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  1. I feel that accumulating Indianamat Bananas is much like accumulating Schrute Bucks on The Office. Having said that, @Y2CJ41 what is the cash value of a single banana? 1 one-hundredth of a cent? Currently I have 24,700 bananas. Have we come to times during this Coronavirus pandemic that we start bartering goods for Indianamat Bananas? How many bananas for a pack of tp? Asking for a friend.
  2. I think the Barroquillo family tree just has 1 trunk, no branches @Barrq
  3. This Corona Virus stuff is starting to wear on me. I have been doing some thinking. Who would you have on your school's all star team (A and B squad) using the current weight classes? This is mine from Prairie Heights. Some of these guys competed at these weights, some were from back in the day at different weights. Having said that, I bumped a few into classes and had a few others cut. Let's see some of your teams. #CoronaCantBeatWrestling 106-Danny Hamm (103), 8th, 5th Jeff Baker (98), 2x Qualifer 113-Travis German (112) 2x Qualifier Robert Woolweever (112), Qualifier 120-Kyle Mockensturm (113), 3x SSQ Chris Heinmann (119), 2x SSQ 126-Travis Smoker (125), Qualifier, 6th Joe Boots (126), 2x SSQ 132-Travis Barroquillo (130), Qualifer, 7th, 3rd Tad Christlieb (135), 8th 138-John Levitz (140), Qualifier, 4th Riley Rasler (138) 6th 145-Mike Levitz (145), 3rd Roger Barroquillo (145), Qualifier 152-Doug Levitz (152), Qualifier Quinn Kurtz (152), Qualifer 160-Isiah Levitz (160), 6th, 4th Van Barroquillo (155), Qualifier 170-Phil Friend (167), 3rd Jed Levitz (170), 2x Qualifier 182-Joey Blakeley (182) 8th, Qualifier Chase Straw (189), Qualifier 195-Chris Swartzengraber (189), 2nd Codey Shafer/Jon Messer (195) SSQ 220-Aaron Ramey (215) 3rd, 1st Taylor Grubb (215), 7th 285-Braxton Amos (285), Qualifer Brad Whetzel (285), 3x SSQ
  4. What about Harper vs. Carr in state finals? If I recall, ot to win it all. Also, wasn't it a rematch of the ot finals from the Al Smith?
  5. Just waiting on that Another website award now
  6. Who would have known that the Idaho High School Activities Association uses the same acronym as the the Indiana High School Athletic Association??
  7. Out of curiosity, has classing the individual state finals been proposed to the ihsaa? If so, how well, if at all, was it received?
  8. rookie78


    Isiah Levitz
  9. rookie78


    Isiah Levitz
  10. Am I the only one thinking that the best seats are in the corners of the mats Friday and Saturday? Best way to get them is by having kids place top 4 at Semi-State and then winning on Friday night. In all seriousness, when our kids are not competing, I enjoy sitting in the second level, sections 103-105, along the glass. Getting and saving seats is stressful. Everyone wants good seats. I don't mind saving seats, but if you are trying to save an entire section and you only have a handful people doing so, forget about it. Get everyone on the same page, have them show up, and go to work. Trying to save seats for people that want to show up in a couple hours after the start of each round because they are at the mall or eating lunch....forget about it. No sense in that. Show up early and enjoy the best state finals event Indiana offers.
  11. IndianaMat Hoosier PreSeason Open.....typically in September. Lots of hammers from all over the greater midwest, along with many other states
  12. Mr. Barroquillo had a pretty strong resume. Lost to Neal Malloy in semi finals in senior season
  13. What is the start time of the Parade of Champs? Prior to 6 pm, as session 1 is scheduled to start a 6?
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