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  1. Prairie Heights is looking to pick up a couple JV events to add to our schedule. We are located in the NE part of the state and are willing to travel up to 2 hrs. Please contact me if you have any openings for next season, along with dates. Thanks, Brett Smith Prairie Heights Wrestling bsmith@ph.k12.in.us
  2. rookie78


    We do most team points scored, minus points given up. For example, this year we had a three horse race. Most valuable went to the kid with 171 net team points. 2nd on team had 165 and 3rd had 155. Most valuable wrestler also led team in wins, tied for 1st in pins, was a sectional and regional champ, 3rd at semi state and placed 6th at state. Typically this had always worked out for us that it is the kid that goes the farthest in the state tournament. They generally lead in most statistical categories.
  3. rookie78

    Team State Qualification Procedures 2019

    When can coaches expect the underclassmen info sheets to be sent out for teams that are in vote-in consideration?
  4. rookie78

    Academic All-State

    This has been fixed, but Isiah Levitz from Prairie Heights (6th at 152) has a GPA of 3.8469 and is a 1st team selection. Congrats to all on this accomplishment!
  5. rookie78

    I-69 Potholes

    Traffic from Steuben county was pretty good today. We jumped on the road at 930, arrived at the hotel at 12. No pot hole issues and traffic only slowed a little bit north of indy. Maybe worse now, but was easy to navigate this morning. Northbound traffic was backed up and moving slow though. Safe travels.
  6. rookie78

    Most Falls - Season

    Going through stats book: Career pin leaders at Prairie Heights: Doug Levitz- 136 pins in 165 wins Jed Levitz- 133 pins in 178 wins Travis Barroquillo- 125 pins in 189 wins Season pin leaders at Prairie Heights: Travis Barroquillo 41 pins in 55 wins Joey Blakeley 41 pins in 46 wins
  7. rookie78


    2 of the nicest kids you will ever meet. We have competed against them since 5/6 grade and not only are they great wrestlers, but outstanding kids. I always enjoy talking to them and wish them the best this weekend and at Indiana Tech.
  8. rookie78

    Saving Seats

    My favorite is when the bed sheets come out and take up blocks of seats.....very innovative!
  9. Looking to contact Coach Boatright from Chesterton. Can anyone help me out? Send me a PM please. Thanks in advance.
  10. Prett awesome. We wrestled against Jacob at the Whitko MS duals tournament while he was a student at Edgewood for several years. What an achievement for him. The sky is the limit. Best of luck young man!
  11. rookie78


    Brian (285) and Brandon (182)
  12. rookie78


    Lakeland- Bergman twins (182 and 285)
  13. rookie78

    Semi State Brackets

    Friday night

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