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  1. 1prouddad

    Evansville Semi-State #2

    McNeely(VL) I believe has been wrestling 138 and he lost to Farmer(EM) at Harrison 10 way.
  2. 1prouddad

    Harrison 10-way Duals

    Another great match was held at 106 pitting unranked Junior Kyler West(Em) vs #12 ranked freshman freshman Trayce Eckman(UC). Eckman gets takedown in OT to pick up the victory. Though it was a low scoring match, there was lots of action. Would have liked to have seen Boyd(Ha) vs Sutton(Boon) but Sutton was bumped up.
  3. 1prouddad

    12/15 Notable wins and upsets

    Not really. On any other team he’d probably be a starter. EMD is just that deep down low. From what I’ve heard, he generally wins vs KT. No knock on KT though as he’s a gifted wrestler himself. Myself, I really enjoyed the Fulks/Carr matchup. Carr looked bigger but Fulks grinded out a very exciting win. Got a late takedown to force the overtime then hit the same move to win it. The Harrison gym erupted
  4. 1prouddad

    Harrison 10-way Duals

    Farmer(EM) over McNeeley(VL) 7-4
  5. 1prouddad

    Harrison 10-way Duals

    Fulks with a 13-11 OT victory over Carr(UC). Heck of a match
  6. 1prouddad

    Harrison 10-way Duals

    5-0 Moore over Sutton
  7. 1prouddad

    Harrison 10-way Duals

    Correct. That was my mistake.
  8. 1prouddad

    Harrison 10-way Duals

    They beat Reitz can’t remeber score and I believe lost to Boonville(good squad) Reitz I believe beat North pretty handily. Something like 72-6
  9. 1prouddad

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    How did Casebolt fare and who did he face against Avon.
  10. 1prouddad

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    Your write ups are top notch and always a pleasure to read.
  11. 1prouddad

    Notable wins and upsets 12-8

    And I also see: Boarman over Casebolt by major 11-2
  12. 1prouddad

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    Boarman is on a mission. Kid is fun to watch. Same goes for Dickens.
  13. 1prouddad

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    Awesome job on the updates IU88. Much appreciated
  14. 1prouddad

    Carson Brewer of Avon commits to

    Congrats. Best of luck the rest of the season and then into the next chapter of your journey
  15. 1prouddad

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    That’s a nice win for Conley.

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