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  1. Mike Duckworth from Union County. I don't remember him not wanting to go back to neutral, but I know it was Duckworth he wrestled that year.
  2. Based on last year, large schools that get caught blatantly violating the rules are the ones that get breaks.
  3. Purdue's current 165 is also only starting due to an injury to Emil Soehnlin, who was consistently ranked in the top 20 before his injury.
  4. Yeah. I remember thinking how ridiculous it was that he placed in the bottom 4 on Saturday at 152 as a junior and then pinned the field as a senior at 215.
  5. I realized this last night. Thanks for the clarification anyway.
  6. I thought I read awhile ago that Purdue recruit Neinjaus was going to compete there as well. Has that changed or am I just misremembering?
  7. I think I could get on board if there was a champions dual meet or something similar afterwards.
  8. Thanks for all of the input everyone. I was already leaning toward getting a couple of these, now I'm completely sold on it.
  9. Why not just make 1 post about all of your New Castle predictions? That would probably generate the most discussion.
  10. Thanks, have some bananas in appreciation.
  11. Has anyone used a footwork trainer mat for their kids at any age level? If so, what were your thought?
  12. Was that the wrestler that was in the bathroom at New Castle? I don't remember hearing about Bobby Cox ever doing that.
  13. Bumping these threads to the top for those who are curious or want to calculate their own teams points.
  14. I know these are out of date now, but I thought I'd bump them anyway.
  15. Congrats to Snider's 3rd place finish and 7 SS qualifiers. They're in good hands with Coach Cochran.
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