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  1. Teams that are playing in the state finals tomorrow and Saturday that were top 15 on IHSWCA team state vote in. 1A- South Adams(1a) 3A- Hobart(4a), Roncalli(4a) 4A- Cathedral(5a), Zionsville(5a), Center Grove (6a), Westfield (6a) Good luck the next 2 days! In addition who are the wrestlers on these teams that are also playing for a state football championship? Ill start it off with the Hobart wrestlers... Hobart:Tyler Turley, Jacob Simpson, Bobby Babcock, Cam Smith, Alex Pickett, Chase Homoky, Gavin Miller, Ryan Pimentel, Justin Sawyer, Owen Gniadek, Ryan Flo
  2. @Y2CJ41 we have a signed wrestler list, can we do a list of ranked or state caliber guys that are seniors that have not signed anywhere? In the meantime let’s hear who they are
  3. I put it in the 4 teams schedule
  4. brickfor6


    01/09/2021 08:30 AM
  5. Bricks vs Dogs 1/22/21! Always a great atmosphere. Might be a little down this year, but will still be fun!!
  6. There are other teams...Also it is not set that we will meet up with LC on 12/19.
  7. Yeah weird that the returning harvest champs and state ranked #8 team wasn't invited to the party lol Dropped like a ton of bricks I guess...
  8. Just got an email that the Lake Central Harvest Classic is canceled. Is this the first 16 team tourney to cancel? Being that this is one of the largest schools in Indiana, this caught me by surprise.
  9. 01/22/2021 06:30 PM
  10. How would that work? Same amount of people are coming to the county. Each school would need multiple coaches at each location. Multiple busses (unless you drop one off and take the other) I don't think the county would go for that.
  11. Where is this going to be held? Is each class going to go its separate way? If this were the case it would make most sense to have it at these places. 4A- Warren central HS - 4 mats- (Definitely big enough to host 1 class) (In team state) 3A- Franklin Community - 4 Mats (Definitely big enough to host 1 class and host Elem dual state next day) (In team state) 2A & 1A- FW Coliseum - 12 mats (I don't think any school is big enough to host, so put 2A & 1A at the Coliseum) What are your guys thoughts? I don't think that the Coliseum is going to be abl
  12. I would agree, I definitely saw how good Chatard was on friday. I was impressed in what they did to merrillville
  13. Oh and Bettich last year didn't start HS at CP
  14. Well I think the only other one that didn't start HS at CP is Roberson. If we are talking about before HS. A lot of them did not attend CP middle schools.
  15. I do hope to see a Center Grove vs Merrillville match up for football. Merrillville looks TOUGH
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