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  1. 1prouddad

    World Team Trials

    Lee wins match 2 as well. Got hit with a passive early and gave up 1 then went on to Win 8-1. Congrats Brayton
  2. 1prouddad

    World Team Trials

    Lee tops Sasso in their first match(best of 3) looks like Mason dropped his 1st match 7-6
  3. I’ve followed him from several years ago. I’ve always been amazed at how well he controls the matches. Never loses his composure and is always one step ahead of his opponent. I knew from years ago that he was gonna be something special.
  4. 1prouddad

    Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries

    Looks like Mendez will face Boarman in the qtrs at60kg
  5. 1prouddad

    Chad Red

    I agree. And by the looks of Suriano he was a true 133. I personally think he even looked bigger than most of the class out there so I’m not too sure he “ bumped” up
  6. 1prouddad

    Chad Red

    And you do realize he wrestled 133 last year, right?
  7. 1prouddad

    2022 class

    Just seen this article and it has 2 of Indiana wrestlers listed in top 25 Nationally. Mendez and Seltzer are those 2 listed. Another one that I could see up in that list is Cernus. Possibly overlooked or has he just not has as much National experience as the other 2 listed https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/PortalPost.jsp?TIM=1554515654962&twSessionId=yyzatzhjqz&postId=1421026132
  8. 1prouddad

    Scholastic Duals

    Kervin also beat Warren
  9. 1prouddad

    Trizton Carson of Danville commits to

    Best of luck on the next chapter young man. It was fun watching you at SS this year battling through the injury. A true fighter and here’s to a healthy and happy career at Wabash.
  10. 1prouddad

    USAW Folkstyle Nationals

    Sergio finishes 7th
  11. 1prouddad

    USAW Folkstyle Nationals

    Mendez smashes the field with his closest match a maj. Won by TF in finals. KT ff for an 8th place finish
  12. 1prouddad

    SWINfan Shoutout

    Darn it, can’t believe you didn’t tag me. Lol Swin, I’d have to concur on all the above. You’ve done a remarkable job. On a side note, I know your nephew well and it’s sad to not see him on the mat. He’s still a team player and in fact is the team manager. Great kid and family.
  13. 1prouddad

    Chad Red

    They asked NCAA Champ Mekhi Lewis the same thing when they asked him about being the 8 seed. His response was simple: It’s only a number.
  14. 1prouddad


    I personally thought the right call was made. When they showed the reviews in slow motion there was no pulling of the head gear. Yes, he had it palmed but was forcing the head away.
  15. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5465868-126-lbs-match-nick-lee-vs-zahid-valencia a little throw back

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