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  1. AA’s aside, a few question marks ,but there will be several qualifiers.
  2. Very true. And I think that’s the reason Fred Glass , with the blessing of President McRobbie chose to make a change. Duane was not attracting in state elite .and the wrestlers they did have were at half throttle, it seemed ,and didn’t care. In contrast, Angels guys hit it hard every match and this shows in the bleachers as compared to Goldmans fan base. Not saying Angel is the answer but giving him the reins is and was better than what we had. Now how long does the administration give this coach to keep the trajectory in an upwardly movement? I see a leveling off. Thus my reason for starting the thread. It’s not that Angel can’t coach necessarily ,now it seems getting a handle on recruiting and maybe assembling and keeping assistants for consistency ,is the things he needs to improve on.
  3. That’s called talent quotient. It hasn’t risen. There in lies the problem.
  4. You have some good talking points here.sounds like He did not have much recruiting experience. While I’m in agreement, that the potential is there for a repeat of the past coaching dumpster fire, I don’t think the AD will let it get to that point. And I will say to the new coaching staffs credit, is the boys they have recruited really get after it. Very enjoyable to watch them wrestle. 180 degree difference from Goldmans last several years squads.
  5. First, I am amazed that with Angel as a coach and ,at one time , Tsirtsis as a coach , they didn’t land that top 10 or so light weight over those years. Second, it seems that maybe unproven coaching experience is a deterrent for recruits?
  6. While I’m not as informed on the Boilermakers as some of you on this site, I get the feeling this year is a break out season for The squad. It is was good showing at last year’s Nationals for qualifying.I’m thinking it will get better next year. The coaches have done a really good job. Hopefully they break through and land an elite Indiana guy. It only takes one to get the ball rolling.
  7. While we all like the dual team action ,it really makes for team pride and closeness for recruiting and building and developing a deep room.But at the end of the day what really is important is your qualifiers for NCAA. Numbers is important for recruiting. Probably more than how deep they go, but both important for getting the “ELITE “ to give the program a sniff.
  8. So back on topic, I’m not sure two or three transfer ins will help the Hoosiers this year.
  9. Just saying Cael gave Andrew a shot , it didn’t work. I know Carl is the epitome of accountability and culture etc. It happens a lot with lower profile wrestlers and will happen with Ferrari. He will get another chance. Some work and some don’t. I don’t think Indiana fans have to worry about If Ferrari would try to enroll.
  10. Guys like Andrew Long who was welcomed to Pennsylvania State by Sanderson from Iowa state , is an example.
  11. Fair assessment here. And I agree. The status quo isn’t getting results to make a challenge to the middle of the BIG.
  12. My same comments 2 years ago. Now I’m thinking like reformed poster. As I said I’m getting nervous it isn’t going to happen with the current staff. I have nothing but good things to say about Angel and all of their coaches. But maybe they don’t have what it takes to progress any further. And with the athletes director not in the know abut wrestling, we drag on and end up with a Goldman situation. I’m will to play out another season or to if I had an indication the team had a chance to hit middle pack in the Big Ten. But I don’t see it. Thus my original post.
  13. Thanks for the feed back. Very interesting comment for a civil discussion.
  14. While I am in no way suggesting that I have the answer, but I’m just drawing to a conclusion. As far as applying for the vacant position on the staff, I can’t see how that adds to the point of discussion. I’m not qualified to coach that team. And never insinuated as such. I have on the other hand referenced Fred Glass at the time AD, and Scott Dolson ,to members of the college wrestling community , that offered me in reference to the open position at the time, in help in finding a good coaching fit for Indiana. And I did that because with the correspondence with AD Glass, that he said he was not a wrestling guy, not knowledgeable in his words. They offered at no cost to IU , to help vet a new coach. In other words I have suggested helping in a way that I could. Hope this answers your concern about me.
  15. While I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, the Indiana program seems to have gotten stagnant. I know the cupboard was bare when he started ,Angel got a few good recruits ,Rooks brothers , South and some immediate impact transfers ,but in the mean time has wiffed on top talent year after year. And I wish I could start this year talking about the rejuvenated lineup and how the Hoosiers will be in the mix for a mid conference finish, but I can’t. Other than all the guys on the squad are getting after it, unlike the last several years of the Goldman era, I don’t see any progress to move up in talent. I’m really beginning to question Fred Glass’s hire. At the time just a change of coaches, from Dwayne’s group was a coup. But now it getting scary , that the program maybe falling back into the old catch 22, after the initial excitement of getting the change of a new coach. Am I reading this right or is this year going to be different? I’m not as close to the program as some on this forum ,but I’m not feeling it. I propose a coaching change, this time ,reach out nationally ,with outside the Indiana athletic program, for help in the vetting for a good fit.
  16. Off subject, but Palmer was chiseled, small hips. A vice grip. Now days with the training opportunities no telling where or what his limits would be.
  17. And how often does that ever happen at a major university? It happens but not often.
  18. So I guess it’s unanimous who the GOAT is. Next subject.
  19. A good indication of how efficient and thought worthy the IHSAA operates.
  20. Allred is another Indiana tough guy who has been quiet at Nebraska. He’s been behind an AA but I can see him being a contender at 197 next year.
  21. Yes , good conversation here. It goes to show the stars have to align just right. There are more wrestlers that don’t get that championships than do. And why it remains special, as does AAing.
  22. And I may add , he’s following his brother.
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