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  1. Can’t say that for sure(other than it’s done now). Had Ross picked up one more point and then Boarman not have lost,EMD wins by 1. You act like they were too far out of it. Kudos to Cathedral though on going out and getting it done.
  2. Don’t know but here’s my list and why Ross(EMD) not only did he beat Pan Am Champ Gilbert in a very good match, but also took out Ky #1 Eckman(UC. Konderhadt(BW) don’t think he gave up a single offensive point in route to a title that he lost last year via DQ to Ross. Solid wrestler Peterson(Father Ryan)- 3 1st period falls and a Major in the finals 10-0. Wow
  3. It was a great tourney, especially with the addition of 2 good programs in Roncalli and Portage. They brought some hammers. No disrespect here but I really never thought I’d see as much theatrics from a coaching corner as I have seen from some of the coaching down here in the dirty south, but Roncalli says hold my beer. Maybe it’s just being so young, but to see them consistently run onto the mat several times and constantly challenging(even though it was a clear obvious good call) was taking away from the action in my opinion.
  4. Sollars(EMd) with a fall over Ky#3. Then Parkinson follows it up with a quick fall
  5. Ross(EmD) over Gilbert(Sullivan) 5-4. One heck of a match.
  6. Yes he was. He was penalized just moments before for the same move and being frustrated went back to it and ref stopped it. Basically trying to run a head lever but not taking the arm across. Not a big deal, but he was doing this while putting his head on the outside of elbow and pulling at the wrist. Ref stopped it as the medical came in to check on Memorial wrestlers shoulder. This was the same move he done against Friege when the point was awarded. Roncalli corner was going crazy trying to get different ref to stop it. He did the 1st time as a potentially dangerous. Roncalli coaches challenged then Fitts went right back to it and a Pt was awarded and once again, they had to check on Friege. March resumed and ended 1-0. Then more fireworks after match due to EMD must’ve said something to Friege as he went to shake opposing coaches hands.
  7. Would sure like to know what EMD coach mouthed to Frieje when he came over to shake hands. Didn’t sit well with Frieje not the Roncalli coach
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