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  1. I don’t believe any wrestler that is in our state truly has a choice whether they can seek out top level national competition or only wrestle in their back yard.....in season. Understandably you can seek out whoever you want to wrestle in the offseason, but in season they are at the mercy of their coaches and AD’s. And if someone beats everyone that’s put in front of them, whether it’s back yard or not, thats great, and only a handful of people in the state do it every year. As as far as the post on Jordy Fulks, Boonville has wrestled local teams (pretty much every southwestern indiana team in PAC, Big 8, and SIAC, I believe except Gibson southern, forest park, and Mater Dei), and also wrestled Union County, KY.
  2. That one kid from Crown Point has a loss
  3. https://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1579711907157&pageName=
  4. In 2006 Forest park had a Hopf boy that i believe was 6’9” that wrestled 189. Finished out his career as a heavyweight
  5. Some coaches are their school’s athletic directors. That’s a possibility for things being changed sometimes
  6. With Fitts dq’d at the Classic, would he be able to wrestle at team state?
  7. I know milanes from jasper was in their lineup this week at 106 all the Gibson southern wrestlers you mentioned are in their lineup
  8. I believe jasper now goes the Spartan Classic as well
  9. When did Edgewood start going to new castle? It shows Koontz ranked at 138
  10. Definitely not counting them out, just was saying BB and MD were front runners for preseason #1 in duals, and Cathedral may be individual tourney favorites but that’s just my opinion, may be way off base
  11. As far as the subject of the post- i would say top two could be interchangeable- Mater Dei and brownsburg. cathedral will have a solid chance in the individual tourney
  12. Southridge’s new coach is Kurt Collins
  13. Ok, I always thought tickets went on sale around the start of the current years tournament. Just curious if anyone had an idea
  14. Does anyone know when tickets for next year at Minnesota go on sale?
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