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  1. He was ranked #1 his senior year, lost to Tanner Yates at regional and Joey Harris in the ticker round.
  2. Hayhurst pulling a 4 over 1 Friday night, could go along way for MD.
  3. Kyle Samuels- Floyd Central- 2004 wrestling State Runner Up; SQ in golf
  4. The gerrymandering in the south is ridiculous, the changes to Jeffersonville and Southridge make zero sense. You will literally have multiple schools passing each other on I-64 going the opposite direction for sectional. Look at a map and see how insane it is. On the bright side The new Jeffersonville meat grinder will provide some great matches for the fans
  5. Lawrene North 05 was pretty solid headlined by 3x Reece Humphrey, they also has 3- 3rd placers a 5th, 6th and qualifier. Also had Pino in that class who was 4th year before.
  6. @ Evansville 106 Rooks vs Garcia 138 Lee vs Jourdan 160 Van Horn vs Chandler 285 Galligar vs Choate
  7. Since Ihsaa realignment in 2013 this regionals State numbers. 8 Qualifiers last year (3 placers) Bloomington had 4, Castle had 18 and Mooresville 26 8 Qualifiers in 2014 (5 placers) Bloomington had 8, Castle had 17 and Mooresville 22 6 Qualifiers in 2013 (1 placer) Bloomington had 12, Castle had 17, and Mooresville 21 3.5% of all State Qualifiers in a 3 year span 2.6% of all State Placers in a 3 year span. Not saying it is the weakest but It has produced the fewest state qualifiers the 3 years out of the Evansville SS.
  8. I wasn't there but was getting text updates from a reliable source... Here is what i can remember 106 Kennedy FC, Speaker CN, Wood CH, Wright SB 113 Coureur Jeff, 120 Lahue, Whitley, Peavler, Engleking 126 Jamison NA 132 Columbus East 138 Troutman FC, Meenach NW, Spray SW, 145 Wayant CE 152 Partee Mad, Stillinger CE, Meldrum FC 160 Franklin NW, Herron FC, 170 Fisher CE, Lee NA, Bagwell FC 182 Columbus North, Bott JC, Hayes Pr, Spangler JE 195 Sandlin Mad, 220 Ottersbach Fc, 285 Jeff,
  9. Whitley did not wrestle in the dual with Charlestown. Haynes and LaHue should wrestling this weekend
  10. Looks like we might get a 4x Classic Champion this year.. Good Luck Bradley!
  11. Sometimes as a parent you have to make tough decisions for your family, that may or not be easy and often times they effect more than just you thats part of life.. So what if a kid switched schools and whos care for what reason, that his family's decision to make.. He's a talented wrestler and I hope he goes far a represents and I know that if he does he will represent FC and Southern Indiana very well.. This time of year we should be banding together and hope the area wrestlers go far and represent "our" part of the state very well!
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