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  1. Actually had this a couple years ago wrestling at Antwerp where adults wrestled a senior division. A former Bellmont wrestler who is coaching the Crestview Convoy OH (my step-son's school club; he also wrestled with AC for rivals nights & beginner tournament) club won his group. He wrestled one or two of my wife's co-workers that were good wrestlers in high school in Ohio and are Ohio Highway Patrolmen. The crowd loved it as two heavyweights in late 30s to 40s wrestled a OT match. Both were gassed in the 3rd and OT and eventually the smaller one took a chance but got butt dragged and lost.
  2. Yes, should have been more specific and said Fall sports to late fall into winter. I wouldn't be opposed to Wade McClurg's suggestion either.
  3. If it has to happen, then move Fall to Winter, Winter to Spring, and Spring to Summer. Relax the IHSAA rules on spring sports to allow summer seasons (non IHSAA) to happen in conjunction.
  4. Like this! I've had similar thought to this. I called it "Combined Style Wrestling". I like having the 3 minutes compared to my idea. I'd have sub-periods for top, bottom or par-terre. I'd say wrestler wins the toss they choose the style and then the opposite chooses top or bottom for 30 seconds and then they switch. The final 2 minutes are neutral. I'd not let falls in one style prevent the others to be completed, but make each period independent of the fall/tech fall of one technique. Make it winner of rounds by still keeping your scoring method.
  5. Very cool to see our family friends, the Joseph Gremaux Family honored for their dedication to the sport of wrestling. There family passed the love of this sport to my family and many others in the Adams County and Adams Central community.
  6. Wonder what the numbers are on large school make up vs small school make up in the semi states? Is it that Ft Wayne just has smaller schools making it up? If so then it is the philosophy of those schools fielding athletic teams to a small extent. I personally think that is another reason that coincides with not having academies. The struggle seems to be more than just in wrestling. It seems to be in most boys and girls sports. A lot less state championships in team sports in this area than years past as well. Great example is girls basketball where Luers would bring home trophies almost every year. Outside of the two Central Noble wins over Winchester (two teams in the 20 county area) it's been pretty low.
  7. Not sure that is going to fix much either. Like I said earlier, I try to keep up with teams in a 20 county area. In wrestling that means teams in 3 of the 4 semi states. There are 2 to 3 counties I don't follow in the main semi state area of Ft Wayne not included (Howard, Miami, and Cass). East Chicago teams in that 20 county area (Wawasee, Warsaw, & Tippy Valley) didn't have any finalists. The Ft Wayne semi state had 3 runner ups in that area. New Castle had the lone champ with Allred. 4 of 28 finalists. Evansville SS and Indy and surrounding area schools dominated along with Crown Point. I think it all can be contributed to the population shift from that area to the Indy metro and suburbs.
  8. More like mid to late 2000s at the earliest. The 10's going into 20 has not been kind to the area.
  9. My bold prediction of 1 winner blows up and we have 0. Very frustrating that we are stuck in this rut in NE Indiana. In the 20 county area of NE/EC Indiana that I try to keep a tab on for sports, only 1 champion and that is from 3 semi states (East Chicago, Ft Wayne, and New Castle).
  10. You have show them how much more $ they'd make. $ talks to IHSAA not common sense.
  11. Glad track is doing it, just don't like it compared to the local broadcast where I can watch all 4 mats at once. Not a fan of having to switch from mat to mat.
  12. Honestly I'm surprised the IHSAA is continuing to sponsor the sport. Sometimes I think it would be better if we would just drop the IHSAA and let the IHSWCA be the only governing body. It is bold and extreme, but it would get us to where we want to be sooner. We would no longer be held hostage. We could have wrestle backs and first round scoring.
  13. Wish the IHSAA would let The Berne Witness webcast Friday night and Saturday up until the finals. I will listen to the radio broadcast, but really like to watch the Witness webcasts.
  14. They should have 6 people on set for this production. Have to have Rakestraw & Goebel as the hosts to keep it on track and then put one rep from each SS on it. Have to have a Region rep for EC, The County rep for EV, someone to rep for NC, and someone from the #1 County to rep FW.
  15. If keeping the same, why not keep 32 sectionals, reduce regionals to 8 sites, and 2 semi state sites (you know actually have it be a semi state and not quarter state). Each basically having 16 wrestlers (if we had 320 teams would be 10 at sectional time) with wrestle backs to 3rd place match at each event. This makes the top 8 on the podium already at state battling it out. If you want 16 at state, then take the top 8 from semi state.
  16. Which week are you changing to make this work better? Regional would be about the only one that would work currently.
  17. We should have wrestle backs to 3rd in every event of the state series. This shouldn't even be a question. Adding another week makes that much easier.
  18. Tough situation that hopefully brings better changes to our sport. Unfortunately for Mr. Beeks he had to pay that price. This is why wrestling is a great sport for our kids. In life there will be bigger problems and unfortunate events that occur than just losing a match like this. I believe Beeks will be fine and become an outstanding role model for others. I think this situation should bring officiating and tournament changes. There has been some negativity and probably rightly so in this thread, but let's make it a positive. Let's get this so that officiating can get better at signals and that everyone knows the situation. Let's get tournaments better so that we have wrestle backs at every stage of the state tournament. I don't care if it takes an extra week. I don't care if Ohio has 3 classes instead of one, but they have wrestle backs at state and it can be done. I'd push like heck to add another week of the tournament so that there are 8 man wrestle back brackets at sectional, additional week I'm calling districts, regionals, semi state, and state. Remember our season is over a month before basketball. Bobby is leaving, so let's pounce on this!
  19. No if there is going to be only one individual tournament. Yes if it becomes a separate tournament in addition to the single class individual tournament.
  20. Either Yorktown or Adams Central (hopefully Currie doesn't let that happen, but the ticket round will be tough).
  21. Either 106 or 182 would be my gut feeling. Wouldn't count out 170 or 220 though.
  22. Someone from this semi state stands on top of the podium in Indy the following week is my bold prediction.
  23. What would be the thoughts of adding an additional week of the tournament to get wrestle backs at each round? Say you put a "District" round between Sectionals and Regionals. Keep the Sectionals current as reducing down from 300+ (theoretically) to 128. Districts being the current regionals of 128 to 64. Then Regionals 64 to 32 and Semis State 32 to 16 and then 16 to 1 at State. All rounds having wrestle backs to 3rd. Lose the 1st match Friday at state earns you another Friday night match (start it earlier is my preference as the wait sucks) or early Saturday morning match before being eliminated.
  24. Thanks, I thought that was the way. Doesn't make sense that we can wrestle back for sectionals and not the regional and so forth. Especially when only 8 wrestlers a weight class are there.
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