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Everything posted by Disco

  1. Disco

    Height of coaches

    LoL. the thread died a quick death. In the height challenged sport, discussion board.
  2. Disco

    Height of coaches

    Careful son, you might bruise some egos with this topic. 🤬
  3. I am in agreement, Micic is too much for Lee to handle.
  4. Now I think it’s time for Micic to step up and wrestle Lee. I think this would be more entertaining than when Rivera stepped up to take on Micic. Who you got?
  5. Connor Tolley wins his match vs campbell, Also Nathon boston lost his match with Chattanooga.
  6. to go along with this Revera #1 at 125 steps up in weight class and takes on #1 @133 Micic, very cool .Micic won 10-4
  7. Indiana took care of #25 ranked Stanford last night in front of a rowdy crowd at Wilkinson Hall. The last match of the dual, Indianas, Oliver @125 pinned #20 rated Townsell , of Stanford ,to put an exclamation point on the match. Kyle Luigs @141, Jake Covaciu @ 174 and Fletcher Miller @Hwt. all won for Indiana. Konrath won by forfeit. Indiana has one more home dual with UT- Chattanooga, Before the Big Ten Tournament in Twin Cities this year.
  8. This dual looks like it could be a little better for the Hoosiers, than than Penn State match. It might be a lot closer than the predictors have it. Suriano and ashnault may score bonus points but the rest of the matches are toss ups.
  9. Wow, Ferni Silva just about takes out #1 Ashnault in the first match in this dual. Ended 8-7, Ashnault needed a last second score to win! Good to see Oliver back in the mix.
  10. He was in street clothes last match, along with Oliver, and Weaver.
  11. Good point, about McKenna. I think his seeding for nattys is more important than this match. If he is at all ,not 100 percent, no chance of him wrestling here.
  12. Ryan invented the "DUCK", I would be surprised if a couple matches don't happen. McKenna is one of them.
  13. Should be good match, I'll have to record it, as I Will be at a slightly better match.LoL Rutgers will be in Bloomington for a 7 pm match. Wilkinson Hall, "WILL, be a-rockin"
  14. On a side note, Indiana U. has a couple of more home meets this year before the big tournament. This Friday the 8th, Rutgers comes to Wilikinson hall, then the 9th Saturday Stanford shows up. Both 7 pm start times.. I think Tennessee Chattanooga comes in also. The new hall has been big crowds and The wrestlers are really responding to the fans. This is a fun time of the year in Indiana with the school boys tournament getting revved up, with semi state action. I would like to get our Indiana kids to stay in state so we can keep a closer watch. Sure would of loved to be watching Lee, Micic and Pariis, Red also. in a Purdue or Indiana singlet.
  15. Since that Match, Massa, for what ever reason hasn't been very sharp. maybe injury or lost some motivation, but really he has digressed from freshman season. He may bounce back. But I see this as a bonus point match for Penn st,
  16. Disco

    IU’s new facility opens!!

    Paid attendance is not new to Indiana wrestling.Up to 10 years ago, or so, I paid to get into regular season matches. I would say within a couple of years they implement it again
  17. And to think, Sunday at Wilkinson Hall it was great with 2500, near capacity.
  18. The only match I don't see bonus points for are 41,49and 74. At 33 pin, 57 pin, 65 joseph major, 84 Rasheed pin,97 pin. And I think 285 will produce a pin.
  19. Should be a good one, until Wolverines walk into murders row, starting at 157. The same problem for everybody on States schedule.
  20. Disco

    IU’s new facility opens!!

    So the place was almost full, a lot of Evansville representation in the house. Wow, what a fun atmosphere to be in. Big change from the last 8-10 years or so. The wrestling was good. The out come was as expected, but it didn't keep the crowd away. No Konrath, Weaver or Danisak. Things are looking up for the Hoosiers.
  21. I like all 3 of these guys on Indianas team, a lot of fight in them, tough hombres,
  22. Disco

    IU’s new facility opens!!

    So, willl i have the privelage of being in the new wilkinsin hall building, with any posters today?
  23. I'm of the impression , Konrath will go 133 at BIG's but he has been seen alot at 41, with some of big ten heavy weights at this weight. We may see it again in an hour or so, with LEE.

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