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  1. ‘71-‘73 maybe? Those years were good for Bloomington, Kay Hutsell had some good wrestlers. Football was great. They also won’t the state baseball in ‘72, and if not mistaken, swimming team took state around that time. Then in ‘74 or so the system built a new school north of town and split the students up. Wrestling sort of started waning then, but football kept up its state presence.
  2. I think Rooks, but should be a good fight for the spot. By the way i just read that Angel want grad transfer,Hoffman to bump to 197 this year.
  3. Indiana has a grad transfer from Bucknell coming in, Hoffman, qualified at 184 last year. Would he drop to 174 next year for his final year? Or is Washington going to take 174, and keep Hoffman at 84? Either way, both classes have been weak spots in the line up for Indiana.
  4. This definitely a very slippery slope for college presidents to navigate at this time. But what they do or dont do can be easily justified by using the virus as the reason. That is the scary part to me.
  5. Lord, I hope Jesse stays in state, and goes to One of the two programs on the up. For either, it would be ground breaking.the next rung in the ladder to keep our elite here.
  6. Stanford has decided to put the axe to 10 sports, wrestling is one.
  7. I do use the wrestlestat site, and that is kind of my point. Why doesn't Purdue on their University site have this info , or IU's site? It surely would be more accurate right? Most reports ,that come out about Indiana basketball, on the main stream sports sites are directly taken from IU press releases. Meaning I had the information first hand before ESPN. I do and a lot of others here look at Indiana and Purdue's universities sites more often than wrestlestat. I just think it would generate more interest if this stuff was included.
  8. I don’t use the social media sites at all, Facebook. Twitter and do on. But, Do I need to use all the avenues?To stay up on the latest goings on with the instate D1 schools? Recruiting, who’s redshirting, who’s injured, who’s wrestling at what weight this year? All the stuff that keeps people interested in the teams. Seems like the university releases are old news and vague to me.Maybe the coaches need to have a student assistant keep us up on the inside of what is happening with PU and IU, for the university releases. I am interested in the depth chart of the weight classes, who’s m
  9. Nice to see this for a change, in the program. I would consider this progress for the coaches. To be able to have options is a sign that more kids are taking an interest in Indiana. Hope this happens with all the weights.
  10. I have to agree , it is an advantage for a lot of the programs. Fair? Well only if the coaches don’t take advantage of the situation. But no rules broken, to say it is cheating. I have to say these so called Olympic training programs Could be responsible for the elevated success in world freestyle and Greco.
  11. The virus will be the go to reason to drop many non revenue athletes programs. Wrestling as one.
  12. Jury is still out on all of these questions, till we hear from NCAA powers to be.
  13. I don’t follow MMA, but I know it’s popular with wrestling fans and wrestlers. If the ones in the know says he is a good fit, then there must be something to it. Big question, does Mr. Lydy have interest in continuing in contact sports.
  14. Hmmm........,may be our next POTUS! Wow , very thoughtful presentation, for lack of a better word. You will never see an unemployment line, that’s for sure.
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