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  1. IU’s Nate Jackson punches his ticket for the senior national US team. Taking out Gadson, 2015 NCAA’s champ from Iowa State, to make the team. Representing USA at the PanAm games.
  2. This is pretty impressive for Indiana
  3. I just saw that Darnell Washington won his two out of three matches so he will also be on the team.
  4. Looks like Jesse Mendez has punched his ticket for the junior national team
  5. Ok, nice to see the two state schools in the mix. And not to far of a move from Columbus.
  6. Cox, is a big blow to the USA. Not that he would have beaten Snyder , for sure, Either one have a chance to medal ,still whenone of your best is on the sidelines, for a technical mistake, it does not look good at all.
  7. What’s so fake about it?
  8. Ok, I get it now. It takes a “Hammer” to build a wood shed.
  9. Lol, no , Lee don’t want the woodshed. Lol He had enough of that, lol
  10. That’s the BIG dance. not TEN’s Ten’s are always held at a member university site, unless their are circumstances that prevent it.
  11. That’s the BIG dance. not TEN’s
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