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  1. Also a little known fact is that Alan Grammer was the only wrestler in John Smith's college career to beat Smith twice.
  2. I debated that myself but he attended a d2 school though and qualified for D1 nationals by winning d2s. If you exclude him then there a few guys up for debate. Hayden Lee, Sawyer Miller, Josh Kieffer and probably a few others I'm forgetting off of the top of my head.
  3. 1986 126 NCAA DI 5th for SIU-Edwardsville1986 126 NCAA DII 1st for SIU-Edwardsville1985 134 NCAA DI 3rd for SIU-Edwardsville1985 134 NCAA DII 1st for SIU-Edwardsville1984 134 NCAA DII 3rd for SIU-Edwardsville Id say Grammer had a better college career. sawyer was great but Grammer was a 2 time d2 champ and a d1 AA.
  4. What do you think Indiana's best line up would be of our top non d1 guys in the past would look like. Here are my picks. 125 Alan Grammer 133 Andy Uhl 141 Brandon Wright 149 Nick Walpole 157 Charlie Pingleton 165 Ben Hoover 174 Micheal Jackson 184 Matt Hurford 197 Riley Lefever 285 Jeff Pease
  5. same with Micic he didnt wrestle a match this year for Michigan and is more than likely done wrestling in college.
  6. 125 Drew Hildebrandt 133 Conner Gimson 141 Nick Lee 149 Chad Red 157 Brayton Lee 165 Jake Tucker? 174 Donnell Washington 184? 197 Thomas Penola 285 Mason Parris
  7. Pretty successful day for the NAIA Indiana teams yesterday in there conference tournament. Indiana Tech and Marian both send a lot to nationals. Qualifiers for Indiana Tech 125 Nathan Orum 1st 133 Matt Gimson 1st 133 Conner Gimson 2nd 141 Kyle Kantola 3rd 149 Nathan Wheeler 1st 157 Brice Coleman 1st 157 Nick Gates 3rd 174 Kolby Ferris 1st 184 Eric Vermillion 1st 285 Vernon Willis 2nd Qualifiers for Marian 125 Ty Haskins 2nd 141 Blake Mulkey 1st 149 Bailey Moore 2nd 165 Elliot Rodgers 1st 184 Sa
  8. I dont remember it then. But my guess snider club or Northside. Probably a fall.
  9. Man you are way older than me. We never wrestled.
  10. Ask me a question only Gralan would know the answer to then.
  11. I probably know most of these guys better than you...
  12. Ill take... Erique Early Bobby Humphrey Tanner Martin Kris McKinley Chandler Woenker
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