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  1. 1prouddad

    Chad Red

    They asked NCAA Champ Mekhi Lewis the same thing when they asked him about being the 8 seed. His response was simple: It’s only a number.
  2. 1prouddad


    I personally thought the right call was made. When they showed the reviews in slow motion there was no pulling of the head gear. Yes, he had it palmed but was forcing the head away.
  3. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5465868-126-lbs-match-nick-lee-vs-zahid-valencia a little throw back
  4. Nice misdirection shot by Foster to seal the win.
  5. As you stated he’s became a household name. He’s a very smart wrestler and obviously studies his opponents. Well deserved and could very well have been the MOW of the tourney by taking out the 1,2and 4 seed in route to a Championship
  6. What an impressive run for the freshman Lewis
  7. He’s so fun to watch in the scramble.
  8. Can’t blame that on Suriano. Fix backed up the whole time and was lucky to have had a couple more stalls called on him. Then Coach Smith was looking at every angle to get a cheap win.
  9. Hard to keep up with you. Lol
  10. Heck of a match with Fix and Suriano. Coach Smith tried his hardest to get a cheap win.
  11. That was about pathetic. This match was all Cassar. White attempted what, 1 shot and then just layed on the mat. What a journey for Cassar though.
  12. It’s a great story really. Congrats to him on his journey.
  13. Couldn’t agree more. While I like Nolf as many do, most are making the excuse that the match would’ve been different had his takedown not been taken away.

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