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  1. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville Sectional

    McCutchen pinned Pratt.
  2. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville Sectional

    152, 160, 171 and maybe 215.
  3. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville Sectional

    Charlestown Havent heard much from up this way. they are definitley gonna have some strong challengers in a few weight classes. 1 champ. Charlestown going to have 3 maybe 4 #1 seeds, so I hope we have more than 1 champion!
  4. R. Kendrick


    Jeffersonville 54 Charlestown 18
  5. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville Friday Night

    Yep all events cancelled for tonight in NA/Floyd co. schools---could have wrestled Sat.----
  6. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville Friday Night

    New Albany
  7. R. Kendrick

    jeffersonville friday

    I was just informed Yes meet will proceed !
  8. R. Kendrick

    jeffersonville friday

    I believe wrestling starts at 6.
  9. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville seeds

    That is one problem we had today. There were some very good wrestlers who have not wrestled much or at all this early in the year. Also being this early in the season it is often difficult to have head to head meeeting or common opponents.
  10. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville seeds

    Vibbert is entered, and seeded #2.
  11. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville seeds

    I think for the most part they are correct. It looks as though some coaches entered different wrestlers at the seeding meeting then what was originally sent into tournmaent.. However, some of the names didnt get changed in the computer, so when the brackets were printed there are different names. The one example I see is at 103 Sang is on the bracket at 103, but I know for fact that Vibbert was put on the board and got the 2 seed. Not really a big issue at all, just that the names didnt get changed in the computer.
  12. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville seeds

    There are a few. Each school was asked to submit a preliminary roster before the seeding meeting, so as always there were some changes to what was originally sent in. I know there are some different names that were seeeded then what was originally send it. The one big one that I see off the top of my head is at 103 Vibbert is the 2 seed
  13. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville seeds

    I know. according to the bracket i was given at the end of the seeding meeting, Weinzapfel is on line 5, and the #5 seed.
  14. R. Kendrick

    Jeffersonville seeds

    Weinzapfel is the 5 seed.
  15. All coaches were present today at the seeding meeting. The first criteria is head to head matchup, the second common opponents, after that It goes down to advancement in last years state tournament series, i.e. state qual, semi state qual.

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