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  1. Does the IHSAA share offices with the NCAA? Sounds like their logic. Why not suspend the player and coach (and other guilty parties) for the year and leave the presumed innocent out of it?
  2. SA should have quite a few more at practice now 😝
  3. Another great point as the season seems to have too many supers/invitational events. Sports that create team/school rivalry events prosper more (football, basketball, some baseball). Sort of goes with my point of switching main focus of individuals to teams.
  4. I think that is the biggest thing affecting the middle tier guys. I can see the resource inequality to an extent. Why I think it is important to move the focus a little more on the team dual side of things. Kids want to have an opportunity in big moments and most of the middle and lower aren't going to have many on the individual side past sectional or maybe regionals. However, in team duals moving up a weight and keeping it to a decision or not getting pinned/teched can be a big thing. Why the IHSWCA is a big deal to Prairie Heights and Adams Central and etc. Yes those teams have really good kids, but being a Jet/BAGUBA there has only been 1 individual state champ before I was ever born and I've been out of school awhile now. Maybe for our multi sport athletes we push the benefits of wrestling in helping football and etc and have them focus on the workouts of wrestling without cutting weight.
  5. Actually it creates the debate on those type of forums. The post made me understand why others have been so heated on both sides of that debate. I usually stay out of it, as my point is so different than most. I'm ready for the European athletic culture to take over. I'll enjoy high school sports as they are now, BUT it only seems a matter of time before the club sports take grasp. Already have club wrestling, club volleyball, club/AAU basketball, club/travel baseball & softball, club soccer, and etc. Only a matter of time if other sports follow baseball and have established minor league systems, or the NCAA scraps the "student" athlete model.
  6. Congrats to you, but this post opens a whole can of worms for me. Did you move into Indiana & CMA? It seems like if that is the case it was primarily for athletic purposes though you state " Academics are our top priority and we expected to have a good balance with wrestling as well, unfortunately that was not the case." Hoping I'm wrong, but your post seems to make me think that way even with the quoted statement. Especially mentioning preference of coaches. Having been around Ohio & Indiana high school sports forums, this post brings up the whole private/parochial/charter vs public debate. Kudos to you and your son for having the luxury of attending those schools as most in the state do not. It's not a knock per se against you & your family but the IHSAA and the way they handle things.
  7. That's the guy! Believe he is in the opening credits for Parks & Recreation show as is the Chief for the Godfroy Reserve in Montpelier. I went and visited both of them Memorial Day weekend of 2018 when we were visiting grave sites with the family. Guy who was trying to bring the Tin Lizzy back was very gracious and we were able to check out the train and other sites at the location.
  8. Is he enemies with the ice cream holding statue in Blackford County (Hwy 3 & Hwy 18 restaurant)? I saw that statue was for sale awhile back though. Not sure if the guy that took over for the Tin Lizzy? is still working on getting it going or not.
  9. If this wrestling gig doesn't pan out, you could work for a Toledo TV station 😆
  10. Where is Beast Mode? I saw them Saturday at Wayne Trace (OH) while stepson was wrestling.
  11. My step daughter has caught the wrestling bug after her basketball season. Her younger brother has been wrestling for his club since December and she saw one of the older girls wrestle for the club this season. Unfortunately, their club season is pretty much over after this weekend. She has been to a few practices but is not ready for any matches, as this is her first time out on the mat. She was highly disappointed when her mother and I told her she isn't wrestling this weekend because she isn't ready. We had the discussion earlier that she would go to the remaining practices, but not any meets for the club season. I'm trying to find her an offseason wrestling room to practice and her little brother too, in hopes to possibly get her ready to wrestle in a summer tournament. Looking for something close to Adams County area. Thanks!
  12. You have a wrestle off 😋
  13. That's awesome! It has the formulas in cells so that you could replicate it for your own use in the future. I love pick'em and bracket games. This may be the ticket I was looking for to create a wrestling bracket, like I do for college hoops and hockey. Thank you and to whoever created this awesome spreadsheet!
  14. Definitely agree about the on time message. Our first tournament this year didn't start on time, and to make it worse everyone was trying to find brackets when they announced they were starting. We were supposed to be told when the brackets were released and then have time to get organized. Never announced they released the brackets and that 16 man and 8 man brackets were the format. Add in that there were 4 or 5 different 16 and 8 man brackets for each division. The brackets were on track but didn't tell you which group yours was. Finally paper brackets were made and handed out so the confusion could stop. For many, this was the first time parents were introduced to the sport (not a good look). Add in that there were 18 or more clubs/teams packed into one side of the lower level of the gym. Wife made the mistake of bringing in the car seat which ended up 2 rows behind us and her having to save my seat when I took our wrestler down to the mat to wrestle. We were supposed to go back to the same location this weekend, but are not due to a death in the family. Many others from our team are not going this weekend due to the first experience.
  15. My opinion is that the parents play the biggest part. You have the parents who are going for gold burning their kids out. Then you have the parents who are in the "wussification" of their children meaning they believe their kid is going to get hurt. You also have the selfish parents who don't want to travel or sit in the gym for an hour, let alone 3 or more. They're glued to their phones more than watching their kids. Then you have the "stigma" parents who think the sport is just vulgar and boys shouldn't wrestle girls, and all the other nonsense. Lastly, you have the good parents who do things the right way. If it was mostly up to the kids, they'd more than likely keep wrestling.
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