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  1. I didn't say it wasn't a big deal. I said it's bad to restructure because a group of schools are beating each other up and don't like it. That happens a lot of years at various sectionals, regionals, etc. Why is it a big deal now? I think that is a bad reason. We used to host a regional that included Penn, Mishawaka, and all of the SB Schools. Pretty damn tough regional. It was what it was and we worked hard to compete. I believe we were top 3, 1 or 2 years. Never complained about it. If Frankfort was a good job to have and I was ready to move myself, my family, and start ov
  2. I think it's funny that it keeps being said that Ft. Wayne needs to be strengthened or balanced. People don't care about making Ft. Wayne stronger. Indy schools are hammering each other in January and February and they want to avoid each other until state. There is a rumor that there is a movement in Indy, not sure if it's coaches or AD's or both, for this "restructuring" because some of their better kids are losing early. Restructure because it fits geography, time, etc. You don't restructure because you don't like the outcome you're getting. Us small schools have been told
  3. Where did I miss the discussion on restructuring Sectionals?
  4. Very impressed with this tournament. We took 9 down. 2 girls and 7 guys. Came out with 5 placers. This tournament was tough. Every match was a battle.
  5. So 40% of schools had 72% of the qualifiers and 60% of the schools had 28%. Numbers don't lie.
  6. How many 1A-3A schools are there? How many 5A-6A schools? I believe 1A-3A make up more than 12% of the population don’t they? Again...there are 64 schools in 5A and 6A. How many in 4A? I don’t know but let’s say it’s 100. That’s 164 schools out of 310? That’s 53% of schools and they had 71% of the qualifiers. So 1A-3A make up 47% of the population and had 29% of the qualifiers. I’m guessing my 100 4A schools is high. Maybe not. Either way...that is a an advantage.
  7. Agreed but it doesn't support his original statement, which is what I was referring to.
  8. So we have to now buy tickets online or can we still pay at the door? Athlete and Spectator?
  9. But it doesn't...to quote Pug: "After looking back at my numbers, 39 (of 64 schools) 5A and 6A schools account for 112 qualifiers. That's 50% of the field. Another 50 kids qualified from 4A schools. So, if my math is correct, 162 of the 224 qualifiers came from 4A schools or bigger....that leaves 62 qualifiers from 3A schools and smaller..." I don't think small schools should get 33% of the qualifiers. All I'm saying is the numbers do not support your statement that there is an equal chance.
  10. Now add 4A Football Schools and see what happens. If anyone truly believes this statement, "Every year the numbers statically show that there is no advantage to an individual in terms of making semi-state or state.", is true, then it's not possible to have a meaningful conversation.
  11. Has anyone seen the standings, have I just missed them, or are they still being worked on?
  12. If you haven't seen the latest from Mr. Faulkens, it sounds like they aren't even allowing all 224 wrestlers in the building at the same time. If that's the case, don't expect to have spectators.
  13. What is stated above is not correct. I spoke with Coach Myers and Pat Culp yesterday...they are currently not allowing spectators at the North Regional. Now...that could have changed since last night. Could someone please verify? Clint Gard
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