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  1. CoachM

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Thanks, kids at school thought it was funny
  2. CoachM

    Bishop Chatard looking for Dual Meets

    ametzger@mccsc.k12.in.us Coach, if you email me I am sure we can work out a date for this year.
  3. CoachM

    Cascade HS Open Dates

    We have duals on 12/11 and 12/13. Any other dates work for you?
  4. CoachM

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    I would say thanks, but I know better
  5. CoachM

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Adam Metzger is the new head coach at Cascade High School
  6. CoachM

    Cascade HS Open Dates

    We are full for Saturday's this year, still in need of 2 duals though
  7. CoachM

    An Idea to Think About.

    Matt's hits some very key points, those schools that can keep coaches around are going to lead the pack in keeping and drawing in quality kids. The amount a school invests in their program is a huge factor, look at Brownsburg 10 years ago vs now and you can see what a difference making wrestling a priority makes. Wrestling is still a non revenue sport to most ADs and it's clear in the decisions they make about wrestling. Until a school decides to make an investment in the sport, they are going to lose quality kids. A lot also falls on the coaches, building off the above point, kids dont leave coaches when they know they are getting their best day in and day out. Ask kids at the programs getting kids, they will all say that Coach X truely cares about them and their success. In all of this wrestling is cannibalizing itself, the gymnastic example is a great one, but in many cases we only have ADs and coaches to blame in the process.
  8. CoachM

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    Rooks and Masconi are wrestling 38 at Super 32, I'll take both of them over both
  9. CoachM

    Danville hosting JV tourney, Dec. 30

    Cascade would be interested in bringing a few as well, not sure on numbers right now though, if you're having this in 2018
  10. CoachM

    Cascade HS Open Dates

    We have a dual on 12/11, any other open dates that might work?
  11. CoachM

    Eli Pokorney

    Would be a solid pick up, a couple of Region big guys taking the reigns for the Boilers.
  12. You mean that returning Cadet World Champion 220?
  13. CoachM

    Big wins/upsets 1/20

    Pollitt CE over Foster FC 9-0
  14. The Lafayette Sectional looks poised to be a real factor this year at semi-state. By some predictions you could see 2 qualifiers from Benton Central, Delphi, Jeff, and Harrison. West Lafayette is on the outside looking in at 195 but I wouldn't be surprised if Kidwell punches a ticket as well. Several of these kids will be back next year giving the Lafayette Sectional an array of potential medalists in the future. Logansport has a few contenders, South Newton looks poised to punch a ticket at 195, and Twin Lakes has a shot at getting one through. This could be a year the Logansport Regional can use to show kids they do belong in the conversation at Semi-state.
  15. CoachM

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat Dual Ranking

    The number of athletes isn't the only problem. Most of the time small schools don't have the resources to stay competitive with large schools. Coaches pay is low, they don't have as many available coaches in the buildings, lower quality weight rooms, no/little access to cardio equipment, no wrestling room, along with a variety of other factors all play in to the struggle to field 14 quality kids at 14 weights. When you are fighting for practice time with freshman basketball, cheerleading,and drama club your program isn't going to thrive. Not to mention only having one coaching stipend which is often lower than big schools assistant coaches stipends.

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