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  1. Lots of Indiana kids at Findlay Open with UIndy there. Jordan Silvka got runner up. Can somebody paste results?
  2. I second that! You guys made a long drive back from Cleveland, after a tough day, enjoyable. And.. the production just keep getting better. Very impressive. Thanks for doing these fellas!
  3. @navy80 don’t forget Slivka. He had a good day. Gold Division 157 Jordan Slivka's place is 3rd and has scored 13.0 team points. Champ. Round 1 - Jordan Slivka (Ohio University) won by decision over Johnny Lovett (Central Michigan) (Dec 2-0) Quarterfinal - Jordan Slivka (Ohio University) won by fall over Cameron Jenkins (Ashland) (Fall 9:00) Semifinal - Brady Barnett (Cleveland State University) won by decision over Jordan Slivka (Ohio University) (Dec 14-7) 3rd Place Match - Jordan Slivka (Ohio University) won by decision over Jordon Tague (Notre Dame ) (Dec 9-4)
  4. Lots of Indiana guys wrestling in this this weekend (Sunday) over in Cleveland. It’s on track. Good mix of smaller and bigger teams. Should be a good one.
  5. U Indy us getting a great kid! Congrats to Ray and the whole Rioux family!
  6. Gil worked out with my son some last year. Helped him a lot. He’s a great man and a great mentor. Multi-time police and fire games champ too!
  7. The slam call on DJ Washington was very controversial. He lifted the kid up and put him straight on his back. DJ was to the side and looked to hit the ground with the kid. I was talking to Nick Willhams grandpa when it happened. He is a high school and college ref. We both agreed that a slam should not have been called. The kid that got returned to the mat is a great kid. He used to live in Lawrenceburg and moved to Cincinnati for high school. Unfortunately he suffered a stinger as the result of the impact and could not continue. I truely believe that if he could of continued he would of. As matter of fact, he tried and was told no by the trainers. Just a bad call and bad all around deal. DJ did great today.
  8. Lots of young Indiana talent doing well in fresh / soph division at MSU open.
  9. Yep... that’s common knowledge. I really forget your real name and nobody cares. Maybe @TeamGarcia remembers? But man really... you are an idiot! Lol... smh
  10. My point exactly. I promise you there are many kids that go to Disney that have no clue about Fargo or what it is. We sell the kids on a fun trip with good competition and well over 100 kids from Indiana go all the way to Orlando to do it. They or the clubs get them there and many parents go. The clubs pay for most of there coaches to go. They are easily sold. I guess my point is this,,, If we want better results from our dual teams and out at Fargo, we need to change they way we "market" it. And... @base is correct. We need to make it more affordable (somehow). BTW... hats off to the ISWA for starting the youth trip to Wisconsin for Kids Freestyle and Greco nationals! It a very low cost trip. It will help groom our younger studs for the freestyle and Greco trips when they reach the age to go. This is a great step!
  11. Im talking duals and Fargo. As a former board member, I get it. I do understand the cost. I love the ISWA and the leadership. With that said... a good deal of families are not happy or skipping these trips all together and the results are not great. Just think it’s time to try something new. I do know that taking your own kids won’t save much money (if any). It’s more about the wrestlers and families enjoying the trips and ensuring their best efforts. btw... how many Indiana kids go to Disney for a week? More than Fargo? I know we charged $400ish. I would like to hear from wrestlers and parents on their thoughts. Heck I could be completely wrong????
  12. No doubt Marshall. I know that some wrestlers absolutely hate the bus ride to Fargo and hate staying in those dorms. I know of wrestlers that have skipped the trip because of it. Pay a lot for a trip that they don’t totally enjoy. Looks like we are getting good numbers at Super 32 with no formal trip. Kids are taking their coaches and / or parents, staying in decent hotels, and paying less (maybe). I would like to see a poll. Would more people like to keep the Fargo trip like it is or have the camps here (to prepare) and get themselves there. Take who you want with you and stay where they want? It may be apples to oranges.. but the ISWA sends two elementary teams to Heartland every year. When I first started that trip, the fees were $140 per wrestler. The parents provided there own transportation and lodging. Every year we finish around the top 5. I know that the fees for that trip have went up. With that said, the model works. I would like to point out some of the National duals that our top kids are doing also. Our elite kids are getting snatched up by Team Shutt, Minions, Scorpions, David Taylor, etc... these kids are going on these trips for way less then it takes to go on an Indiana national team and are getting great exposure. Seems like our top dogs are willing to spend their money on these trips. Personally.. my son did. He loved his trips with the all-star teams. It may be time to rethink how we structure our national team trips. We are too good to be finishing where we have been.
  13. Chad... Sorry to hear about the injury. I did talk to him at length last Thursday (days after he hurt it). He was and great spirits, but told me that it could be bad. He was still drilling and showing stuff. He was helping others prepare for Super 32. Because... that is what leaders do! He has made an excellent choice to go to Ohio. Those boys will have a bed for him this summer when he is ready! Sorry that it had to end like this, but there’s sooo many good times ahead! Keep your heads up! O-U-Oh-Yeah
  14. Got a couple of my main guys from TheCounty at Wabash this season. Dem boys have been working hard. Not fooling us Unc. Look forward to seeing your boy kick butt this year! I got a real cool Wabash wrestling hat for the season too!
  15. Practice officially starts today! I know Purdue and Ohio has plans to practice outside this weekend. I’ll be at Ohio. Any other teams doing it up this weekend to kick things off?
  16. I had the pleasure to know Neil and to coach along side him. I will cherish the times that we spent coaching and the numerous conversations that we had over the years. He was such a giving person. He will be missed. I want his kids to know that he was very proud of them. Our prayers go out to his wonderful wife and kids. Prayers to the family of John Lowe also. Matt Brewer & Family
  17. I gotcha... hey speaking of signing day. It is about six weeks out. I want to share this for the kids that are trying to get a good deal or figure out their path. https://mobile.twitter.com/alliseeisgold/status/1062928326145249280 I hope this helps!
  18. Nobody is official until national signing day. That will be November 11th this year.
  19. We actually have more than that going D1. I was referring to the 6 champs from this year that have moved on and are going D1. Since this tread is about this years state champs. With that said... look forward to watching dem studs too.
  20. In his last two years in high school, Carson only gave up offensive points to one person here in Indiana. That was the in that pretty rough match Friday night his junior season (it was bad). With that said, he’s pretty tough to score on. He wrestled very conservatively this year at state. Just wanted the title. But... I personally think Rypel was ranked number one in the nation for a reason and has to be favored. Just honored to have my son be mentioned in this conversation after he has moved on. He’s really doing well at Ohio. Coaches have expressed that they really like him and he’s doing better then they even thought he would. Him Slivka and Mosconni all should be wrestling at the Michigan State open the first week of November. Saw all of them last week and they are all doing great! Bottom line.. our studs are moving on to D1 and doing great. It would be cool if Slivka and Mosconni would clean their room tho!
  21. Don’t count out my orioles for the team title. Could have a handful of placers. But... Smiley is a great dude and coach. Great pickup by Brownsburg.
  22. Here is what I also see from successful programs (in all sports) is the coaching from the bottom up approach. All programs are going to a few studs. The better programs have 10 or so studs. Guess what???... those are the easiest kids to coach. I see coaches coaching from the top down. Meaning... they spend the majority of time with their suds. Those kids are self motivated, and many times know more than their high school coaches. The successful coaches spend more time with their marginal kids and make them good. This not only builds depth, but makes those kids feel more important to the team. This results in retention, and the strengthening of the program. Show more love to the lesser kids. Let them know that they are a HUGE part of the program, and they are needed. That's another great way to keep kids around. Here is something that the vast majority can relate to: As a youth football coach, I was lucky to have my teams in the "super bowl" every season. All teams have a fairly even draft. All teams have two or three studs. The daddy ball coaches spend the whole practice focusing on their own kids and letting junior and his best buddy run the ball in every practice and every game. The other kids "get" to stand on the line and block. That leads to kids hating youth football and angry parents. Where as the successful youth coaches convince the kids that line play is the most important part of the game (which it is). They also find something that each kid does well, and makes them feel that each kid is the very best at doing that particular thing. The daddy ball coaches just "hide" the weaker kids and focus on junior and the other studs. If a kid is not a striper, give them the rock once a game! Put your studs on the line for a play or two. Let them put their hand in the dirt and help get the "lesser" players a few yards. That approach leads to happy well rounded players and happy parents. Every kid will want to play the following year. The kids will play hard for each other and the wins will come. I truly think that many of us can do a better job of developing our "lesser" wrestlers, and letting them know and feel how important that they are to the team. Let dem studs "put their hands in the dirt". Let them take a little time to build up the 2nd or 3rd tier guys. By doing a better job of this (coaching from the bottom up) we will grow depth and keep kids out. Oh.. by the way... Once the individual tourney starts.... go ahead and play daddy ball, with your best 14!!!!
  23. We keep getting these post about the competition. I think we are missing the real reason, that kids are not sticking with the sport. See my post above (about what to do to make kids like wrestling practices better). Look at the responses…. You have two current kids and a recent grad who is trying to help build a program at Ben Davis. We not losing kids because the year round kids are beating them . We are losing kids because they do not enjoy workouts, and feel as they don't other don't share the same feelings and experiences as they do. They are not coming together as a brotherhood. "Why get you teeth kicked in everyday at practice for no reason?!!!" That is what the kids that are walking away are saying. I'm just telling you. You want to keep kids??? Give them reason to show up and show out. As far as going two and out every weekend to start. My son went his whole first year and most of his second year before he won a match. He cared some, but liked the other kids at club and wanted to be with them. We didn't really care about the losses. He stuck with it and ended up with a pretty great career. And..... he beat most of the kids that beat him when he started, along the way. His best buddy started a year after he did and won just about every tourney (right out the gate). He went on and was a 4 time state qualifier. With that said, different kids will take different paths. Both kids had highs and lows. But... they were always there for each other. That's a huge reason neither gave up. As far as being humiliated... why would you be humiliated from getting beat in a game or wrestling match. The fact that the kid went all out and will work to close the gap should be what we focus on (not trying to find someone easy to beat). Too much is being put on wins and loses. Not enough being focused on becoming a hard worker, good teammate, and baddass (win or lose). Yes.. badass. If a kid makes it through a wrestling season... They need to be told that they are a badass. Its OK to lose matches. Make it fun and surround the program with like minded positive people. That's how we stop it.
  24. Looking for a section of red or black wrestling mat. Message me if you have one that you would like to get rid of. Got money for it, but a donation would be cooler!
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