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  1. I have to say that the Hoosiers laid an egg InThe Illinois dual. But looking back, the Illini worked Wisky and nipped the poison nuts. So maybe this wasn’t really as bad as it seemed. Going forward here I’m still optimistic even after Michigan match. The room has a lot of fight and competition that wasn’t there two years ago. Keep up the good work. In a year or two I’m confident the last two matches will look a lot different.
  2. It won’t kill you guys to post anything college related in the college thread, I don’t think?
  3. Is Jacob in college? Or still in the high school discussion.
  4. Pretty weak broadcast to say the least. Indiana brought the fight. Today, unlike the Illinois dual
  5. Honestly I don’t think the Hoosiers can take a match in this one. Maybe if the wolverines go to their bench in this one, but even then it might not even happen.
  6. Yes, the season is short the way it is. Let alone cancellations.
  7. Is this the first cancellation of the Big season? that looks better
  8. This was already discussed in the Indiana vs Illinois thread. so trying to get as many people qualified as possible.
  9. Hope the injury bug stays away this year. Indiana needs all hands on deck. Man Illinois took them to the wood shed. Indiana is Still a young program trying to did out of a big hole.
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