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  1. At 152, 5 of the top 8 ranked in the State Rankings were at Eville SS. The other 3 were at New Castle. Three of those 8 (Freije, Fitts, Law) didn't make it out of the Ticket Round. I definitely think Kervin has a great shot at winning it all. His draw could be the difference. Does he draw Bryer Hall Friday night? Brice Coleman Saturday morning? We'll know soon. As for 126, Hayhurst could face Brayden Lowery again Friday night... or Stephen Roberson or Dylan Stroud. I'd guess his best shot would be against Dylan Stroud. If he loses Friday night, he won't be an easy out for sure. I also love the 170 group. None of Deters, Sollars and Ruhlman will be a fun matchup Friday night. Whichever of Sollars or Ruhlman draws into Calhoun Saturday morning will get the short straw, but won't be fun for Calhoun either.
  2. Looks like Kasper McIntosh is getting the start tonight against Iowa. It's an opportunity for sure, but a tall one against Marinelli at Carver Hawkeye Arena!
  3. He definitely looked undersized compared to Dodson
  4. From Evansville (if I counted correctly) Mater Dei 9 - 3 Champs, 4 2nds, 1 3rd, 1 4th Brownsburg 7 (missed Haines initially) 3 Champs, 2 2nds, 1 3rd, 1 4th Avon 4 2 Champs, 2 3rds
  5. Actually we were agreeing 95%. I guess if that's not good enough for you, then be annoyed and create a post to tell me about it. I'm not going to split hairs with you. We both agree he was very impressive. I'm very aware of what happened today. Why can't that be enough?
  6. I'm still about 20 minutes behind live on the match. Made myself shut down all tabs on my browser and put my phone on silent until after that match. I love watching this current group of guys. Nick is an animal, Mason is dominating and has just one huge tree in front of him to chop down, and Brayton is really solid and getting better. On that note, don't forget Minnesota tonight brings Brayton against Pat Lugo and Gable Steveson - Tony Cassioppi. Lots of great wrestling after SS tonight!
  7. And shall now be the #1 141 lb'er in the country, at least until the Big Ten Tournament
  8. I thought the same about Gentry. Gentry won 5-2 at the Regional so maybe Dickens wasn't the 2nd best, but I thought both were impressive today. Really liked it when I saw Gentry go for and finish an ankle pick (Munoz match, I think).
  9. No argument there. It's all about the draw now
  10. Just finished watching. I started about 15-20 behind. Big win for Nick, especially since Pletcher seemed to be in control the first half of the match. Or at least it felt that way...
  11. True..... now go watch Nick Lee vs. Luke Pletcher! I just started watching so I'm 15 minutes behind. Gotta sign off til that's done. Can't have spoilers!
  12. No need to be cryptic, name names
  13. It was 7-2, but what's the difference? You beat me by about 3 seconds on this one! ha ha Gilbert was really impressive today, handling Cheaney Schoeff in the semifinal as well.
  14. Cole Ross, up 7-2 in the final minute gets thrown by Lane Gilbert and loses by fall with :25
  15. Sadly that is part of the "luck (good or bad) of the draw" in this format. As there is only a 1 in 3 chance of drawing into Walker, I don't think I'd less than try to win the match at hand as always. What if you give less, and then don't draw into him and end up making your road harder.
  16. @ Evansville The other Dickens, Ke'Tre of Avon knocks off Undefeated Race Stewart of Bloomington North 5-2, in Round 1 @ New Castle Jared Brown wins in Sudden Victory, 11-9 over Aundre Beatty in the Ticket Round
  17. @ New Castle Dylan Driver wins 2-1 over Kody Glithero in the Ticket Round @ New Castle Anthony Hughes won a 7-6 dec over Carleton Perry in the Ticket Round. It was a tough back and forth match at 120
  18. At Evansville, in a 4 over 1, Ayden Amento of Ev. Central won by 10-5 dec over Chase Carrington of Greencastle at 120
  19. Haven't done mine yet... any chance they're fixed already?
  20. Purdy vs. Asbury makes for an interesting ticket round match
  21. Correct. Also on IHSAA.tv. That's not new. The Semi-state's all together, streaming of the Evansville SS and the combo SS - State packages are new.
  22. My money is on Mason. CJ's quick and all, but I think Mason will wear him down and get the fall in the 3rd. 😉
  23. Another indication of Mason's improvement are his matches with Matt Stencel of Central Michigan. Stencel won 2 of 3 matches between them last year, This year Mason has beaten him 3 straight times. Stencel hasn't regressed as his only other loss was to Cassioppi and he's ranked #4.
  24. 1st Period 4 takedowns by Dickens and let him up 3x for an 8-3 score. 2nd Period Dickens deferred, Fuqua chose top. Dickens escaped in about 20 seconds. Takedown, let him up, then a fireman's and dump to his back for the last takedown before the fall. Score was 13-4. Fuqua also lost the 3rd/4th Place match to JaCorey Miller of Father Ryan (TN) Dickens has been really good this year. His only two losses were both 3-1 to the same guy from Harrison, OH at the Mason OH Invite. Eli beat Elliott Rodgers that same day 9-3.
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