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  1. Looks good. I know Cook from AC hasn't wrestled much since he had an injury, I expect to see him contend at SS though. Darkhorse for those who do brackets. Also, when the young Myers boy from Bellmont hits the lineup, I'm guessing he'll end up top 4 easy at 170 or 182. They've been saying on the radio he'll be back in action soon. Watch out for that kid.
  2. Tell City looked tough today. They earned it.
  3. 1A-Tell City or North Posey. I think they're each well above the rest. 2A-Jay County. Pretty loaded team with tons of young talent. Bellmont is 1-2 and just got beat 64-6 yesterday. Yes, I understand they're coming off quarentine. After watching AC wrestle Garrett, I wasn't impressed with Garrett either. Had we not forfeited several weight classes we could have beat them.
  4. That's it. Done deal. Extend Team State to a "Qualifying Round" on Friday night. Win 1 and you're in. Lose and you go home. Every school must wrestle according to seeding by the committee. Then Saturday is for placement. I'd pay to see that.
  5. Is Jay County the odd team left out like Bluffton (from last year) at Team State? Good enough to contend but did not meet criteria?
  6. I know Jay County took on a bunch of small schools at the ACAC's but I think they would give Garrett and Bellmont all they can handle.
  7. I thought they said on WZBD Saturday during the broadcast that he'll be back any day now.
  8. I missed that. Going to have to go back an rewatch it. Was difficult trying to follow along all 3 mats with no sound, except when WZBD was on air. Thank you. And I agree about the 113-126 in our area (not even going to mention the rest of the state). I've said it before, there could be a kid who leaves the JayCo Regional a 3rd or 4th and makes it through to Indy if the seeding works out. They're really that stacked. I think Uhlman should get some SS ranking love, and Cook had the Bellmont kid whooped pretty good at both Sectional and Regional before getting in a tough spot.
  9. Some interesting matches during the ACAC's Friday and Saturday. Austin Lewis from Bluffton beat both Reiley (JayCo) and Loshe (SA). Reiley beat Loshe Friday evening as well. Uhlman (AC) beat Wood (JayCo) in a very close match. Wood also pinned Corkwell (Bluffton). Curtis (JayCo) looked tough both days.
  10. I believe 1A/2A is still set to be in Fort Wayne. Last I heard on the radio 3A/4A was still looking for a venue around the Indy area. They mentioned some info on the WZBD radio show a week or two ago.
  11. We'll find out roughly where they are in a couple weeks after they wrestle a triple dual with Daleville, FW Northrop, and Bellmont. They are for sure a top ten 2a.
  12. Reiley and Wood have looked really good so far in the early season. Even though Reiley came up through the SA ranks and now goes to JayCo, the rest of the good group from East Jay over the past few years is really showing off the (dare I say "hidden") talent. They also have a great group of girls wrestling too. Either way, Sectional and Regional will be fun with that group all mashed in to two/three weight classes. Add in the other young kids from surrounding schools there should be some great competition. Depending on where some of our kids fall in from AC towards the end of J
  13. I figured Reiley would stay there to avoid Ruble at 113. Pretty sure that's what Loshe (SA) is doing.
  14. I used to work with her years ago. Hell of a strong willed lady and great family.
  15. I know I know. I still believe if our younger kids stick with wrestling and take part in the summer camps we'll surprise Bellmont in a couple years. We have some young studs coming up. It's up to them to want to keep up that hard work to compete against the 5 or so families that Bellmont lives by.
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