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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Jesse " teen phenom having success only a world class grown Man Does" Mendez
  2. Rest in peace,y condolences to his family and friends.
  3. Rest in peace and condolences to his family and friend
  4. Condolences to his family and friends R.I.P
  5. Sweep singles and undercook to hi C change off to double with LIFT FINISH crucial to have straight strong back and lift up off the mat to negate any crotch lift exposure etc.
  6. Hate to see this, all time great UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes as an All-American for Lincoln before he transfer to eastern Illinois becoming All American there as well... Jason Gilliam UFC Vet and Indiana wrestling native attended there as well with Hughes... That was one first things I remember about going out to Miletich fighting systems in bettendorf Iowa, Jason new mat and grandfather's us into our beatings we would receive at the time from the greatest team to help through UFC titles and while we were there.
  7. Mendez falls 6-5 to #5 seed Deshazer.. Deshazer a minute multiple time D2 national champion a Nebraska Kearney.. No shame in coming up short in a battle vs this stud.
  8. Great honor for her, and our state congratulations!
  9. He went 7-0 pinning 6 and teching 1.. He pinned Iowa State All American who placed 5th Younger Bastida Cuban freestyle world medalist..Bastida beat the who's who this year and this was a huge win, word is he was giving Schultz more than a tough time in training.
  10. Here's his diss/entrance song, I'm impressed honestly. https://youtu.be/dYOegynKXuY
  11. He destroyed the8-0 #1 ranked African in the first by RNC without being hit one time.. He got the back within the first 30 seconds and body triangled his for before landing dozens of unanswered shots until he locked up the Gable grip on the RNC and put his opponent to sleep! That's his 3 top 5 guy he's mauled in the last 6 months and sets up a title fight vs The champion Josh Pachio! Brooks is the best 125 pounder on planet earth and his domination over the 2x UFC CHAMP Devieson Figuierdo but was robbed in The champs homie home town . And another" loss" was was him dominating his opponent before slamming him and his opponent so hard that he knocked himself out so barrowing a couple bull crap situations he should be 22-0.. plus they really like him not only as a fighter but as a promoter of his fights hence the way they encouraged him to make another rap song dissing all of his opponents to come out to and shot a video for it you know over in Asia they eat that stuff up.
  12. I'm too fat for him.. Actually down to 195 since the 215 at the Midwest nationals.
  13. Pingleton over Malloy if have to dispute Pingleton was unreal and Malloy is a stud, I'd take Charlie by 3.
  14. You're right I'm surprised I didn't have more
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