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  1. I guess it seams to me that Asa had the cradle locked up tight. So even if the ref would have waited it still would have resulted in a pin.
  2. Now lets break the placers down by class and see how lopsided it is. Then we can start the class wrestling debate.
  3. Eastside up in the northeast corner closed again.
  4. Looks like they must have locked the brackets so they could make changes. I can see that the Carroll brackets were changed from what they were the night we did them. They took all the kids that were drawn into a seeded kid and placed them against unseeded kids. This is a good thing in the long run.
  5. Any 1A teams other then MD. There a little different then most normal 1A.
  6. boomer

    Eastside vs. Bluffton

  7. boomer

    Eastside vs. Angola

  8. boomer

    Southern Wells vs. Eastside

    Southern Wells
  9. boomer

    Central Noble vs. Eastside

    Central Noble
  10. boomer

    Eastside vs. Wabash

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