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  1. I know that a handful of states allow 7th/8th graders to compete for their HS team. 1. Do you know how common this is? 2. What is the rationale for this? 3. Is this something Indiana would ever look into adopting?
  2. Any notable results from Freshman / Sophomore State?
  3. I have seen posts in the past about the pro’s and con’s of a class state tournament. I thought of an idea that could potentially be a “compromise” for both sides and wondered if it had been brought up in the past. What if we just replaced the Semi-State round with a class state tournament. The tournament would go Sectional, Regional, Class State, and then “Regular” State. Obviously the sectional alignment would change to fit the classes but this would allow recognition for the smaller classes and we would still get the same State Tournament at the end. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Who wins / what is the score? 103/106 - Bittner (SQ) MD v Jendreas (2nd) CP 112/113 - Williams (6th) MD v Nowaczyk (SSQ) CP 119/120 - Hillenbrand (SSQ) MD v Cruz (SSQ) CP 125/126 - Macke MD (3rd) v Frazier (1st) CP 130/132 - Coughlin MD (2nd) v Bahl (2nd) CP 135/138 - Scott MD (3rd) v Mendez (1st) CP 140/145 - Lehman MD (SSQ) v Tattini (SQ) CP 145/152 - Weinzapfel MD (1st) v Goin (1st) CP 152/160 - Nosko MD (1st) v Goodwin (4th) CP 160/170 - Wildeman MD (1st) v White (SSQ) CP 171/182 - Maurer MD (1st) v Cruz (2nd) CP 189/195 - Coughlin MD (SSQ) v Clark (5th) CP 215/220 - Unfried MD (SQ) v Clark (4th) CP 275/285 - Schwartz MD v Begley (SQ) CP
  5. ...... lost all of their Friday night "50/50" matches? (Goodwin, Clark, and Clark) ...... They still score 138 team points and beat the field by 33. Unbelievable!
  6. Crown Point going undefeated on Friday morning (Except for 285) is huge. They won all the 50/50 matches.
  7. Clark (Crown Point) over Hammond (Perry). Excited match with a few throws. Definitely worth a re-watch and huge win for Crown Point.
  8. I would highly recommend a Flo account. Well worth the money. With Flo you can watch 4 mats on the same screen. They will cut the screen in 1/4ths for you. Great for state if you cannot make it.
  9. What are you all taking on the props below? O/U 24.5 state placers O/U 9.5 state top 4 O/U 0.5 state champs O/U 0.5 state top 10 teams What place would the "FW All Star Team" get at state?
  10. Last year there were 3 "true" 4 over 1's on Friday night (I am not including Cottey as a 4 since he injury defaulted at Semi State). Who is on upset alert this year?
  11. I would agree but I do not think many weight classes have a clear top 2. The only weight I wanted them separated was Critchfield and Carroll at 220 (which we didn’t get). Every other weight I do not see a clear #2 wrestler. I’m not even sure if Critchfield is the clear #2 at 220 but we’ve already seen Grange and Carroll.
  12. If you could have 1 wish, to use on how the state bracket is setup, what would you use it on? For instance the Red-Lee year, my 1 wish would be to separate them so they meet in the finals. Or last year I would’ve used it to make sure Alstott (2) and Alexander (3) were separated so they don’t meet Friday night and both could medal. How would you use your 1 bracket wish?
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