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Everything posted by aoberlin

  1. aoberlin

    Manchester University/Indiana Tech RTC

    I think this is a great idea having these 2 programs team up. Thanks guys keep up the good work.
  2. aoberlin

    An idea to help grow the sport

    It is difficult to run a youth club the right way. After 20 years I am still trying to totally dial it in. I am closer now but it just takes so much time and you need the right parents and coaches. In my opinion you need at least 6 practices a week and a club to be broken up once it gets big enough. K-2nd beginner practices twice a week for an hour. 3rd - 5th beginner to intermediate twice a week for an hour. Then 2 practices a week for your tourney kids that want to take it to the next level. Those tourney kids can also come to the other practices because they will be a little more fun and still teach fundamentals. You just have to be the one that matches them up so they aren't throttling some new kids and they make them want to quit. Now you can have a smaller club and work them harder and focus more on competition but you will lose a bunch of kids that could turn the corner before they are ever able to. I have coached those clubs before and they are fun but I don't think it helps grow the sport much. Friendly duals are awesome for those beginners and some beginner tournaments are nice with round robin formats to get the kids used to it. I always tell my kids the goal is for you to learn fundamentals, to wrestle in middle school, and eventually wrestle in high school. Those programs can weed kids out that really aren't going to take it serious or maybe the sport just isn't meant for them. Until then we just need to focus on growing it. I have had quite few kids try to go to tournaments too soon and never come back to practice because they got throttled by some kid that thinks they are wrestling for a state title at the ripe old age of 8 and already has 100+ matches under their belt. I like the idea of beginner state. Definitely would need to be held on a different weekend since many of the same club coaches would be going. I say we have it in Fort Wayne since we are the ones that are really in need of getting things growing. Y2 that is a really interesting stat for USA wrestling only have about 50% retention. I will run that against my club for the last 3 years and see where I land.
  3. aoberlin

    An idea to help grow the sport

    Many of the tourneys we now go to do it that way mind you they are smaller. That and friendly duals with other clubs in the wrestling room and elementary school duals is where I think it is at now. At least for me as a coach it is more enjoyable.
  4. aoberlin

    New State Format

    This has been my vote also. IHSAA wins by putting more butts in seats.
  5. aoberlin

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    I haven’t read any of this garbage but it is 5 pages long. They both suck.
  6. aoberlin

    Down #s

    Anyway we can get the numbers from IHSAA for purchased viewing?
  7. aoberlin

    Something needs to change

    My favorite subject. We down right suck right now. I really wish it wasn’t so. You are correct that the small schools do a great job. The pride and community in the Adams area alone helps. But in general we aren’t getting it done. SAC would produce at least 1 or 2 champs a year or at least get some the finals a couple decades ago. But there has been a big drought there for a while. I will not bag on the coaches of those schools they are fighting the good fight but it is a big up hill battle. No middle school programs is where it starts but there is also more issues at play. We all would love to get the area back in going. Even if we got some great Academy not sure that will change much. Warrior Elite does a pretty good job but the kids around here aren’t coming out in droves. You can hold a clinic that is free with good coaches and the interest still isn’t that big. Plus it isn’t like good coaches grow on trees. Everyone knows to run a successful program it pretty much fills up your whole life. So if you want to be a good family man it is a tough balance. Which is why you see so many coaches only coach when their kids are going through.
  8. aoberlin

    Mendez vs. Watts

    Give Angel some love in this one also. Plus the guy named Andrew Howe was decent.
  9. Meaning he gets in position to make the call quickly. Not sure if he uses 1,2 pin or 1 one thousand 2 one thousand. He will tell you if don’t want to be called pin don’t go to your back.
  10. That ref has been around forever and does a great job. Anyone that knows him knows you don’t go to your back when he refs. He calls it when he sees it and he is very consistent.
  11. aoberlin

    Wrestlebacks question

    Fews years back? This has been a long topic before Indianamat existed and we used the ISWA forum.
  12. aoberlin

    Upsets, who’s in, who’s out

    Don’t worry Joe I edited your post for you. It was getting uncomfortable.
  13. aoberlin

    Upsets, who’s in, who’s out

    Are you really going to say you can hit a move with super in it?
  14. aoberlin

    Sectional Brackets

    He said wrestle backs! We talking about it yet or are we going to wait for the screw jobs to happen at semi state?
  15. aoberlin

    Lee vs Red let the games begin!

    Round 2 goes to Lee. Good match.
  16. aoberlin

    3A Team State

    Good stuff. Thanks coach. Just goes to show it isn’t about numbers or the size of the school. Every program has its unique obstacles. Keep up the good fight.
  17. aoberlin

    Another Jerry McGuire Moment

    Pretty sure you are talking about our wrestler and no he isn’t ranked. Probably should be though. We don’t coach dirt. We coach intensity. Sorry your son was undefeated until he wrestled our kid but I saw absolutely nothing illegal. I never saw a choke. Now the punch your coach complained about was a cross face that didn’t work because your sons face was planted too hard on the mat. I can understand the complaint from your coach but he verbally berated the ref. You don’t get anywhere doing that. That was normal wrestling at that level.
  18. aoberlin

    Another Jerry McGuire Moment

    We will take it to the streets of Wazooo!
  19. aoberlin

    Another Jerry McGuire Moment

    Scrape my face Joe and we are fighting outside the mat! 😯Legal or not.
  20. aoberlin

    Another Jerry McGuire Moment

    I can’t stand the hard push after they are out of bounds. I really really hate the face raking. Makes me immediately dislike the wrestler. It is just dirty. If a coach coaches that they should quit.
  21. aoberlin

    Get off my lawn

    That sucks. What about making it in order to qualify you have to post your results? Otherwise sorry you just don't care enough. I know when our team gets to that point we will make sure the committee has what they need.
  22. aoberlin

    Just asking

    Because the semi state ranker is wrong. Reiser is right.
  23. aoberlin

    Qualifying weighins for kids under 7%

    Everyday, multiple times a day, I wish common sense was common.
  24. aoberlin

    You think IndianaMat should??

    Florida is a swamp
  25. aoberlin

    Preseason Mag?

    Here we go! The season is on. The first arguments over trivial things. My KFC almost cost twice as much as this magazine today and I got grease on my keyboard as I read it. Sorry you are disappointed jason. Maybe the person you were hoping to read about will become good and make the headlines next time.

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