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  1. I guess we could just join Ohio and claim all of their wrestlers.
  2. Proof that the FW semi state is improving Hamm vs Brooks Fall Brooks 6-0 Que Vs Teush Teush Dec 9-0 Carroll Vs Beasley Carroll Dec 9-3 Poynter Vs Watts Watts Major 13-3 Barroquillo Vs Gimson Gimson Fall 19-3 Jackson Vs Gimson Jackson Dec 19-6 Meska Vs Macklin Macklin OT 22-6 Hiestand vs Hicks Hicks Dec 25-6 Lefever VS Ruble Lefever Major 25-10 Lefever Vs Fielden 28-10 Fielden Dec 31-10 Bratcher Vs Winner Bratcher Dec 31-13 Neff Vs Agnew Neff Dec 31-17 Thatcher Vs Leffers Thatcher Major 31-21 Meyer Vs Parsons Meyer OT 31-24
  3. The Fort Wayne semi state is as tough as ever.
  4. Joe was close to making the list but he had some matches that made me scratch my head.
  5. I was on the edge of putting Ruble and Teusch put didn't see where they could have bumped anyone out of most of the guys on the list are already placers.
  6. Also a few of these guys didn't make it to semi state last year. I cant put them on the P4P list if they dont even make it.
  7. Who would you take out to add them in? None of those guys placed at state last year if I recall right.
  8. When is East Chicago gonna catch up with the Fort Wayne semi state
  9. I think the 2 semi state titles and state medals would give him the edge.
  10. I think Danny Hamm would be higher based on him being the older Sr 103
  11. 1. Clayton Fielden 2. Mason Winner 3. Ian Heath 4. Jake Lone 5. Holden Parsons 6. Isiah Levitz 7. Cale Gray 8. Braydon Erb 9. Jared Brooks 10. Hunter Cottingham
  12. They are clearly superior wrestlers to the Crumes so they were left out of this... Nice try
  13. This has been a long debate in the wrestling community for years but the age old question must be asked! Who would win in in a match between Collin Crume and Nick Crume? While Nick has the better wrestling credentials he did run a full nelson in the state finals which devastates his stock value. Collin was an NAIA All American and does have they older brother affect which can not but over looked. There is also a rising brother in the Gymtown wrestling community stepbrother Hunter Watts. Time is yet to tell if he will dethrone Collin as the top brother and take the throne as the best Gymtown wrestling brother.
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