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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. ws thinking the exact same thing... unreal depth and competition at IHPO!
  2. great post! us Trojans like yall arabians as well! peck will be around and i'll be helping some young studs from new castle..Look out for a monster incoming freshman Brevan Thrine! could make some noise in the NC SS and HHC CONFERENCE
  3. the boes Bros will be in the mix too!
  4. that shows how tough some in state kids are to actually go after him as well! scary part is that he gets better every time.
  5. J.tsirtsis lost multiple times and had close match vs Devon jackson who's a 3x under the lights finalist(this takes nothing from his accomplishments and i'm splitting hairs here) .Jesse hasn't hardly given up any offensive points if any yet ...Angel Escobedo and Alex Tsirtsis were the most dominant I've seen next to mason parris... Lance Ellis ws ws decent too😂..but I'll say this Jason beat #1 nationally ranked guy as a freshman and no other guy can say that ...but then again Jesse is #1.
  6. this is a preseason tournament
  7. there another set of brothers from there as well that are mean.
  8. bet the Lego lovers don't think so!
  9. it's gonna be a high level grappling war.. bermudez has all 3 wins in the UFC coming by submission.. might see casey sprawl and brawl here and use his takedown D to his advantage and light this dude up on the feet.
  10. he's a stud.. was a state runner up
  11. I tried looking it up and couldn't find it.
  12. y'all are making Indiana wrestling so proud! Get that double gold Monster Mendez..I can only imagine if Silas was there healthy as well.. Any insight on how you think Silas stacks up vs the field? It's unreal and surreal to have HS Indiana boys dominating not only the state but the national level dominance as well that's proved to be more than enough to compete internationally is something to behold... There's enough ppl on this board and around the state that have seen elite in state talent over the years and up to this point he's doing things that a 10x more rare than being a 4xer (pulled that figure out of my rear) it speaks volumes about Jesse and his whole support system.. I'll be watching tomorrow rooting y'all on.. Take from them what they won't give you Jesse Mendez!
  13. yes the curtis kid was running it with his head deep in the hole and could've too went for the cradle.
  14. yes he was nasty all around... use to see him at Adam's Central tournament and my team mate wrestled in a pretty darn good match.
  15. upon further review I watched it 10x straight af realized he did have Joe's arm encircled and was just running a heavy front headlock but Joe didn't circle with him and by him fighting it, it made the front head tighter and u can see joe tap as hes losing consciousness but the ref was on the other side..I thought the kid didn't have the arm and I was wrong and didn't know what I was looking at lol...It ws a damn good front head lock
  16. anybody see Joe Walker match vs Colton curtis? curtis used a front choke in order to put joe unconscious and pin him.. That ref had no idea what she was looking at and that was illegal...Joe ws twitching and everything..smh I seen this happen to my team mate in 03 at state vs Dan Bedoy (ended up being a high level BJJ player) garrard had no idea what hit him.
  17. Indiana Mat gorilla Gold Ended up 8th in the gold All Star pool and had to battle through many injuries and forfeits... They had 5 guys recieve all American medals for at least going 7-3 and or better..Graham Calhoun,Trizton Carson,Breyden Lowery,Adam ledesma and Brayden Erb all defeated many state champions and state placers to lead their team in a stacked All star Division..Carson Took down Darrien Roberts..Robert will be attending Ok State triz was giving him all he wanted the first 2 periods where it was tied up until the 3rd...but Robert's ended up getting multiple takedowns and winning handily by major decision..I'm very proud of this group's effort and also the Outlaws for getting to the semi finals of a loaded All star division.. indiana def represented!
  18. the Truth tweeted: Jesse mendez
  19. that's serious! golf is stupid hard
  20. t. coatie Perry/New castle 2002 wrestling he PLACED 7th..beating the state champion (Danny williams and conkling) and runner up these year Cross country SQ track SQ and didn't start wrestling til 9th grade and running until 10th iirc.
  21. yes it was a huge effort among many ppl! I'd do it again tomorrow if need be and I know it could easily be my own community that needs help so i'm always there! poor falls park took a beating but it'll be rebuilt soon enough.
  22. I was in town cutting trees off power lines! man it was a MESS but quickly everybody pulled together and got it functioning again... just glad everybody is ok
  23. I seen Wyoming in another thread and didn't even think to see where wyoming seminary was..rookie move
  24. yes he did.. just saying in 2019 he didn't cuz the list says he got 5th in 2019... tough wrestler and not being a debbie downer just pointing it out.
  25. I don't think funk made it to state
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