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  1. Kyle Ayersman

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    Orioles came out to scrap, but the Bulldogs pulled out the victory. Brownsburg took 9 of 14 matches, some were very close. Looking forward to seeing what everyone looks like at the end of the year!
  2. Kyle Ayersman

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    Snyder don’t forget about that Skipper guy, he struggled this weekend but he’s a South Bend Adams transfer and shouldn’t be counted out.
  3. Kyle Ayersman

    Brownsburg vs. Avon - THIS Thursday

    I posted our lineup from the weekend on another post
  4. Kyle Ayersman


    No we were very proud of him and he battled back
  5. Kyle Ayersman


    106 Chris Doty 5-0 (some kid we pulled out of the hallway) 113 Ty Mills 1-4 (had 7 ranked kids) 120 Brayton Lee 1-4 (only win was a forfeit, may not be in our lineup on Thursday) 126 Blake Mulkey 2-3 (didn’t know how to be in a stance before we taught him the last match) 132 Nathan Walton 3-2 (2 of 3 wins were forfeits) 138 Darrick Snyder 0-5 (solid kid, stayed off his back, watch out for him when he’s a senior 145 Chris Seymour 4-1 (lost on a last second takedown in overtime) 152 Johnny Forfeit 0-5 (gave up 6 every match) 160 Jeffrey Bye 0-5 ( gave up 6 every match) 170 Jon Doe 5-0 (cutting him down from HWT. He looks huge) 182 Kyle Ayersman 3-2 (I started peaking toward the end of the tournament) 195 Billy McStud 5-0 OW (Best wrestler I’ve ever seen) 220 Alex Skipper 1-4 (South Bend Adams Transfer) HWT. Rick Thompson 5-0 (has old man strength and fought in the War of 1812)
  6. Kyle Ayersman


    Brownsburg won
  7. Kyle Ayersman

    Big Duals/Matches- Nov. 26-Dec.1

    The Robert Emerick Harvest Classic will be this Saturday at Lake Central. Penn, Portage, Hobart, LC, and a couple tough Illinois teams will be there.
  8. Kyle Ayersman

    IU Line up

    From my understanding, he is done wrestling but still in school at IU. However, I do not know if it was a release or a medical release(still get to keep his scholarship).
  9. Kyle Ayersman

    Preseason Mag?

    Unfortunately you can not find that match on YouTube, luckily my parents purchased all the DVD’s when I graduated.
  10. Kyle Ayersman

    Preseason Mag?

    Lol well I’m sorry man, but it was a great match and I’m happy with the way it ended, I did a bit of scouting before and I think that helped me out a bit.
  11. Kyle Ayersman

    Preseason Mag?

    All Snyder wants to bring up is how he’s half my losses, so essentially I have to give him one of my rings...it’s actually really annoying. Anyone looking for a new assistant coach? 😂
  12. Kyle Ayersman

    Weight cut

    Speaking from the athlete standpoint, you want to remain competitive and give yourself the best opportunity to win. Use David Taylor as an example, he was able to go up a weight and just won a world title...not many people are like that. And to be completely honest, it’s part of the sport no matter where you go...it’s unhealthy and not good for growing kids, but it will happen wherever you go.
  13. Kyle Ayersman

    Best looking coaching staff in the state

    Lol rat, if I was supporting a mullet I think I would no longer have the girlfriend...all I know is that the kids think my haircut is solid now, which is all that really matters right?😂
  14. Kyle Ayersman

    Best looking coaching staff in the state

    This new haircut I got makes my hair look slick
  15. Kyle Ayersman

    Best looking coaching staff in the state

    Well...let’s be honest here, since you guys are twins, Zionsville should be disqualified because of how ugly you two are. May be biased but have to give the edge to the Bulldogs from Brownsburg...with yours truly at the top of the list.

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