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  1. You would still have wrestlers at home, on Friday night, that would have qualified had they avoided the "loaded" regional/semi-state. Wrestle-backs provides the best chance to get the Top 4 from a given location, on that given day. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. I have watched Eierman in 3 matches now, and I don't recall him taking a single shot. Everything is a counter....I can see a few guys changing up their strategy to get him off his game.
  3. Of course we can all have our own opinions, but I think you find yourself in the small minority calling this match a "taking to the woodshed" type of event. For the record, I think that statement is 100% wrong. As you can see, for you to imply Mr. Nick Lee was 'beat down' in a wrestling match with a 6-5 score could be considered blasphemy in certain circles.
  4. I recall Bradbury vs Ramos having 6 battles in the same year, Ramos won them all, including the Finals.
  5. In a different thread I listed the over/under at 2.5 for State Champs - I was wrong, I took the under.
  6. He was 27-4 last year, got 3rd at Regional and lost to Dakota Arvin in the 1st round of semi-state. Congrats to the young man for a helluva turnaround, not that last year was bad, but this year is fantastic!
  7. As I recall in 2001 Macke avenged the loss to Clark the following week at Team State. I was a fan of the teams wrestling mid-week during the individual series. Now granted that may not have been the best concept for the wrestlers, but as a fan it was a great month!
  8. I gave him 50k because he adds so much material and insight to the threads.
  9. Last year I inputted individual results to earn 50,000+ bananas— if everyone would do their own it would most definitely make it more efficient/accurate, but the rankings are rock-solid.
  10. I could not agree less. Annually for 10+ years I have created dozens of spreadsheets detailing the accuracy of the rankings. IndianaMat rankings is incredibly accurate/consistent. I do not want the SS to be seeded, but if they did decide to do it, using the rankings would be an intelligent start for the process.
  11. 7 out of 14?!? I know I have been quiet this year and I haven't done the proper research to make this comment, but I will anyway...I would put the over/under at 2.5 State Champs from this Regional and I am taking the Under.
  12. The belief of 'cold weather' killing the virus must apply when ice is on the floor. With that I believe there are two options in order to have 50% attendance. (1) put the mats on ice instead of hardwood or (2) give everyone in attendance free snow cones all day. I am a problem solver.
  13. Visit the PM Wrestling Club Twitter feed to find the links below (live feeds) Live links to watch County tomorrow. Wrestling begins at 9am. iframe.dacast.com/b/141707/c/572… iframe.dacast.com/b/141707/c/572… iframe.dacast.com/b/141707/c/572… iframe.dacast.com/b/141707/c/572…
  14. My son, who is a baseball player, took a few years off after high school to get his head right. He was a member of the Indiana Bulls program through high school but lost his way his junior year and disappeared from the radar of coaches. Last year he made a choice to resurrect his career and live in the dorm at Ancilla. He made great friendships while enjoying the school/instructors. They do a great job of being there for the student; my son is returning even though he had other options so I believe that speaks volumes of his experience. I give the school 2 thumbs-up!!
  15. Tristan Moran, 17-5, ranked #11 (6-4 in last 10) B10 Wins: Cole Martin, Parker Filius, Chad Red, Mitch McKee, Justin Benjamin B10 Losses: Max Murin, Luke Pletcher, Nick Lee Chad Red, 15-6, ranked #5 (7-3 in last 10) B10 Wins: Mitch McKee, Cole Martin, Eddie Bolivar, Matt Santos, Max Murin, B10 Losses: Luke Pletcher (2x), Nick Lee, Tristan Moran Max Murin, 12-1, ranked #7 (9-1 in last 10) B10 Wins: Mitch McKee, Parker Filius, Eddie Bolivar, Dylan Duncan, Tristan Moran B10 Losses: Chad Red Just looking at the data, I would have Mu
  16. Missed them all Jason....keep the day job!
  17. I won Fort Wayne, and took 7th overall which would be similar to winning Semi-State & standing on the Podium!
  18. Lowery and Viduya accomplished that feat as well.
  19. I would include the following: Bettich at 120 Viduya at 145. Dickens at 160 LaPlace at 195
  20. At the very least he would appreciate knowing where to eat in the Region because I know he travels a bunch doing radio!! Personally I like Mr. Rakestraw hosting the event but they definitely need to either (1) improve their knowledge or (2) add people who know the wrestlers background (youth - high school).
  21. Overall Record of Weight // Undefeated // Classes // Previous State Experience 106: 525 - 68 // Lowery // 7-Freshman, 6-Sophomore, 1-Junior, 2-Senior // 1x - Miller, Chundi, Ruble 113: 538 - 87 // None // 5-Freshman, 5-Sophomore, 4-Junior, 2-Senior // 2x - Cottey, Ross : 1x - Anthony, Sturgill, Sprague 120: 553 - 57 // Seltzer // 2-Freshman, 2-Sophomore, 5-Junior, 7-Senior // 3x - Bettich : 2x - Diaz, Eldred : 1x - Seltzer, Freeman, Hall, White, Robinson, Boots 126: 565 - 54 // Stroud // 1-Freshman, 3-Sophomore, 5-Junior, 7-Senior // 3x - Rioux
  22. My picks for champs are: Mendez, Calhoun, Bates
  23. Wrestlers with the best chance: 106 - Ruble, 160 - Levitz, 170 - Fielden & Parrish, 182 - Winner, 220 - Gray. My champ, I took Winner at 182.
  24. New Castle -- 8 Evansville -- 2 East Chicago -- 3 Fort Wayne -- 1
  25. 1. I will agree that is a large disparity, moving a few schools in exchange for smaller schools will balance out the talent pool. 2. Could it happen, yes....does it happen, I don't know. It has been my experience athletes will participate if they enjoy the sport. I have been involved in sports for 35+ years (high school, CYO, Travel) and personally I have never heard any athlete state "I am quitting because our team can't win in the postseason". 3. I am in agreement with you, trying harder does not = winning. I remember playing golf in high school and in my SECTIONAL
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