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  1. Jimtown 138

    10 years ago today....

    The flying Superman punch at one of the first IHPO tournaments!
  2. Jimtown 138

    Not eating

  3. Jimtown 138

    Not eating

    I would say cutting weight is not working for him. Also, drop the Hi C and drink Pedialyte...
  4. Jimtown 138

    2018 Al Smith

    December 28th and 29th...
  5. Jimtown 138

    Henry Wilk Super Duals @Penn 12/15/18

    What day is this?
  6. Jimtown 138

    Weight cut

    Isn't it suppose to be the coach's responsibility?
  7. Jimtown 138

    Weight cut

    You should have been around in the 70's when the weight cutting rituals were medieval...
  8. Jimtown 138

    Elkhart Memorial & Elkhart Central Merger

    Take the average of the two...
  9. Jimtown 138


    Paul sells autographs at all of the RTC’s for 75 cents... Still struggles with his name
  10. Jimtown 138

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    Why don't you people get off of the internet and support your families as suggested?
  11. Jimtown 138

    Goldman had enough time?

    Just don't follow Eastern Michigan's lead...
  12. Jimtown 138

    Colton Cummings

    Hey, my sensibilities are not offened...
  13. Jimtown 138

    Colton Cummings

    It's as simple as...
  14. Jimtown 138

    Colton Cummings

    What point are you attempting to make here?
  15. Jimtown 138

    NAIA National Qualifiers from Indiana

    I watched Travis coaching Saurday night on my TV, that was cool. Too bad it was against Tech...

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