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Everything posted by Mattyb

  1. Mattyb

    Idea Middle School Sectionals

    Not tearing off heads. Welcome to the discussion board world. Wait until a troll disagrees with you on here. Soooo many keyboard warriors on here. I was just stating my opinion and having a little fun. Good off season discussion.
  2. Mattyb

    Idea Middle School Sectionals

    Why is this needed? We clearly have a great space now and people got out of there fairly early last year. Don't see a need to qualify. Hey... here an idea!!!!……. Class wrestling for middle school!!!
  3. Mattyb

    Jesse Mendez

    Crown Point is an awesome place and they got a good thing going with great coaches. I really don’t see him leaving that situation. I could be wrong, but don’t see it. I would like to see him go to the OTC for a year after high school for a grey shirt year. That would be awesome! Sky’s the limit for this kid.
  4. I’m with ya. We never could keep a HWT out this season. I guess that makes Avon a “bad” team then. Sometimes it is what it is.
  5. This will cause even more "smaller" school kids to move to bigger schools. I know for a fact that some families with kids that go to smaller schools move to larger schools where they can ensure that they can make a line up. At these larger schools they will wrestle a better schedule, get better partners, and get better exposure (true or not.. this is the mentality of many). With this said... some people stay put because they aren't sure if they can beat a top dog at a top program. By them knowing that they don't need to beat that top dog, they are more likely to move to that bigger school. Especially, knowing the fact that they could have a chance to finish second to that kid at each level of the state tournament and be separated from him all the way through state. The rich would get richer if this happens. You may or may not think this is accurate???? Just a thought.
  6. Mattyb

    World Team Trials

    And.... since Tanner Sloan stayed at my house during dream team classic we may as well count him as one of our own too????
  7. Mattyb

    World Team Trials

    3 out of the ten weights!!! Indiana on the come up! Proud to be a Hoosier today. Great job men.
  8. Mattyb

    Best Wrestling Families

    Bryan Bailey @Brey and his boys have made their marks on the mat. With that said, Bryan is currently providing more opportunities for more kids than any single person that I know of here in Indiana. The Baileys are the best wrestling family going. Just sayin
  9. Mattyb

    Disney duals question

    Yep you gotta take it.
  10. Great kid from an awesome family! Well deserved. Congrats!
  11. The ISWA combined all age groups into one weekend in 2011. The girls were entered separate starting in 2012. Here are the participants since that change: 2011- 882 (girls included) 2012- 791 + 26 girls 2013- 814 + 24 girls 2014- 787 + 26 girls 2015- 647 + 29 girls 2016- 616 + 11 girls 2017- 713 + 28 girls 2018- 810 + 57 girls 2019- ???? 2019 Numbers not final. I am guessing that we will have walk ups. Should be another nice bump in the numbers. Still time to sign up and walk up. As of 9:50 pm the totals have surpassed last years.
  12. Mattyb

    Freestyle State by the numbers

    Hey, how bout when you went to pairings and you made sure to get the bout sheet before you opponent did, and either stared him down or ran off so he would have to come find you. And / or sliding down the grass / dirt hill outside in your singlet and wrestling shoes then coming back in to wrestle your next match. Fun stuff!
  13. Mattyb

    Freestyle State by the numbers

    To be fair, this is club location based. With Cobra, Contenders, and CIA located in the same section, a lot of these kids live in other sections. They just come here to train.
  14. I know that the qualifying for state deal was not received with open arms. But.... this is what I’m seeing. Freestyle state numbers have risen for the first time in a long while (the last couple years). And... I’m seeing some quality freestyle at the locals! Is it just me? Anybody else seeing better freestyle matches this season? Also... great job by the ISWA for allowing other tournaments count as qualifiers. Freestyle is making a comeback here.
  15. 100 percent. I was actually on the board when we passed the qualifier requirements. And yes... I voted for it. Free style was dying here and we needed to do something. It was worth a shot (in my mind). The rule was passed to encourage kids to wrestle freestyle. It was NOT a money grab. If a kid trains enough freestyle that they feel that they can do UWW then that kid absolutely has put the work In and deserves to wrestle at our state tourney. Absolutely should count. The spirt of the rule was to get kids to the come back to freestyle by encouraging more freestyle participation, not to exclude kids. Especially kids that are doing national freestyle events. With that said, it is good to support local freestyle also.
  16. Mattyb

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    Did get to see Moran at the Indy Sports awards. He, Silas, and Asa were the final three. Asa won. Honor for all 8 that got nominated. Carson Rooks South Littel Lee were the others that got invited.
  17. Mattyb

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    Ain’t going to lie Matt. Dem boys may have been taking some Advil to get them on that dance floor! But yes they all got to the prom. Ol Ray Rioux got him a new car too. That kid had him a good weekend!!! Man..... Juniors really should be in the first session. Anybody miss state to go to prom? It was hard for our boys to make it and we are right here.
  18. Mattyb

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    Asa, Carson , Rioux, and Nathan Conley all take titles. Some good wins. Proud of my Avon guys!
  19. Mattyb

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    I’ll be watching my back all day now. Dang it!!! And if Allred shows up.... I’m running!
  20. Mattyb

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    I mean Mr..... Ha! My bad!
  21. Mattyb

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    Asa living that good life. Dude has prom tonight and most likely is going to win wrestler of the year at Indy Sports Awards tomorrow (should win IMO). Don’t blame him for not getting weight down. Just enjoying his last days as a high schooler. He’s got NHSCA duals coming up with team shutt in a couple weeks. Team is stacked. Hopefully he will help that loaded team bring home a national title. You know Asa will bring it all summer! Both kids have some good match ups at 138 and 145! Like Mr. Garcia said... maybe in Fargo? It would be awesome to see these guys battling it out for the title. I can honestly see that happing. Going through the brackets, what are some of the good match ups we should want to see? Let’s hear em! Actually after looking at the 138 bracket... Jesse is so good that he may be wrestling himself In the finals! The have him in the bracket twice right now!
  22. Mattyb

    Freestyle State by the numbers

    Is Hyway still a thing? I know back in The day we went to Hyway state. My two guys that I took won it. They ran out of medals and gave them both a bronze with no ribbon on it. One of my guys was Quinn Harris. You can only imagine middle school Quinns reaction. It was classic. After that, we never did another Hyway deal.
  23. Mattyb

    Freestyle State by the numbers

    If you look at the clubs and academies here in Hendricks County, we got 115 wrestlers signed up for freestyle. That number is in fact growing. With that said, Perry is still bringing it, lots of Warren kids wrestling, the Evansville guys and the Regions guys are bringing it too!
  24. IMO.... any USAW or UWW sanctioned event should count as a qualifier. I think the rule was put into place to ensure our wrestlers were training and actually learning freestyle. Hats off to the kids that went other national regional events and to any UWW events. It would be a shame if any of these kids were left out of state. For being short on qualifiers.
  25. Hit up @Davistein. Seems to be a legit request.

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