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  1. Have to go all the way to Fargo to wrestle the team less than 10 miles from us. Revin Dickman vs Nate Rioux in the consolations, loser goes for 7th. Congrats to both young men for achieving All-American status.
  2. Y2, as BLF Snow Cone said, Dyer (Dyer High/Dyer Central) was the Indians just as Lake Central is still today. Dyer Central is now where one of Lake Central's middle schools sit.
  3. Quite a few of these leave me scratching my head. For example, why does Floyd Central and New Albany not go to Jeffersonville if it is just down the road? It would make more sense send North Harrison and Crawford County to Southridge. Would seem to cut down on costs as well for school systems (in terms of gas).
  4. Make sure you guys come out Raymond Park middle school today. Bring some of my ‘burg boys. Let’s scrap!
  5. Snyder laced the shoes up yesterday and it was amazing to watch him hit his carry that he won the 1999 CCIW title with.
  6. 2016 University Nationals runner-up. That means I was the alternate to the University World Team. Come one, come all...we’ll have our Brownsburg guys there and ready to scrap. Myself, Smiley, and even Snyder might break the shoes out.
  7. A couple from Lake Central...Gelen Robinson and James Torres. Gelen was such an animal and would throw it all on line every match. Funny story about James Torres, my dad coached him and James was starring in the stands and my dad asked him what he was starring at and James replied with "Coach Ayersman, do you see that girl up there?". Some guys could be like James Torres whether other guys would be super tight and were only focused on the match.
  8. We’ll see you at state, I would like to see a Cory Clark vs. Spencer Lee final. Love watching two Hawkeyes go at it
  9. Pretty sure they get that Lake Michigan water Rat. I think it might be more of the smog from the steel mills. Very excited to get back up in Da Region and go to battle. Will we be seeing you there @regionrat1?
  10. Still is. One of, if not, the best coaches I’ve ever had...tons of love for the Sessa family.
  11. Aaron was so good. My dad used to take me to watch Lake Central wrestle and I loved watching Aaron. Was definitely a stud.
  12. As a past state champ. Might want to reconsider. Look at some of the talent that has come out of this area. Look at the awesome guys we have coming up. It’s going to be an extremely fun year.
  13. We lost in the finals 33-24. Came down to the last match...our 220 was just going for the pin, sacrificed a win for himself to try to help the team win. Extremely proud of him and this team! Again, Lake Highland Prep is a not a normal school...they are a prep school.
  14. We will wrestle Oregon Clay out of Ohio tomorrow. Oregon Clay was team champs last year, think we matchup well, we’ll see.
  15. Haven’t lifted in two years so I’ve lost all the muscle I had...Girlfriend said I’m looking small (took that to heart) so I’ve been hitting 25 pushups, sit-ups, squats, and jumping jacks every night before bed. But come out and get some solid technique that works at every level.
  16. Some Brownsburg results- JJ Doty-2nd place Parker Reynolds-2nd place KT Nelson-8th place
  17. Another packed room tonight at the #BoneZone. Got guys from all over mixing it up. Littell had some awesome technique and everyone in attendance should add his misdirection duck to their repitoire. Had guys training both freestyle and folkstyle, if you’re training either be sure to stop in one of these days and check this room out. Be ready to roll next Thursday at 6 pm.
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