indiana. Maybe the ISWA could sanction more local tournaments with a bigger feel (The Indianapolis Open, The Evansville Open, etc.; just some ideas)
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    10x10 resilite mat for sale *Sold*

    Mat is two 5x10 pieces dark red with a circle and starting rectangle. In decent shape. First one who brings $300 to casa de Mattyb gets it! Matt Brewer 317-201-0644
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    Aaron McKinley plans to wrestle at Marian University next year at 165 or 174 weight class. Good luck with up coming season!
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    10x10 resilite mat for sale *Sold*

    I promise there is in fact trace amounts of pb and j on this mat. Hate to part with it but my kids are both over 6 feet tall and have no use for it. I just want it gone to make room for more weights! 💪🏼 Priced to sell and get it gone!
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    Hoosier pre season open

    I hope more parents are as understanding and do this. I know we are submitting our plans soon and we will likely restrict attendance. With an individual event it is a little tricky, so we hope that if you don't need to be there you stay home and watch the stream. Plus you can drink a cold beverage at home without getting in trouble.
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    Hoosier pre season open

    We have found a venue and are looking to finalize everything early next week. We are going to wait to make sure we get department of health approval before moving forward with registration. Just a note we will likely have 3 sessions of wrestling, Saturday evening, Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon. That way we can limit the number of athletes and coaches/parents as much as humanly possible during the event.
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    I'd be interested to see how many guys make 116
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    There’s no reason it can’t, but I do think maybe for a rec league periods should probably be 2-1-1 or something.
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    Pat Downey on Mason Parris

    Downey finally said something worth a damn.
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    Mendez returns to Who’s #1

    There is at least a small %. It may be small, but I will never lose hope.
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    Wade McClurg

    Wrestling a Spring Sport

    Winter Sports - January & February Fall Sports - March & April Spring Sports - May & June I have been saying this to anyone that will listen. Shortened seasons are not ideal, but this might be the best and safest option for this year to try and "guarantee" seniors and all kids a school year and athletics. This also allows kids to play multiple sports. This would also give schools 20 weeks to figure out how to get back to live in-person school and educating kids in a safe manner, which should be the most important mission right now. Would also like to think that 6 months from now we will have a better handle and understanding on Covid 19 and be able to get back to normalcy. It is unnecessary to rush into a fall sports season, when we don't even know how school is going to work. Would hate to get to week 2 of football season and be right back where we were in March. Just my two cents... WE WILL WRESTLE AGAIN
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    King of the Ring duals

    Yes. Nasir was very closed off and backed up for 5 minutes and 39 seconds. All the action was on the edge and kept getting whistled dead. Finally Jesse just finished a slam anyways and was hit for a point. When Nasir finally moved forward to take a shot Jesse scored and would have had a fall, but time expired. Once HS starts and he can get in a gym again I fully anticipate Jesse putting on some weight and hopefully being big enough to go 138. For now he will keep training and go 60 kilos at Junior Worlds, probably needs to get a little bigger for that to.
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    Best way to get information

    I’ll just go to my buddy in Greenwood Mall that does all custom #TeamGarcia stitching 🧵. I Retired my yellow Contender Skull hat when I added 3x (2019) IHSAA State Champ. Gotta start a new tradition with a different color Contender Skull hat and add my lil’guy accomplishments for the rest of his HS career . Change is Inevitable. #ItsComing
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    Hoosier pre season open

    Well we are planning for it to be a go. If we are able to pull it off we will likely be one of the first bigger events to take place. We may stretch the event to two days.
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    Mendez returns to Who’s #1

    IMO, absolutely zero chance Jesse goes to Purdue
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