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  1. Here is a list of the NAIA wrestlers who are ranked in the country right now. With two Indiana teams being ranked. Indiana tech #5 and Marian #12. 133 2nd Matt Gimson Indiana Tech 133 17th Trey McCartney Marian University 141 6th Conner Gimson Indiana Tech 141 11th Blake Mulkey Marian University 149 9th Bailey Moore Marian University 165 19th Elliott Rodgers Marian University 165 15th Chandler Woenker Campbellsville 174 12th Jarod Swank Cumberlands 184 5th Sam Osho Marian University
  2. Not even close to the amount that the NECC gets. Danny Hamm isn't even ranked.
  3. It cant hurt. Right now we only have 3 guys ranked in the country by Flo.
  4. Brandon Wright is the first non D1 Wrestler I can think of.
  5. Am I the only one who feels that Coach Oberlin looks like Zach Galifianakis.
  6. I think one way that we can continue to expand as a state is to continue to grow clubs that continue to pop up all over the state. This can help grow wrestling in areas like FW that do not have many options. I know for myself I had to travel 45 min to 2 hours to practice depending on the day.
  7. Was it this year where we did not have a Fargo jr AA in freestyle?
  8. Rumor is @Y2CJ41 teched @HeavyHands and @FCFIGHTER170 at the same time.
  9. That's why it's a super bold prediction... plus hes like 30 min closer to FW
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