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Will FW SS have a champ?

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1 hour ago, Y21AB said:

Lets hear it. Will the Fort Wayne semi state have a champ this year and end the drought? 


Best chance have to be Levitz and Feilden. 

Levitz & Fielden are strong selections as possibles.  I personally feel a healthy Mason Winner has a realistic shot. Walker being a heavy favorite, and not counting out any other top 182’s, but I think Winner wants to prove something.


Another intriguing kid is Cale Gray at 220.  His strength, athleticism, yet ability to wrestle small.....will prove formidable against anyone in that weight class.  I feel this kid is a little slept on despite his strong state ranking. 

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106 - Ruble will be in the running based on current results and he is the favorite at FWSS providing him a 4th place finisher Friday night.  Saturday morning though could provide him a Schoeeff or Lowery depending on the draw but I guess Final 8 will be tough regardless.


113 - Sturgill or Brooks may medal, but probably 5th is best case scenario


120 - It will be a tough to get a medal at this weight.  Look at top 7 and you say, DAMN.....3-7 have only lost to either Seltzer or Bettich.


126 - Bertsch highest ranked at #11.  Depending on who wins the FWSS, they will have a chance to medal, I don't see anyone beyond that winning Friday night.


132 - Cottingham and Heath could place high...but winning is probably out of the question.  Thanks Mr. Mendez.


138 - NCSS is loaded at this weight with Bailey, Wagner, Mattingly and Ross and EVSS has Boarman, Conway and Campbell.  Friday night could be a nightmare for ECSS & FWSS.


145 - Fiechter has the best chance to go top semi's, but I think this is a 2-horse race with Mr. Viduya and Mr. Ellis.


152 - Getting a top 8 finish is going to be tough.


160 - Levitz & Pettigrew have the best chances to win so far but then you look at the other contenders and just shake your head....Dickens, Rodgers, Noehre....my $ is on Noehre to break through this year.


170 - Fielden has to be in the running, he got 2nd last year at the same weight losing to South.  Calhoun had an impressive summer, fall and winter; he is going to be hard to beat.  With that said, I think Fielden has as good as chance as anyone to be under the lights.


182 - Winner has went 7th, 8th and 5th...is this the year he wins it all?  Walker is really good, really good.  It will be an upset but upsets have occurred before.


195 - 1. Allred is champ.  2. FWSS top ranked wrestler is #11 and there are some good kids 2-10...not happening.


220 - Gray has NO RESULTS posted (which is a shame) so tough for me make an educated choice.  Ranked #3 and finished 6th last year...he should have a good shot but Bates & Webster are probably a little better


285 - Erb highest ranked, but anyone outside of the top 5 has an uphill batter.



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1 hour ago, AdamsCoBuschhh said:



Agreed.  I think at best we'll see a 2nd, but most likely a couple/few 3rd's.

I haven’t actually had the opportunity to watch Levitz wrestle this year, but by just comparing the notable results listed on the rankings page, it would seem that he would have as much chance as anybody at winning 160.

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51 minutes ago, Silence Dogood said:

Fort Wayne had 5 champs in 1999. How'd we get to the point over the course of 20 years where we are trying to figure out if they'll even have 1?

Wondering myself. Have not been in the area for several years now, but wrestling was alive and well in the 70's 80s and 90's. Are the youth clubs still operating?

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On 1/25/2020 at 10:14 PM, Disco said:

Wondering myself. Have not been in the area for several years now, but wrestling was alive and well in the 70's 80s and 90's. Are the youth clubs still operating?


I think everyone else has caught up and has the mentality that was in this area during those times. Wonder how much of it is due to many good athletes going off to college in other parts of the state or other states and not coming back. The bloodlines then go to different regions creating success? It seems more people around here are trying to move to Hamilton, Marion, Hendricks, and portions of Boone Counties. Then our smaller schools lose some to our bigger schools like Northwest Allen and Southwest Allen, but not as much as the others.

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