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Everything posted by 84headhunter

  1. I remember the good ol’ days at Humphrey’s when we would play under the bleachers during the ‘big kids’ practice, I’ve wondered how ya been lately. Sorry to hear you didn’t make it, but this is just a small portion of life, don’t dwell on it, hopefully I get to see you in the future. -Wyatt
  2. Joe is still bald, that’s upsetting.
  3. They’re all champs in my heart
  4. If I was admin this wouldn't be happening
  5. Let's just ignore how draws work in Indiana
  6. He had 3x more losses than me I’d take him on any day
  7. Keep this up and this senior 106 will take your coaching job
  8. Or you could stop being a kid about this? no one here is trolling
  9. the fact that Jesse wanted to cut him and take him down more isn't an opinion, its a fact?
  10. theres nothing wrong with being wrong I guess
  11. You’s about to learn real quick what littell is about
  12. Littell > Boarman by dec. or major. Littell is a little man
  13. Single leg dump or high crotch dump success rate is 100% about 90% of the time
  14. i had to weigh 105.9 or 106 on the spot when i cut, its ridiculous. any weight below your weight class should be a 'qualifying weigh-in'
  15. The Angrier the wrestler, the harder they go at practice. It's a win-win situation
  16. no side effect, should be worried about effects at about 3 days of not eating
  17. A pretty good website for it being free. i will admit, mildly impressed
  18. The way I remember, they straight up used the weight you weighed in at as your minimum weight.
  19. if you weigh in at (or under) the weight class you WANT to wrestle, you need to get signed by a doctor to wrestle that weight class, if you want to wrestle a weight class, you NEED to be at it or under.
  20. i started summer of my senior year, i kinda lost all my gains during season
  21. lift for strength and muscle growth in the off season, during season lift for muscle endurance and to retain.
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