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  1. Thanks, have to check out the website. Since I've went across the line, I never see the DDD anymore. Not sure if my parents still get the DDD or not on.
  2. Need to set a reminder on Monday's for this and Wednesday's for the Hitzer weekly show. Is there anywhere that lists the upcoming wrestling broadcasts on the radio, as well as the webcasts for wrestling on The Berne Witness? Excited to see Parkway wrestling South Adams again. Hoping in a few years, my cousins' sons & step sons could wrestle against each other in this match. Be even better if they made it into a super dual with Crestview and Adams Central in the future as well.
  3. They have to follow the IHSAA it seems. Ridiculous.
  4. Dear IHSAA, How about you recognize this tournament and not count it towards the number of matches or include this tournament in it! Then we can have teams qualify for the classed team dual state finals! Surprised the OHSAA is ahead of you on something like this. Makes no sense that you didn't adopt this or work with the IHSWCA after dropping the single class team dual tournament. Please leave the individual tournament as single class and DO NOT remove it. I have to clarify as common sense isn't always your specialty. I wouldn't mind if you added classed individual wrestling in addition t
  5. Lol her father (my great uncle) and my grandpa (my mom's side) as well as all their siblings were "strong willed" as you put it. I've been told that trait I partially possess is known as being a stubborn a**. You may have worked with my dad and/or another family state streeter's dad (on my dad's side). That state streeter is a big wrestling guy and was a good AC HWT. I wish he'd go into the room and give some pointers, but that isn't really his style. He loves being a wrestling fan and just watching.
  6. I think wrestling against Crestview would be good and talking with Jake could help you out. It's amazing how he got wrestling into a basketball crazy school. I remember when I think Lincolnview (another big basketball school) randomly added wrestling. I emailed the then AD at Crestview about starting a wrestling program or if anything had been rolling yet. I got an email saying that as long as he was in that position, it would never happen and there was no need for it. He changed roles, and Jake arrives on the school board and the rest was history. Funny thing was that once Jake got wrestling
  7. Just so you know, they Heritage Volleyball coach has a 2x state qualifier son, but I'd like to keep him at AC for our youth program. They are family to me, so I'm a bit biased. I'm still mad that our AD chose not to hire her for the AC Volleyball position. Heritage & Woodlan have always been different than the rest of the conference when it came to wrestling. I'm afraid SW is going to head back in that direction.
  8. On the Ohio side, it was a quick meet. They had started with middle school and then 4 jv or so matches. I'm not sure how many varsity matches they actually had. Quite a few throws and pins and it seemed like Lincolnview got the majority of those. It was from a video feed Lincolnview provided from atop the gym with no announcing. Heck they didn't even have anyone announce the wrestlers to the mat. Also big difference in that they weren't cleaning their mat after every match. I like that Indiana is cleaning the mat after every match.
  9. Just a big technique gap from the Bellmont line up to the AC lineup. Bellmont has kids who wrestle most of the year, where as AC just doesn't have as many. That will most likely not change ever. It's not anything coaching wise, it's just the difference in school sizes and communities placing their focus on different areas. I think it was summed up the best on the webcast, that you can breathe a sigh of relief that it was respectable for AC and don't have to worry about Bellmont until sectional time. Since the class wrestling has started, the goal for AC is to try to win the 1A team state dual
  10. AC needs to retain more of the youth and seems to be doing it more now. The big difference is Bellmont has always been wrestling first and then other sports, while AC has been football first and then wrestling. Normally Bellmont's football seasons are over weeks prior to AC's. Only 2 weeks this year difference, but that's big in conditioning aspect for wrestling. Football conditioning is not the same as wrestling. As long as this is an early season dual unlike the previous Christmas time, that advantage may go to Bellmont. Especially when Bellmont wrestlers don't always make up much of a footb
  11. Hendricks county plates do not have a #1 beside them. Sorry, they can be #TheCounty but not the #1 County of Indiana.
  12. Most know that in Indiana's #1 County, that Bellmont is squaring off against Adams Central. Will be different this year due to COVID, but WZBD & The Berne Witness are covering this annual rivalry match. Meanwhile, across the state line Crestview (Convoy) will wrestle their first ever high school wrestling match against their long time rivals Lincolnview (Middle Point). (For reference, Crestview borders the southeastern Heritage, all of eastern Bellmont, and northeasterrn Adams Central districts.) Most of the Crestview wrestling team will be newcomers to the sport, as I believe the freshmen
  13. Wish we could have all 4 classes on the main floor of the Coliseum every year!
  14. Yep, not sure who is in charge for sure at Parkway, but it looks like they will have a couple of underclassmen (this year or next 2) that could make a lot of noise in their individual tournaments if they happen. Really excited to see how the Crestview wrestling program turns out being in such a big basketball school. Hopefully my step son and his friends stick with it through the years, as there is some talent there. Especially if my son wrestles as well, as he will go to AC and they could have their clubs wrestle against each other if they both attend the Wayne Trace team dual for the youth c
  15. Could have an interesting show idea if you talk to a former Bellmont wrestler who is helping grow a brand new program just across the state line in Van Wert County. Also have a newer program that consists of Van Wert/ Mercer County areas just across the line that is starting to gain a little more success as well. I understand though that you will primary focus on Adams, Wells, and Jay County schools.
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