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  1. Having spent a few years in Japan in the Marines and watching amateur Sumo events.....sober or not they're just a tad bit more entertaining than Greco. Even the smaller guys are as stout as a German tank.
  2. Veazy is legit. I've watched him since elementary duals on several different teams, as well as middle school. He'll compete day 1 in FWSS. If Duke Myers is at 182 next year with Veazy....I'd pay a lot of money to watch that. Hopefully Bellmont finds a way to wrestle Snider next season like they were to this year (thanks Covid). Doster of New Haven. Not really the same build as his older brother who was a great wrestler. Very fast and strong. IMO will compete for a title at FWSS next year at the lower weights. Davis of Leo. Is he coming off an injury or am I thin
  3. I was just telling a friend that Wawasee and some of those schools up that way used to come to FWSS. I'm not saying anything but....why would a school WANT out of FWSS if it was indeed their choice?
  4. I cheer for Adams County schools in the regular season for all sports. Mostly Adams Central, but always want the South Adams and Bellmont kids to do well. At the Finals, I agree with you. Anyone from the FWSS has me rooting for them. I was gutted when Brege lost at SS and Eli Johnson lost last night, as well as the Jay County kids. Jay County however is young and has some great 8th graders too that will help them keep building.
  5. And I hope I'm wrong. Adams County and Decatur/Bellmont really need another State Champ.
  6. Yes, they both can. I think Muncie has the better chance though. Ruble has been sloppy several times. That won't work against Cottey.
  7. Chacon didn't appear to do anything on the bottom other than hold Watson's wrist. Several stalling calls. Which is exactly how he's always wrestled.
  8. We have a really solid group of kids in our system. All grades. I've watched these kids in elementary duals and the Friday night things we used to do for the kids. After Bellmont's super Junior class graduates we'll be county champs for at least a few years to come. Take that to the pay window. Our middle school wrestles Bellmont MS next week. It'll be a blowout again. They'll win a few, they're strong in the lower/mid weights. Other than that we'll smoke them.
  9. I do, yes. I think he stays around 170-182 all 4 years, max being 195 as a Senior but I just don't see it. He's a little older than a lot of Freshman due to his medical issues and not sure how much he'll grow. I think his unconventional style of wrestling, which looks Russian/Judo to me, catches many off guard. He can also wrestle straight up with doubles, HC's, sweep singles, etc. I see him contending as early as next year. Remember, he just started practicing heavy a month ago and he made it to State and could have gone in as a 1 or 2 if things went his way. Just imagine a
  10. I don't know man. I've seen a few nose dive less than 4 rows later into the back of a mullet of a drunk Jay County fan on more than 1 occasion. Said drunk mullet Jay County fan was too incoherent to even notice. Then again, it only takes 1 to gently glide from the upper deck all the way across the mats into the opposing seats of glowing green of Cathedral.
  11. It's punishment for the paper airplanes the Mater Dei kids throw at State every year. Even though some are constructed well enough to make it from one side of the arena to the other.
  12. Glad to hear. I watched those Southern Wells kids since they had velcro wrestling shoes. Everyone knew as soon as they graduated it would get thin fast. It's great to see schools from our area compete in the state tourney. Good luck next weekend and in the future.
  13. Right back at ya. I've enjoyed the resurgence of the Snider program and root for them yearly. Loved your 170 killing it yesterday, and was bummed for Shelton going down as a Senior. The kids program at Snider and the early season tourney for them in previous years has been a fun way to kick off the season for my grandkids. I know you guys have an amazing young kid coming up in the upper mid-weights or lower heavy weights that will compete day 1 as a Freshman next year on a State level. We've had 23 straight years of sending at least 1 kid to State. Twenty Three. Think about t
  14. Heyerly having a good chance to place is huge for our Junior. Currie with a tough draw but, anything can happen. Uhlman could make a podium for sure! Too bad we didn't have Cook most of this year. Could have easily been up there too. South Adams was a huge disappointment. Loshe got crushed to death, nearly literally by a couple knees to his shoulder and chest, Dull going in as a 4, and Summersett IMO had a chance to win it all but lost to the eventual champ. Bellmont has Ike, and that's about it. He has a good draw again on his half of the bracket. Litchfield wil
  15. Arthur looked amazing Saturday. Made a few outstanding wrestlers look subpar, which they are not! Just curious, what middle schools feed into that high school and how are they looking? Is Oak Hill going to keep reloading or are they going to be like Southern Wells (state placers one year, then nobody after they graduate)?
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