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  1. This seams like a silly topic to me. Why are we blaming the victim of an illegal move for wrestling later on if they feel like they can. Hears an idea, don't do the illegal move then you wont have a problem. Maybe its just the cop in me but penalizing the victim and rewarding the offender seams wrong.
  2. I didn't see the match other then the video but it seams everyone is going on the assumption that Beeks would have won the match. Either way Hardcastle was good enough to win the tournament. So if Beeks would have won that means that the 2nd best wrestler would have went home. This is another great example of needing wrestle backs. As far as wrestling after getting hit in the knee, it could defantly affect you in that match but after some ice and ibuprofen you could be good to go after that. Sucks either way for one that a good kid won't make it.
  3. boomer


  4. I think it was just a couple years ago we had more champs then any other SS. We were not as deep but we did have several champs.
  5. I will try and add them later tonight if I get time.
  6. boomer

    Eastside vs. Bluffton

  7. To add to this is just the strain of the academics of collage. Going to class, going to practice and all the papers to write. I tip my hat to the kids that can do all that and have success on the mat and can keep their grades up.
  8. boomer

    Eastside vs. Angola

  9. Really. Your talking about percentages and being fair. What s the percentage of 1a wrestlers to winning a title at state compared to 3a. Team state was the one thing we had a shot of going to and maybe placing or winning but now that is again moving in favor of 3a schools as well. I just don't get it I guess.
  10. Ok, let me see if I got this straight. The 3a class is getting split so they will go from getting 12 teams at team state to 16 and the 1a and 2a teams will get reduced to 8 teams each. So the one tournament that small schools look forward to is getting harder for them to get in because of the reduced number but easier for big schools. The big schools already have the state tournament to win which the small schools have next to no chance in winning. Just seams silly to me that once again the small schools are getting the short end of the stick. I am also surprised that the 3a schools are ok with this, wont they just be winning a watered down title. Will there be a final match with the 3a champ and the 4a champ so we will know who the real champ is ? Just frustrated I guess. I know I know, just work harder.
  11. boomer

    Bill Kerbel Invitational

  12. boomer

    Eastside vs. Fremont

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