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7 minutes ago, Y2CJ41 said:

A few? Do you not follow IndianaMat on Twitter? We have tweeted every result recorded today.

Yes, but……. Some of these millions of Indiana wrestling fans don’t . 

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16 hours ago, TeamGarcia said:

Yup, guess Twitter is more important than here I guess . 

Garcia… let’s get back on the youth forum And get it going like we used to. Seems like a good time for ol pistol Pete to make an appearance. 

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Indiana went 5-2 in the quarters, 5 guaranteed All-Americans. We need six to tie the record in 2013. The highest we have ever finished as a team was 5th in 2004 and 2013.


We have four left in the blood round for some much needed team points.

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We had a rougher blood round losing a few closes one, but get two more All-Americans for a record of 7 in junior freestyle.


We are sitting in 4th place as a team in striking distance of the other three states. In order to win we would need to get a few champs and hopefully at least another finalist.

Scoring is as follows, so a semi-finals win is HUGE

1st 25
2nd 20
3rd 17
4th 12
5th 9
6th 7
7th 5
8th 2



The most finalists we have had was 2004 when we had Matt Coughlin, Angel Escoebedo, and Alex Tsirtsis in the finals. The most champs we had was two, back in 2018 with Lucas Davison and Brayton Lee.

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The quick list.....

In the Semifinals
100 - Nate Smith
126 - Sergio Lemley
132 - Zeke Seltzer
170 - Brody Baumann
229 - Christian Carroll

All-Americans in Consis
170 - Codei Khawaja
195 - Evan Bates

Lost in Blood Round
106 - Jackson Heaston
126 - Logan Frazier
160 - J Conway

Let me know if I missed anyone!

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