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  1. Snider is still looking for a business teacher.
  2. Snider will be hosting the Mike Ester Memorial “Takedown the Stigma” Wrestling Super Duals on December 22, 2021 at Snider High School. The purpose of this wrestling tournament is promote the sport of wrestling through competition and bring awareness to the mental health crisis that is occurring throughout our society. We do plan on having a couple of presentations during the Tournament to promote mental health awareness. Teams that are committed: Northrop, Angola, and Huntington North We are looking for two more teams. Contact Athletic Directo
  3. The teaching positions are now posted on FWCS' website. This process is going to be quick. The assistant position is not posted yet, but it will be available. Contact me if interested at matthew.cochran@fwcs.k12.in.us
  4. UWW U15 Nationals 85kg- De'Alcapon Veazy takes first in freestyle and is runner-up in Greco
  5. We are going to have an opening for as assistant wrestling coach next year at Snider High School. We will have the following teaching vacancies: Special Education LD/MI – 1.0 English – 1.0 English – 1.0 Business – 1.0 Instrumental Music – 1.0 Mathematics – 1.0 ELL – 1.0 Life Science – 1.0 Postings for the teaching positions will go up April 26 – April 28. Please contact Head Coach Matt Cochran at matthew.cochran@fwcs.k12.in.us if you have any questions.
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    Fort Wayne Snider
  7. Snider 106- wrestling 113- wrestling and boxing 113- tennis, wrestling, and baseball 120- wrestling 126- wrestling 132- wrestling 132 (jv)- soccer, wrestling, lacrosse 138- wrestling 145- wrestling 145 (jv)- football and wrestling 152- football and wrestling 152 (jv)- football and wrestling 160- wrestling 160 (jv) football and wrestling 170- wrestling and E-Sports (yes, you read that right) 170 (jv)- football and wrestling 182- football and wrestling 182 (jv) football and wrestling 195- football and
  8. De'alcapon Veazy will be at Snider next year
  9. The SAC tournament will be broadcast at www.youtube.com/pantherpause20
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    New Haven
  11. mcochran

    Fort Wayne Snider
  12. Fort Wayne Snider
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  14. Carroll (Fort Wayne)
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