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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Def is..Fanco Wrestling aka best indy youtube Wrestling outlet had it in top 7 iirc.
  2. You know a tournament is loaded when Al Smith is not considered as tough.. I wonder if Avon and. Brownsburg are still going to Brecksville?
  3. For a minute I was confused and thinking Jesus how many those Winner boys came out of Jay County blonde moment activated.
  4. He's a absolute stud.. been watching him for a while now.. Reminds me of Washington
  5. He got folded like a family dollar lawn chair.
  6. Really really good guy and that sweet hair always ensured he never lost his power!
  7. And it continues! Glad you're doing better
  8. Congrats, Wabash gonna be loaded in the upper weights that's a fact.
  9. Love it.. He'll develop nicely under Escobedo.
  10. Btw does that mat come with that PB & J recipe?
  11. Looks similar to the 14x14 Jason Carson gave me for my 33rd bday... Someone better jump all over this
  12. I gotta legend at 42 that would be 197 that is almost as yolked today as he was in college.. Nate Pickle doesn't age.. If this ever came into fruition I'm dragging him out of retirement
  13. Both my ticket round loss brackets uhhh...
  14. As long as my boys get to wrestle this year IDC when it is..
  15. Congrats! Glad to see Coyne contributing.. Talk about a mean mean man on the mat.. He'll def be a great mentor in the technical and aggressiveness department
  16. Marian just keeps adding studs.. They'll be contending for a national title soon.
  17. Dang very very sad! He was always contributing in here and always a class act.. Fly High big dog
  18. They got some incoming studs that could account for 2 or 3 of those iirc..
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