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Everything posted by boomer

  1. I guess it seams to me that Asa had the cradle locked up tight. So even if the ref would have waited it still would have resulted in a pin.
  2. Now lets break the placers down by class and see how lopsided it is. Then we can start the class wrestling debate.
  3. Eastside up in the northeast corner closed again.
  4. Looks like they must have locked the brackets so they could make changes. I can see that the Carroll brackets were changed from what they were the night we did them. They took all the kids that were drawn into a seeded kid and placed them against unseeded kids. This is a good thing in the long run.
  5. Any 1A teams other then MD. There a little different then most normal 1A.
  6. boomer

    Eastside vs. Bluffton

  7. boomer

    Eastside vs. Angola

  8. boomer

    Southern Wells vs. Eastside

    Southern Wells
  9. boomer

    Central Noble vs. Eastside

    Central Noble
  10. boomer

    Eastside vs. Wabash

  11. boomer

    Adams Central vs. Eastside

    Adams Central
  12. 170 Laik Minnick Eastside FW ss#1 pinned Parker Bates FW ss#2 .
  13. Miller from northwood is 170. Miller from Lakeland is 138.
  14. At 170 you have Jaden Miller 8th but he is at 138. Rest look good.
  15. boomer

    2018 Defiance Tri-State Border War

  16. While most teams were in state wrestling a few teams went over to Defiance Ohio for there tri-state border wars tournament. The Indiana teams were Eastside, Columbia City, DeKalb, Angola and Woodlan. I would have liked to have a few more placers but we did walk away with 2 champs and a runner up out of the 42 teams there. There were several ranked wrestlers from Ohio and Michigan on hand and the competition was pretty good over all. I would like to congratulations Eastside"s Laik Minnick on his first place finish. Laik also won this event last year. Place winners are as follows. 170 Laik Minnick Eastside 1st defeated #8 in Ohio's div 2 Hayden Mcgee from Maysville 7-5 in the finals. 160 Jackson Pettigrew Columbia City 1st defeated #5 at 170 in Ohio's div 3 T.J. Rhamy from Patrick Henry 7-6 in the finals 113 Jett Boots Angola lost in the finals to Ohio's # 14 in div 2 Rico Cunningham from Sandusky 6-4 other place winners are 160 Treyven McKinley Eastside 7th Hwt Eastside Chase leeper 8th, Had to medical FF out to 8th due to injury 132 Ryan Sheets Columbia City 5th 138 Hunter Maggard Columbia City 8th 152 Danny Herschberger Woodlan 6th 195 Lukaas Roller DeKalb 7th 220 Kevin Hartman Angola 7th Niles Michigan won the event with 168.5
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