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  1. min stoked Vince kinda crazy but it’s a way to “compete” /perform !
  2. The 04/05 Al Smith was my Break out tournament. Joey Smith from Mishawaka put on a show in 06/07 making it to the finals unseeded.
  3. Just Cancel the Season or Push back until the pandemic is controlled....unfortunately wrestling is one of the worst sports with this thing around. No reason to risk health of the students and other people for high school athletics. Im sure thats not a popular opinion around here but what ya gonna do . This is up there with practicing Bulimia to make weight, it's just not healthy and in the long term causes more problems than it solves. That's Nicky Dubz's 2 Cents that no one asked for.
  4. The world will move on, wrestling will continue, will it be different? Very good chance. But at the end of the day we are in a Pandemic, health and safety of others should be a top priority. It will find a way and we as a community can bounce back. But first we need to except that it will never be "normal" again. The biggest thing I read out of this is cost to run the program. I find it amazing how expensive it is to run some of these sports. The money is there but will the people getting it be willing to share? This is my dumb 32 year old single guy with cats opinion so take it with a grain of salt.
  5. more like "pack up your bags and go Home" -stead! i dont have an opinion just that dad joke
  6. Unless the IHSAA brings back the Real Shaved Ice none of this Kona Truck 6oz of goop bull crap! WHO IS WITH ME!
  7. Matt didn’t you know we pocket that cash. STRAIGHT BALLIN!
  8. Guys when’s the next screw the central board meeting? Bw3s again?
  9. This conversation happens after almost every event. I found no issues with the officiating I appreciate the double stalls get some action going.
  10. So what is your take on the call that singlehandedly decided the state championship last year?
  11. Bonus Points in every win is HUGE
  12. Tough guys going to be tough
  13. Congrats Carson and Papa Brewer! From me and my cats.
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