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  1. Glad you all are okay! Here for you if you need anything Mike!
  2. I wanted to get on here to keep you up to date on Coach Steve Balash from Hobart. He has been diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. He is attacking this with great strides! Please if you could keep him in your thoughts and prayers. This would be his 50th year coaching 3 sports (Football, Track, and Wrestling). Right now we are selling shirts with all proceeds going towards his fight! Balash Strong - Show your support for Steve Balash and his fight with lymphoblastic lymphoma https://balashstrong.itemorder.com/
  3. Johnathan Moran didn't get to wrestle his senior year.
  4. Interesting. He was just talking about his love for Illinois in his S32 interview. Congrats!
  5. Mason Parris = Junior World Champion. I know this was after HS but still.... Amos was the Junior world champ at Carroll's weight and he pretty much man handled him. Take nothing away from Carroll, He is extremely tough and good!
  6. Looks good! When can we edit their pics and info?
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    NCC Championship

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    Hobart vs Morton

    01/12/2022 06:30 PM
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    Hobart vs KV

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    Hobart vs Lowell

    12/09/2021 06:30 PM
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