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  1. Yes, there is such a wide divide in college wrestling now,of the “have” and “have nots.”Damn near impossible to make it to the “haves” in one decade.
  2. Sure, I’m leaning to Ohio state for Jesse
  3. Like to know about Luigi? Asa not able to cut into the line up?
  4. Ok ,I’ll answer my own question, I’m used to this, I’m married. Jordan is enrolled at the IUPUI law school. Thus not in Bloomington.
  5. Anyone happen to know where Jordan vanished to? Not listed on IU staff anymore.
  6. I never knew an all American wrestler who went to comedy to make a living. Did he bring any of his wrestling history into his act? I could imagine some of the practice room antics being in a monolog. LoL
  7. Junior Worlds. He was up 6-1 after 1st. Lost 7-6.
  8. Last night Washington was eliminated from competition in Russia.
  9. With Tsirtsis, Jordan, man I’m wondering if this will get the elites attention? I know the room has to get better to get their attention. one step at a time I guess.
  10. And in the scheme of things, wrestling aside, Gable has nothing to gain at the worlds. If he does what he says he’s going to do. A loss would be deviating for he persona. He’s in a good place right now. Why risk it.
  11. For the men in free style, only Gilman and Steveson have not indicated they will attend the worlds in Oslo. They have until today. If this holds, there will be wrestle offs in these weights at trials.
  12. To add to this, if a wrestler wrestled for a medal at Tokyo, and they want to try for the world team they would automatically be placed in the semifinals. Also if any medal winners at Tokyo want to change weights for worlds they also would be put in the semifinals match at try outs. So far Jacarra Winchester is the only one taking this option. She is moving from 53k to 55k.
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