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  1. 1prouddad


    Ashton Hayhurst
  2. 1prouddad


    Peyton Pruett
  3. 1prouddad

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #4

    Yes, Littel did TF Casebolt and I added it to the win/loss data base
  4. 1prouddad


    Brayden Littell
  5. 1prouddad


    Alec Freeman
  6. 1prouddad


    Kyler West
  7. 1prouddad


    Kyler West
  8. 1prouddad

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #4

    I see that Reynolds(Av) is so good that hes listed @4th and 5th. Newman(MV) @106 is a fun kid to watch. He’s a solid wrestler that could make a lot of noise. Also at 106, West(EvMem) has beaten both Amento and Gentry.
  9. 1prouddad

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    What? How do you go from being smoked with a score of 16-40 to it even being considered close? Mosconi lost 7-1 not close Rodgers lost 6-2 somewhat close Slivka lost 9-4 not close Huffman lost 5-2 somewhat close Guhl lost 1-0 now that’s close lost 5 matches by major or worse Good to see them seek out tough competition but let’s not sugar coat a loss.
  10. 1prouddad

    Outstanding performance

    With all the duals this weekend, who had a great showing. Lee(EMD) with wins over Graves and Mosconi Garcia(Av) big wins over Bailey and Viduya Walendzak(Cath) might have had the toughest of the day. Wins over Rioux(Av),Egli(EMD),Lawhead(BB) Little(CG) was a treat to watch and he may be tougher to beat than what I thought. Very nice young man as well.
  11. 1prouddad

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Well,right now it looks as if his mouth is full of crow. Congrats Brownsburg
  12. 1prouddad

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    If refs stops match during a pinning move, then additional pt is awarded along with the nearfall.
  13. 1prouddad

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    I see Garcia put it on Bailey 13-2
  14. 1prouddad

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Preset(CG) 3-1 over Deters(Ca)
  15. 1prouddad

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Couple of good ones Walton(CG) 6-4 over Hayhurst(Ca) Littel(CG) TF Casebolt(Ca) 3:52

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