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  1. Ok, so this makes sense now. This is how I got indoctrinated to the sport. There wasn’t academies at that time and we didn’t know what freestyle was. HA! For that matter, it was sectional, regional then state, for the state tournament. But there was electricity.
  2. Damn, Bruner just twisted his knee. Looks bad. Inj. Def. at Rutgers.
  3. Wondering myself. Have not been in the area for several years now, but wrestling was alive and well in the 70's 80s and 90's. Are the youth clubs still operating?
  4. I can see a duck or two in these top tier team matches. Saving for big Ten tournament. Ryan is famous for this.
  5. I’m thinkin..,,....I could whipem both..,,..so I’m going to put pudgy y2 in there to take care of my lite stuff.
  6. It is a bad deal for the wrestlers, and they mean so much to the program, at this stage, of trying to get Indiana back to respectability. It all hands on deck when wrestling in the big ten, Hope to see them both, at least next year.
  7. Fun match to be at, you all need to experience The Wilk, The Hoosiers ,pretty much , expected to win every match in this meet. And they wrestled like that against Iowa. Nothing new. The work Tony and crew has done at Purdue is finally paying off for them. More studs to work with and getting them prepared. Now as with the Hoosiers, both squads need to retain the in state high school studs. For the rest of the country ,Indiana D1 wrestling’s on the rise.
  8. But the reasons for not competing in these matches are varied. Sure doesn’t help grow the sport.
  9. Chad is a hard wrestler to read. Seems like he plays mental gymnastics in a lot of his matches, instead of just getting out there and try to score points. The match with Murin, he got the lead and then counter shot Max to death. this will be a Big feather in his hat at seeding time.
  10. Dual Looks like it would be worth the trip. Some evenly matched studs.
  11. The end result is no indication of what good things are happening in West Lafayette. No injuries, Boilers are going to have a few AA's this year.
  12. No,You said that, I said a TRUE #2 wrestler doesn't get beat by a Lucas Davison.
  13. Indiana competed against Illinois, but no success on the score board.
  14. The haves and the have not's, Way to much disparity in division one wrestling.
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