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  2. I normally don't post on these types of forums, but I'm going to defend my program and then disappear from the thread because I don't want to get into tit-for-tats Carroll has a solid program and they deserve credit for the success they have had in our area. We are working hard to improve our program and are working to do things the right way. We (Snider) just won our conference championship in a tight battle with Bishop Dwenger and Concordia. We wrestled well. We lost our dual meet with Carroll in a good match. Tip of the hat. My team has ovecome loads of adversity this season from tragedy to an unusual amount of injuries and illnees to keep working to get better. No excuses, I admit that our program is not to Carroll's consistent level. But we are working on it. We increased the difficulty of our schedule by going to the Henry Wilk at Penn and going to the Al Smith. We picked up Bellmont in a dual. This year, our numbers greatly improved over the past year, our Blackhawk Middle School Club has improved its numbers into the 30s and we are competing against Carroll's feeders and other local middle schools not in FWCS (Remember, FWCS does not have middle school wrestling, so our ms team is actually a club that cannot practice everyday). Our youth numbers and North Side's are gorwing and we look to field an elementary duals team next fall. I would like to see middle school and youth programs grow in Ft. Wayne and we are working with Warrior Elite and other schools to help it grow, including Homestead, Carroll, North Side, and hopefuuly other this spring. Again, kudos to the Carroll program and their successes. They have been a consistently solid program in our area. We will do our part to help Ft. Wayne wrestling improve. Matt Cochran Snider Head Coach
  3. mcochran

    Fort Wayne Snider vs. Leo

    Fort Wayne Snider
  4. Bellmont
  5. Carroll(Fort Wayne)
  6. The Takedown the Stigma-Wrestling for Mental Health Awareness was a success bringing in over $1900 in donations! Thanks to Bowen Center, Parkview Behavior Health, Parkview Sports Medicine, Remedy Live, the Snider Counselors, and fans!
  7. Homestead
  8. Thursday Jan. 9, Snider and Homestead will wrestle in an event titled "Takedown The Stigma" This is a free event where donations will be accepted for Mental Health Awareness. More information is posted on the following link: https://www.parkview.com/sports-network/news/sn-news-story?news=601
  9. Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger
  10. Fort Wayne Snider
  11. Fort Wayne Snider
  12. Fort Wayne Snider
  13. Fort Wayne Snider
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