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  1. 4A will most likely only get 5 because the other 3 spots are going to be taken by loaded private schools that are moving up. So 4A will be the 4 semistate champs, 1 at large, EMD, Cathedral, and Roncolli?
  2. May draw Fuqua or Asbury in ticket round (33 percent). Those will be tough if that happens. If not, he should be at the bank. Always tough for younger bigger weights at Evansville SS. Good luck young fella!
  3. Saw some of @FCFIGHTER170 fights on the ol inter web. I can attest that he is a tough dude. Pretty sure the crazy talk would not happen face to face. But.. I would love to see some @GenHeavyHandz Wang Chung videos!!!! Where can we find them? Surely a Wang Chung master of 23 years has some good content on a Wang Chung website!!! 🎼Everybody have fun tonight Everybody Wang Chung tonight🎶
  4. The worst thing is the one announcer... Keeps calling the match "the game" or "the fight", the wrestlers "players", and moves "the plays". SMH
  5. Saw Alex Castro there too. I think he went 0-2. But good to see that kid still grinding.
  6. Lots of Indiana boys over at Mount Union College (Purple Raider Open). Heading back from there now. Will try to post results when I get home.... unless someone would like too. It was on track
  7. Mattyb


    Jaden Reynolds
  8. Great win by Nick. Had to wrestle his Red Cobra workout partner in the finals. Where Reynolds took the match 11-1. Great day for the Cobra boys. Reynolds really hitting his stride. Cicciarelli is a great athlete and still young. Lots of upside.
  9. Dude! Every tournament. I’m pretty sure I saw him a year or two ago. He had the warm up / sweat suit on too. Btw.. who is that guy? Gotta be a good dude.
  10. Saw his new team in Louisville last weekend. They are tough!!! Asked some of his teammates, and they said he will be wrestling soon.
  11. Welp... it doesn’t appear that it takes too much to get hammered drunk when your 60 and weigh a buck twenty! 🥴
  12. At 126 Rioux has been pretty darn good. He’s going to be hard to beat. Just saying
  13. Mattyb


    Jaden Reynolds
  14. 35 schools and 6 spots is 22.85%??? Is that Jay County math??? I came up with 17%. A mere 4% difference. Again... If the ratio of actual wrestlers on a team to school population is anywhere near equal across the board (in all classes), the percentage of 1A wrestlers that have a shot to win a state team title is waaaaayyyy higher then if you wrestle at a larger school. A fact that cant be denied. See @Wrestling Scholar post above. IMO... the new system is more than fair.
  15. So a group of schools with a total student population a quarter of that of 3a has the same amount of teams and the same chance to win a state title? Seems more than fair to me. And... 4a really only has 6 bids. Because EMD and Cathedral are not going away any time soon and will bump every year. So to say 25% of those teams are going to make it is false.
  16. I understand... but I would like to know the numbers. I think they will show that you have a better chance of being a part of a team state championship, if you wrestle at a smaller school (even when with a larger percentage of bigger schools making the field). There is something to be said about that (IMO). Everyone acts like wrestling at big schools is all rainbows and unicorns. The fact is that tons of really good wrestlers never crack the the line up or get the exposure or “success” that many are trying to get for the smaller schools.
  17. Several of the 4A schools have two varsity teams. Wouldn't that change the percentages? We hear from the smaller school guys of how hard and disadvantaged it is to wrestle at smaller schools. To be honest, its tough at the bigger schools too. There are tons of guys that would be varsity 1 at 90 percent of smaller schools. I know that the class wrestling debate is alive and well on another thread. But.. if we crunch the numbers, even with about half the schools making team state in the other classes (compared to 4A). As an individual, you may have a better chance of wrestling in this event at the smaller schools. Can we get a breakdown of actual wrestlers per each class (1A-4A), and the percentage of those wrestlers that have the opportunity to wrestle in this event?
  18. @maligned Do the semi states have multipliers like sectionals and regionals? If not.. why don't they? Clearly, not all semistates are equal.
  19. Didn’t even notice. Was super busy this weekend for the most part. That was an amazing feat then. Congrats Hook I’m sure it was your fanship that got them over that County hump. I’m sure that great team (and they are a great team) has you to thank. But... I did see that #TheCounty won little kids state. That’s about all the wrestling that I saw. Those are kids that I actually help. Congrats to my Cathedral Irish friends for winning it all! Someone told me that they won. #BlahBlahBlah #FanBoy #YouWinSomeYouLoseSome
  20. The ISWA has held elementary State duals for 10 years now. My guys have got 1st or 2nd every year and 5 titles. Pretty solid run. And... I’ll say it before Lewis does.... trophy chasing!
  21. Are we really going class size with the parochial schools???!!! 🤦‍♂️ EMD gets most good wrestlers within 50 miles. They got a monopoly down there. And I ain’t even mad about it. If you build it they will come. Btw... who’s got a scholarship for Brewer Jr??? Mrs Mattyb was curious. ooooppsss... delete!!!
  22. Ok.... what happened? Been busy all day!!! Did Avon win????
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