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  1. Looking forward to match by match individual results from all of the battles, not just Avon. Willing to take that on? Take your notebook!
  2. Don't discount Father Ryan either
  3. When has Hopkinsville been in it? Are you getting them mixed up with Union Co?
  4. Are you referring back to the other thread? Because my post, which you quoted inferred nothing of the sort.
  5. What's the status of Hayhurst? Was Freeman at 126 a possible bump up due to shuffling with Hayhurst not in the lineup?
  6. See above in red... Note: The Reed Egli - Kyler West match was a strange one. The referee did just fine all night with I believe only once a coach questioned him, until that final match. The scoring seemed to make no sense and no one could figure out where the points were coming from. Initially it appeared West had the first TD awarded, but Egli had a whizzer and there never seemed to be control. Egli broke away and 1 point was awarded. We looked at the board and saw 2-1, but then noticed it was 2-1 MD. A few exchanges and a roll through and somehow 2 back points were awarded but it didn't seem like there was control from either wrestler. I believe the score was 5-4 Egli when he got a cradle locked up and turned West. The fall was very quick and it appeared West's left shoulder was on top of Egli's left. There wasn't a ton of arguing after, but seemed to be a lot of head scratching, from both sides. Maybe someone on the other side of the gym saw it differently, but it just seemed weird.
  7. Just noticed Portage joined the lineup. Should make things very interesting.
  8. Army wrestled in the GMU Patriots Open today. @165 Cael McCormick won 4 straight to take home the title. @174 Both Brad Laughlin and Ben Harvey ran into Penn St. RS FR Carter Starocci. Laughlin fell in the Semifinal 7-3 and ended up finishing 3rd. Harvey lost 3-2 in the Final. Starocci is the likely successor to Mark Hall next year at PSU.
  9. Semifinals in process now... @141 Chad Red drops an 11-3 decision to Luke Pletcher and will face 13th Ranked Ian Parker of Iowa State. Parker was Red's first round opponent in the NCAA Tournament last year where Chad won by fall. @149 Brayton Lee got a 3rd period takedown and a 2nd in Sudden Victory to beat top seed Max Thomsen 4-2. He'll face OSU's Sammy Sasso in the Final! @174 Dylan Lydy gets a 3-1 SV win over 5th Ranked Mikey (Michael?) Labriola to reach the Final and will face 4th Ranked Bryce Steiert of Northern Iowa. @285 Mason Parris piled up more than 4 minutes of riding time and gets a 6-1 win over Christian Lance. He'll face 6th ranked Tanner Hall of Arizona State in the Final, making it 3 former Hoosier HS wrestlers battling for a Cliff Keen Vegas Title!
  10. Late Friday Night Update Chad Red got a big win by fall in :33 over Tariq Wilson. He'll face 1-seed Luke Pletcher in the Semifinal with Dom Demas and Mitch McKee facing off in the other semi. Brayton Lee wins by decision 8-3 over Brock Zacherl. He'll face top seed Max Thomsen of Northern Iowa with Sammy Sasso and Jarret Degen in the opposite bracket. Dylan Lydy gets a 5-3 decision win and will face 2-seed Mikey Labriola of Nebraska. Bryce Steiert and Anthony Valencia sit in the other semi. Mason Parris notches a :53 fall and will take on 13th Ranked Christian Lance of Nebraska. 5th and 6th Ranked Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley) and Tanner Hall (Arizona State) face off for the shot at Parris.
  11. Some good results from the Big Four Friday with more to come Saturday. @141 - 3rd Ranked Nick Lee - Gets a dominating 22-7 TF with over 3 1/2 minutes of riding time in the dual against Lehigh. He'll wrestle again Sunday in a dual vs. Penn @141 - 6th Ranked Chad Red - Won his first two matches at the Cliff Keen Vegas Invitational. Seeded 4th, he'll face 12th Ranked Tariq Wilson of NC State in the Quarterfinals and the winner will likely face top-ranked Luke Pletcher in the Semis. @149 - 9th Ranked Brayton Lee - Won his first two matches at the Cliff Keen Vegas Invitational. The 5th seed, he'll face 8th Ranked Brock Zackerl of Clarion in the Quarterfinal with top seed and 5th Ranked Max Thomsen of Northern Iowa likely waiting in the Semis. @285 2nd Ranked Mason Parris - The #1 seed, Mason won his first two matches at the Cliff Keen Vegas Invitational. He faces 20th Ranked Carter Isley of Northern Iowa in the Quarterfinal Also 7th Ranked Dylan Lydy - Won his first two at the Cliff Keen in Vegas. The 3rd seed, he will face Anthony Mantanona of Oklahoma in the Quarterfinal with a potential match against 2-seed and 5th Ranked Mikey Labriola of Nebraska in the Semis.
  12. Been busy and away for a little while.... Here are some recent results: Placers from the Lindenwood Open Black - Fr/So Division @133 Cayden Rooks finished 1st, beating fellow Hoosier native Christian Mejia 3-1 for the title. Mejia finished 2nd. @141 Asa Garcia took the title @174 Sam Osho finished 2nd @197 Nick Willham finished 3rd Gold - Open Division @141 Brandon James placed 5th @149 Logan Hurley placed 5th @174 Donnell Washington placed 3rd From Dual Meets - Mason Parris has picked up three wins so far over Matt Stencel of Central Michigan. Stencel beat Parris 2 of 3 matches last year, including in the NCAA Tournament. - Chad Red went 2-0 with a decision and a TF against Wyoming and Northern Iowa. - Nick Lee gets a TF in Penn State's dual loss to Arizona State - Brayton Lee won two matches at the Daktroniks Open, then MFF'd out. Not sure if he got hurt or if that was part of a plan. Anyone? Lee returned a week later and lost 8-3 to Boo Lewellan in the OK State Dual.
  13. I don't recall seeing this format in previous years. It's kind of a bummer. Both Nick South and Jack Servies lost to the eventual champ in early rounds and that was their only loss. Yet no opportunity to even wrestle to 6th Place. I have noticed, regardless of format, very few of these tournaments place deeper than 6th.
  14. Mater Dei is going to Mason, OH this year. Anyone know anything about that event?
  15. You would be correct on Noah Cressel. Good to see him get the start back in the home state. Penn State result surprising, but not really. They forfeited 184 and Brady Berge did not wrestle 157. Swing matches for ASU were 149 Maruca over Verkleeren and 197 beating Kyle Conel. Getting a major at 125 was big as well.
  16. Results from the Black Knight Invite at Army Sunday Nov. 17... @125 Drew Hildebrandt (Cent. Michigan) took the title going 3-0 on the day and beating Penn State's Brody Teske and Army's Trey Chalifoux. @125 Liam Cronin wrestled for IU and went 0-2. Brock Hudkins did not wrestle @133 Kyle Luigs and Jonathan Moran both went 0-2 for the Hoosiers on the mat. Luigs did pick up a MFF win in the conso bracket. @141 Nick Lee (Penn State) was the champion going 4-0 on the day and beating Cent. Michigan's Dreden Simon in the final, 11-5. @165 Cael Mccormick (Army) was the winner going 3-0 on the day. Former Mater Dei Holiday Classic Champion Konnor Kraeszig finished 3rd wrestling for Penn State and filling in for Vincenzo Joseph. @174 was a busy weight for former Hoosier HSers. Jacob Covaciu (IU) finished 2nd to Penn State's Mark Hall and beat Ben Harvey (Army) in the semifinal. Harvey finished 4th and Brad Laughlin (Army) finished 5th. @197 Jake Kleimola (IU) and Nick Willham (IU) DNP. Willham went 0-2 and Kleimola 1-2 @285 Mason Parris (Michigan) is the Champ, going 3-0 and beating Central Michigan's Matt Stencel for the 2nd time this seaon, for the title. Stencel won 2 of 3 matches against Parris last year. @288 Brandon Streck (IU) went 0-2 and DNP
  17. Some results from last weekend.... Purdue traveled to Fargo and beat North Dakota State 22-12. Results below: #25 Purdue 22, North Dakota State 12 Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019 Scheels Center / Fargo, N.D. 141—Parker Filius (Purdue) dec Sawyer Degen (NDSU), 7-4 149—#14 Griffin Parriott (Purdue) dec. Jaden Van Maanen (NDSU), 6-3 157—#7 Kendall Coleman (Purdue) sudden victory-1 #33 Jared Franek (NDSU), SV-1 8-6 165—#8 Andrew Fogarty (NDSU) major dec #24 Emil Soehnlen (Purdue), MD 8-0 174—#8 Dylan Lydy (Purdue) dec Austin Brenner (NDSU), 13-6 184— #18 Max Lyon (Purdue) major dec TJ Pottinger (NDSU), MD 12-4 197— Thomas Penola (Purdue) sudden victory-1 Cordell Eaton (NDSU), SV-1 6-4 285— #26 Brandon Metz (NDSU) dec David Eli (Purdue), 9-6 125—#17 Devin Schroeder (Purdue) dec McGwire Midkiff (NDSU), 11-4 133—#7 Cam Sykora (NDSU) tech fall Marshall Craig (Purdue), TF 18-3, 5:08
  18. Friday matches on tap.... North Dakota State @ Indiana - will Noah Cressel get the nod back in his home state? Wyoming @ Nebraska Penn State @ Arizona State On Pac 12 Arizona Network - if you don't get it, there is a 7-day Free Trial on FuboTV... if you try it, add the Sports add on when signing up for the trial. P12 Arizona is down toward the bottom of the channel guide. They'll email you a day before the free trial runs out.
  19. 2003 125lbs State 3rd - Lost 5-2 to Angel Escobedo in Semifinal 2002 112lbs State 2nd - Lost 13-2 to Angel Escobedo in Final 2001 103lbs State 2nd - Lost 4-3 to Aaron Clark in Final 2000 103lbs State 4th - Lost to Gerardo Quiroz 6-2 semifinal; Thadeus Douglas 12-2 3rd Place match.
  20. Also Friday night, Rider beat Minnesota 21-17. Two results from former IN kids.... @149 Brayton Lee won by 11-7 decision over Gino Fluri. Lee controlled the match for the most part, but gave up a late takedown when looking for the major. @285 Bobby Steveson lost 1-0 to Ryan Cloud. Down, 18-17, a Steveson win would have swung the dual for the Gophers but a second period escape by Cloud was the only score of the match.
  21. Findlay Open - wrestled to 6th Place @133 Chase Wilkerson (UIndy) finished 2-2 and DNP @141 Matt McKinney (UIndy) went 1-2 and DNP @141 Breyden Bailey (UIndy) went 4-1 and finished in 2nd Place. He lost 5-3 to Jordan Crace (Michigan State unattached) in the final. Crace beat Asa Garcia 3-2 last weekend. @157 Blaze Lowery (UIndy) went 3-2 and DNP @157 Jordan Slivka (Ohio U) went 4-1 and finished in 2nd Place. He lost 5-4 to Bryan Lavearn (Tiffin) in the jorge final. @165 Jack Eitleljorge (UIndy) went 3-0 and finished 1st/2nd @165 Dawson Combest (UIndy) went 3-0 and finished 1st/2nd - My guess is that since both finalists were from the same school they didn't wrestle the match? @165 Nathan Conley (UIndy) went 0-2 and DNP @165 Hunter Reed (Findlay) went 1-2 and DNP @174 Derek Blubaugh (UIndy) went 2-2 and DNP @197 Griffin Stine (UIndy) went 1-2 and DNP @285 Jack Williams (UIndy) went 0-2 and DNP My apologies if I missed anyone!
  22. At the Luther College Open @133 Kris Rumph beat Iowa starter Gavin Teasdale 6-3 in the semifinal. He lost the final 10-7 to Justin Folley of Upper Iowa. @197 Kobe Woods finished 5th losing 10-3 to Connor Corbin of Iowa in the Quarterfinal. There were no wrestlebacks to 3rd, so 5th is as high as he could finish after the loss.
  23. Gilcher is currently #6 at 160. Porter is #15 at 138 Nijenhuis is #3 at 182 Rundell is #10 at 126 Norris is #16 at 126
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