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  1. Isaiah Schaefer loses in qtrs and falls into consos
  2. Luke Robards and Luke Kemper both fall in consos
  3. Nathan Rioux advances to semis Dickman falls short in qtrs and will fall into consos
  4. Jr still in conso consist Bradley Owen Cheaney Schoeff Connor Barket Connor Svantner Elijah Anthony Hosia Smith Hunter May Justice Thornton Logan Bickel Luke Kemper Luke Robards Michael Tharpe Nathan Critchfield Orlando Cruz Reid Schroeder Zacariah Reno
  5. Out at Jr consist of Brady Ison Chase Leech Damien Resendez Dylan Bennett Elijah Cox Eric Casad Ethan Smith Evan Cruz Griffin Ingalls Isaiah Fye Joseph Cline Kevon Russell Lucas Leclerc Robert Dinn Romeo White Tony Wood Trevor Holt Zachary Lang
  6. Jr Freestlye still has 20 in championship rounds. Then 20 in conso Championship round consist of Anthony Bahl Ashton Jackson Brady Byrd Brody Baumann Charlie Larocca Codei Khwaja Dominic Burgett Duke Myers Fabian Chavez J Conway Jackson Heaston Jeb Prechtel Joey Butler Logan Frazier Nick Cicciarelli Paul Clark Sam Goin Trey White William Clark Zeke Seltzer
  7. Such a great match. Non stop action from 2 phenomenal wrestlers. A gramby, a key lock, a spladle, and that last throw. Could watch it over and over
  8. Kayla has an impressive resume
  9. Awesome accomplishment. Another former Memorial wrestler(Blake Brown) just captured World super heavyweight blue belt Judo championship in California. Won 4 matches(3 via submission) all while Not surrendering a single point. congrats to both
  10. I agree 100% He kinda reminds me of a phenom from a few years ago in Aaron Pico who was just dominant in his battles. Would’ve loved to have seen him stay on path of wrestling instead of MMA. Jesse is always stepping up his game and continues to rise to the top. While it was a tough loss against one of the sports best, this will only make him better. He very well could be(yes I’m sayin it) a 4x collegiate champ.
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