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  1. Wait a god darn minute!!!.... youth coaches get paid now. I need many and many years of back pay. Hope to see Quinn at BD too.
  2. Just a terrible thing to happen. My heart goes out to the Lewis family. Words can’t express the sorrow that I feel. Our Thoughts and prayers are with this family. The Brewers
  3. Well deserved.... Congrats champ! Purdue is getting a great kid and student. Jaden is a coach’s dream and an asset to any room. One of the hardest working kids that I have ever had the pleasure to be around. Super proud of you buddy!! The Brewers
  4. Great kid from an awesome family. We really enjoyed getting to know this kid and watching his journey so far! We will be following you champ! The Brewers
  5. Your guy... LOL. I’m sure it’s your Kung foo or whatever your training (please remind us) that has made a difference In this kids wrestling. Both wrestlers are great and will make a splash next year. Congrats to both for getting to the level that they are at. Fort Wayne has some talent but as a whole they are down a bit. And... @TeamGarcianever said to drop it. Calm down cowboy.
  6. Nice.. but I think most kids have the one that is in the above photo. Do they not?
  7. Soooo... your screen name is like one of those opposite nick name deals??? Like calling a big guy tiny or a tall guy shortdog. I come to this conclusion that you are not a “wrestlewatcher”... because there was some of the best freshman and sophomores in the state there. Take a look in trackwresting... most of the top few guys are very good wrestlers. But .. checking out track wrestling will give you an idea of who is who.
  8. Very cool to see half these dudes grinding in college.
  9. Pretty sure that my son lost his or they fell behind his dresser or something. Kids think they are cool for a second then on to the next thing. I’m sure he will want them in 10 years or so. But to answer your question.. your AD should help.
  10. Yes and Carson wrestled IU starter Nick Wilhelm that year. It was an awesome event.
  11. Congrats to all placers and champs. This is a VERY important and underrated tournament. It’s a big deal to place at and win this event.
  12. He rolled his ankle really bad a week and a half ago (high and low ankle injury). He was to be the 3rd or 4th seed at the MAC tournament. He will be out for another few weeks. He is very disappointed but has plans to do a lot of wrestling this summer. Appreciate your support SWINfan. Always been supportive of his efforts. He will be back. Has 4 years of eligibility left! Matt Brewer
  13. Lots of nationally ranked middle schoolers right now. Most of if not all will being going to the Mooresville or Crown Point Regionals. Lots of them will be at the Rokfin showcase this weekend in Elkhart!
  14. Asa and Blaze Garcia Tyler and Nathan Conley
  15. Did you not understand @D Summar ??? The man said we have to add Goodwin and the monster known as Carroll. C’mon!
  16. Both areas should be very proud. Hard work is paying off. Not only good wrestlers.. but some really cool funny kids. Reflection of great dedicated parents. Super fun thread here.
  17. Congrats champ. I’ll be watching you and Boarman down there in the SoCon!!! Enjoy your next chapter buddy.
  18. With 6 times the people and teams, I would hope so... they should have at least one a year (see class wrestling thread).
  19. A few team state dual titles and a IHSAA runner up in the last handful of years. Not too bad. Post was about a run of state champs. Where’s the hijack police ... @UncleJimmy
  20. I don’t actually think that academies are are to blame. My point is that that line of thinking is no more valid than then class wrestling argument. In my opinion. Heck.. may as well blame video games. The better the games get... the more kids we lose. Im not making light of things. Just feel as though class wrestling will have little effect. Pehaps the IHSWCA can form some kinda committee to help address the loss of kids.
  21. Not according to the provided numbers from New Jersey. Again.. why do we assume that the loss of numbers is from smaller schools? Do we know this as fact?
  22. Haines, Miller and Street would be available. Asa Garcia vs Tyson Nisley
  23. How do we determine if we are losing more kids at smaller schools... Who’s to say that we aren’t losing more kids at larger schools? My point is this... if you walk into a big school room, with multiple middle school state placers or champs in one weight class and realize you most likely will not ever make varsity... it’s hard to stick to the sport. Also.. football players that see year round wrestlers in spots, and realize that they will never make the lineup. That’s tough. Pre-academy wrestling, everyone was sort of on the same level. Now the academy kids are mo
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