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  1. Welcome to the Bobcat wrestling family Jake and family. Made a great decision. Looking forward to meeting the whole family. Matt Brewer
  2. Some good and many interesting match ups. Brownsburg goes back to back and had some younger middle school guys step up with impressive wins over older guys. Solid day of wrestling and good event. Relaxed atmosphere and good sportsmanship between the kids.
  3. Aweee... Don't do Morgan like that! Dude broke his finger yesterday, broke a tooth today and had a tooth go through his lip. Dude was done. This was his 9th match in two days. Proud of our guy. Placed in both styles. Mike brought it!!! Guida did get put out by the guy Morgan beat for 7th in Greco.
  4. Guida just got knocked out last weekend. Look for Morgan to go at him with some heavy hands! Taking my guy in a huge upset.
  5. Coach Mike Morgan goes 2-2 in Greco and takes 7th. Dude hit some nice arm spins.
  6. 11,000 views indicates a lot of people do. Just saying.
  7. There are a ton of good open tournaments over in Ohio. Ohio State goes to all of them and typically kicks butt. The starters will wrestle on Friday or Saturday the go coach or wrestle in the opens the next day. Those dudes get after it. If they redshirt, they will still get a ton of matches.
  8. Great coverage of my main man Quinn and his squad. Again… this program doing great things. https://www.wishtv.com/news/unphiltered/help-these-high-school-wrestlers-by-renting-one-of-them/
  9. Congrats Fam!!! Marian is getting an awesome kid. Proud of you nephew!
  10. 100 percent. I actually hosted a couple of the boys from team USA at my home. Those kids had solid college careers. I appreciate @Y2CJ41 for allowing me to help those kids. Joe did a great job… one of the best events in Indiana history. Very proud to have been a very small part of that event.
  11. Yes Pitt… I’m sorry… to be honest.. I’m in Florida for awhile and may have had a few. With that said.. I was in st. Pete beach the other day and here comes Watson… he cut his spring break short to fly up to represent Indiana. Best kid ever! Proud to call the Watsons my friends. Can’t wait to watch him in college.
  12. Yep… super nice people. I met them in VA beach last year. They told me that he was dead set on going to Penn because Luke is coaching there. That’s where he’s going.
  13. Every collage coach during visits…. “If he wants to he can wrestle right away!” when they get there….. “we are gonna to redshirt at first and see how the chips fall” I think that they will start off redshirt… once Jesse starts to do Jesse things they will pull it.
  14. Great stuff from coach Bradley. Thanks for hosting
  15. Maybe not. But…. It’s gonna be a tough dual next year. I know both staffs will not underestimate each other.
  16. The place to be in #TheCounty tonight. Let’s goooo!!!! Its a packed house!!! So many good coaches from the area walking around helping the kids. College guys giving kids good looks. Gotta make it from now on if you can.
  17. I have worked the scales a few times at ISWA state. Nothing like arguing with a parent that states that their club coach would always allow them to wrestle a weight class as long as the wrestler wasn’t over the following weight classes. That was more so in the old fax or email your clubs weights days.
  18. I guess. I’ll be honest… I’m clueless about that. I just try to do my best to be good to everyone and treat everyone the same and with respect. Golden rule for me. Old school and out of touch I guess.
  19. So wokeness and privilege has made itself to this message board. C’mon man!!! We are better then this. I grew up in a broken home but have provided a much better lives for my kids. I did foundry work for 15 years before making the change to real estate and doing much better. Should my kids feel guilt? Are my kids privileged? These are serious questions. Most of us have had tough times. Why is @DrunkJoeNamath a “genius” for being curious of what is considered to be privileged. And furthermore.. do we really want to go down this hole? Clearly some families are disadvantaged. Can we all just agree on that and move off this privileged argument?
  20. Jordan looks great today. Here yelling my guts out for him. Carsons snake bit season was over when he busted his ankle first round. Battled for three more matches before calling it a season. He will get right and come back better then ever next year. Until then… Let’s go Sliv!!!!
  21. Coach I never said that classing individual team state will absolutely not help numbers or small schools. I said that classing individual state isn’t going to happen anytime soon and we need to look for other solutions to bolster smaller programs. I have nothing to do with not classing state. Most likely nobody on this message board does. I also said that I have no faith that if the IHSAA would class team state that it would be close to what we have now. I think that our state would then look like the other state finals that I watch every year on Flo and track. They are good events but not anywhere close to what we get to experience every year. So… we all need to ask ourselves.. are we willing to make the change from what we have now at Gainbridge with the possibility of what other states do? Do we think that the IHSAA will provide anywhere close to what we have now? Are they even willing to make the change? Clearly you, Joe, Galore and 165 think that overhauling our state finals will lead to saving small programs and you all could be right. I’m simply suggesting for now we come together, brainstorm, and look at current successful smaller programs to see what else can be done now. With that said.. I don’t want to see what we have now end now. I’m sorry I’m just being honest. And… since I have worked for one large program and now work for another large program and don’t want to see the change yet, and I’m being told that “I don’t have reference” “I just go to powerhouse programs” “I’m good with programs failing” “I think kids without means should just work harder” “I don’t care about kids with losing records” … Pretty much attacking me for suggesting we look at other solutions. It’s easy to do when a guy puts his actual name and thoughts on a message board. None of that is true. I assure you all that I love Indiana wrestling and have put a lot of time and money doing my part to help grow our sport. I would just like to explore other avenues before we change state. I guess that I am the only one with this view and / or the only one who’s currently at a larger program that’s willing to say it publicly. Well maybe me and Drunk Joe. Again.. healthy conversation. But.. let’s stop making the above assumptions.
  22. Sooo … what your saying is wrestling is like CRT? People are either oppressed (have reference) or oppressors (have no reference)? If your from a small school or poorer area you are oppressed and if you happen to grow up near or live near a large suburban school your most likely born “on third base” and feel greater then? Those entitled people have no clue what it’s like to be oppressed, have no reference and should just have no opinions. Is that what your saying? btw.. I grew up in many apartments on the west side of Indianapolis in the 90s with my single mom. Do I still have no reference? For the fifth time in this thread. I currently am a part of a large program. But.. I want to see more small schools have success like Rochester and Cascade. There are many people that are a part of bigger programs that root for smaller schools to succeed. Not going to apologize for my current job. Just chimed in the express how proud of @QuinnHarris(a guy that I took to tournaments when he was a kid) I am, and express that it would be cool to see other small teams have the “wrestling opportunities” (name of this thread) that he is providing for his guys. Also to say how @aoberlin is doing something awesome! next thing you know…. I suggest that classed state isn’t going to happen soon and that I’m not confident that the IHSAA would do it well. Then!!!!… a classic class wrestling thread breaks out (complete with stats) and I get accused of being an elite-ist and pretty sure multiple other types of ist! All in good fun though!
  23. So what your saying is…. when a coach signs a contract at a school it’s for life. Coaches don’t leave schools and sign contracts with new schools? Everyone from my old school is gone. The house was cleaned out. Most of us have new jobs though. When I hang it up at the school I’m at now.. I may buy some land and move. Wherever I end up.. I will help for sure. I promise you if I didn’t have my job that I have now, I would go to the nearest program that had an opening and would help. At this time.. It’s just best for me to have a 5 minute drive to the school. I guess that suggesting that all of us (including myself) can do more and need to brainstorm solutions is looking down on the rest of the state. Sorry to rub you the wrong way. I apologize. I have actually coached teams (off season stuff) with a guy from Central Noble before. With that said… I do get your struggles. Actually years ago… I offered a really good Central Noble wrestler to come down and stay with us for awhile over the summer to train. While we spoke about it, it never happened. Btw… congrats on the HOF.. I’m sure that we can all learn a lot from you. Again.. apologize if I rubbed you wrong. A man of your stature deserves respect.
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