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  1. At SIAC Traylor(Re) 4-1 over Boyd(Ha) EMD JV freshman Vanover 4-3 decision over #4SS ranked Amento(Ce)
  2. Reynolds is gong to be high up on the podium this year. Congrats to the young man.
  3. They’re good. But the pulled pork loaded nachos are top notch. Good luck eating the whole order.
  4. No, I’ll respond because I don’t need you permission. If you all can’t take it ,DONT DISH IT OUT! I have been on here and gave props to Many many of the wrestlers not only from EVV, but also the county and even the wrestlers from up north. I’ve went as far as projecting wrestlers from the county to be top of the podium so I respect the work they put in and their achievements. But let’s not act like y’all don’t overtake this site at times with all the #County chat, especially after a victory. Good day
  5. Oh boy, did I hit a nerve here! It’s all fun and games when this board is covered in #county this and that turning this into some kind of playground theatre. But let someone say something and BOOM, now they bring nothing to this board. Good stuff I gotta say.
  6. Ahh. Hope all is well with the wrestlers fighting off Covid.
  7. So Avon is no longer part of that big bad #county club. When was the breakup?
  8. Great minds must think alike as I was just peeking at this weekends matchups. This one should be a barn burner
  9. 1prouddad


    Aiden Farmer
  10. Prayers for your dad. but I seriously doubt this will disappear come Nov 3. Just like it didn’t when the weather turned warm.
  11. Konderhandt wins easily at 120. Sergio and Cottey would be fun. Mendez wins
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