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  1. One of the Roncalli dads mentioned to me that East Central would probably go undefeated on Saturday; I will admit I didn't know much about them outside of the wrestlers that have participated at the NCSS. Also they had plenty of excitement from the wrestlers when one of their teammates were wrestling; it was fun to see them act as teammates and not individuals. Brownsburg just kept putting wrestlers on the mat that were impressive. I have followed them intensely the last 4 years so I know what type of talent they have lost to graduation, but the current team is as formidable as any team in the Midwest. They have a very daunting schedule, so they will have plenty of opportunities to flex their muscles/abilities. Roncalli potentially could have 7 State qualifiers between 106 - 152, and if they can continue to develop their upper weights come the EMD Holiday Classic / Team State they could make life difficult for any team. On Saturday they didn't lose at 106, 113, 126, 132, 145, and 152 -- I expect that to be the norm for the majority of their matches. Good day for Indiana High School wrestling!!
  2. Earlier post listed all ranked kids. I don’t think anyone of them are powerhouses, not at least with the lineups they had on Saturday. Solid wrestlers though and the Indiana kids had to earn their wins; no question the 3 best teams belonged to Brownsburg, East Central, and Roncalli.
  3. From Yappi: Wrestlers that went undefeated on the day106 Miller (Brownsburg), Lowery (Roncalli)113 Haines (Brownsburg), Wolf (East Central), Glithero (Roncalli)120 Newkirk (Fairfield)126 Bainbridge (Brownsburg), Searcy (EC), Lowery (Roncalli)132 Reaves (Hewitt), Slivka and Willis (Roncalli)138 Campbell (Brownsburg)145 Cicciarelli (Brownsburg), Wolf (EC), Viduya (Roncalli)152 Hall (EC), Freije (Roncalli)160 Asbury (Brownsburg)170/182 McIntosh (Harrison)182 Beverley (Ashland), 182 Grogg (Lebanon)195 Reardon (Harrison), 195 Amburgy (Mason)220 Jones (Brownsburg), Young (Franklin Central)285 Keys (Brownsburg), Alexander (FC) Did Montgomery lose? If so, who beat him?
  4. I went to Team Schedules and didn't find that information....typically I am better. I got this information from Yappi: https://www.borofanohio.net/harrison-duals
  5. I know Brownsburg and Roncalli will be attending the 1-day event this Saturday (Dec. 7th) -- does anyone have a list of the other schools? I would like to do my homework on what matches to watch before I arrive....thanks.
  6. Who will be the best team they wrestle given the dual tournaments they are missing?
  7. Just in case you would like to see all the entries at the Super 32 Challenge. https://www.super32.com/page/show/2909947-entries
  8. I know Franklin and Roncalli will be attending according to the TEAM SCHEDULES tab on the website.
  9. I don’t have an issue with it. Granted in this scenario it doesn’t help Mr. Mendez but it will provide him an additional opportunity to showcase his skills vs a quality opponent. Having 4 also eliminates the “what if’s” for wrestlers who had a “legit resume” to be there as well.
  10. I like the names above, and I would also have the following in the conversation: Suhas Chundi, Carson Eldred, Chris Wilkerson, Bryer Hall, Andrew Irick
  11. I was under the impression Elijah Oliver qualified for the NCAA tournament all 4 years....is that not consistency?
  12. Looking at the Super 32 results again, probably a good indicator who may be under the lights tomorrow.
  13. Do you own a restaurant and/or gas station on that route and this is a nifty marketing plan?
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