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  1. He can save gas ,if he didn’t have to press the action all the time. But then if he doesn’t push the action ,he gives up to much and can’t defend. He needs to hone his defensive skills. This will solve his cardio issue. He definitely won’t AA as it stands.
  2. Where every one supposed to stay? Are they putting up a tent city? Oh well. I’ll sleep in the suburban
  3. Yes I saw this. Silas has been ramping up his game lately, after patiently waiting to break the starting lineup. This is paying off.
  4. This is Pretty close to what happened. Five matches won by each team.
  5. South has shone some moxie this year. I’m not sure Washington has a chance to AA, as I thought this year. He has a problem of getting off bottom , and if he doesn’t attack all the time, he gives up too much. We’ll see. Great team effort again. Needed every one.
  6. Gilcher/Coleman 157lb match,will be close, I don’t see bonus for either. Ramos is a different story, and animal. Wrestle stat gives the edge to Hoosier this year.
  7. Tomorrow, Sunday. this is a showdown with state bragging rights. PeeU, has had the better part of the yearly contest. Won the last 12 in a row. Man , I’m calling that a beat down. Last year at Wilkinson hall in Bloomington, 1 point victory for Purdue. Always a close contest.
  8. Coach is doing fine. The big match coming this weekend. We shall see who gets the number one in the state banner hung for the year.
  9. Look pretty accurate here, to me. For this time of the wrestling season . Injuries always rear their ugly heads and throw a monkey wrench into things. But barring injuries, Pennsylvania state seems to have 3 or 4 champs.
  10. Nice, he has shone that he isn’t over his head. Hope he continues on an upward trajectory.
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