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  1. That’s not what I’ve been told. He couldn’t beat Casebolt or Hunt plus a few other matters that I’m not posting. I wish him well this year as I do all the young athletes. Cracking that lineup at EMD is gonna be fun and he brings some skills with him that can help them out as a team.
  2. Ashton is a solid wrestler. Can he keep weight is the next question? That’s what eliminated him last year as he was well over his allowance. That wasn’t the first time either from my sources.
  3. Well, since this has been cleared up(lol), my fees for staying anonymous and “trolling” is minimal. Like maybe a couple of those Mama Brewer PBJ’s. I’m not picky, just like to eat.
  4. Exactly. I’m not saying he isn’t any good. I’m just simply saying that PSU generally gets those fellas that are near the very top of their class, win National Tournaments. And I’m not saying that a top program wouldn’t want him, but once again PSU isn’t just a top program THEYRE THE PROGRAM when it comes to wrestling. I wish Matt the best as this is one of the nicest families one could ever want to meet.
  5. Wouldn’t surprise me due to both big brothers are there. But then again, I don’t think he’s PSU caliber.
  6. A couple guys to keep an eye on Sam Scott(HH) and Deters(Ca)
  7. For those that didn’t get to see it, here ya go. One of the prettiest throws is included for your viewing pleasure.
  8. Best of luck to him. I was told by a good friend a couple years ago to keep an eye on this kid named Jesse Mendez. Was told that he is the next 4Xer and could possibly be the best ever here in Indiana. I always take that with a grain of salt, UNTIL his routing of everyone last year. His display that he put on at state was something special to watch and confirmed what my friend had told me. It’s truly a treat as a wrestling fan to witness something like this. The last person that I recall that was just this dominant was Jason Tsirtsis. And he very well could be even better than TShirts when it’s all said and done. Go get’em kid.
  9. NAME BOUT 100 LBS Adriel Macedo Bout 2247 Cons 8 #1 138 LBS Alec Viduya Bout 1698 Cons 32 #2 132 LBS Andrew Sinkovics 138 LBS Anthony Poindexter jr Bout 1704 Cons 32 #2 126 LBS Antonio Jefferson 126 LBS Brayden Littell Bout 2204 Quarters 126 LBS Brayden Lowery Bout 2103 Cons 16 #2 220 LBS Braydon Erb Bout 1598 on Mat 7 Cons 32 #1 145 LBS Brice Coleman Bout 2127 Cons 16 #2 152 LBS Brock Ellis Bout 1731 Cons 32 #2 285 LBS Brody Miskimon Bout 1833 Cons 32 #2 152 LBS Bryer Hall 170 LBS Clayton Fielden Bout 1558 on Mat 13 Cons 32 #1 182 LBS Cody Timmerman Bout 1778 Cons 32 #2 120 LBS Colton Drousias Bout 2096 Cons 16 #2 160 LBS Damon Mcclain jr. 182 LBS Donnell Washington Bout 1925 on Mat 15 Rnd of 16 160 LBS Eli Dickens Bout 2143 Cons 16 #2 170 LBS Elijah Ross 120 LBS Ethan Higgins 220 LBS Garrett Sandefur Bout 1596 on Mat 20 Cons 32 #1 170 LBS Graham Calhoun Bout 1551 on Mat 11 Cons 32 #1 285 LBS Grant Warmuth Bout 1617 on Mat 5 Cons 32 #1 145 LBS Jaden Reynolds 195 LBS Jake Aleksa 160 LBS Jeff Dunasky jr. 126 LBS Johnathon Robinson 152 LBS Jonathan Kervin Bout 1725 Cons 32 #2 170 LBS Joseph Walker 220 LBS Joshua Howell 138 LBS Logan Wagner Bout 1690 Cons 32 #2 152 LBS Matt Lee Bout 2133 Cons 16 #2 285 LBS Maxwell Comado Bout 1820 Cons 32 #2 195 LBS Michael Fletcher Bout 1586 on Mat 5 Cons 32 #1 152 LBS Nathan Conley Bout 1735 Cons 32 #2 195 LBS Nicholas Willham Bout 1578 on Mat 24 Cons 32 #1 145 LBS Nick Buchanan Bout 1707 Cons 32 #2 132 LBS Quinton Chapman 132 LBS Raymond Rioux Bout 1676 Cons 32 #2 285 LBS Robbie Gentry Bout 1949 Rnd of 16 160 LBS Roy Reynolds 113 LBS Sam Hein Bout 1634 Cons 32 #2 170 LBS Sam Schroeder 120 LBS Ty Haskins Bout 1654 Cons 32 #2 132 LBS Tyler Conley Bout 1677 Cons 32 #2 220 LBS William Stewart Bout 1595 on
  10. Matt Lee has nothing for 3x Wisconsin champ Keegan O’Toole as he falls rather quickly.
  11. Littell takes out Rutger commit Shawver to advance to the qtrs.
  12. Poindexter wins in consos to stay alive Advancing in Championship round: Lee and Dickens Dropping to consos:Conley, Ellis,Kervin
  13. Coleman advances to round of 16. Reynolds makes an early exit after his 2nd loss Lee is on deck. With a win, he faces O’Toole. WOW!
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