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  1. If I was admin this wouldn't be happening
  2. Let's just ignore how draws work in Indiana
  3. He had 3x more losses than me I’d take him on any day
  4. Keep this up and this senior 106 will take your coaching job
  5. Or you could stop being a kid about this? no one here is trolling
  6. the fact that Jesse wanted to cut him and take him down more isn't an opinion, its a fact?
  7. theres nothing wrong with being wrong I guess
  8. You’s about to learn real quick what littell is about
  9. Littell > Boarman by dec. or major. Littell is a little man
  10. Single leg dump or high crotch dump success rate is 100% about 90% of the time
  11. i had to weigh 105.9 or 106 on the spot when i cut, its ridiculous. any weight below your weight class should be a 'qualifying weigh-in'
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