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  1. Congratulations to Silas Allred, Joseph Walker and Alec Viduya on becoming USA Wrestling Magazine Scholastic All-Americans. Exercising as much effort in the classroom as you do in a particular sport opens up so many more doors of opportunity. In a sport like like wrestling, where scholarship dollars are highly coveted and extremely limited, the ability to offset the investment of athletic money with academic money is a huge advantage for would-be recruits. It should also be recognized that consistency of effort in the classroom and into growing your character, demonstrates well rounded d
  2. I hear you brother. And for clarity....my comments aren’t meant to be argumentative at all. Just additional perspective from individuals whose weathered the challenges of 1A wrestling, and relentlessly found a way to excel. But I will say....that above mindset should be worked to be ingrained in the minds of athletes at all levels. Because in my opinion, where your from, how much money you have, etc...should never be an excuse to not recklessly pursue your passions. And being fully transparent.....we’ve never had tons of money. In fact, driving different locations for partners
  3. Actually.....kind of, yes. But not in that articulated way. You simply help them develop a mindset that breaks the “small town mentality” of “It can never happen to me”. You encourage them to set their goals ridiculously high....then spill their guts every day to accomplish them. Urge them to never make excuses, work as hard in life & the classroom as they do in the sport. Teach them that wins & losses don’t define them....their response does. Build them up in the reality that they can accomplish anything. And at the end of the day......when/if they fall short of thos
  4. In all fairness....I think Silas has solidified himself as a pretty special talent regardless of school size. So with all do respect, I genuinely feel to draw a question about why aren’t more 1A or 2A wrestlers like him, is a bit unfair. Almost as unfair as if I asked why aren’t more 4A wrestlers like him. Admittedly....I certainly don’t have the answers regarding pros/cons of class wrestling. I think there’s evidence of beneficial dynamics on both sides. The class question is always intriguing to me because comparisons are frequently made to other power states whose classed (PA
  5. On behalf of Silas, myself and the rest of our family....we want to bring awareness to how accommodating the IHSAA was for us this weekend. All of us (including myself) at times get so caught up in what we feel they do wrong as it pertains to wrestling, we can easily become blinded to the multitude of right they do. Mr. Faulkens seen to it we had All-Access passes, and we’re allowed in our regular seats at our convenience. That type of gesture deserves a lot of credit. Because in what is always an extremely exhausting weekend.....factoring my health, my wife having to carry my breathing mac
  6. Yes, he’s competing. He will be representing one of the PA teams at 182lbs.
  7. This may be a recycled idea....so forgive me if already presented in the past. But what about seeding Regional placements to ensure no ridiculous match-ups take place. Using a separation criteria of sorts, without changing the actual placement match-ups based on Regional results. I would think one of our rankings guys, or someone knowledgeable and unbiased....could assist the IHSAA with this type of dynamic for Semi-State & State. This could at least help prevent certain matchups (won’t stop entirely of course), also appease the purists who don’t want change, as well as create a mu
  8. Genuinely appreciate each of your encouraging words. I equally appreciate all who read the article, and just choose to pray and encourage personally. Collectively means a lot to us as a family. With full transparency....I can say that I fell in love with the sport of wrestling for reasons other than just my son. He was just the vehicle God used to lead me to it. In fact, in the beginning Silas was average at best. He was a chubby kid who had some natural gifts, but threw a nasty “lefty” headlock that resembled a Joe Frazier headshot. So yes....I was the “know nothing” over zeal
  9. That’s a real statement brother. Painful lesson.....but a valuable one. An early cradle and extremely intelligent wrestling of backing up and down blocking, allowed a very strong...physically mature and battle tested Mazero to squeek past 14 yr old Silas by 1 point. Admittedly....it was one of the best things to happen to Silas. It initiated an even deeper sense of drive towards strength training, positioning, and becoming a well rounded wrestler. Not just a dynamic athlete on his feet. I’m hopeful every wrestler who reads this....whether freshman or upper classmen, fully realizes...
  10. His selflessness is admirable. Truly mean that. But the “opinions” that do matter can have some say over scholarship dollars. Certain opinions on this matter go far beyond this website. And wrestling aside....knowing recruiting as I do, unless Evan is being courted as a potential heavyweight in college...it’s not a good look. Most recruiters would ask why not just let his friend wrestle 220? Having the opportunity to wrestle #2 in the country whose already signed a 100% for 5yrs is an UNREAL opportunity to bolster recruiting. That’s the part that’s hard to understand. It’s a ma
  11. I’ve avoided dialogue regarding Silas vs Bates all year. For obvious reasons on one hand as Silas’ father, but also due to privileged information regarding weight changes, and the initial facilitation of this “should have been” match up. I could allow pride to take over and list countless examples of top 10 Nationally ranked young men from 182-220 that Silas has pinned or tech’d. Including some Bates was unfortunately on the losing end to. And I say “unfortunately” GENUINELY. Because despite how I know this match up would go.....we genuinely root for Evan on the National scene. We wa
  12. In a Regional that traditionally lacks depth in regards to numbers of highly ranked wrestlers.....there is always a handful of young men that represent on the big stage. I think it’s fair to say that despite numbers, this Regional is consistently a “sleeper” regarding man for man talent. However....this particular comment of mine has nothing to do with Silas, former elites like Parris......or even current studs like Bryer Hall & Gabe Phillips. I’m most intrigued about the 220lbs class. Not just this weekend, but moving forward. I’ve not seen 2-4th place of the opposing Secti
  13. I honestly don’t know man. I crossed referenced the NWCA Website for any info on such an event, but found nothing. NHSCA popped up on a quick google search, but that’s obviously in VA. Kinda similar but don’t require Champion or Runner-Up status. I’m sorry I can’t be more help. I’ll have to defer your question to someone reading who has much more extensive knowledge of National level tourney history. Admittedly.....prior to about 6 yrs ago, my tournament knowledge consisted of ISWA and Wrestlemania. I’m still a greenhorn compared to most on this site I’m sure. I’ll only a
  14. Thanks Matt. Good hearing from you man. My good friend Coach Slivka has shared with me a lot of positives about Carson. Genuinely looking forward to following your sons continued development as well. And yeah brother....Amos being from WV, just a quick trip over the bridge . That’s undoubtedly great looks for both young men. Amos’ physicality will force Carson to have to create angles with adequate set-ups to finish on a heavy hipped cat like him. And on the other side....CB’s speed, elusiveness, and dynamic offense on his feet....force Amos to have to continue improving his leg defen
  15. Appreciate the insight brother. And yeah man....the business degree has a specific purpose based on his long term strategy. In regards to the MMA dynamic, Nebraska’s RTC & Sunkist Kids have a very close relationship. In fact, Coach Maple (prior to going to Mizzou) shared with us that a couple former wrestlers were given a fast track into Cormier’s camp. But admittedly.....at this point, his sole focus his wrestling. He works his hands as another cardio dynamic. The kid just hits hard too! But nowadays....darn near everyone in MMA has heavy hands.
  16. I don’t fault your sentiments one bit. Admittedly....IU & Purdue were 2 of his last 5 choices for a reason. Coach Todd’s subsequent departure to Missouri from Purdue played a big part of ruling themselves out so to speak. We think a great deal of Coach Ersland, and are truly excited to see his plan beginning to come together. Silas has a great relationship with multiple Purdue wrestlers, and wrestled with them semi-regularly during the national season. And full transparency.......our hardest conversation was with Coach Escobedo. Wrestling aside.....he’s just a tremendous human. H
  17. Understood. Allow me to clarify a bit. Silas is obviously a high character first type of young man. That said.....he has very good feel. If an initial takedown, pushback in the tie, etc....spells inexperience or extremely lopsided athletic/physical inferiority, he’d never bully a young man. That’s just not who he is. Most are aware that he’s not the showboating type, or excessive mat returns just because he can. Make sense? Any wrestler he faces will get 100% and not be overlooked. He’ll stay hungry & humble. But there’s also levels to that type of output as you’re obviously a
  18. What’s so ironic about you asking that.....is that I asked the tourney director the same thing! Lol He also chuckled, but specified it’s strictly dual format. Unfortunately of course. Would’ve loved for Silas to get an opportunity at both Garcia & Stout in the same weekend! That said.....Garcia is a match we’ve wanted for over a year. It’ll be a great challenge. Big strong bruiser who likes physicality. He’s playing football for Michigan as well. We feel Silas will be a tough match-up for him though. Silas’ ability to handfight well by high school standards, coupled wit
  19. Silas Allred has been chosen to represent the Team USA All-Stars at the “Rose Bowl of Wrestling”.....The Pittsburgh Classic. An all senior event for 50+ years, Silas will represent the 195lbs weight class. The event will take place March 14th, at Fitzgerald Fieldhouse on the University of Pittsburgh campus. The dual meet will not have the 106-113-or heavyweight division. Rather....it will be 120-220, and have 2 matches at 138 & 195. Silas (#2 via Flo) will be squaring off against PA State Champ and Michigan commit Gage Garcia #3. Tremendous honor for Silas to be selected and represen
  20. Levitz & Fielden are strong selections as possibles. I personally feel a healthy Mason Winner has a realistic shot. Walker being a heavy favorite, and not counting out any other top 182’s, but I think Winner wants to prove something. Another intriguing kid is Cale Gray at 220. His strength, athleticism, yet ability to wrestle small.....will prove formidable against anyone in that weight class. I feel this kid is a little slept on despite his strong state ranking.
  21. Silas Allred will pursue his 4th consecutive Spartan Classic title this weekend. Due to my relative infancy regarding following the sport...I’m hoping others on the site can provide me with a possible list of other 4x winners, and/or the most recent. Thanks in advance for any info or clarity provided. It will be used by our school, local newspapers, program, and a proud dad’s ego stroking.
  22. Iowa Wesleyan is an upstart D3 program that will begin competing in 2020-21 academic school year. Not only will they be launching the men’s wrestling program, but will be the first D3 in Iowa to offer women’s wrestling as well. Coach Powell is actively seeking recruits and is very interested in Indiana’s deep talent pool. Listed below is his contact information. This is not only a great added resource/contact for the many coaches with wrestlers who fit the D3 mold......but also an excellent opportunity to continue helping grow the sport. Feel free to contact Coach Powell with any question
  23. Perseverance


    Silas Allred
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