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  1. casualwrestlingfan

    Did not look like Viduya was pinned....

    Shades of when a Bellmont wrestler was ruled to pin himself at Jay County some years back. "Touch" pin was the decision that day.
  2. Who will have the best designs and coolest logos?
  3. Beat me to the punch. They all have a shot, but those semis have deterred most. They have a shot to represent well though.
  4. casualwrestlingfan

    I-69 Potholes

    Ever tried 40 or use 70?
  5. Good luck to all Adams, Wells, East Allen, Jay, and Blackford County (if any) wrestlers at the State Finals! Awesome accomplishment to make the state finals.
  6. casualwrestlingfan

    Saving Seats

    You mean the IHSAA hasn't tried to ask for more $ by using StubHub to make you pay for certain seats yet? It's only a matter of time then. 😝
  7. casualwrestlingfan

    State draw

    Awesome! Thank you!
  8. casualwrestlingfan

    State draw

    Is this a free stream or do you have to pay?
  9. Would have been interesting if Curtis had finished that single leg.
  10. casualwrestlingfan

    Semi-State Broadcasts

    What is funny is that the Berne Witness broadcasts only South Adams and Adams Central sports. WZBD's wrestling coverage is basically Bellmont coverage with a few notes on SA or AC unless there isn't a Bellmont wrestler. Why I asked if there was a way the two media outlets could team up. There are 3 schools in this county plus WZBD has filled in with the demise of WNUY for Wells County. Really surprised the DDD hasn't created a webcast for Bellmont sports. Also wonder why the Bellmont student radio station hasn't decided to cover different Bellmont athletic events as well. Any idea if the Bluffton News Banner will get a webcast for Wells County sports?
  11. casualwrestlingfan

    Semi-State Broadcasts

    Has there ever been talk of WZBD and The Berne Witness teaming up together? Can you do radio and webcast simultaneously (audio from the radio call being applied to channel of webcast)?
  12. casualwrestlingfan

    Semi-State Broadcasts

    Why I like how The Berne Witness shows all 4 mats of wrestling. It would be cool if they could use the 2 channels to broadcast 2 mats on each channel while showing all 4 on each channel. However, that is not feasible at this time. They do an excellent job covering sports for our community.
  13. casualwrestlingfan

    Most Physical Wrestlers in the State..?

    I hope that is the case because it was disgraceful to watch regardless what team you pull for or are neutral. Have to say Lizak handled it better than I probably would have.
  14. casualwrestlingfan

    Most Physical Wrestlers in the State..?

    After watching DeSanto vs Lizak, I really hope Lizak gets better and turns the table on him. If I was coaching him, I would have pulled him off the mat and benched him for a couple matches regardless of how talented he is. Usually the only way those types get the message.
  15. casualwrestlingfan

    Upsets, who’s in, who’s out

    That was one of many great matches. I was surprised AC won without a closer margin with not having 106 or 113 today. 7 different schools with a champion was great to see as well.

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