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  1. littlevito

    12/15 Notable wins and upsets

    Lawson didn't wrestle against Jimtown.
  2. littlevito


    Dominic Litchfield
  3. littlevito

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #2

    Dominic Litchfield of Bellmont picks up a 4-2 win over Jacob Veatch of Leo at 113.
  4. littlevito

    Dominic Litchfield

  5. littlevito

    Bellmont vs. Leo

  6. littlevito


  7. littlevito

    Madman Wrestling Academy

    Registration for the Spring Session of Madman Wrestling Academy is now open!!! MWA takes place at Bellmont High School and coached by Tim Myers. This year, MWA will be accepting high school applicants for the first time. Not only is this an advanced training academy to become better wrestlers, but also focuses on making the kids to be outstanding citizens in their schools and communities. Information can found in the following brochure. 2018 MWA Freestyle Freaks Brochure.pdf
  8. littlevito

    Will Call Tickets

    I find it ridiculous that coaches and wrestlers that are suppose to get will call tickets are not allowed to have their tickets yet, but they are being sold at the other windows.
  9. littlevito

    Melloh and Mulkey

    That should mean he has to leave the building, right? If you get tossed?
  10. littlevito

    Melloh and Mulkey

    First one to score in match gets choice.
  11. littlevito

    Sprinting to get seats

    Was it just me, or did Friday night's attendance seem low?
  12. littlevito

    Inaugural Brennan Cosgrove Trophy

    One for Brennan, one for a wrestler.
  13. littlevito

    1 pound allowance @ state **Confirmed**

    Just saw the email also... Confirmed.
  14. Wrestling will start at 6:00. Parade of Champions 5:45.
  15. littlevito

    Sprinting to get seats

    If a person waits in line for hours to get good seats, then good for them. They planned well. The people that cry about saved seats and cause issues are the ones that show up right when it starts or even later. Walk straight down to the bottom expecting to have a seat. Even coaches have to wait in a line in the floor before doors open and everyone is let in.

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