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  1. 5 wins is technically what you’d need to make it to state- 2 at sectional, 1 at regional, 2 at SemiState
  2. Pike Central- old coach Ryan McCain new coach Caleb Cherry
  3. DJ Radnovich from Gibson southern in 1998 pinned all 4 opponents to win state. Finished 48-0 with 47 pins. also, I believe I’d seen before that James Dickerson from new castle in 1995 did the same thing
  4. 2018 regional at North my wrestler was wrestling a kid from MD that was on his way to tech falling us. I’m the process he illegally slammed my kid and automatically I knew we would continue the match, or at least restart, then default and give them the victory. But for a moment, we sure had the MD coaching staff sweating. Which I reassured them there is no way i would default a match purposely default a match just to get a win. Their kid went on to win regional, then qualify for state.
  5. So if Boonville gets voted in for 2A, that will make 4 teams from the newly expanded Pocket athletic Conference (PAC) participating at team state next season. That would bring the number of previous PAC teams participating at team state to 8 heritage hills gibson southern tecumseh southridge north posey tell city Mt Vernon (new PAC team) possibly Boonville (new PAC team) i know this this is silly question, but does that make the PAC the best wrestling conference in Indiana? im kidding, but that is a pretty interesting stat
  6. You are correct, I apologize. Funny, I was at that event in 04 watching and still forgot who beat MD that year
  7. That’s a crazy statement to say considering the two years following the 03 Mater Dei team, Lawrence North did win team state, beat MD in the process both years
  8. Crazy to think that if it wasn’t for Griffith, they may have had 7 champions, or at least 7 finalists
  9. Deffendol is out and Omar Mora from Washington moves in to the bracket as the 4th seed against Morrill from Columbus East. Farmer (ev memorial) took the place of Purdy and Purdy moves to Deffendol’s place
  10. It is possible to get close to that with the right scheduling. Tourneys that I know that have 8-10 matches are War on the Wabash PAC Conference Duals Evansville Harrison 10 Way Madison Cub Classic Scottsburg Warrior Classic
  11. Probably missed him as a sleeper because he would possibly have to meet a returning state placer in the ticket round.
  12. Well I think one of them just made that comment McCain went on to be a 2x JUCO all American (3rd, 2nd) at Iowa Central, transferred and wrestled a season at IU, and currently is the head coach at Pike Central. Not sure on the other two
  13. I believe top 3 at heavyweight in 96-97 at Evansville (then it was Seymour) SemiState were top 3 at State. Willis of Southport, Bentz of Madison, and Massey of Martinsville. McCain of Pike Central, the 4th place in that semistate, lost in overtime on Friday night the the eventual 4th place at state, so that was a close challenge to that 171 bracket that same year
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