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  1. I think there is enough talent ,for both schools ,to be spread around. The big dilemma is keeping the kids in state. And away from out of state institutions.
  2. Now the race is on with Indiana, Tony is still fighting the Big Ten bottom feeder reputation that Purdue was in for several years. Another step up, in my opinion, for the Boilers. The state has enough big time wrestlers to go around, These coaches just need to start landing them now..
  3. Baby steps, the head coach is trying to bring good college wrestling back to Indiana.Keep workin it Angel!
  4. Nice addition to Indiana, would not have been an option with the last head coach. Im wondering what this does to Jordan's responsibilities? Any way, Indiana High school elites wrestlers have to at least take a look at the Hoosiers now.
  5. Yanni Gilman Dake Colon Taylor Green Cox Burroughs Nick. Snyder
  6. I saw where Brandon Wright was still in the mix of the elite. Wish he would get back on staff at Indiana and help out with the lightweights.
  7. I think he will do just fine, I'm thinking he would AA next year.
  8. Another feather in Angels hat. All positive so far in his early program building.
  9. I also agree with both of these assessments, #1 the program is, as I said also, slowly getting better each year. #2 The program needs to continue on the upswing each year, and if not then the coaches need to be challenged. Remember this is the Big Ten, the premier wrestling conference in the country, so its not as important how high you finish in the conference,its nice, but how you do on the national stage that matters more.
  10. I also would like to thank Chris, the time and effort he put forth is commendable to say the least.
  11. Not sure about the coaches job to know, but it is his job to take care of it, after he finds out.
  12. I have 2 lower bowl tickets for sessions 4,5,6 left. Iu fans only!
  13. I will be in Pittsburgh Wednesday. Can meet up.
  14. I also have 1 upper bowl. 812-322-3156. Text please Ok I have 2 lower bowl club seat tickets for session 1 and 2.$300. each. I still have 1 upper bowl ticket for sessions, 1,2,4,5,6, $225.
  15. There are enough very good in state guys to go around. Plenty. The coaches have to change the perception. And keep them
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