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  1. He wrestled this weekend in Iowa at Strikezone Duals
  2. IHPO Results in order of MS rankings. (2)LT Hawkins 3rd place at 116 W/L 6-1 (4) Evan Stanley Top 8 at 116 W/L 4-2 (5) Parker Reynolds at 123 W/L 3-2 (12) Landen Haines at 109. W/L 3-2 (15) Clinton Shepherd Top 12 109 W/L 5-2 (16) Griffin Van Tichelt at 116 W/L 0-2 (17) Jeffrey Huyvaert Top 16 at 123 W/L 5-2 (21) Sonny Sessa at 109. W/L 3-2 (25) Jackson Bradley at 109. W/L 1-2 (33) Dom Brown at 116. W/L 0-2 (41) Quinten Schoeff at 109 W/L 1-2 * I would say the Middle Schoolers had a impressive showing from beating State Champs , Runner Ups, Placers, and Qualifiers at the the weights entered. If I forgot anyone or anything I apologize in advance
  3. Van Tichelt took Seng to overtime 0-0 before falling.
  4. No currently in high school football season I believe
  5. Wrestling up in weight? He was a Cadet this past season and a year older than Rojas. Still impressive to go to OT with a kid like that
  6. Lucky to have a room with such great training partners and coaches. Thanks for the recognition
  7. Damn was hoping for 3 Northern Indiana kids to be there
  8. Wouldn’t it just be next man up? Last year Van Ness was number 1 and the event still happened when he got hurt
  9. I believe Mendez and Lemley will also be there as both ranked #1 on Flo
  10. Chase Stephens is a freshman and I believe so is Bradin Daniels. Braylon Reynolds should definitely be on this list. Luke Reid also a kid who took 3rd at ISWA state in his 3rd tournament ever. Dominic Brown and Quinton Buckmaster are still 8th graders as held back.
  11. Wow that’s a packed semi state if even 5 of them go 106. Syra was struggling to make 113 and don’t think 106 is even an option.
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