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  1. Unsure about Brownsburg to speak on but I’m sure Jimtown knows the talent level of their team and most those kids would be overwhelmed there. Plus I’m thinking Ironman wouldn’t want to water down their tournament by having a team with kids not at that level.
  2. Those boys are doing great. A few big names missing off this team are Clinton Shepherd, Layne Horn , Gavin Lewis, Jackson Bradley, Alex Huddleston, and Jett Goldsberry. I’m not knocking any kids on this team but would have loved to see a absolute loaded team. This team currently will make a run for Top 4 finish for sure
  3. This team appears to be pretty loaded and has most the top school boy kids who qualified. I can definitely see a top 8 finish in Freestyle and would be shocked otherwise
  4. Colin Strayer Elementary POWA Case Bell Middle School POWA
  5. Also I Know Beck is a Strong wrestler and these aren’t my rankings…..but what has he wrestled out of state and on National Stage? Because the top 10 kids in list all compete out of state and have done well
  6. Say the name if you know so the ranker is aware. I’m curious to know
  7. A few more I can think of who should be on the list are Middle School State Champ Vinnie Freeman, Brant Beck, Salas…..Also Sam Howard and Luke Reid
  8. Most results are on Trackwrestling, Flo Wrestling, or Rofkin and available
  9. This has always seemed ridiculous as have drove over two hours for this before and not have anyone to wrestle. But yet it counts .
  10. Humphrey Runner up and Third with 117-33 record
  11. Always take a Gold and Blue team
  12. It’s on Trackwrestling
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