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  1. Dominic Brown is a relatively new name who will be a incoming freshman at Center Grove. He will have a chance I believe to make the line up. He just went 14-3 at School Boy Duals at 114
  2. Very Quality win and proof of some of the top level of some of Indiana’s Best Middle School kids who are still ways away from high school
  3. Yes that’s the one and was to watch. I was glad to see Ty there competing outside of Indiana and looks like he has a very successful weekend.
  4. Yes very strong and athletic kid. I thought his next match against the Kid from Turkey was one of the better matches I saw on the weekend.
  5. Titus got some payback in his last match losing and I wondered why the other kid pushed off his face and taunted him some after the win.
  6. Loved it and good to have had most the top Indiana kids show up in state run event without having to travel.
  7. Congrats to Coach Trevino and the program
  8. Julianna Ocampo! Deserves some recognition.
  9. I think if counting all 3 Styles Nate Rioux already has 18
  10. Thanks for the recognition as Evan works extremely hard. I definitely wouldn’t mind Indiana allowing middle schoolers to do state . I believe Indiana talent level is on the rise and would have multiple middle school kids who could be successful before high school.
  11. Ya pinned Hunter Wagner last weekend. He needs to be more consistent but when he is on he is pretty good
  12. Quinton Buckmaster in the last year has wins over Rianne Murphy and MSS Hunter Wagner. Also Heather Crull needs a mention as she was MSS Runner up. She also took 4th at 106 HS division Indy Nationals beating a semi state kid while losing 3-0 to kid who that and was a runner up at Frosh Soph State .
  13. What about a school with multiple studs at one weight class. Last weekend a kid who was a back up 106 pounder beat a State Qualifier at Frosh/Soph State?
  14. We had a kid finish top 12 at the Northern qualifier but his name isn’t on the list at State......is there someone to contact to find out if they can add him? Thanks
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