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  1. I got a topic that hits at this. @Y2CJ41was kind enough to go into the vaults and put the list out there.
  2. With Miracle and Hildebrandt earning honors to represent US in the Olympics and some of their other accolades, what other former Indiana wrestlers have went on to such a career. I know Nick Lee accolades are adding up as well.
  3. Loved Hildebrants post match interview. When told that her coach said she’s the best top wrestler right now, she pretty much backed up that claim by saying “I only need one takedown. I love the 10 pt tech fall rule” Those laces she wraps up is a sure fire thing for her. Congrats to all that represent the USA
  4. Hoping for positive updates.
  5. for the young man and his family
  6. Lol. I get that take but Spencer is # for # the best in the country. to win a National title like he did with a blown out knee is insane. Something in his post match seemed a little off as he seemed to be kinda blunt with his answers. But then again, He’s always been about things more than him. Such as, the team title was one of his ultimate goals and they achieved it.
  7. Mason is a solid wrestler. But Gable is just a different level. Dominated the match. Controlled the center of the mat and when on the attack, finished the shot.
  8. :15 in and Mason gets hit with a stall. Then Gable with a takedown.
  9. And he does it. Also worth noting, thus far he’s the only 1 seed to win it all. But that’s about to change
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