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  1. I like lifting the travel restrictions but cannot stand class sports, for any individual sport. You do this and you never have Mendez v Watts last year. You don’t have 10 of the state championship matches from last year. And you never have Chad Red v Nick Lee, probably the best indiana high school state match of all time. You won’t have 10,000+ fans at bankers life cheering on the 2 best kids in the state under the lights. It’s very simple, the more state champions you have the less it means. You win a state championship and you are one of the best 14. You win a state championship in a class system and you are one of the best 42. A state title simply will not mean as much.
  2. Unfortunately I cannot stream the Team State event but I wanted to watch it online. I saw that the cost is $20 to watch live. Does anyone know a way to watch for a cheaper cost or any Trackwrestling discounts?
  3. Here’s my opinion of Indiana’s best duel team for the decade. I am basically doing the best team based on National Ranking for that year Notice I did not use someone more than once. 103/106 2010- Cody Phillips(Union County) (top 3) 112/113 2012- Jarred Brooks(Warsaw) (#1) 119/120 2012- Paul Petrov(Hanover Central) (top 10) 125/126 2014- Stevan Micic(Hanover Central) (top 3) 130/132 2016- Chad Red(New Palestine) (#1) 135/138/140 2011- Jason Tsirtsis(Crown Point) (#1) 145 2011- Eric Roach(Crown Point) (top 10) 152 2018- Brayton Lee(Brownsburg) (#1) 160 2010- Sean McMurray(Portage) (top 10) 170/171 2016- Drew Hughes(Lowell) (top 5) 182 2016- Blake Rypel(Indianapolis Cath.) (top 3) 189/195 2013- Mitch Sliga(Fishers) (top 3) 215/220 2018- Mason Parris(Lawrenceburg) (#1) 275/285 2016- Shawn Streck(Merrillville) (top 3)
  4. Looking for a wrestling club for my nephew but I do not know the area very well. They live in the Southside of Muncie and he is a 100 pound 2nd grader. They are willing to drive 30 minutes for a good club that has partners his size/age, a good coach to athlete ratio, and is not overly pricy. If you could reply with the club, location, the cost, days of practice, and any other important information, that would be great. Thank you for the info!
  5. I did not know that Holden Parsons was at Cathedral now. When did that happen?
  6. Saw on Flo that Cernus is list as being from Sem in PA, did we lose another young stud to them?
  7. In lieu of us getting 10 qualifiers from the state of Indiana for NCAA’s, I was curious... If we made our best college roster based on current wrestlers who GRADATED (no Gable) from an Indiana high school would it be the following: 125 - Hildebrandt 133 - Micic 141 - Lee 149 - Red 157 - McCormick 165 - Hughes 174 - Lydy 184 - Harvey 197 - L. Davison 285 - Parris note that some guys I sucked down a bit or bumped up some to try to get our best guys in. I went ahead and used 9 of the 10 qualifiers but couldn’t use everybody because 4 of them are at 174 currently. what would our best lineup be right now??
  8. Oh no!! Watts vs. Mendez will not be under the lights! Was excited for that rematch Saturday night. What a bummer!
  9. What happens if I get 3rd place at my regional but the 2nd place guy can’t go? He either missed weight or was hurt for instance. Do I then bump up and get the 2nd place draw? Could see this backfiring sometimes if the 3rd place draw was better!
  10. 106: 1. Ruble 2. Corkwell 3. Bauman 4. Cline 113: 1. Bertch 2. Litchfield 3. Johnson 4. White 120: 1. Zadylak 2. Thomas 3. Robinson 4. Abbott 126: 1. Curtis 2. Blackburn 3. Currie 4. Daniels 132: 1. Mosser 2. Lawson 3. Tuttle 4. Hernandez 138: 1. Fiechter 2. Shaffer 3. Cox 4. Dull 145: 1. Beeks 2. McCammon 3. Schricker 4. Jones 152: 1. Hiestand 2. Schuckman 3. Hemmelgarn 4. Heyerly 160: 1. Ruble 2. Perry 3. Faurote 4. Duncan 170: 1. Bates 2. Summersett 3. Walker 4. West 182: 1. Winner 2. Hill 3. Siefring 4. Harris 195: 1. Abbott 2. Chapman 3. Gray 4. Enis 220: 1. Berlanga 2. Eiler 3. Peed 4. Frasher 285: 1. Parson 2. Shaffer 3. Swallow 4. Hughes
  11. purdue02


    I've got Oak Hill edging out Homestead and Jay County in the team race.
  12. purdue02


    Who are your champs? I've got.... 106 - Cline (MuC) over Johnson (NOR) 113 - Deadman (OAKH) over Bertch (BLF) 120 - Zadylak (NOR) over Hardcastle (OAKH) 126 - Blackburn (DELT) over Johnson (NOR) 132 - Johnson (MAR) over Boggs (COLD) 138 - Lucas Fox (DELT) over Hurd (GRSE) 145 - Jenkins (HMST) over McCammon (MuC) 152 - Schricker (JC) over Crawford (UC) 160 - Parrish (HMST) over Hemmelgarn (JC) 170 - Burris (HMST) over Jayden (UC) 182 - Winner (JC) over Rosman (OAKH) 195 - Abbott (MuC) over Lee (MAR) 220 - Pease (DELT) over Peed (WINC) 285 - Swallow (MoC) ove Shaffer (WINC)
  13. Does anyone have this match or know where I can find a replay of it without having to pay the track wrestling fees?
  14. With this year in the books, it’s 365 days (or so) until the next state finals! There are a lot of underclasmen I was impressed with but I went ahead and made a quick list of some guys I think should be early season favorites, who haven’t won it yet, for next year! Logan bailey (gave Moran his toughest match and won 3rd place 8-0) Manzona Bryant (again gave the champ his toughest match and dominated for 3rd) DJ Washington JR (he teched the guy in his 5th place match and it took Lee the longest to tech him...) Silas Allred (has been dominant all year and every other placer this year was a Senior) what underclassmen studs am I missing??
  15. There are many matchups I would love to see this year but will not get to because they are in different weight classes, here are a few...... Jacob Moran (Portage) vs. Brayden Curtis (Yorktown) This is the state championship we never got to see! and we probably never will.... Cayden Rooks (Columbus East) vs. Graham Rooks (Columbus East) This brother on brother matchup pairs together #1 vs. #2, too bad we will never see it under the lights Lucas Davison (Chesterton) vs. Isaiah McWilliams (SB Washington) This matchup features a guy bumping up 2 weight classes but I would love to see these senior returning runner ups to put on a show! What other dream matchups am I missing? I know Indiana has more to offer.....
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