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  1. Allred is another Indiana tough guy who has been quiet at Nebraska. He’s been behind an AA but I can see him being a contender at 197 next year.
  2. Yes , good conversation here. It goes to show the stars have to align just right. There are more wrestlers that don’t get that championships than do. And why it remains special, as does AAing.
  3. And I may add , he’s following his brother.
  4. Nice to see different conferences recruiting Indiana men. WVU, well the lay of the land is a little different out there in Morgantown, than Brownsburg. He’ll come back with one leg longer that the other.
  5. Sure thing, I’m in favor of letting the freshman get their feet wet first, in both competition and in college life. College life can be enough on its own, without the demands of a full college Athletic schedule.
  6. So after further review, the entire Ohio State freshman class is supposed to be shirted. Hopefully everyone involved agrees with the plan.
  7. Hmmmm…..kind of sorta like Superman was Clark Kent
  8. I and many others don’t believe you. Are you sure? You know how to ruin a persons day. Wait is this April 1?
  9. Paris,Ok yes he seemed hesitant. Not in a good way this year. The heavy’s next year are a pickem weight class. Hope he fully heals.
  10. Yes I forgot Zeke he will be a hammer. Paris yes Paris,needs a little fine tuning with take down arsenal and he’s on top of the pack. Davison surprised me this year. Is in the mix for sure. And “Minnesota “ Lee! Hopefully gets back 100% and continues on his climb to the top.
  11. I also like the college events. Big tens are a condensed NCAA event, as most of the elites in the country are enrolled in the conference. But the whole Indiana high school tournament is my favorite time of the year.
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