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  1. This is dumb. The people who had this idea are dumb.
  2. The Ford Center is a great setup. It's also in no way a centralized location for the semistate. It's in the backyard for the local teams and over 3 hrs away for others.
  3. While we're at fixing semistate locations, go ahead and book Assembly Hall for the Evansville semistate.
  4. I'll always support wrestling mats in Mackey. That place would get loud too.
  5. All of new castle was cheering for Heather in the ticket round.
  6. Unless it happened during lunch break, I didn't hear it.
  7. Is all of the info from the original post still up to date and accurate? I have a couple seniors who have shown some interest this year.
  8. 106 at Shenendoah was like that last year too.
  9. Thank you. I thought this was the case now, but wanted to make sure.
  10. Could someone give me a reminder of the rules in regards to long hair now? It's changed a lot in the last several years and I can't find my rule book.
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