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  1. #2 Watts (Senior) - 1x State Champ, 1x Runner-up, 1x 6th place #3 Curtis (Senior) - 2x State Champ, 1x 7th place #4 Rioux (Junior) - 1x 3rd place, 1x 6th place #5 Peele (Senior) - 1x 7th place, 1x 4th place #6 Walendzak (Senior) - 1x 4th place, 1x Qualifier #7 Wagner (Sophomore) - 1x 8th place He MAY be the favorite, but to consider him a "lock" is egregious in my opinion.
  2. Indysportsfan


    Thierry Jean-Baptiste
  3. Indysportsfan


    Brooks Davis
  4. Indysportsfan


    Gabriel Smith
  5. Indysportsfan


    Kamariyon Nelson
  6. Indysportsfan


    I was told 44-16 Brownsburg.
  7. Indysportsfan


    Alex Cottey
  8. Indysportsfan

    Cathedral vs. Roncalli

    Tough to predict a pin vs. a quality opponent but I believe he would win again. With that said Walendzak was leading 6-1 when he picked neutral to start 3rd period. Lowery got a quick TD and once he was on top he did damage.
  9. Indysportsfan

    Cathedral vs. Roncalli

    Rebels were up 29-9 but holding Cathedral off was going to be difficult. Tough to give up pins at 113, 145, 152, 160, 182, 195 and win vs any team let alone the Irish. Rebels won at 106, 120, 126, 132, 138, 285.
  10. Indysportsfan

    Cathedral vs. Roncalli

    Tough to beat the Irish, especially given they have a healthy lineup. Cathedral big favorites at 113, 145, 152 & 160; also favored at 126 & 220. Rebels favored in 6 matches at 106, 120, 132, 138, 170 & 285. I don’t know enough about the Irish at 182 & 195 to have an opinion. Can the Rebels squeeze out a few upsets to win 8 matches? Can the Rebels stay off their backs in the heavy underdog matches? Can Irish crash ‘Senior Night’ and pull some upsets on their own? Will concessions have Diet Mt Dew this time?
  11. Indysportsfan

    Free tix- Purdue vs Marlyland tonight at 6PM

    Did they get paid for every point that was scored against them in the 1st half? That would have been a financial windfall for sure.
  12. Indysportsfan

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    That is a bevy of quality wrestlers. (126) Blackburn lost to Curtis (5-3), Wilkerson 2 losses were to Rose and Ross; Brown's has at least 2 losses to ranked kids (Ross and Huffman) (152) Heistand lost to Levitz; Noehre lost to Rodgers (OT) and Hall; Hayes lost to Ragle in OT and a 2-point decision to Heistand. I believe both Yorktown wrestlers will come out on top, but most definitely it will be a dogfight.
  13. Indysportsfan


    Sam Slivka
  14. Indysportsfan


    Alec Viduya
  15. Indysportsfan

    Team State updates

    I talked to Richard Viduya (Alec’s father) and this is not accurate. A decision has NOT been made for his son.

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