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  1. Prairie Heights
  2. Garrett
  3. Prairie Heights
  4. Pinned and Take Downs & Fall are both pretty good.
  5. Thank you all for a tremendous amount of work and for making adjustments as things changed even in days prior to the event. Great job by everyone involved! Brett Smith Prairie Heights Wrestling
  6. rookie78

    Prairie Heights vs Cowan

    Prairie Heights
  7. Tell City
  8. rookie78

    Prairie Heights vs Wabash

    Prairie Heights
  9. Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger
  10. Prairie Heights
  11. Prairie Heights
  12. Email we received earlier today suggests 2 fans per wrestler, 21 wrestlers per team.
  13. We have been using Rudis the last several year. Ordered a little late this year, waiting to see if we were going to have season. Christmas came a little early the other day.
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