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    Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but BAD GUYS do.
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  1. I dunno Angel getting Neck Wrenched was pretty loud
  2. Ill never understand why the administration wont throw them a bone.....for their size its ridiculous. Harp makes it work tho. (Coach Freeman.......hook em up!)
  3. Donnie from the Great Beyond dropping hilarity bombs on us all
  4. I hear Fabio Jr. might have a girlfriend.....these are unconfirmed rumors....
  5. South Bend has some nice areas but its very dependent on what Notre Dame deems worthy of being fixed up they run that town like a Mafiaoso. That coming from a ND fan.
  6. That’s why you pick Mish…jokes aside this stuff always goes in cycles, not all programs can be a constant power house like EMD so I do believe it’s probably a down year or years but it will come around
  7. Oh nice I didn't see any Burg Girls but i was scanning good to see they about to be crushing that too.
  8. I just glanced the bracket and only 2 of the top ten teams as of now are ranked in the top 20 for boys (lake central at 14 and new pal at 18) This parity is great and hopefully the success of these programs will help those teams grow their boys team. more parity is nothing but upside for indiana wrestling. These girls don't realize how instrumental they are in the future of our sports, I consider them our saviors. Keep it upp ladies and coaches grow it!
  9. Wrigley dogs and Ron santos have one thing in common…they don’t have a leg to stand on…. I want my all beef kosher dog from Comiskey(I know it’s not a thing anymore )
  10. Hope you figure it out more teams is always a plus!
  11. Not a bad turnout for Indiana and def some potential for some medals and maybe a couple belts
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