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  1. I would suggest if you did move to another school and it didn't seem to work out, leave without burning bridges and pissing people off...
  2. Unexpected life tragedies are not what I'm talking about...
  3. Just don't put yourself in that position...
  4. It was Shane and it was a long second...
  5. The down side of this situation is, if you noticed... the kid got no back points!!!
  6. You just don't know who might be around the corner...
  7. Phil Friend was my college teammate back in the day and what's with all of these Barroquillo's???
  8. If you look close everyone in the picture has ringworm, so it's legit...
  9. Mario Lopez was an amateur wrestler for Chula Vista at the weight class of 160 lbs, and was also in his high school wrestling team, placing 2nd in the San Diego Section and 7th in the state of California in his senior year while attending Chula Vista High School, where he graduated in 1991...
  10. Yeah, I know Rex pretty well... you know Joe, that 1978 comment hurt my feelings...
  11. Ahhhhh, 7th annual for you! How silly of me!
  12. I don't think this is the "7th Annual for Past & Present State Champions Thread". It goes back a bit further than that...
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