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  1. Major and Downer's Grove made an appearance at the Mater Dei Holiday Classic 2 years ago. He finished 3rd at 152, losing only to Eli Dickens 14-4. He also finished 1st at Indy Nationals in 2019.
  2. https://gopsusports.com/news/2020/5/27/general-lee-and-semion-big-ten-sportsmanship-award.aspx One male and female athlete from each school, chosen from all sports. Congrats Nick!
  3. I knew of Doug for many years as I went to HS with his sister and ran in the same circle with his wife at times. I got to know Doug in recent years through FB and wrestling. We hung out in a suite at the E'ville Semi-state in 2019. We talked wrestling and a bit about his cancer. I know he was traveling from Evansville to Chicago every other weekend for treatments. I'm sad that I didn't know he had taken a turn. He was always positive. I hadn't spoken to him since right around SS/State this year, so I was surprised to hear the news. As others have mentioned, Doug was a great guy and his
  4. If Micic is allowed to take another OR he would then finish his collegiate career in 2022 after graduating in HS in 2014. That would mean Senior Stevan Micic beat Freshman Nick Lee in 2014, yet Nick Lee would conclude his college eligibility before Micic. Crazy!
  5. Guys gotta learn you can't take off from the top rope!
  6. What I want to know is how did they determine who FF'd to who? Did they have a wrestle off in the hotel room? Rock-Paper-Scissors or Flip a Coin? Arm Wrestle? Inquiring minds want to know!
  7. It almost looked to me as if Nick got more defensive and wrestled conservatively after he got ahead. Chad took advantage.
  8. There's a college thread for that
  9. Just remember that gets you access to all archives for the month.
  10. You can subscribe to BTN+. There will be a Annual Pass or a monthly pass at $14.95. If you scroll down past it, you can choose an individual team monthly pass for $9.95. When you subscribe there will be a box checked that asks if you want to auto renew. Uncheck it and it won't try to keep you subscribed. It's a 30 day pass and gives you access to archived content from all season and the Big Ten Tournament, plus live. If you choose the individual pass, you'll only be able to view archived matches from that school. If you pay $5 more you'll get all Big Ten Teams. Outside of a Flo annual
  11. Not great, but the best I could find... https://bigten.org/documents/2020/3/6//Post_Seeding_Meeting_Brackets.pdf?id=6761
  12. Try the link below. If it doesn't take you directly to it, then try the 2nd link and the Big Ten Championships is near the top and easy to spot. https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/0eaec2b5-a74b-4e9b-b3fe-d732d215aa3d Or... arena.flowrestling.org
  13. Couldn't sleep so I was checking out some old wrestling videos readying for the Big Ten Tournament this weekend, and found these... You may have seen these before, but I thought they were worth a look again. The first is a news story by a Cincinnati station when Mason was 11. The 2nd after he won his first State Championship. The 3rd after he won Gold at the UWW World Championships in August.
  14. https://gophersports.com/news/2020/2/4/wrestling-catching-up-with-brayton-lee.aspx
  15. Technically it was December 2018, but that's splitting hairs... Here is the video for those that haven't seen the match. Shot from the stands so not the best video.
  16. It's almost as if there is a place with a huge database to pull such info from?
  17. Update on Matt Lee: This has no bearing on anything regarding the hypothetical Matt Lee vs. Alec Viduya conversation, but while the IHSAA Finals were wrapping up this week, Matt (who is still a theoretical senior) finished 3rd at the Mat Town II Open wrestling college wrestlers Binghampton, Finger Lakes RTC, Maryland and Rider. His only loss was 8-1 to Ohio State starter Elijah Cleary. Note: Cleary and Quinn Kinner have split time at 157 for the Buckeyes. Cleary beat Kinner in this tournament 4-2. Matt would have fit in nicely at 152 for Mater Dei this year and would have likely brou
  18. I just came to post this and you beat me to it. But you forgot one.... Kyle Hatch at #7 in DIII For those that don't want to read the article, it's the NCAA's Most Dominant List based on average team points scored per match. Only Mark Hall leads Nick Lee. Also note the obvious that Nick and Mason are this dominant in the best conference in the country against highly ranked wrestlers. And for what it's worth, Kyle Hatch's 4.94 points at #7 is higher than Mark Hall's DI leading 4.85. Not bad representation for the Hoosier State.
  19. How has no one mentioned Craig Macke??
  20. Let's do some math. If there are 14 weight classes and..... I think you or your friend can figure it out
  21. I'd guess it could happen in the coming years.... We can discuss on the College Board then!
  22. It was a perfect ending.... no action, but Kervin had Hall tied up in a turk and there was no getting out. Kervin did the smartest thing he could. Kervin likely would have won two titles if it weren't for Matt Lee, who he could not solve.
  23. Think Kervin - Hall could be the best match of the night!
  24. Wonder how many juniors placed for the 3rd time today to earn a shot at that list next year? Three off the top of my head are Boarman, Kysen Montgomery and David Pierson III. I'm sure there are others.
  25. Does Mater Dei have 3rd Place locked?
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