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  1. Clinton Shepard is not on the list either, He just beat Jendreas 5-1 EDIT: Just realized that he is only in 8th Grade nevermind!
  2. 11/28/2020 vs. Chesterton 132 Varsity - Aidan Torres (Chesterton) over Cole Solomey (Kankakee Valley) (Dec 3-1) 02/13/2021 IHSAA Semi-State @ 1 132 Semifinals - Aidan Torres (Chesterton) over Cole Solomey (Kankakee Valley) (Dec 3-1)
  3. Top 10: 1:Logan Frazier- 3rd at 113 2020, 2nd at 120 2021, 1st at 126 2022, #17 in the nation (per FloWrestling), #19 in the nation (per MatScouts), IHPO 4th 2021, IHPO 1st 2022 2: Sam Goin- 5th at 106 2020, 4th at 126 2021, 1st at 152 2022, IHPO 2nd 2019, IHPO 1st 2021, IHPO 1st 2022, #7 in the nation (per MatScouts) 3: Ashton Jackson- 1st at 106 2021, 1st at 113 2022 4: Orlando Cruz- Qualifier at 145 2020, 5th at 160 2021, 2nd at 182 2022, IHPO 4th 2021, IHPO 1st 2022 5: Aidan Torres- 6th at 126 2020, 8th at 126 2021, 3rd at 145 2022 6: Cole Solomey- 7th at 120 2020, 6th at 132 2021, 2nd at 138 2022, IHPO 1st 2022 7: Will Clark- 5th at 195 2022, Fargo AA 2021 8: Gavin Jendreas- 2nd at 106 2022 9: Cody Goodwin- 4th at 160 2022 10: Hayden DeMarco- 6th at 113 2021, 7th at 120 2022 Reason I have Logan at #1 is because I always think back to his matches with Lemley. If Illinois doesn't shutdown, Logan is a 2x State champ already. Also Sergio is now #1 in the nation. Logan was in every match with him. I put Will Clark in there because the kid is a beast. Fargo AA is tough! Honestly the kid might deserve to go higher on the list. If he wasn't in football he might have won IHPO...8/9/10 were hard to decide, I dropped DeMarco to 10 because Goodwin and Jendreas had better state performances last year. Jendreas placed higher than Goodwin so he gets the 8 spot. Aidan Torres goes above Solomey because of head to head.
  4. Indiana Flash Lineups are updated on the link.
  5. Last RTC tonight before freestyle state!
  6. @JcjcjcI am sure he would be willing to send you what he has.
  7. The IHSWCA has presented many schools plans to fund and facilitate girls wrestling in Indiana. For example I know the Hobart AD and Head Coach made a proposal to facilitate girls wrestling and this was used in the presentation to the IHSAA. Each school will have to do it their own way, but as wrestlers we evolve and figure it out as a process.
  8. Thanks @Y2CJ41sure know how to make this guy feel old!
  9. Back at it tonight! See you there!
  10. We have a Velcro competition mat. It does save on money and is easy to set up/ breakdown. Really nothing better than a one piece heavy duty!
  11. RTC TODAY!!! Hobart High School 2211 E 10th St Hobart, IN 46342 Door 18 6-7:30pm
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