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  1. I probably missed this somewhere, but does anyone know what time the athletes for session 3 are allowed to show up? I know they wrestle at 1:00, but what is the earliest they can arrive? Thanks!
  2. I see a few possible negatives. 1. A rule like this would cause the teams that are already dominating to dominate even more. I wouldn't think that some dominant teams back-up knocking a small school kid who would have otherwise been a regional qualifier out of the tournament would be good for the growth of the sport at the small school. I've seen a few small schools say it would be good because their backup would get into the tournament, but they would most likely be 2 and out, and your kid who could be a regional qualifier is going to have a much tougher road. 2. I have found that
  3. Just received an email that Angola is now open.
  4. More curious than anything else... What high schools are still in session?
  5. I have been wondering the same... there is an elementary in Avon that has shut down for 2 weeks... that is a big time wrestling community obviously. https://fox59.com/news/education/hickory-elementary-school-in-avon-closed-2-weeks-after-student-tests-positive-for-covid-19-coronavirus-all-schools-closed-monday/
  6. How would you rank them? I have never been to Indy Nationals, but would agree that Frosh/Soph state should pry bump the Spartan Classic lol.
  7. Yeah that was what made the list kind of fun. I had/think the IHPO could be as high as 3 or 4 on this list. I kind of thought about what I would like my kids to win the most... I think that winning an ISWA state title is a bigger deal than winning the IHPO, even though the IHPO may have better talent if that makes sense.
  8. In terms of prestige, talent, the event, what would you consider the top 10 events in Indiana Wrestling? It was the ISWA Folkstyle State finals that got me thinking about this. So anyhow here is my list with about 5 minutes of thought put into it. 1. IHSAA State Finals 2. IHSAA Semi-State 3. IHSWCA Team State 4. ISWA Folkstyle State 5. Al Smith 6. ISWA Freestyle/Greco State 7. IHPO 8. Mater Dei Holiday Classic 9. Middle School State 10. Connersville Spartan Classic- We go there so this maybe a bit of a homer pick!
  9. I was going to look this up, I am glad you did. I think the whole "one sport athlete" idea isn't really as prevalent at most schools as people believe, and really you just see those few really elite teams that have situations in which you have large groups of kids focus only on wrestling. Having coached at a small school for a number of years, and for the past few at the biggest school in the area I can tell you from my experience coaching at both is really similar. Most of the kids play multiple sports. The big school has more athletes available, but not all of them choose to wrestle
  10. I always thought that it was pretty cool that the NECC has had a team wrestle in the championship match every year that the team state has been around, I am pretty sure it is the only conference in the state that can say that. In terms of representation- Heights, Garrett, Busco, CN, Eastside, Fremont, and Westview have all been there.
  11. Below is a link with the information about who is in the HOF https://ihswca.org/history/hall-of-fame/ The search filter does not seem to be working, but if you look at the links at the top you can see who is in.
  12. https://ihswca.org/history/hall-of-fame/nomination/ Here is the information on the nomination process.
  13. Joe I completely agree with your sentiment on this. It is a very busy time of year for us coaches, and Scott Schwarz does a fantastic job running it. I will work in the future to promote it more during the year and before the finals.
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