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  1. I like what I'm seeing! Albeit I believe AC and SA will struggle a little early on because of their long football seasons. SA I was told has only had a handful of kids so far in practice.
  2. That would be him. There are so many Baker kids in sports in our area it's hard to keep them all straight. Thank you.
  3. I forget which Baker boy from the evil school a few miles north of me (Bellmont), but they had a kid in the late 90's that beat quite a few former state champs but never won it all. I'm pretty sure he won the Al Smith all 4 years too. My sons were in High School during his time, can't recall that kid losing much. I can't remember what happened to him at State though.
  4. Rickman is for real. I enjoy watching that little guy compete.
  5. UGH. Can't wait to see that kid on the next level. At least these days an ACL isn't an injury you can't come back from. Best of luck.
  6. I feel your pain, spanky. My grandsons are very young for their grades (both will graduate just after turning 17) and also very small.
  7. Ike Ruble had some bad luck last year at SS. I don't think that happens again this year.
  8. You must have an imposter. I was there with my wife and she talked more than I did. I apologize but I'm not sure how that's possible. Yet again, in this sick world, anything is.
  9. Shared a few beers with his father and grandfather a few hours before his state championship. Great couple of men. They were very open about Brennen's past issues with authority figures, and hoped Culver would wake him up. His dad said without the great amount of grants they were awarded they could never afford Culver. Good luck to that young man. Has all the talent in the world, hopefully he realizes it before it's too late.
  10. Didn't the ISHAA discuss this years ago? Or at least something like it?
  11. My family is living both sides of this situation currently. I have a 5th and 6th grade grandson who are both very small (50 pounds and 65 pounds)….who are both very young for their respective grade. I also have a 4th grade grandson from my other child who was born the day before the 6th grade grandson. All are academically outstanding and socially fine as far as I know. The parents of my 4th grade grandson decided to do an extra year of preschool and an extra year of kindergarten. When he reaches 6th grade he'll look like superman, where as my 5th and 6th graders now struggle to compete at the MS 75 pound weight class. The travel baseball coaches for our grandsons preach holding kids back for a better chance at a scholarship. It's a different world.
  12. The group I went with all debated that. It was a 50/50 draw.
  13. Was that the time when after the pin call he kicked the side door open and the Deputy grabbed him by the back of the neck and told him to cool his jets? If so that was a bad call.
  14. Those Jimtown kids are on a whole different level than the other wrestlers at the FWSS. Fun to watch. Congrats.
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