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Everything posted by 1prouddad

  1. Great story young man. Best of luck in all you do.
  2. You also might wanna watch the Gilbert/Sutton match as well.
  3. I don’t know, Gentry for Mooresville was impressive today till he ran into the champ.
  4. How about Phoenix Rodgers of Heritage Hills winning the 195 EVV SS? Congrats young man.
  5. I’d say probably beat his wrestler or something like that.
  6. Well, he lost earlier in the year at the EMD Holiday Classic. I only mention this because he’s tough in himself and didn’t think he could beat Ross. Glad to see him overcome that as he heads to the Bank.
  7. Go ahead, but I’m just looking out for your own good. If you win those bananas, you can elevate your cash flow by making Elvis Presley grilled peanut butter and banana sammies outside of Bankers.
  8. Nah, I was at Bingo dealing with the blue hairs so didn’t have time to look it up. Lol
  9. That’s what I was hitting at. Couldn’t remember if Will had faced any so that’s why I said generally
  10. It’s not every year, but if memory serves me right Eglis are generally the ones coming up short.
  11. Their win losses are tabbed under the rankings page
  12. He looked fine in his other matches. Just ran into a buzz saw in that match with Deffondoll.
  13. Evv 113- Gilbert Vs Sutton 120- Scott Vs Knox 132-Egli Vs Conley 138- Conway Vs Mays 152- Kervin Vs Fitts 152-Deffondoll Vs Asbury(Deffondoll manhandled Purdy) 170-Deters Vs Sego
  14. Wait, weren’t you the one bashing the Boonville fan base saying they only show up at tourney time. And now want to tell them to not take it personally?
  16. No, was just trying to get ya to follow topic. The question was asked how they have fared THIS YEAR.
  17. I believe what he meant by “product” was where they wrestled all the years as a youth. There’s been several that were a “product” of a youth program to only transfer when thy hit the HS level examples: listed first is the youth, then HS Eli Dickens- North then EMD KT-Harrison then BB(now gone) Casebolt-Tell City then Castle Willis- lost track of all their teams just A few off top of my head.
  18. Not sure calling out for HIM will help you out of this debacle now. Maybe should’ve Prayed first. Just a suggestion.
  19. And Dollison just beat Ramsey at SIAC 8-2
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