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  1. Pretty easy. Other than a few kids who wrestle all year around at our local (small) schools, most of the other kids already have a bat and glove on (or doing that boring Track and Field "sport"). How many Crown Point or Brownsburg wrestlers compete in 3 sports yearly? Maybe a lot? I honestly don't know. Our wrestlers often don't get in the room until late November because of football. This is why, IMO, the 1A and 2A schools might have a few "hammers" on the team (all year wrestlers or just extremely athletic), but overall lack the upper tier quality that a 4A school can produce.
  2. Oh geez today?? Nick Lee easy. I think the EMD mob was talking about head to head both still in HS.
  3. Drunk EMD guy at the Tin Roof Saturday in between sessions kept bragging Nick Lee by a tech over Mendez. The guy almost caught hands from a Brownsburg group. That's respect.
  4. I swear we had this exact same thread a year ago when we all experienced the exact same issues. Chumpions Network seems like it's run by some middle school's media class. Mat 2 at FWSS kept zooming in and out at random times, then missed everything towards the sides of the mat. IHSAATV peeps....either partner up with local webcasters for these events or follow their format. The media conglomerate Berne Witness can do a flawless all day broadcast in full HD and not miss a second of the action. Chumpions Network yesterday for the FWSS looked like I was streaming on 56k modem in 1995 on Mat 1 and Mat 4.
  5. Bellmont only 2 and South Adams zero. I was expecting more out of the area schools but......we have 4 solid ones going!
  6. Veazy cruises to a win. I think he'll be the next state champ from the FWSS area. Not this year though, but he'll be close.
  7. Dream day for that young man. Cruz will be tough next year.
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was only a 2pt nearfall.
  9. I think the entire Adams Central crowd during the finals vs Currie at Sectional this year think a little differently after those elbows went flying on restarts....
  10. I bet Ike Ruble just got an extra bounce in his step! Thanks for the update.
  11. Agreed. I've watched him for years. When he gets behind or in a tight match, he tends to get unhinged. Very exciting wrestler, but his career is done.
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