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  1. littlevito

    ISWA Women's Folkstyle State

    Pre-Registration ends Thursday night at 8:59 PM. Only noticing 10 Cadets and 10 Juniors registered so far. With the numbers increasing at Girls Regionals, I was hoping to see bigger numbers this weekend. There is still time!! ISWA Women's State Finals Track Link
  2. littlevito

    Madman Wrestling Academy

    Madman Wrestling Academy, LLC Freestyle Freaks is for motivated, respectful high school/middle school/upper elementary aged wrestlers to participate in consistent, high level skill development in the sport of wrestling. MWA is built upon a systematic approach and provides consistent, advanced training and skill development for the serious wrestler. While goals and dedication are vital to achieving success in wrestling, without knowledge and consistent reinforcement of proper technique it will be very difficult to reach your full potential. I will demonstrate skills that are proven to be effective in high level competition and will help to make you a complete wrestler. This is not a camp and not for inexperienced wrestlers. Private lessons are available by appointment for wrestlers wanting more individualized attention. I will be placing a cap on the total number of kids in Freestyle Freaks and not all will be accepted. I want to give our kids an opportunity to train with the best in our area on a regular basis and build ALL area wrestling programs. I will help develop an understanding of the requirements to train for success at every level of competition. If you are not prepared to be consistent with the Madman system, please do not register for the training. The Spring session has an emphasis on freestyle wrestling. 2019 MWA Freestyle Freaks Brochure.pdf
  3. littlevito

    Frosh-Soph State question

    I believe they have all the qualifiers automatically imported into the Frosh-Soph State Championship. Automatic qualifiers from Semi State qualification pay the entry fee on site.
  4. littlevito

    Something needs to change

    There is the Madman Wrestling Academy at Bellmont. It has started turning out some state qualifiers at area schools to the kids that put in the commitment. But then you either get some of the top guys that don't realize what true commitment means to snow up all the time, or you have to guys that think they are too good to train with others and end up hitting a plateau.
  5. littlevito


    Get two takedowns the first period. Why choose bottom against Slivka? That changed the whole match.
  6. littlevito

    Parade of Champions

    Then closer to 5:30, start sending schools back. It doesn't take an hour to do the parade, and they go right into wrestling when it is over.
  7. littlevito

    Parade of Champions

    Usually closer to 5:45.
  8. littlevito

    I-69 Potholes

    Those traveling south on I-69 on Friday may want to find a different path once they get close to Anderson, or give themselves extra time. Heard from a person today that it took them an hour and 20 minutes to get through about 15 miles of roadway.
  9. littlevito

    Frosh/Soph state central qualifier

    The central qualifier is the Indy Nationals tournament on the 17th. It won't be listed as a Frosh-Soph qualifier.
  10. littlevito

    Jay County Regionals

    So Oberlin?!
  11. littlevito

    school closings..

    Again, for the hundredth time. They have to be unable to practice. Some places, school can close but later in the day teams are allowed to practice when conditions get better.
  12. littlevito

    2019-2020 Team State

    Scores are still in the process of being tabulated. Takes quite a bit of time the first week fling through every school and wrestler entered in every sectional. I myself have already been working on it for about 20 hours since Saturday evening and still have a few hours to go. The biggest time consumer is having to search for wrestlers grades cause the coaches didn't enter them on trackwrestling. (ex. South Adams 🤐) Hopefully within the next two days everything will be cross checked and teams put into their new classes after taking ineligible teams out.
  13. littlevito

    Sectiomal substitute

    Pretty sure you can do it the morning of sectionals. Just make sure that wrestler is on the sectional roster for that weight or listed at the one below.
  14. littlevito


    Isaac Ruble
  15. littlevito


    Jon Ruble

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