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  1. Boy this thread has been a wild ride lol. The wrestling league seems like a great idea that I may try to copy with nearby coaches.
  2. So it's like reddit karma? I like it.
  3. Greensburg
  4. Coach Nieman

    Salem vs. Greensburg

  5. Coach Nieman

    Madison vs. Greensburg

  6. This is what frustrates me. I can understand not wanting logos all over the uniforms, but headgear are generally purchased with the intent to hold up for a long time. If a team buys headgear for their whole team this year, and the rule changes again next year, wtf are they supposed to do?
  7. I was right next to the mat but wasn't watching when the pin was called. But if the other team's coaches weren't going berserk after the call, it was probably a good one.
  8. Is the announcer the same guy that does Purdue basketball games? Looks and sounds very similar.
  9. The kids dont have any choice in the schedule they wrestle. But if you feel better putting them down, great for you.
  10. Could a wrestler decline to bump up a spot due to an injury to a higher placed finisher?
  11. And with a fantastic mullet/mustache combo
  12. Aaron Black from Greensburg. 1st year wrestler placed 4th at the richmond regional @182. Couldn't be more proud of him.
  13. Yeah but we dont know what regionals pair up in the quarter brackets until the ihsaa releases them right?
  14. Every time I attempt to pull up regional brackets on track, it says they aren't available to the public yet. Yeah, it's easy enough to look at the 2 sectional brackets and put it together in my head. But we won't have to wait until the day before semistate to see brackets, will we?
  15. Why should any teams follow weight loss rules? If these kids or coaches aren't suspended, the IHSAA sets the precedent that nobody has to follow weight loss rules. Regardless of your thoughts on if they should/n't be allowed to wrestle, no punishment says that the "rules" are guidelines.
  16. I've seen it attempt to be used. But it isn't an actual criteria. That's where coaches keeping an open mind comes in.
  17. Depends on when all the teams can make it down. The email I got from lawrenceburg says between 445 and 5.
  18. What are the Michigan weights? Our old weight classes?
  19. Koors and Lorenz from Greensburg are out. So there is some drama removed from top 2 weights.
  20. So did we figure out who can pee the furthest yet?
  21. Not his first win, he placed 5th at the Midlands.
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