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  1. ENoblewrestling

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    Anybody see a big issue with hands to the face this year? I know its already in the rules, but I think it should be a point of emphasis next season. I saw a few matches that one kid would pretty well be open handed punching a kids forehead and nothing would get called. I've heard we are soft in Fort Wayne though, so maybe this won't be as popular of an idea as I think.
  2. ENoblewrestling

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    Why would a coach recruit 14 guys when you could win a dual with just 3 hammers? Counting FF's as points force teams to recruit a full 14 if they want to be competitive.
  3. ENoblewrestling

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    Coach I think that is a really interesting take on riding time. I've seen people bring up riding time before, and have always felt that it would be too much of a pain with the clocks and all of that. This is a simple solution that would reward a skill in our sport that is currently not scored. This is a really good idea imo. I think it would produce more scoring too. Getting away on bottom would be huge if this were the case. I also think you would see more people choose neutral if this were implemented. This would really have a big effect on strategy.
  4. ENoblewrestling

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    If I could change anything I would add a weight in back in the middle. Those weights always seem to be loaded with both talent, and numbers. I think you would actually see the % of FF go down as most teams could fill another middle spot. Also the 15th weight would make a difference for tie-breakers and things like that. 106 113 120 125 130 135 140 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285
  5. I took a kid to a school in Michigan who told me our one class system was awesome, because you could really get an idea of the level of our kids. Eric Guerrero said similar things at our fall clinic a few years back.
  6. The % of qualifiers and placers hold pretty well with the percent of population with the exception of placing top 4, wouldn’t you agree?
  7. ENoblewrestling

    Something needs to change

    There was a committee a few years back that the IHSAA formed to look into this changing the sectionals, I think it had around16-20 guys on it. The IHSAA didn't really listen to the committee at all. I went there as a Fort Wayne Semi-state representative fully expecting something like this to come from the recommendations, but that was not the direction the IHSAA seemed to want to go at that time. What I mean by that is there wasn't a push to make big changes like what your proposing above. Its hard to explain with out a map, but there would need to be a lot of shuffling to send those Northern Indy schools to Fort Wayne. I think some proposed Penn head to Fort Wayne, but again the IHSAA didn't listen to the committee very much. I thought there might be discussion of sending whole sectionals to different semi-states, but that was not on the table at all at that time. It was literally just a team or two, that might move to a neighboring sectional that was recommended. Another thing on this topic, has anyone done the numbers on placers by semi-state? We did a quick count on Saturday and I had more placers coming from Fort Wayne than East Chicago (Again I could be wrong on this). Those two have been the worst in terms of placers most years recently, so I'm not sure if taking a better team from there is really the best option to change Fort Wayne's results.
  8. Seems like there is a lot a lot of heat around the Laplace v Brewer match. Trying to think of some other really anticipated Friday Night Death Draws over the years.
  9. ENoblewrestling

    Practice this week

    Thanks. I knew the part about teams practicing Friday. I just am wondering if there is a weight exemption somewhere if it would apply everywhere because it is all one tournament.
  10. ENoblewrestling

    Practice this week

    Any updates? We are still up in the air for today. We haven't been in this week. Also does anyone know if a weight allowance would be tournament wide or is it site by site?
  11. ENoblewrestling

    Practice this week

    Tough week for weather. Just curious who all hasn't been able to practice this week? There is a legit possibility that we don't get on the mats until Friday of this week. What about the other way anybody been able to practice all week?
  12. Is there a maximum on the number of missed practices/ pounds you get? I thought it was two, but I may be mistaken. We haven't been able to have practice the last two days, lets say that continues through Friday. Would that be a 4 pound allowance this weekend, or just two, possibly just the one?
  13. ENoblewrestling


    Adam Ledesma
  14. ENoblewrestling

    Sectional Seeding Criteria Question

    The head to head and common opponent criteria come first. If neither of those criteria are met I believe the semi-state criteria would be next. In this situation you would be giving a seed to a wrestler who has proved in the past that they are a quality wrestler. If we went just by record you are not taking into account the strength of schedule of the wrestlers. Wouldn't the system be just as broken if we rewarded teams for having easy schedules?
  15. ENoblewrestling

    East Noble vs. West Noble

    East Noble

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