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  1. I’m thinking no weaver, on konrath. Would be a different result. If both were in this. But duals are meaning less in the scheme of things. Let’s see what the results are ,in the big tournament in March.
  2. Yes konrath, could have been a six point swing.
  3. Wrestle stat has it 18-12 Indiana. Tonight
  4. Lydy is pretty solid, would be a real feather in Covaciu hat if he won. Resume booster
  5. Yea this pretty much reflects the national ratings. At 25 i think angel might go with Oliver. Schroder and oliver have a history, I will take Oliver. And at 49, Silva looked good Sunday, im taking him over Filius. More than anything I want to see if the fight in the IU team continues, from the last two matches over the weekend. Although Ohio State put on a clinic friday night, as they should, Indiana wrestlers were on the attack the entire match! And although nearly a shut out Friday, The team came back Sunday and just hammered Maryland. Unheard of in the modern Hoosier wrestling ERA!. This Friday will be a real street fight if Indiana has the same attitude. Hang on Boilers.
  6. Thanks for the line ups. Cronin has been in and out of the starting lineups. At 25. Also I’m not quite sure about Weavers problem. He could be back in there @49. Although Silva did rock Bannister Sunday.
  7. This match looks a lot more competitive now than it did at the beginning of the season. Purdue has been in the drivers seat the past few years in the series. Indiana seemed to take it up a few notches Sunday vs. Maryland. All I can say is, what a difference in wrestling for Indiana! With just a change in coaches. And to the same degree with Purdue, the last few years. This might be a dog fight, for a change.
  8. Disco

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    LOL! Imagine that! And I know there are some here that would rather have Coach Goldman back.
  9. Disco

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    Great, the coaches have started. Good Indiana athlete.
  10. Disco

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    Well, I don’t know if he would be able to take the pay cut! LoL
  11. Disco

    Rypel 2018-2019

    All good questions, we shall see. Those type of injuries can be debilitating, to say the least.
  12. Disco

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    Ditto, any fish on the hook?
  13. And to top that, a new complex, all the matches are free anyway.
  14. Yea, wow. AD is stepping up to help Angel be successful. Now we need wrestlers to get with the program. Everyone better get their season tickets ordered.
  15. Disco

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    Pretty sure he was not going to take a chance and waste anymore precious time with the dead end program. "black hole", I tried to warn him and several others. about taking a scolie from Duane. Hopefully the situation will change, and time will be the telling factor. Skatzka has run out of time. Hope he flurishes.

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