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Everything posted by Perseverance

  1. Perseverance

    FloNationals - April 18-20

    Definitely have. There’s a lot of mixed emotions about it......but it aligns with our goals in an awesome way! They’ve also adopted the UWW weight classes/age divisions. So that makes Silas a Cadet for both events. They’ll be some very tough kids to contend with, but we like Silas’ chances in having the opportunity to represent the US at Pan Am & UWW. Its almost redemption of sorts.....and on a grander scale so to speak. Silas likely would’ve won Cadet National Triple Crown last summer if not for the knee surgery after his Folkstyle Nats title. Very discouraging falling short of those goals due to circumstances outside of our control. So the opportunity he’s presented to compete within his age group at the World level this year.......genuinely feels like God’s reward for a certain level of “perseverance”. 😏 Looking forward to the possibilities this summer will bring.
  2. Perseverance

    FloNationals - April 18-20

    Inbox me your info plz. I’ll have Coach Eppert or Gill touch base with you. They’ll have no problems bringing the young man into the fold for the weekend and helping coach. 👍
  3. Perseverance

    FloNationals - April 18-20

    Some CIA wrestlers that I know are making the trip include......Silas, Seltzer, Noehre and likely Viduya & Lohrey.
  4. For the record......I had on the thong for luck in the stands! But its not leopard skin. It’s a chartreuse yellow, banana hammock. They’re going to include it in Silas’ section of the trophy case at Doah! Probably better wash it first huh? 😜
  5. Couldn’t have went wrong with either selection. Jesse is a great kid with tons of awards, accolades and otherwise just waiting to be stockpiled with all his youth hardware! Silas spent less than 45 minutes on the mat this year. All falls and techs except for the major in the final. Appreciate the acknowledgement brother 😏
  6. Perseverance

    Impact freshman

    Have to admit......I entertained the idea with Silas. But ultimately.....had I done so, I would’ve outwardly been setting an example of athletics overriding academics. And that’s a major breach of the Allred’s household priority line. Being fully transparent.....Regardless of my sons success through relentless hard work, I still frequently think on the “what if’s”. He could legit be a sophomore right now and not such a young junior. Increased accolades in-state and Nationally would undoubtedly be attained. But ultimately....if athletics isn’t the back up plan to education/career, we’re setting our kids up for misaligned values. Make no mistake.....Silas plans to take the sport as far as his health, work ethic and God allows. But one reality we’ve embraced.....is that the events of tomorrow can never be fully predicted. And in retrospect......being young for his class and having to work harder to compensate for the age gap, has likely benefited his long term success and character much more than any medal could. And rest assured, as it pertains to the topic of age/success/recruiting......programs are very aware of an athletes age/projection. So in most instances.....being young and successful is even more appealing to recruiters. And that “success” I refer to here.....goes far beyond what an athlete accomplishes in their particular sport. Character & Classroom has to come first.
  7. Perseverance

    Impact freshman

    Muncie PAL......aka “Dodge City”! The locale where young hammers learn lefty headlocks from Tony Gonzalez that resemble left hooks from Joe Frazier!!! 😏
  8. Perseverance

    Carson Brewer

    In speaking with my son Silas about the head but......he made a great point. Mind you, Silas knows Carson well and they’ve travelled together competing on the same squad numerous times. Silas’ perspective..... ”Dad.....Carson likes to establish head position. Even if he’s got wrist control or in the tie, he looks to position his head. If I’m trying to do the same thing.....and I head but a kid, the slow motion video will undoubtedly make it look intentional. It’s like in baseball, if a pitcher accidentally hits a batter. When they show it in slow motion, to the naked eye it could appear that he threw it right at the guy. When actually.....he just missed his spot.” I think Carson deserves a lot of credit for psychologically staying strong. Getting thrown Laplace on Fri after last years issue with Mahan.....put his mental toughness to the test immediately. And the young man passed with flying colors.
  9. Perseverance

    Mr. Gorilla, who's your pick and why?

    Really tough choice for you guys this year. Multiple guys are deserving. Being a 3 timer, it’s hard not to lock in Asa. However.....What Slivka has done the last 2 years is pretty special. Coming into the finals as the clear underdog, very few expecting him to win, facing higher touted nationally ranked foes.......and remaining cooler than polar bear toenails. The young man embodies consistency.
  10. Perseverance

    Silas Allred of Shenandoah commits to

    Wes......Aporeciate the acknowledgement brother. And while you’re 100% correct regarding your point about hard work being greater than natural ability.....I only have 1 request. DO NOT downplay my elite DNA strain brotha! 🤣 Because even though after 30 seconds the youngster has me either on my back, or too tired to continue......He still can’t hit my fastball......and he dreads putting on the boxing gloves with me! Gotta keep him honest 😏.
  11. Perseverance

    Silas Allred of Shenandoah commits to

    Fully understand brother. Admittedly......the toughest part wasn’t Silas separating himself from other interested “powerhouse” programs. It was the phone calls to Ersland & Todd.....and of course Angel. We think extremely highly of these guys and everything they stand for. But ultimately.....Silas chose the program he felt would best benefit HIM regarding his goals. He will be a tremendous ambassador for our state’s Wrestling everywhere the sport, his hard work & health, and God takes him. Really appreciate everyone’s support and encouraging words. They won’t be forgotten gentlemen.
  12. Perseverance

    semi state draws

    Sounds more to me like you’re probably unaware of the process. Matches are paired using a formula between the 4 Regionals and their placements. I realize at times it may seem like certain kids receive better draws than others.....and honestly, they have. But it’s not because there is someone overseeing matters that ensures certain kids get an easier path, while others get the hard road. That’s why working hard and trying to secure a #1 seed is so important. I noticed you had just joined the site a couple weeks ago. So my response to you is based on helping you better understand the process a bit. And giving you the benefit of the doubt, that you’re not trying to create strife with a rival school. Because I can attest to the fact that the individuals I personally know from SD......spill their guts year round to be the best version of themselves possible, and deserve all the success and good fortune that comes their way. Hope this gives you some clarity.
  13. Perseverance

    Flo High School Rankings (updated 1/29)

    Thought I’d piggyback off this a bit and include some other notable rankings Matt. It gives some other worthy Indiana hammers a little acknowledgement for the countless hours of hard work and sacrifice it takes to find your name on these National lists. -Trackwrestling- 113- Moran 12th 126- Mendez 20th 132- Asa 18th 160- Washington 13th 170- South 6th 195- Silas 5th -Adidas- 132- Asa 14th 145- Lee 20th 152- Slivka 19th 160- Washington 17th 195- Silas 6th 285- Pokorney 4th -InterMat- 113- Moran 19th 120- Littell 20th 132- Garcia 16th 145- Lee 15th 160- Washington 10th 170- South 17th 170- Calhoun 20th 182- Brewer 16th 195- Silas 7th 220- Irick 18th 220- Cornwell 20th
  14. Perseverance

    Best Regional and Undefeated matchups?

    Yeah brother.......that’s on another level of loaded. What I really like about the Walker vs Calhoun match-up goes far beyond their state ranking and opportunity to contest South at 170. Both of these young men have been Nationally ranked at some time. In fact.....I believe Calhoun was 20th in the last Intermat Rankings. Walker has been 18-20 via Flo on a couple different occasions. This match, and their performances the next couple weeks could solidify them a semi-permanent spot.
  15. Perseverance

    Best Regional and Undefeated matchups?

    Although 1 has suffered a loss........I can’t imagine any bigger match-up than Walker vs Calhoun at the Penn Regional (170).
  16. Perseverance

    Sectional Brackets

    Sorry to hear that brother. Something our Head Coach said that has really helped him is the “Dashboard” on his IHSAA account. It will give you the weight your wrestlers can legally be at week to week. This may be something you can look into for yourself (with Head Coach if applicable) moving forward. Genuinely hope your son still finds success at 145 man.
  17. Perseverance

    Sectional Brackets

    I understand your point. And I was looking forward to going through various brackets also. But ultimately.......I can’t speak on the intracasies of how the IHSAA does things. I was simply sharing gained info to go along with all the other speculation.
  18. Perseverance

    Sectional Brackets

    Agreed. I have no other info outside of what I shared brother. Maybe it’s groundless.....or perhaps it carries some weight. Ultimately it’s outside info from a pretty reliable source. Not sure how Track would do seedlings if qualifying weights don’t align.....and ultimately much comes down to the integrity of AD’s and how stringent they may be.....or may not have been in the past. (Shugs)
  19. Perseverance

    Sectional Brackets

    I’ve been told from a pretty reliable source that the hold up is surrounding qualifying weigh-ins and the weight management protocol as a whole. It was said that the IHSAA is making sure that student athletes are not dropping below their qualifying weights. All hearsay at this point. But thought I’d share. I guess we’ll know soon enough, if guys are up a weight class from where we may have projected.
  20. Perseverance

    IHSAA State Championships – Team Race

    Thank you. That’s ridiculously impressive to me. Would love some additional details of that team if anyone reading this has any? Were they literally just that balanced from a talent standpoint? We’re they pushed by any other talented schools that year? Surely......they were a nightmare to dual right?
  21. Perseverance

    IHSAA State Championships – Team Race

    Cathedral and Columbus E would be my personal picks as front runners. Cathedral.....because of their QUALITY depth. If they have 5-6 guys in the finals it wouldn’t be some crazy over-accomplishment. I voice Columbus E due to them having what I personally believe to be a couple solid front runners to get it all the way done. Strong arguments could be made for each of these teams. Especially Avon if things go their way. But when you look at the depth of MD, the coaching and possible State Champs of other programs mentioned......draws are going to be paramount in the team race. Semi-final matches could literally determine the Team Champs. In fact.......has there ever been a Team Championship won by a program without an individual champion? Just curious due to my relative infancy following high school wrestling. Now humor me if you would....and play “What Could Have Been!” Had things went differently at barely big enough for 4 syllables Shenandoah........our just over 400 enrollment would be right in the mix. AJ Black....Jordan Slivka......Silas Allred. In turn, if Lohrey & Pugsley make a run towards the top of the podium, it could’ve been historic! I voice these things because this year was the “Target year” when the team was comprised and taking shape 5 yrs ago. Fun to think about.......but only if it’s fleeting. Stings too much to dwell on it 😏.
  22. Perseverance

    FloNationals Freestyle / Greco

    Not real sure how I feel about this quite yet. Admittedly......Silas’ primary goal is making the Cadet World Team in late May/early June. Definitely need to find some clarity as to how this could/couldn’t translate with World Team training. Aside from that variable......we were planning on competing there this year as a Final Folkstyle tourney, chasing a match-up with Ferrari. Definitely somewhat of an interesting curveball at the moment.
  23. Perseverance

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    Those are results that breed lessons. Obviously.....it’s never ok to celebrate defeat. But man......the Rogers & Slivka matches show a very small gap to close. Especially Jordan’s! That’s a solid performance against a ridiculously talented Amine.
  24. Perseverance

    Garrett Invite

    Wes........Superintendent pulled the plug on Shenandoah going due to weather predictions.
  25. Perseverance

    Undefeated Wrestlers Left

    Really like this kid’s upside. If not for the broken arm in Regional final last year, he’d likely have been a SQ or better as a freshman. Definitely a little slept on in my opinion. Really looking forward to seeing him make a run at things.

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