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  1. Thoughts and prayers from Prairie Heights Wrestling.
  2. I had did this last year during the original covid shut down, but here is my list for Prairie Heights: 106-Danny Hamm (103), 8th, 5th 113-Travis German (112) 2x Qualifier 120-Kyle Mockensturm (113), 3x SSQ 126-Travis Smoker (125), Qualifier, 6th 132-Travis Barroquillo (130), Qualifer, 7th, 3rd 138-John Levitz (140), Qualifier, 4th 145-Mike Levitz (145), 3rd 152-Isiah Levitz 6th (152), 4th (160) 160-Jed Levitz (160) Qualifier, (170) Qualifier 170-Travis Friend (167), 3rd 182-Joey Blakeley (182) 8th, Qualifier 195-Chris Swartzen
  3. It has been a very difficult five days for the Prairie Heights community. As mentioned above, we lost two members of our wrestling team in a tragic car accident last week. Tyler, a junior at 152, advanced to Semi-State a few weeks ago. Chace, a freshman at 132, was on our Junior Varsity. Both boys are members of the baseball team also. A younger brother is on our middle wrestling team and plays baseball also. I would like to thank you all for reaching out to us. The wrestling community has been a blessing to us all. I have had many coaches and AD's from across the s
  4. No harm done. I understand your point.
  5. Yes, pretty much the same thing....lol
  6. Other states have been sanctioning girl's/women's wrestling. Im sure that is helping other states, where we are still behind on that topic, although programs around the state have implemented it within their programs.
  7. Anyone, besides me, think that some of the reason the numbers are shrinking is due the kids/parents themselves? I have been teaching for nearly 20 years and coaching for a while; wrestling (youth, middle school, high school) 10 years and softball (youth through high school) 10 years. During this time, I have seen a big difference in kids. The biggest thing I have witnessed is many kids that have the time (kids that don't work or don't have to work) just don't want to. Many simply just don't want to work that hard. Kids don't want to be JV for a year or tw
  8. i guess i should have been more clear and put season and tourney champs separately, lol
  9. Agreed Prairie Heights roster sizes the last 10 years. Roughly 412 kids in the high school and nearly 31 kid average over 10 years. We started low, spiked a little and have fluctuated some since about 2016. 2011-12, 21 kids, 12-16 record 2012-13, 29 kids, 16-16 record, team state 4th 2013-14, 39 kids, 17-12 record, conference and sectional champs, team state 2nd 2014-15, 31 kids, 30-3 record, conference and sectional champs, team state 1st, 1 qualifier 2015-16, 33 kids, 35-0 record, conference and sectional champs, team state 1st, 4 qualifies, 2 me
  10. Had some time to gather our jv info: 106- wrestling, bowling, baseball 113- cross country, wrestling, track 126- cross country, wrestling, baseball 132- football, wrestling, baseball 132- football, wrestling 132- cross country, wrestling, baseball 132- wrestling, baseball 138- soccer, wrestling, indoor soccer, track 138- wrestling 160- football, wrestling, golf 160- football, wrestling, baseball 170- wrestling 195- football, wrestling, baseball 285- wrestling 285- football, wrestling 285- football, wrestling
  11. Prairie Heights 106 tennis, wrestling 113 tennis, wrestling, baseball 120 soccer, wrestling 126 tennis, wrestling 132 cross country, wrestling 138 tennis, wrestling 145 football, wrestling 152 wrestling, baseball (possibly football next fall) 160 football, wrestling, baseball 170 football, wrestling 182 soccer, wrestling, golf 195 soccer, football, track 220 football, wrestling, baseball 285 football, wrestling
  12. Is there a map that shows the location of each school, plus their class size for wrestling according to ihswca team state duals (1a, 2a, 3a, etc.)? Just want to see how far schools would need travel based on a multi class system for 1a sectionals, 2a sectionals, 3a sectionals, etc. if that were the case. Disclaimer: I am not a proponent of a multi class system.
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