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  4. Any week day between January 11th and January 30th besides January 14th. Let me know if you are interested aoberlin@gmail.com
  5. This whole thing sucks. But.... I am happy we live in Indiana and how they are handling it.
  6. Faulkens expressed that they are not changing the venue no matter how much they take a bath on it. He said they are not going to take away from the athletes experience. I almost shed a tear.
  7. aoberlin

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    Tippecanoe Valley
  10. aoberlin

  11. Bigger area to keep more spread out. Fort Wayne Coliseum! We would love for Al Smith come here for a year.
  12. Let's face it. Wrestling has an advantage over most sports. We never have many fans and that has been just fine with us.
  13. If I remember right you were helping me. So I see your point.
  14. Listen Barroquillo I do believe I helped you win some of your youth matches, even the defensive pin you got against a Portage kid that was smoking you. Respect your elders sonny. Focus on Indiana Tech hosting a local camp at the end of the summer so our kids can stay local for a while.
  15. My concern would be that during season practice rooms have more kids in them than the off season, there are usually more practices a week, and possibly kids aren't as good at taking clothes home when practices are back to back everyday. Plus I never focus too much on how well skin checks are being done at the Sunday tourneys but to my knowledge it isn't as strict as during the IHSAA season. To me it isn't a huge health risk because that is part of the sport. My bigger concern is kids contracting it more and knocking them out of important events.
  16. Honestly ringworm isn't the bad one. Impetigo is the one that worries me more. Once it is in the room it isn't fun to get rid of and knocks a kid out of a line up for a while.
  17. So you can have ringworm under your singlet and that will never get seen?
  18. That sucks. Like I said if we can find some kind of treatment that lowers the death rate and we can test quickly. It has been shown that CoVid has been running unnoticed as early as January and we didn't pick up on it until late February. If these 5 people contracted it and all went to the same game I would be interested in the study that shows how many people actually got it. I am not saying this isn't dangerous because it is. But we left it unchecked for a long time and we have no herd immunity or vaccine to it and we have only been guessing at how to treat it. I am just saying there are thi
  19. My opinion is that it will truly depend on what the actual death rate is and who it is really affecting. The flu has a death rate of about .3 percent. If with all the testing that is being done we find out this also has a death rate of about the same as the flu do we still keep shutting things down because it is new and there is no herd? Right now it looks to be hardly touching our youth unless that have major immunity issues so the real risk comes with the older and at risk population. If we can find some form of treatment that lowers the death rate down even more and we are able to test quic
  20. I think all decisions need to be had at the very last minute. They have different data points almost everyday and as more data comes out I think it should change how this is approached.
  21. So is there a group of people that get paid to look at things and make changes? How does something like this come down the pipe? Honestly interested but not enough to try and look it up. My imagination says their is a group of people that gets paid by an association that has to at least make a couple changes a year in order for them to cash a check. They say "hey let's mess with weight classes again because that really shows we are doing something." Then the coaches don't come together and push back enough and little Tommy "Too Small" and Billy "Big Boy" suffer from it.
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