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  1. Tough kid. Good fit for him as a Marine. Best of luck.
  2. That video by Rat on Number 7 Blast Furnace was excellent. Thanks for posting it. It's well worth watching.
  3. http://www.elkharttruth.com/sports/high_school/andrews-named-wrestling-coach-at-northwood/article_77e9f41a-5abc-594d-aa51-1da8c66f66d9.html Article on the Elkhart Truth site confirming the hire.
  4. Just out of curiosity, if you were looking for a male coach, would you mention "Preferably someone who is still in good enough shape to wrestle with the kids"?
  5. The blocking info was very good. Already put it to use. Many thanks.
  6. Politics aside, that is the funniest post I've seen here. Well done!
  7. Congratulations to future Cadet Larson on an excellent choice. I like to see Army go undefeated, except for one notable exception each year.
  8. Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016 vs. W, 19-17 Army West Point Annapolis, Md. (AH) Photos: Photos Additional Information: Watch Navy Takes Star in 19-17 Wrestling Win Over Army West Point The Midshipmen are now 49-6-5 all-time against the Cadets.
  9. No disrespect to anyone else, but that was the best article I've read on this website.
  10. I'm hoping for some third person posts.
  11. Looks like a new coach at Elkhart Memorial is long time assistant Jim Iannarelli, according to the Elkhart Truth. On a side note, the article said he had a degree in biochemistry. Those aren't easy to get. Article here: http://elkharttruth.com/article/20130530/sport01/705309982
  12. If you look at it from a preparation standpoint for a future conference dual matchup between two schools, would not having your JV team wrestle the other team's varsity prior to that meeting be beneficial to your team? You get an idea of what it is like to wrestle their varsity, yet wrestling your varsitiy lineup is still an unknown for the opponent. From a logic perspective, that has some value.
  13. That makes the top 10 list for best posts, at least in my book!
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