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  1. Some other names I think of who will be tough at their weights will be Landon Hawkins, Clinton Shepherd, Griffin Van Tichelt, Jacob Jones, Tanner Tishner, Bryce Denton, Jeffrey Huyvaert, Damian Resendez, Asher Ratliff, Nate Rioux, and Jairo Acuna
  2. Jendreas is a tough match up for anyone especially at 80 pounds. He has been near the top since he started wrestling. A great kid also with a hard work ethic
  3. I know every kid mentioned will be in Tulsa but unsure of Rioux plus some other young Hammers from Indiana also

    Lowell vs. Andrean

  5. What a great match up 7-7 and separated only by bonus points. Match of the evening looked to be Roberson and Torres two Studs who battled it out.
  6. Hobart vs Lowell this Thursday and excited to see some of these potential Match ups
  7. This is Evans dad and not sure of your intentions but since you joined 30 minutes one can assume. The Rankings are fun to look at but don’t mean anything once you step on the mat. I’m aware Evan went 10-0 and his team was 9-1 while his team took 1st in Silver Bracket. Indiana Wrestling is on the rise and lots of kids doing well across the country. If you need to contact me I’m always available.
  8. Yes not sure if results were posted but it was Outlaws Huntington Duals and I believe the score was 5-1 Bryce from Midwest RTC if memory serves me correct. Also Jacob Jones a 13yr Old 8th grader beat Brady Ison in a great match for both kids with the final takedown winning in last 10 seconds

    Goshen vs. Lowell


    Mishawaka vs. Lowell


    Norwell vs. Lowell

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