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  1. Excited to see the light weights and what weight they all will land at. Just look at 106-113 returning placers. I also added their career record at state... Not to mention their are a ton of REALLY good freshman coming up, and some kids that have been on the cuff the past few years. Return of Logan Miller? (2020 Champ) (4-0 at state) Ashton Jackson- Champ (4-0 at state) Issac Ruble - 2nd (6-3 at state) Evan Dickey- 2nd (3-2 at state) Billerman- 3rd (3-1 at state) Leavell-3rd (3-1 at state) Hammack- 4th (2-3 at state) Jeff Bailey- 6th (2-3 at state) Seng- 5th (3-1 at state) Bahl- 5th (3-1 at state) Demarco-6th (2-2 at state) Nathan Smith-7th (2-2 at state) Brooks- 7th (3-5 at state) Buttler- 8th (1-3 at state) Tishner-8th (1-3 at state)
  2. We have had our Dollamur Velcro for around 5 years and it has held up pretty nice, but we only use it for competition. I don’t know how it would hold as a practice mat
  3. No we would either need to get rid of a girls sport, or add another boys sport.
  4. @Tenser310 Hobart was in the same boat for 3A, what is worse is that we were there last year. Unfortunately, we had maybe the most injuries in one year in program history. Ruben Padilla (State Ranked) was out with a concussion at the end of the year Cristian Padilla (SS Ranked) out with torn up knee Cam Smith (SS Ranked) tore his ACL in football Bobby Babcock (State Ranked) broke his hand right before team state Tyler Turley (State Ranked) broke his hand at sectionals Lost 3 220 pounders to covid/injury Gotta move on, hopefully the results next year show that we belong!! We are returning 3 state qualifiers and a lot of talent.
  5. TAE was a great guy! I remember from a very young age talking with him. His son Richard was very influential in my life. Not to mention he made the greatest Indiana wrestling stat book of all time! Sorry for your loss Neal family!
  6. Register at Brickiewrestling.com Location: Hobart High School 2211 E. 10th St Hobart, Indiana 46342 Door 18 Dates: June 14th, 15th, & 16th Session times: 3:30-5:00pm & 6-7:30pm *Mask are required to enter building* Cost: $100 per athlete Both Sessions included Coach Tony Ersland Coach Leroy Vega Coach AJ Schopp Coach Jake Sueflon Coach Daniel Lewis QUESTIONS Please direct questions to: Coach Jason Cook cookclass@hobart.k12.in.us 219-508-3170
  7. Volunteer as tribute to go to Fort Wayne. Lol JK that wouldn't be very REGION of us!
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